8 Rules for Proper Dating Etiquette

If you’re planning to go on a date, then you should know these proper dating etiquette. Yes, there are some dating rules that you should follow on a date.
A couple on date in a restaurant following proper rules of dating etiquette

If you’re planning to go on a date, then you should know the proper dating etiquette. Yes, there are some dating rules that you should follow on a date. It’s all about being good, respectful, caring and well-mannered. So, here are the basic dating etiquette tips to make your relationship better. ~ Ed.

Over the centuries, the dating scene has been met with strict rules and a myriad of dating etiquette.

From proving that you’re a dominant male in the Stone Age to courting a fair maiden according to the Victorian era custom, dating had always been designed to be done in a specific way or to follow some ordered steps.

But thanks to us, the millennials, everything is pretty much upside down now.


8 Dating Etiquette Rules

Call it the dating etiquette rules or tips; these may help you save your day or relationship by focusing on the right things to do on your date.

If you’re looking online, get it right

Without a doubt, online dating has overtaken the traditional ways of meeting people and consequently dating them in the modern dating world.

While many might be opposed to this opinion, it’s important to realize that most of the social media apps we use are more like online dating apps, but only belied with other special features.

You can meet people and you can slide into the DM. That’s pretty much what online dating is about. So you should never for once think you’re not a partaker in the online dating scene.

So are you searching for love online? Reading the reviews of best dating sites that will deliver your desired expectations should be the first thing to do. And when you find one, you should treat people right, avoid negative remarks on your profile and be honest with your interest, looks, and intentions.

Remember, you’re dealing with people and not window shopping.


Since we all know that lack of communication is the usual culprit of breakups and divorce, listening is probably the most important rule for proper dating etiquette because by listening you can pick up on the little things that trouble your lover.

And as if that isn’t enough, actively listening also makes you perfect the art of communicating effectively by making your conversations an interesting one that involves both parties actively participating.

More importantly, active listening makes you pay attention to the cues that can make your relationship better.

Respect each other’s privacy

Yes, you’re in a relationship with him/her, but that doesn’t change the fact that they need to be their own person with their own autonomy and private lives.

So don’t go prying into their phone or social media account. Because chances are that whatever you see, even if innocent, might be misinterpreted because you are already biased in your motive.

So save yourself the trauma and respect your partner’s privacy.

Be honest

Whether you’re stating your intentions, interest or grievances, you need to do the other person the courtesy of being honest.

He/she did something you don’t like? Let it be known! You’re not feeling it anymore? Make him/her understand. On a date with an acquaintance? Be honest about your life and career.

You should never pretend to be who you are not. Remember, honesty fuels trust and a relationship without trust is baseless.

Put your phone away

It’s a known fact that we’re so addicted to our phones such that it comes in the way of our relationships.


Except you’re a doctor that’s on call, you should always put your devices aside whenever you’re with a loved one. Plus, it gets really annoying when you keep checking your phone without regard for the person next to you.

We all need to realize that devoting our attention to a lover or a potential date is not only important but also rewarding.

Make the effort

Whether you’re in a relationship or on a date, you should always make the effort to make your significant other feel special.

Going on a date? Dress up, show up, and make your date feel special, communicate your interest and have a nice time.

And if you’re in a relationship already, you should learn to sacrifice, tell your partner positive words of affirmation and keep finding ways to keep them attracted to you.

Call more, text less

There’s just something special about listening to the voice of someone you care about. It does things to our soul and heart that can never be made up for by texting.

Not only does calling show that you’re thoughtful and you care, but it also shows that you’re serious about the man/woman of your interest. Though texting is the current trend, it’s very much impersonal.

So, go start making plans and saying the things that matter over phone calls, when you’re not opportune to say them in person.

Be a good person

While we all have personality flaws and though it is indeed true that no one is perfect, it’s still of the utmost importance that we do right to our partners and people in general.

So, don’t be that man or woman who’s rude, mean, condescending, uncouth, manipulative or abusive. Rather, be humane and amicable.

Wrapping It Up

With terminologies such as friends with benefits, hook-ups, and ghosting taking the main stage in the modern dating scene, it’s pretty much obvious that we’ve made a mess of Mother Nature’s blueprint for love.

Yet, while there are no hard and fast rules to the matters of the heart, we still have to be tact and civil. This is why I have these 8 dating rules for proper dating etiquette for you.

Over to you

What are your thoughts on these dating etiquette tips?  Would you follow them or maybe you have something to add? Share your thoughts on it in the comments section.


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  1. Hi Aleks Daws,

    You’ve put great effort into explaining etiquette rules for dating.

    It’s no wonder that etiquette and respect is vital for being in any relationship. But what most people mess up with when they are on dating someone, they keep on using mobile and don’t give the attention to their partner they expect to. That’s what leads to both ending up in a break up or unhealthy relationship.


  2. What’s the proper etiquette for the following day? You had a great time and now it’s the morning after? Does the girl say thank you? Or wait for the guy to text her?

  3. I think is the right article you published, where most of the guys failed to establish a good impression on their first date. This article helps them a lot.
    Thanks for sharing such a nice one.

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