25 Ways To Reach Out And Touch Happiness In Life

Do you want to be happy? The best way to find happiness in life is to know and remember who you are. It works! Check out these easy ways to be happy in life.
25 Ways To Reach Out And Touch Happiness In Life

“Count your rainbows, not your thunderstorms.” ~Alyssa Knight


Why is happiness so hard to hold on to?

When you’re happy life’s so light, deliciously bright, you could honestly dance all night.

You feel you’re skipping through your day – laughing, loving, living so light!

You feel you can take life on and come out victorious. Watch out world, here I come, ready or not!

But then happiness is so easily torn from your fingers without warning.

And life is so heavy, your sky so thunderous, all you can do is just stumble through the day.

Over the years there were times when stumbling through the day was more than I could do. There were family rows with me caught in the middle, financial headaches that were more like migraines, redundancy, bad news about friends and plenty more.

The sun definitely wasn’t shining on me.

In those dark times, I used to dream of being able to summon up happiness in life at will – of having a magic recipe to blow those gloomy rain clouds way over the horizon and to fill my sky with rainbows.

But life has a funny way of showing us the answer at the most unexpected times.

In those times I began to notice, I sat staring at my hands a lot. Blankly looking in despair, almost as though I thought there should be an answer staring back at me. As if my hands held special powers and if I looked long enough I’d find that I could shoot rainbows of happiness out of my fingertips.

And you know, I can. And so can you.

Just when I felt I’d hit the bottom of the well and all the water had long dried up, I realized that happiness in life doesn’t evaporate, it doesn’t disappear; it’s right there with us. It’s a part of us.

Imagine if you could reach out with your hands and touch happiness again.

Sure tough times would come along again, but you’d be prepared. You’d have a way to get back to happy. To reach out and touch happiness in life again whenever you wanted.

Your hands are your happy place. They still hold the memories of your rainbows, of your happiness.


Best Ways to Bring Happiness in Life

Here’s how to remember your rainbows. It’s all about knowing and remembering what you are:

1. Remember How Loveable You Are

Take a trip back to one of those special times your mom or dad wrapped their hand around your little fingers. Be happy that you were born from love.

2. Be Confident You’re Charismatic

Remember those early friendships, sticky hands holding yours, grabbing you to join in the game. Delight that your friends can’t imagine playing the game of life without you.


3. Realize How Tenacious You Are

That day you first sat on a bicycle, grasping the handlebars, no balance, no direction. Still, you aced the challenge. I remember back to that when I feel down that I’ll never get the hang of something new.

4. Know How Smart You Are

That certificate you held, which showed all your hard work had paid off. Be happy that you’re plenty smart enough to make life all you want it to be.

5. Appreciate How Irresistible You Are

Remember the rush of holding hands with your first love. Not every relationship lasts forever but be joyful that your irresistibility has already been proven.

6. Understand How Loyal You Are

That time you dropped everything for a friend so you could be there to put your arm around them. Remember how you made them feel. Be glad that your loyalty is a huge part of who you are.

7. Treasure How Independent You Are

Recapture the freedom you felt the day you drove a motorcycle or car alone for the first time. Delight in knowing that whatever your situation your independence is still your decision.

8. Be Enamored With How Loving You Are

Think of the warmth and sense of peace you share with your dog, cat or other pet as you cuddle them. It makes me so happy I could burst knowing the enormous capacity to love and build trust we all have.

9. Delight In How Easily Pleased You Are

Recall that day in the sweetshop, sticky treats in your hand, so full of glee. Be glad that simple pleasures still excite you – this is one of my favorite happiness boosts.

10. Realize How Significant You Are

Relive the oh-so-recent time your son or daughter hugged the life out of you or your friend wrapped their arms tightly around you. Be ecstatic that others’ lives are better purely because you’re a part of them.

11. Be Assured Of How Decisive You Are

Remember that time you pressed the ‘yes’ button on that big purchase. Be confident that when it’s important to you, decisive is your middle name. I get the biggest happiness kick out of knowing I’ve already proven I can make decisions when they really count.

12. Applaud How Generous You Are

You know the sound of coins dropping into a donation tin, even when you already had plans for that money in your pocket? Well, so does the person who benefited from your generosity. Be happy that you spread happiness whenever you can.

13. Relish How Considerate You Are

Picture the smile you received when you automatically held the door open for the person behind you or gave up your seat. Be happy that your considerate nature spreads joy wherever you go.

14. Savor How Creative You Are

Relive the delight you felt in holding up the finished picture you’d painted or the craft piece you’d created that now illuminates your home so beautifully. Be happy that your creativity can brighten up each day. I run my fingers round the frame of my paintings for a joy boost time and again.

15. Be Thrilled At How Approachable You Are

Think back to the time a co-worker or stranger suddenly just opened up to you. Be happy that you make others feel good just by being yourself.

16. Bask In How Self-Reliant You Are

You’ll never forget the excitement of turning the key in the door of your first apartment. Be happy that you can look after yourself in life. This whips me back to happy when my inner critic is telling me mean lies.

17. Be Enthused By How Brave You Are

Oh, that day you put your hand up for that job promotion, which took enormous courage.

Be happy that you’re gutsy enough to succeed just the way you want to. It makes me smile to physically put my hand up whenever I see an opportunity.

18. Whoop At How Grateful You Are

When you counted your blessings on your fingers, you went round both hands several times, didn’t you? Be delighted that you’ve found the happiness boost that being thankful brings. I’ve worked through my fingers many times and found that life looks instantly brighter.

19. Be Enthralled By How Compassionate You Are

That time you helped a stranger who had fallen over or a co-worker struggling with a task. You could have walked on by, but you stopped. Be happy that you make others feel good by showing genuine concern.

20. Giggle At How Hilarious You Are

Recall that time when you involuntarily clasped your hand over your mouth to stifle your laughter. Be happy that you can laugh at yourself and the crazy events that bump into your day.

21. Value How Imaginative You Are

Think back to that entry you wrote in your journal, the one where you detailed your next exciting goal – hey, maybe that’s already become a reality. Be happy that your dreams can become a reality exactly because you can picture just how incredible it will be. I indulge my imagination at every possible opportunity for a total happiness boost.

22. Love How Selfless You Are

That little gift you bought to say ‘you’re special’ or the time you did extra chores to save someone you love the effort at the end of their long day, oh wow. Have you any idea how much those little thoughtful acts meant to the other person. Be happy that your natural selflessness makes someone else’s happiness happen.

23. Take Heart Over How Resilient You Are

You remember when you opened that message that said ‘No thanks, on this occasion, someone else got the job.’ Be happy that you’re tougher than the disappointments life will throw your way. I’ve gotten myself back to happy remembering this many times after hearing a door close.

24. Cheer How Quietly Confident You Are

Remember how wholeheartedly you clapped to applaud your colleague when they had the chance to shine. Be happy that you’re confident enough not to need always to be center stage.

25. Trust In How Optimistic You Are

Take your mind back to that fifth job application you carefully filled out with all the positivity and enthusiasm you put into the first. Be happy that your positive, can-do attitude is a huge part of who you are.

Count your rainbows, not your thunderstorms.

Life’s going to throw some stormy weather your way.

Some days are going to seem like hurricane season, leaving you reeling and battered.

And you’ll curse the thunderstorms.

Instead, reach out and remember all the times happiness happened right there in your hands.

All the good times you were blessed to have and hold.

And paint your sky with rainbows again.

Be happy that you’ve already been so happy. And will be again.

Over To You –

Do you find your happiness can disappear in a moment? How do you find your way back to happiness in life? Please share your tips and thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful and uplifting article titled “Best Ways to Bring Happiness in Life.” Your words resonated deeply with me, and I couldn’t agree more with the essence of your message.

    Your insightful exploration of happiness and its connection to our self-awareness is truly enlightening. It’s fascinating how we often forget that happiness is not something external that we need to search for, but rather an inherent part of who we are. Your analogy of reaching out with our hands and touching happiness again is both powerful and inspiring.

    I particularly enjoyed how you broke down the different aspects of ourselves that contribute to our happiness. From realizing our own lovability and charisma to appreciating our intelligence, loyalty, and creativity, you beautifully captured the multifaceted nature of human happiness. Your reminders to cherish simple pleasures, express gratitude, and embrace our resilience were truly heartwarming.

    Your writing style is engaging, and you effortlessly guide readers through a journey of self-discovery and appreciation. Each point you made felt genuine and relatable, reminding us that happiness is within our reach if we only pause to acknowledge and embrace it.

    Thank you, Laura, for sharing such valuable insights and reminding us of the importance of self-awareness and self-love in finding happiness in life. Your article has left a lasting impact on me, and I’m sure it will resonate with many others who come across it.

    Warmest regards,
    Jane Doe

  2. Your blog is very helpful to me specially I encountered problems recently and I forgot some lessons that I’ve learned from your blog. Hope that it will help to other people and hope they realize that we need happiness to our self.

  3. hey your blog is awesome and very helpful because in today times no one is happy and your blog is helpful for them.

  4. Very nice Points you have added in the article. I really loved this article. Which is very interesting to read. Most lovable points #1 #6 #7 #10. When I feel bad I will definitely read this again and again. Thank you So much.

  5. Very clever post…each one a very practical, (and I may add) easy way to become happier, especially the Gratitude part, which is ohhh so important during the tough times. I try to practice graititude when I go to work, as it is great to lift up my spirits.

    Thanks for posting

  6. My favorite is #10 – Realize How Significant You Are. Thinking about how important you are to others is something that makes you feel like you are a part of something bigger. Which we all are. I’ve never looked at life that way, but it definitely hit a chord with me….thanks!

  7. My way of staying happy is music and doing things I enjoy. I get so easily overwhelmed that when I put myself first and treat myself, it’s so lovely!

    1. Hi Shannon – Hooray! I’m so delighted to hear that you make some YOU time whenever possible if you need a happiness boost. My husband and always crank up some 70’s Disco music (in fact we’re playing it right now!!) for a super happiness session.

      I’ve also found that planting seeds makes my happiness soar – I started with a couple of avocado stones (having eaten the avacados) and now have three mini trees! My lemon pips have also become little trees too – it’s something to do with giving something else the chance of life and caring for it that works absolutely for me.

      Perhaps you have a creative passion or a sporty one that you make some precious time for?

  8. It’s important to think we’re smart but not to show it up though. We usually say to myself why am I so dumb through mistakes we make?… instead of put it as a lesson we learned.

    1. Hi LH, thank you for adding a whole new perspective on this discussion. That’s a great point that you’ve made, appreciating our own positives such as being smart or perhaps creative, or maybe having a particular strength like a flair of languages can really boost our happiness. Acknowledging the lessons we can learn – oh, that is almost always the first question I ask myself now – I still need to remember sometimes if I make a huge mistake or forget something enormous 🙂

      Have you found that if you then put your smartness into action that you get a double happiness boost? I’d love to hear your ideas on this.

  9. Hey Laura,

    Good points to motivate the self. I always try to find happiness in the simplest day to day activities and things. Happiness comes in various forms and ways. It depends on how we appreciate those real sources of happiness.

    One thing which I always keep in mind whenever I feel low is that, there are a lot of people around us who are in more suffering and pain than me. This helps a lot!

    Thank you for writing this!

    1. Hi Tuhin, it’s a wonderful treat to read your thoughts here. I love the way you focus on the simplest daily activities, that is such a great way to give yourself a big and immediate happiness boost. I’m a firm believer that simplicity is a recipe and philosophy for happiness. Instead of chasing complicated, expensive or far off ideas that could make us happy, there are a raft of genuine, tangible happiness boosters right in front of us – watching the birds perching on the flowers outside my window, hugging my hubby, waving to my neighbors, even washing up after dinner!
      Enjoy all the joy that simplicity in life has to offer Tuhin 🙂

  10. Hi Laura, Yes, when we count our blessings we can grasp happiness again. You give a wonderful list of ways we can be grateful for all of the many things that are right in our lives.

    Faith can also bring comfort, knowing that God is watching over us and will care for us even in the darkest times.

    1. Hi Carolyn, thank you for adding your own positive thoughts to this discussion. Gratitude is such an incredible gift – only this morning mt friend and I hugged each other over how fortunate we are. Recalling even the smallest good fortune makes me feel happier whatever the situation. Sometimes, I choose to be grateful for the things that aren’t wrong in my life too 🙂

      Enjoy your happiness.

  11. Hey Laura,

    Glad to read your wonderful list they are really very interesting. Research shows that experiences make us much happier than things. Even when activities and outings don’t turn out as perfectly as we’d hoped, people will remember the good times, not the disappointments. Eventually, thanks for sharing your ideology regarding this wonderful subject.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

    1. Thanks for adding such a great point Amar. For many people, experiences are more happy-making than things, but not for everyone – some people derive genuine joy from possessions which is great too. However, for those of us who find experiences are what its all about, recalling those happy times, those achievements, those special times – that can take us right back to happy quickly. I believe focusing on the good times, not the disappointments is a conscious decision to lead a happier life.
      Enjoy your happiness.

  12. Hi Laura!

    Thanks for making me feel good about myself. It’s always worth to be grateful and to start the day with a positive thought.

    I’m happy for you that you reached a place of peace and happiness. Keep going 🙂

    All the best, Ilka

    1. Hi Ilka, thank you so much for joining this discussion. I’ve found each of these tips to work really well for me, each having their own best scenario, such as looking back to holding the cars of my bicycle, (which in truth was a tricycle only inches off the ground) – I picture gripping those bars so tightly when I’m facing a new challenge or trying to master a new skill – hey, if I managed to learn to keep my balance back then, I can master using new software or driving a big truck with the same kind of practice and patience.
      Enjoy the happiness at your fingertips.

  13. Thank you so much Vinay and Harleena for the chance to share the tips that take me back to happiness when life goes a bit wobbly. I’m looking forward to hearing the strategies that others have found help them…

  14. Hi Laura,

    What a wonderful list you have provided to boost our own individual happiness. As I was going down the list, there was many HMMM moments I had.

    Whenever I feel down, this is a handy list to have to boost myself up. Out of all the traits, I have to say being grateful has kept me going.


    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Donna. I had many, many HMMM moments while working through the strategies I’ve found that work for me. And I’m absolutely with you on gratitude – maybe it’s a UK thing but we grew up not really hearing the word gratitude but we believed we were unbelievably ‘lucky’ and were thankful for that. I still whoop at every lucky moment I have.
      Enjoy reaching out and touching happiness.

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