9 Simple Ways To Be Yourself And Discover Happiness

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This is a guest post by Yatin Khulbe, who was the runner-up of the February GEMS leaderboard. He is a self-development blogger and writes about how to be yourself. In this post, he reveals the easy ways to do so.

How does it feel when you are not able to express your true desires?

When was the last time that you had an inner chat?

How many times do you curse your present life?

All these questions create a web of doubts from where we are not able to come out in a proper manner.

In this phase, a person detaches from the real identity due to repeated cycles of negative thinking.

In short, are you happy with yourself?

This simple question carves out our real identity. If we are connecting with ourselves, we can sip the lovely flavors of life.

Life is not complex. It is made complex.

The good news is that all the things are temporary. It depends on us whether to inflate or deflate the circumstances.

If you are not happy with the current setup, stand up and re-design the whole structure by connecting with your true voice.

Let us understand the meaning of ‘being yourself’ by this conversation between four friends who are meeting after a long time

First friend: I am earning well, but I am not happy with my present routine.

Second friend: I am not earning well, and I am not happy with my present routine.

Third friend: I am not earning well, but I am happy with my present routine.

Fourth friend: I am earning well, and I am happy with my present routine.

Who is living a satisfactory life? Ya, you guessed it right.

The third and the fourth friend are living life on their own terms.  Rather than thinking about money, the third friend is focusing on the present routine.

After some time, he will definitely catch up with the fourth friend without putting too much effort.

‘To be yourself’ is all about living life on your own terms. For these people, money and fame are always behind happiness. Without happiness, there is no meaning in life.

Just be YOU – Your Own Navigation. Create your own path to map out the journey.

While discovering our own trip, we understand the exact position and plan the journey in a happy manner.

How to be Yourself in Nine Simple Ways

There’s a lot of stress out there, and to handle it, you just need to believe in yourself; always go back to the person that you know you are, and don’t let anybody tell you any different, because everyone’s special and everyone’s awesome. ~ McKayla Maroney

1. Everybody is gifted with a unique twist

We do not realize that we all are blessed with special features. At the physical level, we all have a framework of 206 bones.

However, mentally, we all are designed with a unique twist. So, appreciate your wonderful presence by connecting with your inner child.

Don’t criticize yourself. Your special characteristics deserve more than this on any day. Never create an opening for someone else to make you feel inferior.

Each of us looks at the same condition from a distinctive point of view. So, there is no need to control your true emotions because you have a unique voice.

The terms superior and inferior look good in the dictionary only. They have no significance in the practical world.

We create boundaries for ourselves only.  Step out of this mental trap and enjoy life in your own way.

To be yourself, believe that you’re special!

Photo of Dalai Lama and his quote

2. Mix confidence with authority

Why are you attracted towards some people? What is the basic ingredient behind their magnetic appeal?

It is the lovely combination of confidence and authority. With self-confidence, we create a never ending bond with our real passion.

If we have faith in ourselves, we can easily develop lovely connections with others also. As the charity begins at home, confidence begins at our inner home.

With authority, nobody dares to mess with you.  Everybody thinks twice before questioning your work.

With this deadly combination, our personality comes out in a vibrant manner.

So, do your work with full command and belief to discover your magnetic appeal.

To be yourself, believe in yourself.

When I get logical, and I don’t trust my instincts – that’s when I get in trouble. ~ Angelina Jolie

3. Don’t cover your mad elements

When you start with your real journey, some people make awkward faces. Your budding idea looks illogical.

They might laugh at your madness. Instead of getting depressed, turn your face to the bright side.

Today, they are laughing at your madness. Tomorrow, you will laugh at their ignorance. Things balance out each other.

I love Newton’s third law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Your action will definitely create an equal and opposite reaction from others.

So, do not waste your time in listening to people’s reaction because you cannot stop them. Just focus on your mad elements to realize your real happiness.

People are temporary, but your true identity is with you forever.

To be yourself, trust your instincts!

Picture of Buddha and his peace quote

4. What are you searching outside

Be yourself to realize the beauty of your inner treasure.  The good news is that there is no shortage of resources.

The bad news is that we are not creating a demand for them. We need to fill this gap between demand and supply to achieve happiness in our life.

Before searching outside, devote your time towards your inner assistance.  So, detach from all external noise to embrace the real inner voice.

After developing strong connections, you will definitely get clear answers.

If we are not valuing your inner treasure, nobody will understand your real worth. Understand your inner strength to shine like a gem.

To be yourself, you need to dive inside.

To know yourself as the Being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise, the love and joy underneath the pain, is freedom, salvation, enlightenment. ~ Eckhart Tolle

5. Don’t create.  Just discover

Did Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama discover or creat India? He is credited with discovering India.

It was not created because the land was already there. In a similar manner, we need to discover our real identity.

There is no need to waste time in creating the ‘real you’. Your land is hidden behind all the smoke of arrogance, stress, and hopelessness.

Wake up and make up all missing links of your life. Strip off all fake covers to discover the true route.

Expose all the suppressed corners to hug your real fragrance. There is no need to suffocate your real self.

Nobody will do it for you. You are the Vasco Da Gamma of your life.

To be yourself, you need to know yourself.

Picture of Mahatma Gandhi with a quote

6. Do everything with ease

Whenever I see a piece of modern art, I am completely mesmerized by the simple brushstrokes.

These strokes speak the language of effortlessness. They convey the mastery of the painter over the topic.

We also need to analyze life in simple terms. Instead of complicating things, master your journey by connecting simple dots.

Happiness lies in small and easy things. When we put more effort, we disturb the flow of the work.

Don’t be hard on yourself. Life is not about competition only. Don’t think too much because you will get nothing in return except stress.

So, brush the canvas of your life with ease.

To be yourself, just be simple.

Be original; don’t be scared of being bold! ~ Ed Sheeran

7. Don’t live someone else’s life

Suppose you follow someone from your field. Due to invaluable information, you develop a blind connection with this person.

There is no harm in listening and gaining some advice, but don’t try to copy other’s life.

While getting trapped by their gorgeous and happy lifestyle, don’t forget their starting struggle period.

Stop living other’s dreams and start taking responsibilities.  Never compare your life with others.

We just need to recognize and appreciate our real talent. In order to live a happy and fulfilled life, build your own dreams.

Life is too short to live someone else’s life. Never forget that you are the rockstar of your own life.

To be yourself, be original.

Little girls fearlessly discovering sea life near a beach

8. Dance like a free spirit

Move beyond all explanations to enjoy the lovely ride.  Enjoy the present moment to suck the creative juices within.

There is no need to please anybody. Don’t think about other’s opinions.

Close your eyes and visualize yourself like a bird gliding in the vast sky with no boundaries.

Sky is your perfect playground for performing all the acts that make you feel happy and satisfied.

Develop your own vision and forget about all tensions. Dance like a free spirit and enjoy your true passion.

Don’t get upset due to rough circumstances.  Leave behind all those things that disturb the melody of the song of your life.

To be yourself, just be in the moment.

Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer fears. Never let anyone bring you down. You got to keep going. ~ Chantal Sutherland

9. Accept your fears

Whenever we start a new task, there is always hesitation. At that moment, we are bombarded with lots of questions.

As we are not able to answer all the questions, as our mind creates different level of fears.

Remember one thing in your life: fear is natural.

So, what do we need to do? There is no need to hide your fears. When we try to suppress something, it comes up again with more intensity.

Everyone goes through this stage. Simply, have the courage to bring them in broad daylight.

Don’t forget to highlight them in the beginning to live a happy and peaceful life. By suppression, you create a smoky atmosphere for your future.

Instead of giving any protection, release all fears to let them die a natural death.

To be yourself, be fearless.


In a nutshell –

– As everybody is gifted with a unique talent, don’t doubt your true potential.

– Apply the deadly combination of confidence and authority to develop trust and command over your work.

– Expose all mad elements to experiment with your life in a crazy manner.

– Instead of searching outside, enjoy the abundant inner supply.

– As your true path is already created, discover it by stripping all fake covers.

– Understand the power of simplicity. Don’t relate complexity with more output.

– Don’t compare your unique dreams with others.

– Dance like a free spirit to enjoy every moment of life.

– Have the courage to accept your fear and do not suppress it.

Over to you –

Are you happy with your present life?  How do you define ‘being yourself’ in your own way? Share some experiences about your life’s journey in the comments.

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  1. Hi Yatin,

    Congratulations on this guest post. You knocked it out the park with this one! 😀

    It’s difficult for people to be themselves when they try to create themselves instead of discovering themselves. Everything they need to be happy is already inside them. But in order to discover the hidden treasure there have to be some digging through garbage to get to it and most people don’t like that part.

    Our opinion of ourselves in the most important. You gave us some tools to use to help us get a better perspective of ourselves. Thanks for that too!

    Self-acceptance on a deep level takes time and courage, but if we apply what you suggested here we can get there and live a happier and content life.

    Great post!

    1. Hi Vernon
      Thank you so much. Ya, the knocking was possible with the help of Harleena Mam and Vinay Sir.
      I really love your hidden treasure point. Ya, mostly people don’t like to face rough situations which look like a garbage in the beginning and, as a result, they leave their true path.

      As you said, opinions of ourselves are really important. In order to rise above all problems, we need to voice our own opinion in a confident and bold manner because no one will speak for us.
      You have hit the right word-TIME. It takes time and courage for building an empire of our own desires. Though it takes time, but the end result is very peaceful and lovely.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

  2. Hi Yatin,

    Congratulations on the guest post here at AhaNow. What a great share for it being your first here.

    You definitely gave us a lot of wonderful tips for ways to just be ourselves. I know some people who really don’t know how to just be. I think they are constantly worried about things which we all know leads to nothing but more worry. Things will never be good in your life unless you truly believe in yourself and that your situation will improve.

    Being myself has never been an issue for me. I’m one of those that never walked the straight line. I never wore clothes that were in style, I never had the coolest hair do, I never did what everyone else did. I just didn’t feel like I fit in with others so I did my own thing and later on in life I learned that it really benefited me greatly.

    Your suggestions are wonderful and I’ll be sure to share this post again with my friends too. Hopefully they won’t need your advice but just in case I’ll be sure to let them know about this one.

    Hope you both are having a wonderful week. Great choice Harleena with your guest.


    1. Hi @adriennesmith
      Thanks to Harleena Mam who gave me this wonderful opportunity. Through her only, I came to know about your wonderful blog.

      Ya, you are absolutely right. If we are not able to dig in, we won’t be able to extract our true potential. It is within us only. We just need to uncover all fake covers and as you said ‘situations will improve.’

      Oh great… You never had trending clothes, never had the coolest hair, never did what everyone else did. You knew that all these things have a temporary existence and you preserved your true identity. Hats off to your courage and stability.You are a free spirit in a true sense. Apart from your blogging skills, I have to learn a lot from you, buddy.

      Thanks for taking out time to read and share your wonderful thoughts on this topic. You have added some valuable points. You too have a wonderful week ahead.

  3. Thanks for this fantastic post.Really loved it.Thanks for sharing your thoughts and adding your personal experience.Have a great day.Thanks.

    1. Hi Yash
      I am glad you liked this post. Thanks for reading and dropping your comment. Have a great week ahead, buddy

  4. Hi Yatin and Harleena,

    Great advice.

    To me the most important one maybe is not to live someone else’s life. We live a world where many people, especially women are living other people’s life with no say about what they really want to do or be. That’s so sad and that’s not living.

    Life is much less complicated then lost of people want to make it to be.

    1. Hi Sylviane
      Ya, we must not waste our precious life by living someone else’s life. I can’t specify a particular gender, but I completely agree that it’s very sad.
      Life is not complex. It is made…
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and adding your personal experience
      Have a great week ahead, buddy

    2. Hi Sylviane,

      Glad you liked Yatin’s advice shared through this post 🙂

      I agree with you there because you just get to live once, so live your life, your way. Women mostly live for their kids and families once they are married, and it’s tough to find their own identity, unless they make it a point to do so.

      Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it 🙂

  5. Hi Yatin,

    Glad to see you in Harleena’s blog and congratulations on your achievement. 🙂

    It is an awesome motivating post!
    I strongly agree with you. Every person is unique. And every uniqueness that will bring the people to success. Of course, if they can find and utilize their uniqueness well.

    I like the Newton’s third law as well. It also gives considerable motivation in our lives. Indeed, if we are different from the others, then automatically our life will be harder than the others as well. It is your power to change it and live it well.

    By the way, I’m happy with my own life right now. And I’ll do my best to achieve my own goals! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, Yatin.
    Have a great day!


    1. HI Nanda
      Thanks a lot for the appreciation, buddy. It was not possible without the combined efforts of Harleena Mam, Vinay Sir

      Oh superb, I am glad you like the Newton’s third law. “It is your power to change it and live it well”- I am in love with your line.

      It’s great that you are happy with your life and you are doing the perfect thing. We can do only our best without thinking about the consequences.
      Thanks for adding your valuable points
      Have a great life 😉

  6. Hi Yatin

    Big congratulations on being featured on this authority blog and that is a big achievement I must say.

    My favorite topic you picked here and especially the beginning paragraphs have a huge message for those who look at others and spend whole of their life by comparing themselves with others without any reason.

    It is right to say no one lives in vacuum in this world and we can’t avoid looking at others especially those having the success level which we wanted to get.
    The biggest mistake people do while comparing them with other is that they forget applying the famous rule of economics ceteris paribus that means “if other things remain same”. But people put aside the age factor, availability of opportunities, facilities and other bestowed and gifted things to each person in this world and just think why did he become and why I could not have become a great professional in a field.

    So here from the problem arises and people get negative, build their own fantasy world and even get psycho just in a bid to forget the big achievements of those who they were earlier comparing with theirs.

    So it must be in our mind everyone is unique in this world and lucky or winner or successful are those who fully find what they have been bestowed by the nature and those who fail to do something great actually don’t believe in the fact that everyone has his own unique qualities so they don’t find them and nor be able to apply them for their own success.

    Again I would highly appreciate covering this topic in such a comprehensive way and never looks anywhere in the whole post that you are a young boy and yet to get the experience of life which usually mature people have.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    Have a great week ahead.

    1. Hi @mimuba
      Thank you so much. You are right. It is a great achievement to get featured on this authority blog and by appreciating the post, you have made this post more valuable to me.

      While writing the post, I was thinking to start with a real life example of four friends to present my thoughts in a simple manner. Ya, there is no reason for living life by comparing it with others.

      You have added a great point by elaborating the concept of living our dreams by connecting it with economics term. We need to hold all variable points to stabilize our life.

      I am registering each and every word of the last paragraph in my mind. These words can only come from a person who knows the basic functioning of life. Thanks a lot for reading and expressing your views. I have to learn from various experiences, but I can say that I have learnt a lot after writing this post and interacting with different readers.

      You have made such an awesome points here and it truly gave me even more to think of. Now, I have three commenting superstars- Harleena Mam, you and Rohan. I always enjoy reading something new. It was really nice to hear from you. I’m grateful for your wishes.

  7. Hi Yatin & Harleena,

    I really like your first point. It’s one of the first things I accept about myself. We’re all the same yet different and that’s what makes us great.

    I love #7. We should all live our own lives, our own ways. Sure you may have commonalities with another person but you are not, and do not have to be, a carbon copy.

    Your life is your own and you have the ability to make it what ever you want. You can define it how ever you like. Just like your unique twist it’s unique to you.

    Good job Yatin! Great to see you here!!


    1. Hi Lea
      Ya, we’re all the same yet different. This thing makes us stand out from other people. We all are gifted with a twist and I am glad you are accepting it.

      I completely agree with your carbon copy point. There is no problem in having commonalities, but we must fly with our own colors only.

      Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts.
      Have a great life ahead, buddy

    2. Hi Lea,

      Sorry to have missed a few comments in this one, including yours 🙂

      Self-acceptance is essential, and you are right, we are all the same yet different in our own ways, and each one of us has something in us, isn’t it?

      True. Make your own true identity, as that is what will outshine, as it’s your personality.

      Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it 🙂

  8. Hello Yatin Khulbe,

    I think happiness comes from inside. Too much money or less income doesn’t bring happiness. You described well how to live yourself.

    I think its the best way to live ownself rather following others. Yes… we can take advice from others but its my life what is suitable & what will adjust with me. I am the own creator of my life.

    Have a nice weekend 🙂

    1. Hi Ahsan
      You made a perfect point. Ya, the happiness comes from inside. Money always stands behind your true potential. If we are following our dreams religiously, money will follow automatically.
      Yup, we must live our life only. We don’t need to mix up our budding ideas with someone else’s dreams.
      Thanks for sharing such an insightful comment, buddy
      You too have a nice weekend 🙂

  9. Hi Yatin

    Congratulations on being a guest blogger on Aha!NOW. It’s a very insightful and informative post on being yourself. It is my philosophy and my mantra as well that the best thing that anyone can do in life is ‘to be yourself.’ We have so many unique qualities within us that are untapped and undiscovered so if we focus on being ourselves, what a great opportunity for self-discovery.

    Your strategies are simple but can have great impact if they are adopted and adhered to. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject.

    1. Hi @yvonne
      Thanks a lot for appreciating the post. I have to learn a lot from you. You are doing a wonderful job of providing positive ideas through your blog.

      Coming back to the post, It’s great to know that this is your philosophy of your life. I completely agree that we must tap all the hidden resources to shine in a wonderful way. Ya, we have a great opportunity to reveal our true potential.

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts on this topic. Have a lovely weekend, buddy

  10. Hi Buddy Yatin,
    Ann you so much for an awesome piece of inspirational content. Hit the spot bro. Thank you so much.
    Being ourselves is very important. Because as you said everyone is unique and everybody has to perform different actions.
    Confidence is the foundation of success. Having belief in ourselves is what we call confidence. But sadly I lack it when someone says something bad about my actions. As I already said I think what others think before doing a thing. That’s my problem.
    “Today, they are laughing at your madness. Tomorrow, you will laugh at their ignorance.”
    I love this quote buddy. Spellbound.
    Yes, we have to realise the hidden skills in us. And it is significant to accept our fears also.
    All the 9 you have shared are very much inspiring. Thank you so much bro.
    Oh, I forgot to say. Congratulations on your biggest achieve my of getting a guest post opportunity on our second home, aha-now.
    Harleena Ma’am ,
    Thank you so much for starting ABC. If you didn’t, we wouldn’t get this post.

    1. I am sorry but I disagree with you Rahul. You are confident in your own way. You have the power to get people to help you out. And I appreciate your quality of asking for help when needed. As none of us are self-made. Apart from being a reliable person you are a great friend too. Self confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it. 🙂

      BTW, I agree that this is an amazing write-up. 😀

      ~ Rohan.

    2. Hi @rahul-krishnan
      I am glad that you liked this post. When somebody connects with the post, it feels awwwessomme. With my first guest post, I have experienced the wonderful feeling of interacting with readers. I really love to have a friendly discussion without any smell of arguments.

      I completely agree with @rohanchaubey . Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it (love you Rohan, for this line).

      Today, they are laughing at your madness. Tomorrow, you will laugh at their ignorance
      Rahul, if you are loving this quote, how can you say such a thing. You said that “That’s MY problem”. I want to tell you one good news: As, you know your problem, you can easily get the solution. As a friend, I would say that just indulge in your mad dance and forget all the things.

      Thank you both for appreciating the post. Big thanks to Harleena Mam for building this community and giving me the chance here.

  11. [ Smiles ] Wow! This is an impressive post!

    I can certainly relate to the part about stripping all fake covers; it is all about authenticity.

    1. Thanks Renard for reading and dropping your thoughts
      Oh lovely. I am glad that you can relate with this post. Ya, the key word is ‘authenticity’ and we can do it by stripping job only 😉

  12. Hi Yatin

    Wow! This is so inspirational and a very creative post.

    First let me congratulate you for being the runner up to guest post on ABC. You certainly a GEM and you were very engaging in the community.

    Now I was able to relate with this post so well. Reading this post, you show the importance of the need to constantly be ourselves and you did with a lot of creativity.

    I agree that we all gifted and created with a unique twist. It is one reason why I am sad when I see people think otherwise, why lose confidence in yourself when you have all elements that make you stand out.

    I love the part of discovering and I agree that those things that we feel are created are mostly discovered.I am reminded that I need to discover those things in me that are hidden.

    My favorite part which you so brilliantly mentioned is not living someone else’s life. I believe everyone is unique and can write his life story

    Love the dance part and this is something that we should think about.

    Thanks for sharing an awesome post which I most say is so brilliant. :). Thumbs up

    1. Hi Ikechi
      I was waiting for your comment. You are a real gem as you are managing a group in this wonderful community. Hats off your dedication as you are devoting time to others.

      Thanks, Buddy. You must know the feeling of a guest blogging on this site, isn’t. Thanks to Harleena Mam and Vinay Sir for providing this opportunity.

      Exactly.. There is no need to lose confidence when we have all the elements to stand out. We all have that unique twist which highlights our true potential. We just need to unwrap that gift to reveal our present.
      Ya, anybody can write his own story because we are the producer and director of the film of our life. Nobody can re-write our story without having our permission. We all have copyrights of our films. We just need to expose it.

      You made some awesome points and truly gave me even more to think of. Thanks for taking out time to share your experiences and thoughts.

      It’s wonderful to know that you can connect with the points. It came like a music to my ears. On hearing such words from you, I am feeling charged up. I always look forward to your motivating thoughts. Have a lovely life, buddy

  13. Hello,

    I have read much about Mahatma Gandhi. He is a real hero in India. I love his style. My favourite quote of MG here:

    Power is of two kinds. One is obtained by the fear of punishment and the other by acts of love. Power based on love is a thousand times more effective and permanent then the one derived from fear of punishment.


    1. Hi Smith
      Thanks a lot for reading, sharing and dropping a wonderful quote By Mahatma Gandhi.
      You are right that he is a real hero of India.

  14. Hi Moses
    I am glad you liked the post. Thanks for the appreciation, buddy. As, it made you ponder, I can say that you will definitely apply it in your personal life.
    Wishing you a great life ahead

  15. Don’t creat. Just Discover. Don’t live someone else life.
    This two points are so great for me. Got me pondering.
    Thanks Yatin for this awesome post.

  16. Bravo Yatin,
    This was terrific. I think you already are a motivational speaker. I was amazed and could relate to many things you wrote there.

    I have inner chats all the while lol.Its so essential to have a self assessment or give self a treat of relaxing on the natural sunset.

    Loved your tip on uncovering your madness. Thats when you show you are unique. I guess the little madness around people’s personalities are the only time when they are real.

    Haha dancing. I think you spoke that in roman. lol I and dancing are poles apart.

    It was a timely post. I really needed some motivation. I did not know it will be your guest post but had the inner feeling that a post on Aha!NOW would be live today. 🙂
    Well done! You made me feel positive about myself 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot @swadhin . Don’t tag me with such a heavy post ;-). I won’t be able to handle it. I love to share positive ideas with people. My simple motto is to inspire people and get inspired by them. I have realized that sharing has immense power. The live example is ABC community

      I am glad that you liked this post and I feel so good to hear that you could relate many things with this post.

      Ya, inner chat is the basic ingredient for making ‘be-yourself’ recipe. If we are not able to connect with our inner buddy, we can’t expect to achieve our true potential. In one of your post, you talked about blogging mojo. So all the above points are our inner mojo 😉

      Ya, we need to uncover mad elements to breathe fresh air of positivity. Each of us is gifted with mad elements. Hahaha In this post, I tried to convey the image of the free spirit with a free dancer. To me, free dancer is not trained dancer. He/she is only loving each and every moment of joy. Try to dance like a mad person by closing the door. I am sure you will love it. Give it a try

      I am glad this post came at the right time for you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, buddy

  17. Hi Yatin,

    Well written up buddy! unique and Interesting article, Enjoyed reading!

    In this article Each and every point tell us to be yourself!

    Being yourself is quite challenging but now yatin you made it easy for us by writing this article.

    #1 “Everybody is gifted with a unique twist” it’s true and yes! everybody is gifted with unique talent but it’s important to found that talent yourselves.

    We have to discover happiness and take care of ourselves to make others happy.

    I like all the points, you have explained all the points very clearly and quotes are really awesome thanks for sharing your views.

    Looking forward to see more articles like this on aha now.


    1. Hi Mahadev
      I am glad that you enjoyed reading this post. Ya, I have tried to coat every point with a feeling of ‘being yourself’. Now, with you approval, I can say that I have achieved in my attempt.

      It feels great when I share positive ideas with others. Every time, I try to connect things in an easy peasy manner

      Ya, it’s important to find our talent also because we design our own reality. I completely agree with your happiness point. First we need self-care, then we can think about caring others.

      Thanks again for stopping, reading and sharing your wonderful thoughts.
      Looking forward to lovely connections in the future also.

  18. Hi Yatin,

    Welcome to Harleena’s blog, its nice to meet you.

    I am really impressed by the maturity of the thoughts you have expressed here at such a young age…you have a bright future. I love the choice of quotes too.

    ‘To be yourself’…can be quite challenging especially if we are raised with the kind of values that define our identity, the rich cultural heritage we have to uphold, which seems to have percolated into our veins or DNA as the younger generation would say it more appropriately…to think of others before self, to follow the diktats of our loving family members out of respect. The reasons could be various, depending on the kind of circumstances we are placed in.

    Yet we do find the confidence and the forbearance, we do resist the comparisons, we do try to break free and pursue our own aspirations while many more keep struggling with the shackles that bind us so lovingly! ‘Just to be myself’, I had to wait so long…till I could be independent enough to take my own decisions, till my decisions were supported by my soul mate, till my priorities shifted from my children to my own self…a long journey, dear friend!

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful post and thanks to Harleena too who introduces us to persons like you who come like a breath of fresh air, bringing along gigantic bag of hopes. Stay blessed! My best wishes for you Yatin.

    1. Thanks a lot, Balroop Mam.
      I must thank Harleena Mam and Vinay Sir for providing a wonderful platform for everyone for expressing their views. I was lucky enough to bag the opportunity for writing a guest post for this community. This is my first guest post and the feeling can’t be expressed in plain words.

      I find myself lucky to interact with so many bloggers. Every day is a learning day for me. Now, as I know your blog address, I will now disturb you for getting any assistance from your side

      Coming back to the post, I can really connect with your points because, in our country, everything is pre-determined for all ages from education to marriage. Burden is always there to become like your parents or elders in your relation.

      Instead on focusing on the creativity and potential, the productivity of an individual is defined on the monetary basis only. But, I have very supportive family members who have belief in me.

      It must be very struggling for you to choose your true path. It takes a lot of guts to make some clear points. I am glad that today your soul mate supports you and you have started to think about yourself. Thinking about yourself is not an egoist approach because if we can’t love ourselves, we can’t shower love on others also. You are a true inspiration

      Thanks for sharing your personal story. There is a lot to learn from you as you are carrying gigantic bag of love and motivation. Wishing you a great life, mam.

      1. You were lucky Yatin, but you deserved and earned this post, and this is the least we can do for our dear Ahaians 🙂

        It certainly doesn’t look like your first post, and I know Balroop will agree with me there! We wish you every success and happiness for years to come 🙂

        1. Ya, Mam, I feel myself lucky and I am also loving the positive vibes from this community
          Ya, I also feel that this is not my first post because I had the chance to work with you. And I am not saying it, for the sake of saying it only. I really mean it.
          Thanks for your kind wishes 🙂

  19. It is a nice writing and also encouraging people as well. However I really don’t think that “to be yourself” is an easy thing.

    It takes a long journey to find what you really are. It is a long process to understand what you really want.

    What “we want to be” changes almost daily. It depends also on the situation, condition and environment.

    Human is just human. They are given with a tendency to think complexly. That’s what makes it difficult to find ourselves

    1. Thanks Anton for appreciating the post. I want to add my views to your three points

      Ya, it is not easy to realize your true identity because of the fake coating. For a newborn baby, it’s not easy to walk and talk properly. After continuous practice and dedication, the kid becomes capable to walk and talk properly. In a similar manner, our inner kid also needs some patience and care. After practice and dedication, kid walk and talk with full confidence

      Ya, you are right in saying that nothing is permanent. But, we don’t to need to stress on external situations, conditions, and the environment. We can’t handle each and everything. So, we must respect the some mysterious elements in our life. We just need to concentrate on our own task and completely forget about the other things.

      I came across one law “Law of Pragnanz”. It is the law which defines the ability of the person to visualize things in a simple manner. For eg- While watching a complex figure, we try to break the figure in simple terms to make us understand things in a proper way. So, it all depends on us whether we are visualizing things in an easy or a complex manner

      Thanks a lot for putting your points. I really love this kind of interactions.

  20. This is a great, thorough, insightful and intuitive post. I normally fidget a lot reading long text, but the simplicity and the wisdom I got from this article was worth it.

    I love point 7, about living somebody else’s life…I made that mistake in my twenties, and I’m glad that I have broken away from it. Very easy to compare your self, but the trick is to never compare your behind-the scenes with somebody else’s gag-reel. Thanks for posting

    1. Thanks a lot, Julian. I also don’t write long posts usually. It was possible due to the support of Harleena Mam and Vinay. While writing the post, I didn’t think about the word limit. At that moment, I was just writing by focussing on the points to share with everybody.
      Ya, we must not live someone else’s life. I really love your line ( trick is to never compare your behind the scenes with somebody else’s gag reel) so much that I couldn’t resist myself from sharing it on twitter.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, buddies

    2. Welcome to our blog Julian – good to have you over 🙂

      I am glad you liked Yatin’s post, and you are right, even though the post is long, one doesn’t realize the length as the words seem to just flow so well. Perhaps the quotes and images added in between the text also add to easy reading.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views with us 🙂

  21. Hi Yatin Khlube, congrate for been the runner up to guest post on Aha now. Your post was really informative and have learnt something new today it really added me some faith and courage.
    Thank for sharing this.

    1. Hi Hadharm for your kind comments. It was nice to receive your good wishes. I am glad that you liked this post and I feel so good to hear that this post added some faith and courage.
      It means a lot.When someone connects with the post, the feeling is unexplainable.
      Have a great life, buddy

  22. Hello Yatin,
    So nice to meet you here on Harleena’s Blog and I must say I LOVE this topic, You were so right on when you said “Just Be YOU!”

    When I first got started online I didnt know how to act, I put on this BIG front as though I knew what I was doing.. OH Boy Wrong thing to do, everyone could see right through me.

    I was told by my mentor to use her story (She Was Having Success) So I did, but after 16 months I finally decided that was enough of that, and I started to be myself and let me tell you, things started to change for me.

    People started reaching out and talking to me.

    HUGE LESSON LEARNED!! JUST BE YOU! I loved all your tips here and as for your question? Yes I am very happy with my life.. Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))

    1. Hi Chery
      Nice to meet you too. On clicking your name’s link, I came to know that you run a success coaching. I really love the blogs on this type of theme. So, I will definitely check out your blog.
      Oh boy, those 16 months must be one of the most crucial phases in your life, but those 16 months must also be the most memorable phase of your life, isn’t? I am glad that you realized your success point.

      It’s great to know that you are living a happy life now and people are reaching you for your assistance. What else we want in our life? I will also disturb you now for getting assistance from you. I am sure that I will definitely learn some things from you. Thanks for sharing your personal life story.
      Have a wonderful life, buddy

  23. Hello Yatin

    Congratulations for getting an opportunity to post as Guest Author on Aha!NOW.

    Thanks for suggesting so many ways to know our inner self. Its irony that for all our problems, we search answers outside. We expect others to give ready made solutions for our problems. But the fact is that God has given each of us skills that are unique to us. The habit of Self talk will provide solution for most of our complex life problems.

    1. Thanks Anoop for appreciating the post. . I must thank Harleena Mam and Vinay sir for giving me the opportunity to guest blog. It was a combined effort.

      Exactly, this is the sad irony. Most of the time, we are busy in searching outside without doing the inner investigation. We are the problem and we are the solution only.

      Ya, everybody is blessed with unique powers. By connecting with our inner voice, we will develop a happy and balanced lifestyle and wipe out all complex life problems.

      Thanks a lot for reading and expressing your views. It was nice to hear from you, buddy.

      1. Aww…I agree it was a combined effort, but the writing is all yours, and that’s what really matters Yatin. We just did up the post, decorated it with the quotes and images, and of course, leaving no stone unturned to promote it now – anything for our wonderful guests 🙂

  24. Hello Yatin,

    It’s nice to meet you and welcome to Harleena’s blog.

    Thank you for sharing these nice ways we can be ourselves. I think people get wrapped up with who they think they should be versus being themselves.

    I’m glad you put to live our own lives and not someone else’s. That is so important. My grandmother used to tell us that too but she added because you never know what lies behind closed doors. What may look like true happiness made be something entirely different. It sound better in Spanish :).

    One thing I need to work on is releasing my fears. Just when I think I’m making progress I run into another obstacle that brings out my fear of failure.

    Thank you for putting this great post together for us. It was great meeting you Yatin. Have a great week and weekend.

    Hi Harleena! I hope you’re doing well my dear. Thank you for introducing us to Yatin. Hope you’re having a great week!


    1. Hi Corina
      Nice to meet you too
      Ya, most of the people are not able to overcome ‘you’ vs ‘they’ struggle. In these people, there is always an internal struggle which pulls them back from their true passion
      I am in love with wisdom of your grandmother. She is absolutely right that no one knows what lies behind the closed doors. We can’t recognize our dreams by living someone else’s dreams.

      It will sound better in any language, buddy because deep words don’t require verbal connections. They strike the right chord by their depth.

      It’s wonderful to know that you have realized your fears because most of us hesitate in recognizing our fears. You will definitely make progress as you have overcome the most difficult stage.

      I should also Harleena for providing this platform where I can share and receive ideas from lovely peopleThanks for taking out time to share your thoughts and blessing of your grandmother. You too have a great week

    2. Absolutely well Corina 🙂

      Loving how this youngster is replying to all the comments, doesn’t seem like his first post, isn’t it? Thanks for being here, and enjoy your weekend as well 🙂

  25. Hi Yatin and welcome!

    I absolutely love this post! Your points are spot on and I love how you defined each one. It is important to be ourselves yet at times some of us struggle with that for fear of what others think. I am happy with where I am in life and where I am in the blogging world. See I strive to be myself. I walk to my own beat and write to my own beat. I believe in being blunt and not beating around a bush. Some don’t like that but this is who I am, and I like me.

    You know when you’re driving down the road and a good song comes on the radio and you start bopping in your vehicle? Not caring who rides by you and thinks your crazy? Yes, that is what life is about and being happy with yourself.

    Thank you for this fab post! Great to meet you as well!


    1. Hi Brenda
      Thanks for appreciating the post. I have visited your blog earlier. I really love the boldness in your post. You write by connecting with your inner-self without thinking about others.
      And, I really love this quality. I also try to add my own twist to my blog post by presenting them in an untraditional manner. There is a lot to learn from you
      What a line: I walk to my own beat and write to my own beat. This line can come from a free spirit only who knows her strength.
      Ya, the people may oppose your blunt attitude, but they can’t challenge your integrity. You have a wonderful capability to stay strong for all negative opinions.
      I really love your idea of being happy with yourself. You have made some awesome points here today and truly gave me even more to think of.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience. Glad to meet you too, buddy.

  26. Hi Yatin,

    Congratulations for your first post on Aha as guest author.All your points are relevant and yes,it’s important to know your inner being and that is possible only if you give time to your thoughts and care for them.Talking about me,I can’t really say i am fully happy or satisfied with my life but at least now i know my way and i am happy for being myself,not caring about people who don’t matter at all as i used to do it all the time before.You’ve done a great job.Keep up the good work 🙂 .

    1. Wow, Priyanka. It’s lovely to hear that you are leading a happy and satisfied life without thinking about the people. There is so much to learn from you.You are one of those luckiest people who know their way.
      Thanks for appreciating the post. Getting a vote of confidence from a free spirit is beyond any explanation.
      I completely agree with your point.By giving proper time and care, we can understand the real need of our inner buddy
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience.

  27. Hi Yatin,

    Congratulations @Yatin for getting an opportunity to guest post at Aha!NOW. 🙂

    I don’t know, if you know this – I am a BIG fan of posts which are related to self development niche in some or the other way. I am naturally attracted towards such posts and get deeply connected to it. And that is what happened when I read this one too.

    I am glad we got an amazing “buddy” (YOU) joining us at Aha!NOW ABC and spreading positivity. 🙂

    Coming to the post, The biggest challenge in our life is to be yourself and many of us sadly fail in this. There is no point chasing others and trying to be a duplicate copy of others. Tho it might bring you some advantages but definitely not happiness.

    Wow! The nine ways you have listed to be yourself is wonderful indeed. 🙂 Some of us might always ask or need others acceptance, people who fall under this category are mostly those who are afraid of being their true self. Everyone is unique and beautiful! Loved the Dalai Lama’s quote.

    I loved your idea of mixing confidence with authority. Your point “Don’t live someone else’s life” reminds me of a popular/famous quote –

    Be yourself, everyone is already taken. ~ Oscar Wilde.

    Being Original and clumsy is always better than being a duplicate copy and flawless. Lastly, you don’t need to be accepted by others rather you need to accept yourself first.

    Wonderful post Yatin. I was eagerly waiting to read your post and you delivered more than expected. I love it! I am inspired. 😀

    – Rohan Chaubey.

    #Rohanlicious #Buddytation

    1. Hi Rohan
      After Harleena Mam, you are my commenting superstar. I love to read your insightful comments. You pick wonderful points and dress them in your own style. I remember the first day of this community.

      I didn’t anything about this community, but you supported me from day one. As I have not met you in reality (which I wish to be), I have developed a virtual respect and love 😉 for you buddy. I am also glad to have you in this wonderful community.

      Coming to the post, I complete agree with your duplicate copy point. Instead of living someone else’s life, we must carve out our true reality.
      I also love the Oscar Wilde quote. He has explained my whole point in few words. It is one of my favorite quotes

      I was also waiting for your comment and you delivered it with pure magic. Hats off to your commenting skills. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
      Lucky to have you, buddy.

      1. Sweet of you to say that Yatin, but Rohan and you, both, are going to take over pretty soon for the wonderful comments you write!! I need to gear up now…lol…tough competition for me ahead 🙂

        1. Haha Harleena ma’am you will be a commenting star forever. I only comment well when I really enjoyed the post. 😛

          Apart from the post, I am loving to read @Yatin’s replies too. 😉

      2. Hi @yatin-khulbe, Aw thanks for saying that. Harleena ma’am is the one whom I have been following. I comment well only when I feel the author took much pain to write a master piece. 🙂

        Haha Virtual respect and love sounds cool. 😉 I too wish that we lived geographically closer.

        Thank you for writing such an inspirational post. 🙂

        – Rohan Chaubey.

  28. Hi Yatin, First of all most welcome as a guest author on Aha-Now. And it is more exciting that we see every month a new face as a guest here. And this time we read your views. So many congrats to you.
    Now Thanks a lot Harleena Mam to provide such a great opportunity to Yatin to express his views here as a guest.
    Great post Yatin indeed 🙂
    Actually If I will try to write even like this, I dont think I can think like you. This is a great inspirational post which arise a lot of power and strength inside reader.
    Great work 🙂
    Have a bright future !!


    1. Agreed, Naveen. 🙂 He framed the sub points very creatively. Sorry to reply, I couldn’t resist myself for saying this. 😉

      1. Thanks Rohan :-). Don’t feel sorry, buddy. I always love your replies.

    2. Thanks Naveen for appreciating the post. It means a lot, buddy. Ya, I also thank Harleena Mam for providing me the opportunity to share my ideas with so many members of this community.
      Don’t say that you can’t even think about it because I also can’t think about writing post on SEO, internet marketing and social media, which you write in your blog without any effort.
      So, it’s all about recognizing your passion. I have to learn a lot from your blog posts because I am a complete beginner in the field of blogging.
      Thanks again for your uplifting thoughts.

  29. I LOVE the tip about dancing!

    Dancing is a great way to elevate your endorphins and give you a wonderful feeling!

    Plus, it’s good exercise, too.

    I once lost 55 pounds in 6 months just by dancing 3 days a week with a friend at a certain club.

    Good times! 🙂

    1. Hi Lorraine
      first of all congratulations on losing 55 pounds. What a relief!!! I also love to dance. I started with joining the salsa classes. But, unfortunately, I had to leave the classes as the dancing institute was having some problems. Thanks for reminding me the lovely days.
      In this post, I stressed upon dancing like a free spirit. You have added a new dimension by mixing this side of dancing.
      Your comment has lightened my mood also. Thanks for sharing your story with all. Wishing you a healthy and happy life

  30. Hi Yatin,

    Welcome to Aha!NOW as a guest author, and congratulations on your first one too! 🙂

    This is a great post about being yourself. You’ve presented so many ways to be yourself, and everybody can benefit by following them.

    Inner chat is so important, or you may call it the self-talk. You need to keep talking to yourself, reassuring and motivating yourself, believing in and have the confidence in the self.

    To be yourself is not always easy as we get drifted away in the troubled waters of life, but with practice, we can anchor ourselves in the self, by knowing the self.

    I absolutely agree that everyone is special, no matter how poor or rich, man or woman, or being different in any other ways. We all have something to contribute in this life, to this world.

    I like that you highlighted the fact that people are temporary and your identity is with you forever. Many people lose their identity trying to please others, and waste their time being like others. It’s ironical that we keep looking outside for the real treasure that is always within our self.

    Self-discovery is certainly the way to know yourself. As you rightly mention that life is not complex, we make it like that. You can live simple, yet have high thinking.

    You don’t necessarily need to be Mahatma Gandhi or Buddha, just explore your own depths, be free and fearless to experiment with yourself to release the greatness within you, to be yourself.

    This is an inspirational post and I’m sure all readers are going to benefit from it and have lots of questions to ask you. So, I leave you in the spotlight and in charge of this post. Have a great time interacting with the beautiful blog audience and the ABC members.

    All yours, Yatin, and thanks for being a gem of the ABC. 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena Mam
      First of all, I want to thank you and @vinay-kachhara for providing a wonderful platform for sharing ideas. Thanks for bearing me because it was my first guest post. To be honest, I didn’t know about the basics of blog pitch to proper selection of pics . But, it was made easy for me.

      From day one, I am receiving a positive vibe from all the bloggers. It’s a wonderful community where all buddies are ready to share things in an open manner.

      Your thoughts are really uplifting. Everyone is special with wonderful qualities. We just need to dig in to carve out our real identity. Ya it is difficult to ‘be yourself’. Everybody feels great on achieving the desired things.
      best thing is that by adopting the ‘be yourself’ approach, person loves the path of the journey also. There is a different current which ignites a wonderful spark from within.

      I really love your Mahatma Gandhi point. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi didn’t know that one day he will become Mahatma Gandhi Or Prince Siddhartha didn’t know that they will become Gautam Buddha. They both were fearless in their approach. They explored themselves to a great extent.

      Thanks for appreciating the post. I am sure that apart from readers, I will also get the benefit from all the commentator’s thoughts and rich experience. I really love the exchange of ideas and thoughts
      As I always say- That’s the way, Aha Aha, I like it

      Thanks again for keeping the patience and belief in me.

      1. You are most welcome Yatin, and I am glad we got the chance to feature your first guest post on our blog too 🙂

        Don’t worry! Being your first time, it’s completely understandable, and I’m glad we worked together to make this post so likable.

        Thank you for being a part, and I am sure you’re going to love ALL the interaction through the comments, as lots more are going to pour in, so be prepared 🙂

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