How to Rise Up Every Time You Fall

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Have you ever failed? If you’ve not, then did you at any time feel dejected or down and out?

I’m sure you must’ve faced situations in life where you felt like you cannot make it or you are no good.

Sometimes I also get such feelings – the fear of failure sets in my mind and it becomes difficult to overcome this mental block.

Have you ever experienced the same?

What do you do when you feel you cannot rise up after falling, or where you feel helpless and your efforts prove fruitless?

You begin to believe that you cannot ever rise up. Well, some of you even decide to quit. Isn’t it?

I’d say in such cases you need to take heart from the people who’ve been successful. And you need to make this as your motto: “Winners never quit and quitters never win.”

You may also find this earlier post of mine pretty useful:

>> How to Not Fear Failure

You’ll read all about failure and how to deal with it. Also, you’ll learn how you should treat your failures and convert them into stepping stones to success.

However, in this post, I want to emphasize on the fact that you also need to be smart, besides working hard to overcome failures.

The key to success and rising up lies in your preparation, hard work, belief in yourself, and being smart.

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” ~ Alexander Graham Bell


The Success Secret

The key to success is to keep trying without fail. I remember when I was small; my teacher narrated an example of an ant that would make uncountable attempts to climb a wall.

Eventually, it was successful. So, if an ant can do it, why can’t you?

This example stuck in my mind forever and each time when I’m unsuccessful, I get more charged up to find other ways to be successful.

Sometime ago, I was approached by a blogger who was just frustrated with her blog. No matter how hard she worked on her blog, it all proved to be ineffective.

What went wrong and what was she missing?

Probably, she did not really understand what it takes to be successful.

I told her a secret that I’ve often used in my own life, whether it is regarding blogging or facing other problems in life.

“Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight.” ~ Japanese proverb

a gambler showing his key to success an ace in sleeve

The Key to Success : Keep an ACE up Your Sleeve

I’ve seen movies where gamblers keep an ace up their sleeves and use it cleverly to win their game.


Though I neither mean to promote gambling in anyway, nor encourage you to cheat, but I think we can draw an analogy because we sometimes play the role of a gambler in real life.

This is in context to taking calculated risks and daring to do things differently. And, being smart (without cheating) is essential to win the game of life.

So, how can you be smart and what’s the ace that you have up your sleeves like the tricky gamblers?

I won’t keep you guessing, so here’s the secret ACE:

A – Accept

C – Change

E – Explore

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” ~ Michael Jordan


The first step to solving any problem is to accept that there is a problem. Similarly, if you’ve been unsuccessful, you need to accept that fact rather than being defensive or getting into a denial mode.

Acceptance opens the door to improvement and chances of rectification of the problem that stand in your way to be successful.

If you could not be successful after trying to make all the efforts, it either means that you’re going wrong somewhere or you’re not competent enough, apart from other probable reasons.

You need a re-analysis or re-assessment, and then you need to accept your shortcomings. You’ve to come up with a plan to overcome these obstacles.

Remember, that if the river meets a boulder on its course – it doesn’t stop flowing. Instead, it changes its course – and the flow of the river carries on.

Similarly, if there’s something that you cannot achieve even after repeated attempts, then you need to change yourself or your approach.

Once you accept that your approach or way of dealing was wrong or ineffective, then only will you try to change or choose other better ways.

“There are two ways of meeting difficulties. You alter the difficulties or you alter yourself to meet them.” ~ Phyllis Bottome


The solution may not require you to change yourself or your ways completely. But you need to do that in some ways, and you’ve to make efforts to know exactly in what ways.

You need to analyze the problem and your strategy. Try to use your logic and common sense to find a pattern of failure, if there’s any.

Spot out your bad habits that might be one of the causes of your downfall or failure. Make an effort to change your habits and adopt the good habits required to be successful.

You need to be dedicated, highly motivated and determined, besides being courageous and self-confident. If these qualities aren’t there or fully developed in you till now, then work on them.

Of course, you also might need to change your attitude – that makes a hell of a difference. You might need to change the ways of how you react to certain situations or things to be successful.

Changing your ways, methods or strategies might solve your problem. You need to be optimistic and keep trying out new things.

Change yourself to make yourself competent. If there are certain criterions of success that can be improved upon in order to be successful and to rise up, then you need to explore and learn them.

“It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure. ” ~ Joseph Campbell


Learning has no age and no end either. You need to keep exploring the opportunities that will help you to be successful. Knowledge is power – change your life with knowledge and experience.

Keep finding new ways and be innovative in your approach. Remember that successful people are not different but they do things differently.

If you need to learn new skills to secure your chances of being successful then go ahead and learn them, even if it requires you to join some course or attend workshops.

There’s no better guide to being successful than your competitors and the one’s who’re on the top – “If they can do it, you too can.”

You don’t only have to adopt this motto, but get on to observing and analyzing them. Find out what they did, which you didn’t – to be successful.

It’s not necessary that what works for others will work for you, but you’ll surely get the basics right, and you can configure the details yourself thereafter.

How easy it is to solve a problem when you have a solved example of a similar problem before you – isn’t it?

In the same way, you’ve successful people before you who’ve most probably been on the same path as you. Treat them as the solved examples and solve your problems by learning from them.

Explore your inner self and the outer environment. Help yourself with all the information and tools that you find, which will help you craft your way to success.

You can create your life options for success. It’ll help you overcome the obstacles in life and achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

These are your keys to success that you can use anytime and anywhere. They’re ALWAYS in your hands.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” ~ Herman Cain

If you’ve ever failed and need motivation, then watch this video and get inspired! Even if you haven’t, it will boost you up!

This is How Winners Are Made ~ YouTube Video

Don’t fear failures – treat them as opportunities for improvement and stepping stones to your success. Failure is your friend, if you know how to treat it well and learn from it.

Tides rise and fall.

You’ve similar tides in your life – it’s a natural process that helps you test and evolve yourself. Enjoy the roller coaster ride of your life with grace and dignity and never lose heart.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” ~ Vivian Greene

Remember that every time you fall, you can rise up stronger. All you need to is to try and be smart every time.

Next time when you feel down and out, know that you’ve an ACE up your sleeve and you can use it anytime to try to win the game.

With the ACE approach, you can drop the thoughts of quitting and increase your chances of winning. I repeat – always keep this in your mind – winners never quit and quitters never win.

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” ~ Nelson Mandela

Over to you –

Did you face any down times in your life when you felt like quitting? What secret key to success did you use to overcome your fear of failure? Share your thoughts and views.

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  1. Hi Harleena! Another great post 🙂

    ACE is a great acronym for facing failure. I think the story of the ant is a wonderful visual. One thing I remember being told about change in respect to overcoming failure and achieving success, is that it takes bamboo five years of growing below ground before the shoots appear above ground.

    For me, one of the barriers of taking chances that may result in failure is the time it will take to get where I want to go if my first, second, third attempt does not work. But this hesitation of mine is resolved in the acceptance part of your solution! I have learned to accept, through the bamboo analogy, that things take time, and that it’s okay for things to take time. My capacity for patience with myself has grown exponentially over the last few years because of my focus on changing my perception of failure from a loss to that of stepping stones.

    What an inspiring post!!


  2. Hi Harleena,
    Every person feels down or blue at some moments in their life, the strongest thing that makes me stand is The INTENSE DESIRE TO GET GREAT THINGS OF LIFE. Whenever I feel down, I lay down on the floor in my terrace, look to the sky and think about the life, the things which I always desire. And that triggers a current of energy in me and makes me stand again.
    Success do comes when a person continues to persevere. As “You don’t fall off a bicycle, untill you stop paddling.”

  3. Harleena,

    I think the fear of failure paralyzes many people to the point that they are never successful and in reality always failures. That is so funny to say but I really believe it is true.

    In order to overcome failure we have to address our fears at our very core. We have to admit we have them, face them and then move past them.

    All of this leads to never quitting or giving up.

    Great post on failure and rising above it. I have been there and I hope that I am moving past it now.

    Thanks for a great post.

    Dee Ann

  4. As it is said most of the time that there is no shortcut to success and failures are the only learning tools that can possible take you in the right direction.

  5. Absolutely resourceful! This is called “Indomitable Attitude”. What I learned; Accept, Change, and explore. This key are really important in our journey of success. The story of the ant is really elucidative! Thanks Harleena, you are the best!

  6. Wow Harleena!

    You found a quote for everything I have ever thought about success and life in general 🙂
    When I saw this:
    “There are two ways of meeting difficulties. You alter the difficulties or you alter yourself to meet them.” ~ Phyllis Bottome

    I thought at least someone agrees with me.

    When I saw this:

    “It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure. ” ~ Joseph Campbell

    I thought – Hey! that’s what I was thinking a couple of days ago!

    When I came to this:

    “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” ~ Vivian Greene

    I started thinking something was weird!

    But the last quote from Nelson Mandela rid me of the notion of your mind-reading abilities 😛

    I consider success to be the ability to learn, not achieve something. The moment you stop learning, your life is worthless.

    Just think about it… We come across phenomena at every instant, but once the instant passes the only thing we have left is what we learnt.

    So, your life is the summation of all you have learnt!

    Thanks for the amazing post Harleena 🙂

  7. Hi Harleena,

    This post is excellent. Every failure or setback is a lesson to help us succeed as Adrienne mentions we only fail if we quit.
    I like the quote “fall seven times , stand up eight”.

    It is important that we have goals and the correct attitude toward failure that gives us that persistence to keep on keeping on.
    As Thomas Edison was quoted “I have not failed, I have found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. These setbacks led him to find a way that did work by the process of elimination.

    This post will be an inspiration to many people for many years.
    Thank you for sharing.


  8. I use to say that I’ve failed at a lot of things Harleena but then I kind of looked at it a different way.

    To me failing is only if I want something bad enough yet quit before I either figure it all out or on the brink of a breakthrough. Failing is just part of it so as long as we don’t quit we’ll continue to learn.

    I think that’s really the whole process and as you very nicely pointed out here in your post, we have to keep that ACE up our sleeves.

    Things change and even evolve so sometimes we quit something because we realize maybe it wasn’t right for us at that time, we just thought it was what we wanted.

    I love that video by the way, I’ve shared that one a few times myself and how appropriate for this post. By the way, I hope you were able to help that person with their blog and get them to understand exactly what it takes because you and I both know it’s so rewarding.

    Thanks so much for this wonderful advice and hope your week has been a good one.


  9. Hi Harleena!

    I was just going through your previously written articles and happen to pass by it. I do feel dejected when something seeming very easy for others become difficult for me. I feel inferior because I’m not able to stand by them. But I can pat on back that I never give up on anything easily. I think positive thinking can help a lot to reinvigorate the same zeal and enthusiasm one had before failings. Nice points to ponder at. Aesthetically summed up!!!!!!

  10. A very great and inspiring piece Harleena. I don’t always believe in failure. I know that failure do exist but, i always see it as success in disguise.

    That you failed at something doesn’t mean you’re a failure, it only means that you’ve not succeed yet and, its time to get right up and try again.

    So, i think the secrets is to always try and find that which motivates you and then, keep pushing and before you know it, success will be yours :).

    Thanks for sharing this with the community.

  11. Hi Harleena,

    This is a great post, I agree its very important to rise above and don’t let failure bring you down. The only way one will succeed is to have the drive to do so. When you fall just pick yourself back up and try again. Keep up the good work this is an article everyone should read.

  12. Harleena,

    You have done it again. I’m inspired!!! I had to play that video twice because it was so encouraging.

    To me, failure doesn’t mean stop and do something else. Instead it means what did I do wrong? Or even what is going on inside of me that I need to fix.

    I strongly believe it is an ongoing process of learning. Now, I have recently purchased an IPhone after making so many excuses why I didn’t need one. But after hearing myself make those excuses a red flag went up in my head … Why? Answer: I just didn’t want to do another learning curve. So I went out and purchased one.

    Now don’t laugh, but I did take a course with Verizon (My carrier) in order to learn how to use this darn thing. Came home, tried to apply what I learned, but only learned half. So I went back and took the same course again. I won!

    From this, now I can do my banking, answer emails, and so much more as I download an app at a time and master it.

    Yes, I fail and fail over and over again, but when I do determination rises and I must conquer! I wasn’t always like this, but learned how to be.

    So Failure isn’t a stop sign at all, but a positive challenge.

    Awesome post!


  13. Hi Harleena,

    Great post on how to rise up when we fall.

    Falling down or failing is inevitable in life. We are not always on the top of our game. Things do go wrong sometimes and not according to what we planned for it. It’s easy to stay motivated when everything’s going well. But our plans don’t always go smoothly.

    These days, I am going through some uncertainties in life with my business and the sickness of my little one and stress all around and I needed to read your post today as I was really feeling down with lots of other things contributing to my state of mind and believe me sometimes I consider giving up thinking maybe I am not meant to do this. But thanks for your words of wisdom which keep me going and pushing inspite of things not looking that optimistic. I loved the analogy of the river that keeps flowing even if a boulder got on its course.

    Thanks Harleena for an amazing post. You don’t know how much I needed to read this article. I will read it again and again. Very motivating. Have yourself a great week ahead.

    Be Blessed,


  14. I like the ACE concept that you have described in great detail. You make it sound like it does not need to be that difficult. I recall the times when I had fallen. I had felt overwhelmed and wondered how I was going to pick myself up. Luckily, I have not given up after several times. I find that having supportive friends and community helps!

  15. “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” This is so true. I love the ACE up your sleeve. And falling 7 time and getting up 8. And i have found that every time I get up i need to stand taller. The taller you stand the sooner you can touch your real potential.

    Thanks for all your great wisdom Harleena. It is always a pleasure.

  16. Hey Harleena,

    This is the story of my life LOL! I really like the Ace up the sleeve example, not that I’m a gambler or anything, but it definitely resonated with me.

    I got into the habit of the Acronym right after graduating high school. It was something that help me become better than the day before. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish when you’re not focusing why you can’t do something.

    It’s all about getting back into your vortex, and opening your mind to what options are out there. Once you figure it out, then take action. But failure is good because you find out ways not to do it. Having this mentality will definitely help propel you in life.

    Thanks for the great post!

  17. Sometimes we experience failure when we have too high expectations. Sometimes keep going is not what we need, but to be able to relax our expectations.


  18. Hi Harleena,

    I think the universe is trying to tell me something because this is the third time I’ve heard/read the words, “accept,” “change,” and “explore.” 🙂

    I feel like quitting many times, mostly because I feel stuck in my life. I’m the type of person who likes to go, go, go. But lately I feel like I can’t move forward. When I try to o move forward, I get knocked backwards. Oh well… I’m learning to go with the flow.

    To me failures aren’t failures (it’s taken me a long time to come to this conclusion), instead they’re ways that don’t work. Keep trying until you find the answer. Or try something different.

  19. Hi Harleena –

    I really enjoyed your post and found it – for me personally – pretty timely.

    I was actually going to comment here yesterday but realized what I had to say would be too long for a comment (trust me) – so I turned it into a post.

    Thanks for the inspiration and a chance to be part of the conversation!

    (And great video clip, too.)

  20. Hi Harleena,

    I always love your analogies dear 😉 You were fond of such things since you were a kid? Or you loved puzzles? 😀 lol…

    Sometimes I feel accepting is the hardest part. But without accepting, we can’t focus on what to do next either. It’s trying to comfort ourselves. However we need to analyze what we have been doing even we fit in to the right path. Isn’t it? 🙂

    I’m familiar with failing in my life too 🙂 Especially when it comes to education. It hurts when no one believes you can make it. Feels rather alone and tend to quit too. But again, you can make the same thing to push yourself up too. It takes some courage. Well, I did it after failing several times 😉 That’s something that I can recall and feel proud of myself.

    The video is inspiring indeed Harleena 🙂 It reminds me of some inspiring moments I’ve experienced in my life too. Even some moments of movies 😉 True events can always drive me. Like your previous post did 🙂

    Have a successful week there Harleena 🙂


  21. It’s so true about changing our tactics if we fail the first time to do something. We can’t keep trying the same thing if it continues to fail. As I said on one of my posts, there are more ways than one to achieve something. If one way fails, the other may be successful.

    At the moment I’m still trying to work out what my ‘secret’ to success is 🙂

  22. Hello Harleena G

    Well failure is the part of life. One can not taste the success without failure. You start you fall then you rise up again . It is the part of life and one should understand it and keep on going. I liked your post well, some time life gives us unusual surprises and we have to stay tight and ready to fight.

    Thanks for the nice share. Keep up the good work
    Once again
    Thanks & Regards 🙂
    Have a great week ahead 🙂

  23. Hi Harleena,

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful and motivating post.

    I think that no one gets successful without tasting failure. Maybe, its just the pathway that carries us to the destination of our success.

    As mentioned by you, acceptance to our mistakes is the biggest hurdle and I have myself seen many people who are not ready to accept their mistakes. Maybe, it is because of their self-ego or some fake mental satisfaction.

    It is just like the treatment of a disease. Unless and until, you accept that you are sick, nothing can be done. Even the best physicians of this world would be helpless.

    People need to change their mindset. According to me, accepting our mistakes is an act of bravery that not only improves the things for us but opens new opportunities.

    Thanks once again for touching at the right spot and I believe that if we start accepting our mistake, we have covered more than half the distance to our success.

  24. Hi Harleena

    Failing is a part of life and it all depends on how we were programmed how to feel about failure. Probably most of us were made to believe it is laden with shame. Therefore it is more dramatic for us.

    Failure holds us back from great success. What value we put on it, will definitely impact what we try to do. The more shame we emphasis on failure the less we will set ourselves in a position to fail, which means we never attempt anything near our full potential. Somehow when this happens we not only cheat ourselves, but we cheat society.


  25. I haven’t failed or fallen that often, and I haven’t had major problems, so I can only imagine how it must feel that really have to struggle to get back up again. ACE seems fantastic, and it’s easy to remember and it sounds perfect to use. I am always looking months ahead, and no matter what happens to me today, I keep looking at my goals. But, when it comes to my family, I try my best to live in the moment and be there all the time. This is hard, especially when you’re in business all my yourself.

    I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend Harleena.

  26. Hi Harleena – another great post and there’s a lot I could say on this subject.

    I’ll mention an occasion when I reacted really badly to a failure, early on in my career – I failed a job interview that I should have walked easily – just completely blew it on the day, due to severe nerves. I allowed the experience to shatter my self-confidence and self-esteem – the mistake I made was to see the failure as proof that I was no good. Consequently, I stayed in the same job and never applied for any further promotions for over 10 years, convinced I’d never get through another interview and terrified of failing again.

    I’m convinced this was partly due to my childhood experiences of parental expectation of academic success – I was the ‘clever’ child in the family, always expected to get top grades in exams, and always felt under tremendous pressure to ‘do well’.

    Subsequently, I did successfully apply for other jobs, but the impact of that failure affected me for a long time. It’s only as I’ve got older that I’ve been able to accept the fact that if I fail it’s not the end of the world and not a reflection on my inherent worth as a person.

    I love your ACE, by the way – I’ll be sure to keep one of those up my sleeve from now on 🙂


  27. Hi Harleena,

    There’s one thing about success is that it takes a lot of picking up. Usually, people complaining that they’re not successful is because they just giving up too early and they have the false impression that those who are successful got there easily. It’s just not the case. Things are rarely falling on our laps and it takes work, effort and a strong will.

    Thank you for writing on this great topic.

  28. Actually I didn’t get what the Ace card is. I have failed 2 interview jobs at my current work, which would have been a better position (more money and more responsibilities). Other people who were less educated got it. The only thing to make this situation better was getting back to the university to get a PhD which will not help me (again) at my current job, but hopefully will enable me to start a new career at the university, but def not where I work. The only “Ace card” here is to aim higher and one day leave my working place.

  29. I think passion about something also play a role. As per my experience, a lot of people tried to demotivate me in the field of Blogging. Many of them used to say – “What the hell are you doing, just writing stuff and that’s it”. But it was my passion that make my interest alive in Blogging. And yep I’m still a Blogger.

  30. We must rise up every time we fall, easy to say but hard to do. I myself fear rejection the reason why as much as possible I wanted everything I do to be perfect. Well it explains why it took me years to move on from the bad experience I had one time that made me quit my job. But good thing I moved on.

    Your article is inspiring as well as your advice… heart touching. Thanks.

  31. Thank you for this wise post Harleena! I love the Mandela and Green quotes (and the video!!) I’ve been falling a lot over the past few years (more in my personal life) so can appreciate the thoughts and sentiments here.

    I think accepting the situation is the best advice sometimes when we feel like things are not working in our favor. Sometimes, we are so busy hunting for solutions we don’t look at the problem or the reality of the situation. We can only improve or rise up when we see what’s not working. Then we realize, that the changes we have to make, could be internal:) and not external. Sometimes, we realize it’s our perspective which is the solution!

    Thanks for writing this motivational post for any of us who’ve had a bad day or two. Or twenty sometimes!

  32. Hi Harleena,

    This was such a wonderful and inspirational article and you have given us all brilliant advice. In particular, I loved your ACE model. I love models that are practical and simple, and this is certainly one of them.

    One point I would like to share to overcome the fear of failure is to always get advice from more than one person and if the advice a person is giving us is negative, then definitely seek the views of others! I say this because when I was in my mid twenties I was interested in starting a business. I spoke to one work advisor about this who said that I wouldn’t be able to start a business because I didn’t have an MBA. I told another advisor what the first one had said, and she told me not to believe everything what other people told me. This has stuck with me since then and of course I went on to start businesses without an MBA.

    Thank you.

  33. Failure is the key step and a milestones which when achieved teaches you a lot of right things. If you want to learn the difference between what is wrong and what is right than always grow up from your failures. People often feel declined with failures but is indeed a moment of pride to feel that atleast you have failed trying the things instead of fearing the things and not trying it out.

    Thanks for a great read.

  34. Hi Harleena,

    Already feeling pumped up.It’s always difficult to keep on track when things are not going well.But as the saying goes, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough gets going’.


  35. Another great post from Harleena.

    It is so important to never give up and always try again and again until you succeed. Personally I have tried so many different things and learned so much from it and been able to come out as a better person from it and do even better the next time. If you never try, you will never succeed.

  36. Nice and motivational post to rise up every time we feel unsuccessful. It is common thing to get difficulties, failures in life, Specially in Internet business field we can see this thing a lot. We have to try many things again & again to survive in business.

    Winner never Quit is the main fact about failure situations handling.

  37. I think the fear of falling is the biggest stumbling block why most people don’t the plunge of their life and do the things they had always wanted to do. I like the idea of having an ace in you sleeve, you should take it out when you need it that should be the tipping point.

  38. Hello Harleena,
    What an interesting article and one worth reading over and over again 🙂

    Yes! When i started blogging now, i almost gave up the struggle but the only one thing that put me back to the game was my goal. I believe your goal is one of the key factor that will always get you back up 😉 it’s only a failure that will accept defeat easily, right?

    Thanks for your lovely post. do have a great weekend my friend 🙂

  39. I have always lived by the motto that if you have failed at least once in your life then you are not trying. Success comes from repeated failure and trying new things. This is how Albert Einstein, Bill Gates and many other people became famous. They didn’t leave failure drag them down.

    1. Hi Christy,

      I like your motto, in fact, I read a quote somewhere that says that unless you fail more than you succeed, you aren’t really successful. You need to count failure as a part of success – it doesn’t come without it.

      Thanks for stopping by and making your contribution. I appreciate it. 🙂

  40. Hello Harleena,

    Yes… the term ACE is the key to success. To get success, a person must have determination & will. Here will power is the main power to achieve any success. When I read this article, I remember the story of Bruce. His success story is also inspiration for all.

    Thanks for sharing such a valuable post

    1. Hi Ahsan,

      I totally agree with you that will power is the driving force for a person to rise up after falling and to get onto the path of success after failing.

      I’m glad you find the post valuable and worthy indeed.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views. 🙂

  41. Thanks Harleena,

    I’ve failed many times and received many rejections, but, I’m not down for the count for very long. In order to succeed at a thing, one must prepare themselves for setbacks and failure. It’s part of the ‘GROWTH’ process.

    I’m loving your ACE approach!

    1. Hi Clara,

      I’m glad you liked the ACE approach!

      I admire your spirit of perseverance and the ability to bounce back.

      You’re absolutely right that everybody should be prepared for setbacks and failures. Yes, these are all part and parcel of our growth as well as the stepping stones to success!

      Thanks for stopping by and contributing your valuable thoughts and experiences to this post. I appreciate it. 🙂

  42. This was a motivating post and so was the video.

    I used to be victim of my fear of failure and accepted staying in my comfort zone. But when I reassessed myself I realized I needed to step out of the ordinary and every time I do I think the same thing: “You better not. You don’t know what you’re doing and you’re going to fail. Just stick to what you know.” Those thoughts really weigh you down.

    The reason for my being able to overcome those thoughts was my spirituality. I’m in such great spirits everyday that there’s no time to fear anything. Sure I got knocked down and feel bad at times but I catch myself and get right back. It’s taken years of struggle to get to this place but I’m glad I’ve arrived :).

    Thank you for sharing this with us….great way to start the weekend! Happy Friday my friend! 🙂

    1. Hi Corina,

      I’m glad you like the post and the video.

      It’s great to know how you overcame your fear of failure. Certainly, almost everybody at some or the other time experiences the fear of failure, and your way of dealing it only decides if you’ll really fail or not.

      You’ve used spirituality, which is a great tool for upliftment and healing of self. I can understand how it helps you to bounce back and feel secure.

      Everybody has comfort zones, but you start to suffer when these zones instead become a prison for you. You then need to break away from it and it’s really commendable how you managed to force yourself to grow.

      Thanks so much for sharing your personal life experiences and I’m sure the readers will benefit from it. I really appreciate your visit and I wish you a beautiful weekend. 🙂

  43. Hi Harleena,

    There are 2 things I love about this post:
    – The ant struggling to climb the wall
    – ACE approach

    Failure is a requirement in society. I think it’s one of the necessary evils. In some cases, someone has to fail for the other to succeed. If everyone who campaigns to be a president wins, there will be real chaos in that nation 😉

    Whatever the case, failure is not the end of life. The ant lesson is a good one.

    It’s Friday and do have a beautiful weekend

    1. Hi Enstine,

      I’m happy that I could provide you with things of interest in this post.

      I agree with you that failure is an important component of our learning process. It may look and feel bad, but it is the one that can take you to the beauty of success.

      Of course, if one has to succeed, the other would fail in a competition. However, looking from another perspective, this other person hasn’t really failed but only inched towards being successful. If this person does what the ant did, nobody can stop him or her from reaching the summit of success, isn’t it?

      I second your conclusion that – failure is not the end of life. Thank you for this lovely contribution to the post and I wish you’ve a memorable weekend yourself. 🙂

  44. Great post Harleena!

    I have failed many times and things and depending on how passionate it was about whatever it was I was doing, determined if I continued to rise up and continue on or just scratch the whole thing. The older I get I feel if the passion for something isn’t 100% there you won’t succeed. There are many times that I feel like giving up on blogging. Not because of failure but because of other priorities. Yet I continue to blog on.

    Too many people don’t know how to rise up from a failure and continue on. Not because they aren’t passionate about it but because the feeling of being a failure is too overwhelming for them. How do you reach someone like that? How do you tell them to get up and continue on?

    Tough call right?

    1. Hi Bren,

      Thanks for appreciating this post.

      Everybody fails, some or the other times in life. It’s no wonder if you too did. I too have observed what you mention – if you’re passionate about something, you’re probably going to be successful at that or even if you fall, you’ll have strong reasons to rise up and continue moving ahead.

      Honestly, like you, I too sometimes feel the burden and burnt of blogging. But it’s the passion that keeps me going and makes me treat every problem as a sweet challenge.

      You’ve pointed out an important aspect – sometimes for some people failure becomes too overwhelming – they take it to heart, and can’t bear it. I guess they need to do two things – follow the ACE approach and make a resolution to never give in.

      You’re right, it isn’t easy to convince a person to move on, especially someone who’s lost all hopes. It might take lot of persuasion and motivation, but the fact is that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Having said that, there might be other factors and reasons for the person to quit making efforts. In the end, it all depends on the belief and the will of the person.

      Thanks for sharing your views and life experiences and raising some important questions on this issue. I really appreciate it. 🙂

  45. Wow! No, the wow is not for the great article. The wow is for the realization that I am going to be the first one to comment on this post!

    I think the ACE approach that you have mentioned here is really an ACE that one can use to succeed. The sprinklings of inspirational quotes from former greats is the icing on the cake that this article is.

    I like what I see here and will keep coming back.

    best regards,

    1. Hi Sanjeev,

      Congratulations for being the first commenter!

      I’m glad you like the post and the ACE approach. I hope and wish it helps people in their lives.

      Ah.. the inspirational quotes are my favorites and I like to use them on most of my posts.

      Thanks for stopping by and contributing to the post. I’d certainly look forward to having you again on my blog. 🙂

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