Look Younger Today: Simple Cosmetic Procedures Trends

Modern technology has made it possible and convenient to cosmetically change how we look. Here are some of the popular cosmetic procedures to look younger.
Woman's nose and lips emerge out of pink cover after cosmetic procedures

Who doesn’t want to look younger? Especially, when aging. Thankfully, modern technology has made it possible, convenient and affordable to cosmetically change how we look. In modern times, cosmetic procedures are trending and they are different from the initial cosmetic surgeries. Here are some of the popular cosmetic procedures to look younger. ~ Ed.


There’s no escaping the effect of time on our bodies. As we get older, skin starts to sag and our bodies don’t work the same way that they used to.

For most of us, this can be mildly distressing as how we see ourselves starts to match up less and less with how we’re actually seeing.

But that’s not to say that we haven’t found a way to counter the negative effects of time and keep ourselves looking our best for as long as possible.

Cosmetic surgery started off as a pretty barbaric line of work, the results were often accompanied by much pain and suffering, plus there was a half-decent chance the procedure wouldn’t work out anyways.

Things are much different now, with a plethora of options available that are low cost, low risk, and highly effective.

In fact, what used to be costly inpatient procedures can now be completed in less than a day, with normal functioning possible within 2-3 days after surgery.

Actually, the fact that they’re being called cosmetic procedures as opposed to cosmetic surgeries now just shows how far the technology has come.

So, here’s what people are getting consultations for in the modern age:


Botox has been one of the cosmetic procedures of choice, which means that a lot of research and development has gone into how to best perform this procedure and ensure long-lasting results.

It’s so common that some cosmeticians focus solely on botox and some have aspects of non-surgical cosmetic medicine & age-defying therapy such as MyBotoxLA in Studio City.

Botox is prepared from the bacterial toxin botulin but formulated for a much more targeted and specific result. Botox paralyzes facial muscles which result in reduced wrinkles on the face.

The results from this procedure are not permanent, however, requiring re-application once every three to six months.


Even the uninitiated can probably figure out what this procedure entails. Abrasion refers to scraping/sanding a surface and has to do with the skin.

In a dermabrasion procedure, a device with an abrasive surface rotates rapidly and is placed along the skin. Usually, this procedure is done on the face. After the entire face has had a once over, the top layer of skin will have been removed by the machine.

This stimulates the growth of new skin cells that are much smoother and younger looking than what was there previously. This procedure may be accompanied by a little discomfort and risk of complications.

Forehead Lift

Tired of unsightly worry lines appearing on your brow? With a browplasty procedure, those wrinkles created from years of wincing are effectively removed.

To complete a browplasty procedure, an incision will be made around the perimeter of the top of the forehead. Usually it extends all the way to the ears. The surgeon will then remove excess tissues, including skin and muscle and then stitch the area back up.

A marked reduction in brow lines, as well as less difficulty seeing, are common outcomes of this procedure. Recovery time is very quick, typically taking only 10-14 days before being fully healed.

Breast Lift

While implants have somewhat waned in popularity, one procedure concerning the breasts that have gained steam along the population is a breast lift. In a breast lift, nothing is added to the body, excess skin is simply removed.

Once the procedure is complete, the patient can expect increased perkiness and a more rounded shape to their breasts. Whether it is a change in tastes or horror stories from implants coming to light, this procedure is quickly outpacing implants as one of the most popular breast procedures being undergone in 2019.

Tummy Tuck

Over the years, our weight tends to fluctuate wildly. When we put on weight, the skin around our abdominal area stretches out to accommodate the excess fat underneath. The issue is, after the fat has been lost, the excess skin remains, something many newly skinned people do not appreciate having to see.

A tummy tuck works much in the same way as a forehead lift or a breast lift, an incision is made around the stomach so excess skin can be removed before the patient is stitched back up and sent on their way.


If someone is looking for a more flattering silhouette, liposuction can be an attractive option. In this procedure, fat is removed surgically from targeted areas around the body to create a much smoother appearance overall. Lines around the body are made much more gentle and less “lumpy”.

If a patient doesn’t wish to have the fat surgically removed, there is laser-assisted liposuction. And even sonic assisted liposuction to help contour the body to their patient’s desires.


Nose reshaping, nose job, rhinoplasty, all of these terms refer to the same procedure. Rhinoplasty is all about reshaping the cartilage of the nose, which helps to create a much more desirable nose shape. Tissue can be added or removed to the nose for a wide array of different treatment outcomes.

Many people who have suffered from broken noses over the years elect to have Rhinoplasty to return their nose to its previous shape, while some want a new shape altogether to better complement their facial structure.

Recovery time is something in the realm of three to six weeks, after which the new shape of the nose will be finalized. But the patient may return to their social life within two to three weeks without any obvious signs of having undergone a procedure besides the changes themselves.

Wrapping Up

While they do go by the name “cosmetic” surgery, many of these surgeries can do a lot more than appeal to someone’s vanity.

In the case of a forehead lift, some people have difficulty seeing due to the excess skin on their forehead. Other procedures allow people to live a more normal life after serious injuries like third-degree burns.

The stigma surrounding cosmetic surgery has certainly eroded, with people from all walks of life considering a minor procedure at some point. Technology has increased to the point where there’s very little to lose and much to gain.

So there you have it, these are some of the most commonly trending cosmetic procedures happening in modern times.

Over to You

Have you ever gone for any cosmetic procedures to look younger? Do you’ve any apprehensions? Please share your experiences and thoughts in the comments.

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  1. great job! it was very informative post for people who want to look younger today now a days everyone want to look beautiful and this post would be useful for aging person.thanks for sharing your simple cosmetic trends.

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    The author brought out some convenient and affordable solutions to keep one look younger. 🙂
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