Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents & Grandparents

Thinking of the best anniversary gift ideas for parents as well as grandparents is not easy. You should try to gift something that is enjoyable as well as memorable. It’s advisable to choose a gift that has some emotional value attached to it. Here are such unique ideas for gifting your parents on their anniversary.
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What could be the best anniversary gift ideas for parents or grandparents? It’s a bit tricky question and situation. You may gift your parents a card or a flower bouquet on their anniversary. But you can be a bit more innovative and add some emotional value to your gift to make it more memorable. Here are some unique ideas of anniversary gifts for your parents, as well as grandparents.  ~ Ed.


Parents and grandparents can be difficult to understand at times, so it’s quite normal for you to be confused about what to get them during special occasions.

Well, when it comes to anniversaries, the task becomes even more difficult. I understand how much your grandparents and parents mean to you, so here are some ideas you can work with during their anniversaries.

I would definitely recommend that you do something thoughtful, something that has more emotional value than monetary ones. Something that you make yourself even with wholesale flowers would mean a lot more to your loved ones rather than some expensive gift.

10 Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents and Grandparents

Here are some of the best options for gifting your parents or grandparents on their anniversaries.

An Engraved Photo Album

In the age of social media, something old school would be quite refreshing. Rather than posting long captions with photos on social media, why not print the pictures and put it in an album for a change. Collect the beautiful moments that your grandparents or parents shared together and create a wonderful album filled with memories.

The icing on the cake would be to engrave the album with your parents or grandparents’ names. This would add a more personalized touch to your anniversary gift.

A Romantic Getaway

Who doesn’t love trips? We are sure your parents and grandparents would love them too. With all the busyness, they might not find the right time or place to go on trips. Why not arrange it for them?

The trip doesn’t have to really expensive or somewhere fancy, just a short trip with beautiful décor is good enough to bring a smile to your grandmother or mother’s face.

Remember to set the mood and décor that gives off a romantic vibe, and you know what décor can never go wrong in romance. The flowers! Be extra careful while choosing the flower decors. Make sure to get wholesale flowers online to make the décor just perfect for the occasion.

A Surprise Family Get-Together

Everyone is busy with their lives, and you get to meet your family mostly during Christmas or Thanksgiving. Maybe your parents or grandparents anniversary can now be a thing too! Just arrange a closed get-together with your loved ones.

Create a scope to exchange cards and well-wishes for the couple face-to-face. The arrangements shouldn’t be that difficult. Just get a cake, some flowers, and a card with a thoughtful message, and you are good to go.

For the food arrangements, that can be something informal and light if you’re running low on budget.

A Family Tree Photo-Booth

Anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, these are the occasions we truly value the meaning of family. Parents and grandparents love to get presents associated with the family. Something they can look at and smile throughout the year. You can create a photo-booth of a family tree with pictures of your parents, grandparents, siblings, and cousins.

The photo-booth can be just a simple table or some ribbons with photos attached. Make it look prettier with some flowers put in a vase. You can even make the vase yourself with recycled materials and put some wholesale flowers to get a natural look. Now, aren’t these pretty cool anniversary gift ideas for parents?

A Backdrop of Memories

If you feel that the photo-booth isn’t working out for you, a beautiful backdrop can just do the work for you. Think of a place in your parents or grandparents home where the backdrop will fit. Take right measurements of the place and order a banner right away.

Basically what you have to do is find funny or cute pictures of the couple and create a design with that. Print the banner with the pictures with it and that can be a unique anniversary gift for your parents.

This might be a little different from the conventional ones but trust me you won’t be disappointed with the outcome. Some floral décor with the banner won’t be bad at all. Maybe some dried petals on a water bowl at the side of the banner can create a good look if the wall colors are bright.

A Custom-Made Canvas

If you are into art, you making a canvas on your own with the pictures of your parents or grandparents would be marvelous. However, there’s no need to be disappointed if you’re not that artsy. You can just write a nice message on the canvas, and that would be more meaningful than an expensive piece of jewelry.

You can go for something different as well other than the canvas. A self-made glass painting would be nice too. This might sound difficult but is actually easier to make. Just print the calligraphy you want to do and put it under the glass and take a glass-paint marker to draw the borders. Then fill in the letters with some glass paint colors. You can easily get them online.

A Self-Made Floral Bouquet

No matter what new presents have come in this age, bouquets never get old. To make things even better, you can actually make DIY bouquets. Pick the flowers which your grandmother or mother likes.

You can actually try and recreate the wedding bouquet your mother or grandma used. If you at least use similar flowers, the look on your mother or grandmother’s face would be worth watching.

You might even try and recreate the wedding photographs if it’s a 25 or 50 years anniversary.

A 3-D Paper Art

This is something quite different, and you might have to give an extra effort to make the arrangements. At first, gather inspiration online and collect the paper products. Think of a theme in your mind that you want to go with and arrange the papers like-wise.

It’s not as difficult as it sounds though. You can find plenty of YouTube videos and tutorials to help you out through the process. I’m sure everyone will find this a unique anniversary gift idea!

An Audio-Visual with Special Messages

Your parents or grandparents’ friends can’t always make the time to visit. You can collect messages from their friends and relatives and create a video. This might be a good surprise for the anniversary. Each snippet can be of a special memory or moment they spent with your parents/grandparents.

The phone apps are there to make the video editing task a lot easier for you. Just download one of them and make a memorable video for your loved ones.

The Clichéd Surprise Party

Whatever it is, nothing beats the clichéd surprise parties with a fancy cake and décor. Add flowers to the cake with a special message for the couple.

Decorate the location with festive flowers and set the mood for the party. Some good music with the right crowd would be perfect for the clichéd surprise party of your parents or grandparents.

Wrapping Up

Whatever you choose to give your parents or grandparents, just keep in mind to you add your own touch to it. Be innovative – You can even mix the ideas above and create something completely new on your own.

The anniversary gift will only be unique when you actually put in the effort to do something different. Whether it’s a surprise party, a romantic getaway or a customized present, focus on how you can add emotional value to it rather than just making them look good.

Over to you

What are your anniversary gift ideas for parents and grandparents? Share in the comments.

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  1. I genuinely loved the list of anniversary gift ideas you’ve jotted down for grandparents & parents. My most favourite would be the engraved photo frame. I believe it perfect as it captures the beautiful moment together.

  2. This is a great list of gift ideas for parents and grandparents. Thanks for sharing, Alicia! I love everything particularly the romantic getaway and a surprise family get-together. The gift of experience is unique and touching and can make them feel extra special. I think it’s also a good idea to give them a gift of security considering that the cost of healthcare and long term care is rising. Giving them long-term care insurance or health insurance is a unique gift that is very practical and can help protect their assets in the future.

  3. One year we got our Mom and Dad a special anniversary sundial (a cool clock that uses the sun to tell the time) that is made of glass and sits indoors on the window sill and makes prism rainbows in the room when the sun shines. We found it online, and we had the guy who made it add a special date line for our parent’s anniversary that the time shadow follows every year on that day – plus we added a date line for each of us kids’ birthdays as well. Mom loved it, called it a family heirloom and said that it was one of the most thoughtful things that she had ever heard of. I don’t remember what it was called exactly but you can probably find it online with a search…and you can get gift certificates too, in case you want to let her decide which room/window of the house to have it made for.

  4. Hello,

    What a fantastic post here
    I got Very unique Idea from your Blog … there are many more ideas about gifts

    Thank you for the work you do and for your sharing such an intricate part of your life in order to help others.

  5. My husband gave me a sketch of my wedding dress for our one year. I might get one for my parents. They have everything so this would be perfect.

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