How to be Happy in Life

There’s no secret recipe to be happy in life. Neither is there a perfect formula to achieve happiness…
a girl learning to be happy in life

There’s no secret recipe to be happy in life. Neither is there a perfect formula to achieve happiness in life.

Everybody has the right to be happy, and happiness has no price tag. Happiness can be found anywhere and everywhere; you do not need anything to be happy.

But then why are people unhappy? Why do they still seek happiness and ways to be happy if any of the above statements are true?

It is because we’re ignorant and unaware. We look for complex solutions and fail to understand simple concepts, which bring simple solutions.

It is because we look in the wrong direction and think of happiness as something to possess; whereas, happiness is a state of mind.

It is because we make the wrong choices. Happiness is the result of the choices that we make – if we do not choose to be happy, we lead the path to being sad and depressed.

Is it easy to be happy in life?


I know there’ll be a mixed response to this question. Those who are already happy know that they did not make any special efforts to be happy.

Whereas, those who are sad and depressed either have no clue how to be happy or find it as the most difficult task to do.

Did I say there’s no secret to being happy? Well, yes there is. Just be in the moment, in the present or in the NOW!

Aha!NOW – celebrate the present, indulge in the moment as if time stands still, be fully aware and engrossed; you’ll fail to find reasons to be unhappy.

If you’re happy every moment, then like you can make a line connecting the dots, all the moments of happiness together will make a happiness continuum – a continuous state of happiness.

Our Goal is to be Happy in Life

The test of life is to be happy, no matter what. The ultimate goal of life is to be happy.

We knowingly or unknowingly try to achieve happiness in life through various things, persons, or acts.

It may be through a latest mobile, a new dress, a girlfriend or boyfriend, a job or a movie. When all these cease to exist, happiness also vanishes.

I’d categorize happiness as temporary or short-term, substantial or medium-term, and eternal or long-term.

Temporary happiness is short-lived – only for a few moments or till we are experiencing or possessing something – like material objects, sex, food, clothes, and some basic instincts.

Substantial happiness stays with us for a long time and runs peace of mind in the background. For example, it comes through great relationships, life achievements, good self-concepts, and good deeds.

Eternal happiness is forever and doesn’t come through anything or any person that is not eternal. It comes through something that is everlasting and forever – God.


Whatever form of happiness you wish to have; there are certain basics that you need to follow.


40 Basic Tips to be Happy

Although happiness could have different meaning for different people, and there may be thousands of ways and tips to be happy, here are some basic and simple ones that may fill your life with happiness.

  1. Choose to be happy every moment
  2. Be in the here and now
  3. Love the life you live – try to improve but do not pity
  4. Be content – with what you are and what you have
  5. Believe in yourself – have confidence
  6. Be yourself and stop pretending something you’re not
  7. Look for positives in everything good or bad
  8. Learn lessons from mistakes and move on; do not get stuck
  9. Have purpose of life
  10. Do not compare yourself with others – live your own life
  11. Accept yourself and your life and do not blame others for it
  12. Set priorities and have clear goals
  13. Think positive and be optimistic
  14. Develop good habits, and drop the bad ones
  15. Know yourself – meditate and look within
  16. Learn to let go – forgive and forget
  17. Be giving – in form of material goods, service, or love
  18. Possess feeling of gratitude – be thankful for everything
  19. Embrace change – be flexible
  20. Always be occupied, keep busy
  21. Stop worrying and enjoy life as it is
  22. Laugh more and find humor in life
  23. Remove fear and be stress-free
  24. De-clutter your mind and be decisive
  25. Be wise and plan your spending
  26. Have cordial relations, both personal and professional
  27. Avoid misunderstandings – when in doubt, just ask
  28. Be in a happy company
  29. Control your moods and temper
  30. Experience positive emotions and feelings
  31. Be a love teacher
  32. Have the LUCK factor in life
  33. Spend time with near and dear ones
  34. Share a smile – always smile
  35. Be good – think and act good
  36. Don’t fall for addictions
  37. Reduce needs and demands
  38. Keep healthy – eat right and exercise
  39. Breathe slow, deep, and easy
  40. Be peace

This list can go on and on. But if you even follow any 10 from the above mentioned tips, I think you’ll find the direction of happiness and learn to be happy.

If you’re happy, then you’re peaceful; but if you’re not at peace, angry, and disturbed, you’re not happy. Do everything and anything to be at peace, to be happy.

Over to you –

What do you think it takes to be happy? Do you think it is possible to be truly happy? Is it easy to be happy in life? What’s your tip to be happy to add to this list? Share in the comments below.


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  1. A lot has been said about finding happiness. Rightly so, I believe a lot of things culminate in making us happy.
    Good post Harleena.

  2. Hi Harleena,
    That’s a good list that you’ve got there! Definitely helpful in considering how we can be proactive in seeking happiness. So often, it’s easy to make the mistake of thinking that happiness is something that happens to us, but actually we have a lot of choice in the matter too.
    I live with MS and also with infertility. So those are things in my life that are not how I would have chosen them to be. I always say that although we often can’t choose what happens to us, we can choose how we respond to it. I find that empowering. I seek every good thing that I can find, so that the tough things don’t take over.
    Having a sense of humour seems pretty essential to me. When we laugh it does release happiness, for ourselves and for others. I think that anyone who puts into practise your list, will have lots of effective ways to find more opportunities and energy to be happy. It was good to read this today. This is my first time on your blog. I’ll come back again soon. Hope you’re having a good weekend!

  3. Hai, Harleena singh. Great post. I had been looking for this sort of articles for a long time. It is so inspirational. The important thing is that these 40 steps are simple, but not easy. My happiness are stay focused, effective thing and act.
    I would like to share a story with you.
    “An ancient Indian sage was teaching his disciples the art of archery. He put a wooden bird as the target and asked his disciples to aim at the eye of the bird. The first disciple was asked to describe what he saw. He said, “I see the trees, the branches, the leaves, the sky, the bird and its eye.”
    The sage asked this disciple to wait. Then he asked the second disciple the same question and he replied, ” I only see the eye of the bird.” The sage said, ” Very good. Now shoot.” The arrow went straight and hit the eye of the bird.”

  4. Lovely article. You just made my day .As i was on a crappy day looking for some sort of good artucle to read i started browisng an finally found one amazing artiucle for a life time. Take a bow… :). It is truly cool and awesome.

    For me happiness is :
    1. Being myself
    2. Falling in love wid myself each day
    3. Eat what ever i wan to
    4. Live like there is no tomorrow
    5. Having self respect
    6. Never cheat
    7. Never lie
    8.Be financially independent
    9.Help oders
    10. Love all
    And finaly ” i me myself and thats my story”……..:)

    1. Welcome to my blog Surya!

      Well, thank you for your kind words and I’m glad you liked this list of ways to be happy in life 🙂

      Yes indeed, at the end of the day if we can live life to the fullest, do what we want and be what we want to be, what more would we like. Love your list too!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing yours thoughts with us 🙂

      BTW – It would be nice if you can use a Gravatar so that we know who we are talking to – just a friendly suggestion 🙂

  5. Hi Harleena,

    Happiness is most needed one in everyone life.I enjoyed reading your post with list of 40 things thanks for sharing the wonderful points which i have missed some in my life.

    1. Hi Shameem – sorry to have missed out on your comment 🙂

      Absolutely! It IS what we all want in life, isn’t it? Glad you liked the list of ways to be happy in life and I hope you can use them too.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  6. Hello Harleena,
    I always enjoy reading your post, they are so inspriatonal. This is such a perfect example of how we are in control of our emotions and mindset. It is ultimately our choice to be happy or not.

    While I was reading the 40 basic tips, the one that challenges me is embracing change. I’m a creature of habit and I do not like being pushed out of my comfort zone. I realized this is also having a negative impact on my business which is why I decided to change this and welcome change but I can tell you it’s going to be hard but I’m looking to a higher power to get me through it – God.

    Thank you so much for sharing this post. Enjoy your day!

    1. Hi Corina,

      I’m happy that you like my posts and find them inspirational. Yes, being happy is a choice that we all have.

      Change is the basic nature of life. If you observe closely, everything about you changes with time. Be a flowing river instead of stagnant lake water and keep changing as per requirements for the better to be happy. Habits if can be made, they can be broken too and new habits be developed in its place. Yes, this process requires efforts and determination. Wish you all the best!

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  7. This is one of the best and informative post i have read, some people are posting articles without knowing the basic step of communication and writing skills.
    You have the ability and know the way of how to convince your reader to read the whole article, very creative post, just keep it going.

    Thank you 🙂

  8. I just loved this amazing article.

    I’m really happy to share that from recent months, my life has changed completely. I started living a better life. I, who used to frustrate for everything around is now no more worrying about useless things.

    The 40 points which you’ve mentioned are just marvelous. Accepting one’s faults and moving on can definitely help in being a personality.

    Harleena, I am really loving your writings. So motivational with lots of inpspiration beneath each word.


  9. Wonderful post Hareelna, thank you for sharing it!

    Being happy is indeed a choice as you say. From my experience there are certain things that enable people to make that choice more easily, one of which is the absence of stress and anxiety.

    The more those two things are minimised the easier it is for people to make the decision. Probably a large part of the reason that many turn to meditation and mindfulness as pathways to enhance their lives. Certainly from experience I can testify as to how those two techniques have change my live and the lives of many I have encountered.

    Mindfulness meditation was probably one of my first steps, the ability it gave me to focus on the positives, release stress and then choose to be happy was amazing. It actually lead to a whole new world opening up to me.

    Anyway, thanks again Harleena for this post which will provide great inspiration to many!

  10. Harleena – That is an exhaustive list of 40 things to do to be happy, but isnt it always so difficult to apply them in practice and in one’s life??

    I know it is good to be “content in life” with what I have, but if I stop comparing myself to others above me at work, I will never grow. At the same time, if I do not compare myself to where I was 5 years back, I will never be happy at what I am. So, I think it is how we need to handle every moment of life, sometimes we need to “stop being happy” to achieve something which might make us “happier” in future 🙂

    Nice thoughts, thanks for sharing.

    1. Glad you like the thoughts, Praveen!

      Yes, it is not easy to put these tips into practice in one’s life, but on the other hand, it is also not so difficult if you make up your mind and do it with a strategy and wisely.

      Comparing with self is a healthier option than comparing with others. If you keep comparing yourself to people who’re more successful, the chances are that you’ll get stressed or suffer from a complex, and be unhappy. However, there are still other ways to approach the issue. It’s good to take inspiration from those above you at work, make them your role models, and be happy with every inch of progress you make!

      I feel being unhappy should never be the option. It’s difficult to be happy in the future if you do not learn to be happy in the now. I believe happiness is a state of mind that you need to learn to cultivate and keep it always.

      I think being content does not mean that you stop making efforts to progress, but be happy with what you get after making the best of efforts.

      Thanks for putting up a good discussion and contributing to the post. 🙂

  11. It is all in the head.

    Happiness is just a state of mind. Think positive, move about in good company, take a deep breath if you ever get a feeling of negativism.

  12. Well, you know this post was right up my alley. All wonderful observations. I will respectfully take issue with one statement you made, that those of us who are happy made no special effort to be happy. I was so unhappy for so much of my life. I got to a point where I couldn’t go on like that. I made some pretty serious efforts over several years to transform my life, to make the shift you describe. I did many of the things on your list, as a matter of fact, which ultimately were condensed into the ten steps of my blog title.

    For those who are happy by nature and have always been so, I think if you look underneath you will find the very habits you describe. They might not be aware of these habits because they have always had them. For those of us who made an effort to develop these habits, we are more conscious of what it took to develop them, and what it takes to maintain them.

    The good news is that, just as you say, these habits can become our default position, our natural response to our world, and we only now and then need a little “fluff and buff”!

    Great post!

  13. Thanks for sharing the great tips to be happy Harleena,

    Those are really great tips. What I think that can really make everyone happy is to be yourself and don’t ever compare yourself to others. A couple of months ago, I’ve read an article on a blog titled “Don’t try to be Darren Rowse or Brian Clark, Instead be yourself”. That was really a great lesson that plays a big role in being happy in life.

    Thanks for sharing the tips to be happy in life.

  14. Hi Harleena,

    This one I like the best, “21. Stop worrying and enjoy life as it is” It is like living in the moment and not worrying about the tomorrows. When we spend too much time worrying we can not enjoy what is in front of us. As Americans we have gotten to the point of thinking things are going to make us happy.

    I can remember the day in my life that I finally realized what happiness really is. I was sitting in a tiny apt. with my 3 daughters, in a snow storm. The light had gone out and we were sitting at the kitchen table with candles playing a board game and laughing together. Had very little money (didn’t even know how I would pay rent at the first of the month).

    That day I knew I was the luckiest person in the world and was blessed beyond believe.
    Happiness is living in the moment, preparing for the future, but not worrying about it.

    “I take the time to enjoy everyday as it comes. I glance into the future of tomorrow, but let it be for I am in today. I have learned from the past, so I refuse to return, I am in TODAY.”

  15. I try to be a love teacher, but I don’t want to get too busy teaching and not practicing. I realize lately that I should not get too caught up in writing and not practicing.

  16. Beautifully said Harleena.

    What I feel will truly make us happy is being content and being thankful for what we have right now. My mom always tells me that if you have a roof over your head and you know what your next meal is and can afford it, then you have nothing to worry about. I think finding happiness in smaller things in life can make the bigger picture better.

    Because if we don’t learn to be happy in what we have, we can never be happy in whatever we get.

  17. Ah Harleena, another wonderful post.

    I worked with a life coach about three years ago now and she said the #1 reason people hire her is because they want to know how to be happy. She was amazed that I don’t have an issue in that area and she said I was one of the few people she’d met that is truly happy. That really made me sad actually that so many people are craving this.

    You have pointed it out beautifully though. It’s really not rocket science but I have known people in my past that had a lot of really bad things always happening to them. Little did either of us know at that time it was because of the way they thought.

    Being happy is a choice and I wish everyone would just understand that. Is it easy to switch overnight to just being happy every day? Hell no but with your list of 40 different ways for them to look at the good in life, that’s a perfect start.

    Thank you again for such a beautiful and inspirational post Harleena. I hope everyone will take your advice and make this day the first day to true happiness.


  18. Ooops… I forgot the ‘responsible’ part. Good catch! 🙂 Yes, do what you want such as move to another state/country, go back to school, start a business, change careers, volunteer, etc., but do it responsibly and make sure it’s for the good of society and the world. In fact, one could say, “I want to (fill in the blank). For the highest good of all.” This way your intention/goal is set with the highest of intentions.

  19. It’s true. I don’t think I’ve met someone who doesn’t want to be happy in life. This is a great list, Harleena. I’m sharing this on the Everyday Gyaan FB page.

  20. This is great advice Harleena. I do my best to be happy every single day, and I really do think about what it takes to be happy many times a day. One thing that I have thought a lot about is relationships, and that sometimes it’s hard to be happy when the people you care most about are not around. I have several friends who are working in a different city, and they spend a lot of time at work and commuting. This way I don’t get to see them as often as I would like, and to me that’s not good enough. I want to be around the people I care most about and the people that are making me happy.

    But, I might think a bit too much about the details in happiness 🙂

  21. Hi Harleena,

    This was an amazing post on how to be happy in life. You covered the area both simply and comprehensively.

    I loved what you wrote at the start of your post about we can struggle to find happiness because we end up looking for complex answers. This is so true! The basics about happy living passed down by the saints and sages of the past were simple truths. Yet, we humans through time seem to have made things very difficult for ourselves.

    You are right. All of us want to be happy and I loved the 40 tips you shared. As I was reading through each one, I kept telling myself “yep, that’s true”. From my own experiences, I would say the single one thing that has helped to increase my happiness is learning to be truly happy in the present moment and just observing things the way they are internally and in the outside world.

    I wouldn’t say everything else falls just into place. I would still like to work on and improve on so many of the points you listed in your 40 tips. However, learning to choose to help happy in the present moment, certainly does help with other aspects of life.

    One of the tips I really appreciated in your post was having a purpose in life. Having a clear vision, which is so compelling that it makes us want to jump out of bed to get on with, can be so powerful for increasing our happiness.

    Thank you very much for writing this post. I really enjoyed it.

  22. Hi Harleena,

    When I first visited your blog I was wondering Why Aha-Now, But reading your article today I got the meaning ,To live for today ,Live for the present ,live for present moment.Amazing! I also follow the same rule.

    Coming to the topic I believe happiness is not something for which we have to search some where, it is all about mind, everything is inside we don’t have search it out side.Your 40 tips are convincing.There can be many ways to be happy in life, but first the person have set the mind that he/she will promise to be happy. Every individual faces all the moments happy as well as sad, depressing but he/she have to decide how to take both the moment.

    For me to be happy in life is to just do one thing “be happy”.

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist

  23. Hi Harleena,

    There is no denying the fact that happiness is really the state of mind.

    I have seen people really content with what they have and they are satisfied and very happy. When I was in college it was getting degree that made me happy, after that getting job was the happy moment. It was never satisfaction accompanied by happiness. It was happiness without the function of satisfaction.

    Since Satisfaction was not there, happiness could not last for long. I was craving for more.I was living under short term happiness. Really after my daughter was born, I just slowed down in life. I then started thinking of leading myself towards spiritual path. Yoga and meditation really slowed down everything, I really began to enjoy small success and then that lead to medium term satisfaction.

    There are many people who have not realized the true happiness which always lies beneath the small things, so we all should enjoy small things which will surely leads to substantial happiness.

    Thanks for your great post.


  24. Harleena,

    I don’t have anything profound to add.

    In fact, I often ask myself this question “how can I be more happy”. Have you ever experienced those moments when you feel like you should be happy but are not?

    I used to experience it a lot.

    My biggest discovery was that first I have to let myself be happy. Stop nagging the kids all the time but mostly, do more things that make me happy not just the things that I think are supposed to make me happy.
    Happiness can be so fleeting. It can take a lot of work to be happy especially if you are the kind of person who worries a lot. Guilty.

    I don’t have the answer on how to be happy(ier) but I know I try to be happy everyday. I’m not always successful but at least I am trying…

  25. Great post!

    I think it takes acceptance to be happy. For example, you may not be living in the city you want to; you may not be in the career you want to be in; you may not be married; and you may not be (fill in the blank), but you can choose to be happy no matter your circumstances. I think anything’s possible, even being happy, but it could take some work, especially if you’re resistant to change.

    For some, being happy isn’t easy because they may question “Why?” Why did my marriage breakup? Why did my boss fire me? Why did my boyfriend/girlfriend cheat on me? Why can’t I get ahead financially? Why, why, why? Unfortunately, stuff happens (life happens) and it may not have anything to do with you. For example, if a person is rude to you, they’re probably having a bad day that didn’t have anything to do with you. You were just in the range of their fire and wrath. 🙂 Brush it off and move forward.

    My tip to be happy is to just be YOU! Accept who you are and live your life the way you want to. Don’t ask peoples’ opinions, unless they’re a trusted confidant or friend. Do what you want to do. Do what makes you happy. If you don’t know what that is, take some time to find out.

    1. Absolutely, Amandah, acceptance is the key to being happy. It is not possible to do or have all that you want – it is good to try, but then accept the results. Always move on; stagnant waters stink, just flow with the river of life. At any given moment, just be thankful that you’re alive and that the worse did not happen to you.

      Yes, you’re right Amandah. Life happens, and sometimes we’ve no answers or logic to understand why. The wise thing is to accept that something’s cannot be undone, and it’s better to change and adjust to the new situation, circumstances, or scenario.

      Of course, if we know we’re right then we need not be disturbed just because somebody else is disturbed and mad at us (here ego plays a big role). In fact, that person might need help, and our negative reaction makes things bad. If we do get disturbed or provoked, that shows that our controls are on the outside. We need to keep our controls within us. Then people or situations would not disturb us.

      Its right to live your way and do what you want to do, but I’d add that make sure you do not hurt anybody intentionally in the process, and that it is in the best interest of the family, society, country, and the world. We need to be responsible, right?

      Thank you for sharing your wise thoughts and a great discussion. 🙂

  26. Hi Harleena,

    Ah… That’s a list with 40 tips 😉 I’m sure you have had more in mind too…

    I think happiness doesn’t find us, but we need to find it ourselves with the change of our perspectives. 🙂 I say perspectives, ’cause people (good or bad) have different definitions for happiness. Someone say I’m crazy in the head to read this post and all you need is money first as money can buy all you need (as his definition). Sometimes people, JUST DON’T KNOW what really matters. 🙂

    Happiness and sadness are both part of our lives, no? When I think about happiness, I feel that most people have put their lives in dark ’cause they can’t satisfy with what they have. Everytime they are looking to acquire something they don’t have, which is alright if it’s a good thing and put all the efforts on it BUT by ignoring what they already have.

    They blame for low salary, not having a Ferrari, angry about insufficient food, don’t think of saving water, don’t care parents, husband/wife and children etc. But when conditions pressing them tight, they think how good life they had earlier. 🙂 I know it’s human behavior, but we have a brain to think about. That’s where real ignorance pops in though how much we educated. Isn’t it Harleena? 🙂

    I’ve seen some poor villagers here who has no much money to spend on and with no education, but still they live their life (We define it as under circumstances) and grateful for what they have everyday. 🙂 When I see that people, I feel how much people waste their time and money to earn something, especially materialistic and hoping to feel happy. Or shall I say to gain temporary happiness? Too much wants, I guess. A reason for making life so complex. 🙂

    Nice post Harleena 🙂 I think lot of discussions will go around here.


    1. You got all the concepts right, Mayura!

      Yes, I would’ve written more tips, and in fact I’m sure every reader can add more to the list, but even if you select any basic 10 tips, you can make your mind to be happy.

      Change of perspectives is correct, Mayura. We all need to refine our definition of happiness time to time if we desire it for long-term. If money ever brought true happiness, all the rich would never be sad or depressed, which is not the case.

      You’ve mentioned one of the basic causes of misery – not being satisfied with what we have or ignoring what we have. Striving to improve and progress is fine but you still need to balance it with contentment and be happy with what you have as a result of your efforts. Try your best, leave no stone upturned, and then accept what you get.

      There’s a difference between being literate and being educated. And real education is the art of living and leaning essential life skills and effective ways to solve the problems of life with the available resources at hand. Even the most literate remain uneducated at times.

      The wisdom acquired in life is more valuable than bookish knowledge, but one can argue that this wisdom does not earn money; however, it sure brings happiness – there you need to make a choice as to what do you really want? If you want to have both – money and happiness – implement all the ways to be happy in your life.

      Thanks for this wonderful discussion and contribution to the post. 🙂

  27. I sometimes wonder Harleena if happiness is in-born to us. Like our personalities. Is it more from nature or nurture? Some people find it much easier to be happier than others. Many suffer from depression and don’t know how to be happy. I think it really comes from within. I try to find the best from every situation, every day and be grateful for it. That wasn’t easy with yesterday’s circumstances unfolding in the news. Happy people realize there will dark and sad days.

    I think #20 is very important especially as we get older. I see my parents in their mid 80’s happy as they always keep busy.
    Awesome list Harleena!

    1. Oh yes, Lisa, keeping busy is very important else you know that an empty mind becomes a devil’s workshop; well, if not then it sure becomes restless, prone to worries, and then disturbed. Once the mind is disturbed, you do not have peace, and you lose happiness.

      You’re right in saying that happiness is in-born to us. Actually, happiness is a part of our pure state, and everybody is capable of being happy – it’s just a matter of what one chooses to be.

      We might be born with inclination towards a certain personality, but it can be changed. So it’s both nature and nurture. One thing to be understood is that different people are at different levels of understanding. That is why some are quick to implement the ways and find it easier to be happy.

      You said it – there will be dark and sad days, maybe you cannot avoid them, but you need to remain undeterred and keep following the ways to be happy.

      Thanks for your insight and contribution to the discussion. 🙂

  28. Hi Harleena,

    Happiness is definitely a state of mind. I know people who have every reason to be happy but they’re not, and on the other hand I also know some people who have serious challenges and are shining with happiness still.

    In my own personal case, I was less of a happy person when I was younger. As a matter of fact, for a good part of my late teenage years and early twenties I was quite miserable, but now I am a very happy and content person. So it is possible to change. There is hope for everyone to go from an unhappy state to a happy one.

    Thanks for this great post 🙂

    1. You’re right, Sylviane. It is possible to change yourself from being unhappy to being happy as it is just a change of the state of mind. Your thoughts, assumptions, concepts, and precepts do that work for you. One can make the mind believe into anything, and vice-versa too.

      Those who control their mind by following the correct ways and taking help of the tips to be happy are less likely to be unhappy under any circumstances.

      Thanks for sharing your personal experiences and contributing to the post. 🙂

  29. Hi Harleena

    When I was laid off from my job I wondered how some people could be happy when they don’t even know where there next meal was coming from. Upon going to sleep one night I thought I needed to find the secret to being happy. I awoke the next morning and I had a peaceful smile on my face. I then knew it came from within. It was not about what you had, but it was only your state of mind.

    Sure it is tough to be happy when things are not going well but I remember to just live in the here and now. Everything right at this moment is fine. When I feel a little down I put a smile on, it is hard to not feel happy if you smile. By the way that smile is in private just for me.

    Being grateful each day helps to get in touch with how things really are not just what is perceived they are. Try to write down ten thing each night to be grateful for.

    Very good list.


    1. Very true, Mary. I read somewhere that the happiest people in the world reside in some part where there is poverty and people do not even have the modern facilities and technology, yet their happiness index is the highest. This shows happiness also depends on our own definition and concept about it.
      If happiness for you is being with family, it might be easy for you to achieve. But if it’s like owning a private jet, then you might be unhappy even if you’ve all the other riches, facilities, and love in your life.

      Mind does play lot of tricks, and it had been widely observed and experienced that those who master their minds, lead a happy life. You should be able to change or achieve the states of mind at will, and happiness is one of them.

      You’re right – the real test is when things are not going well. And a smile is surely a psycho-physiological mechanism or tool that helps you maintain an equilibrium state and pass the test.

      This is really important – to understand things as they are and not how they’re perceived. A deeper understanding clears the web of worries, and gratitude helps develop peace.

      Thanks for sharing your life experiences and contributing to the post. 🙂

  30. Beautifully said Harleena. It’s true but I don’t think some people truly know how to be happy. Either they are trying to “measure up” to someone else or they simply can’t find the means to find happiness from within. Happiness to me begins with being thankful for another day of life in the morning. Then telling myself other things that I am thankful for (not material things) but my family. If one truly wants happiness, they need to first begin with themselves. Then the rest will fall into place. Or at least, these are my thoughts. 🙂

    1. That’s right, Brenda. Many of us do not know how to be happy, and most of us know but do not implement the ways to be happy. It’s so true – happiness is not dependent on any external agent; it is a purely personal matter and rises from within. We do take external help, but eventually but gradually we need to be self-dependent to achieve happiness in life.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your wonderful views. 🙂

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