8 Travel to India Tips for Tech Lovers

If you are a tech user and plan to travel to India then you should know these tips for a comfortable travel. Here are the top travel to India tips in brief.
A tourist travelling in India

When you travel, tech can be your best friend. Your gadgets can help you with searching or storing information as well as exploring a new place. India is a tech-ready country. So, if you’re a tech user and plan to travel to India, then you should know these tips to make the best of tech and your gadgets. ~ Ed.

A tourist with tech gadgets on travel to India sitting with back drop of Taj Mahal

So, you’ve booked your flight to travel to India. And you’ve have even finalized the best India tours package to enjoy your time with your loved ones.

Good job done!

What next? Get ready for the tour.

To be ready for your travel to India, you should know that while the weather is always cool, humidity could ruin your plans. So, opt for a dehumidifier and opt for climate-controlled storage.

Now that your bag is almost ready and you have the necessary documents like your passport, identity proof, and visa inde in your documents folder, here are some tips that are essential for tech lovers so that they make the most of the opportunities when they get in India.


8 India Travel Tips for Tech Lovers

Tech can really be of great help while you’re traveling to new places. I’m sure you’re already aware of this fact and geared up. Here are some India specific travel tips that you need to know:

Don’t take every gadget you own

You may own too many gadgets and the same is important for you. Not only that, each gadget you own must have something unique to offer.

With this, it can be difficult for you to shortlist your gadgets, but you’ll have to do so. This is because taking care of your gadgets all the time can be a problem.

While India is a safe country, there have been incidents where foreigners have lost their gadgets. So, it is better to be safe instead of losing your gadgets in India.

The best thing to do in case you travel to India is that you should take along only those gadgets that are required and can be taken care of!

Mark the free Wi-Fi spots

To stay connected, you need the Internet. While you can get a SIM card for your stay in India, you should make it a point to look out for spots where you can get free Wi-Fi.

While staying connected on the mobile Internet can be helpful, you can always look out for free Wi-Fi for basic activities.

With this being said, you should avoid using free Wi-Fi for sharing personal information while traveling to India or elsewhere.

Backup charger and power bank

When in India, you will find various spots where you can get your mobile charged instantly. Even shopkeepers would be willing to help you get a quick charge.

However, the safest thing to do when you travel to India would be to carry a backup charger with you all the time. Along with it, if you have a power bank with you, it will make things easy for you to stay connected throughout your journey.

A power bank will also help you if you have an iPhone that cannot stay alive throughout the day. Even if you have a phone that has a long battery life, it is possible that your travel plans might not allow you to get back home too soon.

So, make it a point to carry a power bank and a backup charger with you all the time, when in India.

Rely on forums and travel sites to explore India

Relying on forums and information shared by other travelers will make it easy for you to know where to travel and when. This is because the details shared by them would be genuine and helpful.

Real travelers share experiences that have affected them. So, believing them would not be a wrong thing to do. Along with it, travel sites can help you explore the country in the best possible way.


It is essential to know that there are many travel sites with information on travel to India. So it shouldn’t be difficult for you to know the specific details about India even if you’re visiting for the first time.

Make the most of travel apps

Talking about travel apps, you’ll find a number of them targeted at specific cities in India. This means you’ll be able to use specific knowledge of the masses and enjoy your time moving around the city you have chosen to be in.

With travel apps, it will also be easy for you to know about the possible dangers in a particular area and you can avoid visiting those areas accordingly.

Sealable plastic bags

If you’re planning to visit India during the rainy season, you should take extra care of your gadgets. With this, opt for sealable plastic bags that are not only safe but also affordable.

Many tourists think that they’ll get a number of theses sealable bags in India. While this is true, you should not take the risk and carry along a number of sealable bags with you. This is to make sure that you do not end up losing your gadgets because you were looking for sealable bags in some store in India.

Remember that your gadget is your responsibility and you should take care of it.

Make the most of cloud storage

Cloud storage has been effective for the masses and it a blessing for people who love to travel more often. This is because they can store all of their memories in the cloud storage provided.

This will not only help them in getting rid of an external device but also help them in getting rid of the hassle of connecting their device to an unsecured PC or laptop when traveling.

When storing data on cloud storage, make sure that you do not use free Wi-Fi for the process. Free Wi-Fi is not advisable for people sharing personal data or storing personal data on the cloud.

Be careful about these facts when you travel to India, and you’ll never be disappointed with the efforts taken by you.

Ensure up-to-date security on your devices

We all know that there is a risk of losing one’s device when traveling. I hope you do not lose your device.

However, you should make it a point to have passwords on your devices and opt for a tracker for them, if possible. This will help you get back your device at the earliest before the same is damaged or the data is compromised.

With passwords, it is important that you opt for strong passwords. So that if the device is stolen, it will be difficult for someone to crack the code.

Along with this, you should make sure that you keep your devices secured when you carry them around with you, whether in India or elsewhere.

Wrapping Up

You can make your travel to India a memorable one that is smooth and hassle-free.

These travel tips should help you gear up for a convenient stay in India if you’re dependent on your tech gadgets. Even if you’re not, I’m sure you get a fair idea that getting acquainted with and prepared for tech would make your travel to India a success.

So go ahead and make the best of these travel to India tips.

Over to you

If you’ve ever traveled to India, what are the tips you’d like to share with others? What are any other general travel tips to consider for any tech lover? Share in the comments.


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