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Everybody dreams of an ideal lifestyle. I bet you too have an idea of your ideal lifestyle hidden somewhere in the groves of your heart, folds of your brain, or the dungeons of your mind.

How should an ideal lifestyle be like? Have you found your ideal lifestyle? Or maybe you’re already living it.

How does your lifestyle become ‘ideal’? Ideal, by definition, means perfect.

Does an ideal lifestyle mean that it is really the best lifestyle or the one that seems the best to you?

We’ll discuss about these issues, but first let’s clear up what lifestyle is all about.


What is a Lifestyle

Simply defined, life style is the way a person lives. It’s a way of life, or a style of living.

Even groups of people, societies, and culture are said to have a lifestyle, which is a set defined way of living.

Lifestyle stems from your attitudes, beliefs, and desires. Even your values and principles contribute to the formation of your lifestyle.

Everybody has a lifestyle, though it may differ from person to person, or culture to culture. Even people who have no style – actually have a lifestyle!

Now, you all try to define your lifestyle in your own way. Obviously, because it is your life, so you know best how and what to do with it, isn’t it?

Some people prefer to conform to a way of living adopted by the larger part of the society, while some force their way to create their unique lifestyles, to be different from the others or to defy the norms.

However, at this stage we need to ask one question.

What is the Purpose of a Lifestyle

Ideally, a lifestyle or a way of living is supposed to be your guideline to live life. It guides you to live in a certain way that is beneficial and helpful.

An ideal lifestyle is meant to protect you from dangers and destructions. It helps you to choose the right path and do the right things so that you’re happy.

A lifestyle ideally ensures your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. An ideal lifestyle delivers quality of life.

But what happens if you don’t choose your lifestyle carefully and include some behaviors or aspects that stop you from achieving the perfection you desire.

Complications of Lifestyles

In the present era, it is common to hear of lifestyle diseases. These are often referred to as the diseases of civilization.

The main reason for the lifestyle diseases is your faulty lifestyle – mainly, sedentary lifestyle, wrong diet, and bad habits.

The diseases that are grouped as lifestyle diseases are heart disease, obesity, stroke, and type 2 diabetes, and others.

There are more lifestyle related diseases that are associated with alcohol, smoking, and drug abuse.


In my earlier post “What stops you from living a healthy lifestyle”, I’ve written in detail about the reasons for an unhealthy lifestyle. I had also mentioned a golden rule “DEAL” to deal with the issue.

That is – Diet control, Exercise daily, Avoid tobacco, and Limit alcohol.

The dilemma is that in spite of knowing the consequences of such faulty ways of living, you still directly or indirectly consider them as part of your ideal lifestyle.

If you wish to have quality of life, then you need to understand the difference between a healthy lifestyle and an unhealthy one.

The sheer purpose of a lifestyle is nullified if you adopt life threatening behaviors and habits into your lifestyle.

What Goes Wrong in Creating An Ideal Lifestyle

In order to create your lifestyle, it is advised to first clearly know what you want.  You need to create a picture of your ideal lifestyle.

Now, this can be very subjective, depending upon the likes or dislikes of a person. You need to be very specific about each and every aspect of your envisioned ideal lifestyle, and you’ve to dream it regularly.

The aspects can range from your relationships, home environment, daily life, health, self care, enjoyment, values, purpose, wealth, and career. You need to know what is important to you.

You can have any lifestyle you want, if you’re passionate enough, and take action by working methodically to get it.

It takes time and hard work, but it is possible. Of course, you need to be realistic and logical.

However, if your likes and dislikes, wishes and wants have negative implications, then the lifestyle you create will be negative.

If you don’t understand what you really want, you cannot create the correct picture of your life. Moreover, you need to lay emphasis on your needs rather than your wants.

Your desires may be wild, but you need to make mild choices so that your life’s journey is smooth and jerk free.

lotion for lifestyle care

How You CAN Live An Ideal Lifestyle

Even if you think that your lifestyle is an ideal one, it may not be so. It may just be a lifestyle that you desire, but far from perfect or correct.

If the foundation of a building is weak or faulty, the building faces the risk of falling. Similarly, if your base assumptions or life choices are wrong, you’ll develop a faulty lifestyle.

An ideal lifestyle is one that has gone through the tests and trials of time, which has been checked for its consequences and complications.

Such are the best lifestyle or the absolutely ideal lifestyles. Millions of people can follow that lifestyle and achieve the same safe results, and lead a happy life.

But you can also choose a different lifestyle that seems best to you.

However, when you decide to design or create your ideal lifestyle; you’ve to be careful and make sure that the foundation is strong.

Don’t choose habits, attitudes, beliefs, or a way of living that is harmful to your physical and mental health.

As a result your emotional health also suffers, and you’re left in no position to use your spiritual resource.

Don’t just choose any lifestyle. Choose a lifestyle that is active and not sedentary, has good habits and no bad habits, and its diet is not based on unhealthy food.

Avoid a lifestyle that only considers physical comfort and facilities for rest and pleasure.

Then you’ll surely love your ideal lifestyle because it will not lead to lifestyle diseases, and you’ll be really happy.

Make wise lifestyle choices. An ideal lifestyle is one that delivers happiness.

If you’re healthy physically, active mentally, strong emotionally, and mindful spiritually for a long period, then you really have an ideal lifestyle.

Over to you –

Do you like your ideal lifestyle? Is your lifestyle risk free and promises a quality of life? Do you think there can be a universal ideal lifestyle – a lifestyle that is totally correct and would suit everybody?


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  1. I am surely not happy with my current lifestyle but reading this definitely inspired me.

  2. To create a lifestyle it requires 90 days and to form a habit 21 days but many years to make it your own

  3. I’ve always tried to live a healthy lifestyle and eat a healthy diet because I believe they’re good for me, but I’ve failed so many times. Thank you for your suggestions; they are extremely helpful.

  4. Hi Harleena,

    Long time no see.

    I think that lifestyle has a lot to do with the will.

    Those who don’t want to make any effort tend to have a lousy lifestyle when it comes to eating healthy or working out for example. At times we like to say that we are busy, but all in all, at the end of the day it’s how much we want it.

    People who have unhealthy lifestyles often deal with a self-esteem/self love problem. They may have a self destructive lifestyle.

    Thanks for the excellent info.

  5. Hi Harleena,

    Another great post on lifestyle. I think everyone has his or her own individual life. The life which he leads is his style. It can be regarded as other way – lifestyle. We need to understand what suits me alone, not others. Another thing now a days it is a trend we follow others everything without thinking if it fits us or not. It doesn’t fair idea.

  6. Hello Harleena,This is one fascinating post which i extremely loved. My lifestyle? I live an organized life where drinking and smoking doesn’t involve. I live the way I want and please – I live a life where I do what I feel like, when I feel like and how I feel like. I just don’t want to live like the next person or trying to wear his shoe, so if you ask me I’d say; I love my lifestyle… Thanks and do have a great weekend, Harleena.

  7. Hi Harleena, What a lovely post.

    You really got me thinking. I do believe that I am leading an ideal lifestyle. As you point out, I have been through very hard times so I know what it’s like not to live an ideal lifestyle. But now, for my place in life, I am content. But I work hard to achieve balance in my life daily.

    By keeping our lives in balance we can strive for the ideal lifestyle. I also look for little ways to improve my life. I have begun lighting scented candles when I take a shower to improve the experience. Sometimes when you can’t change the big things, you can improve the little things in life!

  8. You have some good points Harleena on living the ideal lifestyle. Especially that it is not just material but also emotional, spiritual, aspects that play a role as well. I know also its good to visualize and believe that you can have your ideal lifestyle not just in the future but right now.

    Thanks for this realization!

  9. You have me thinking again Harleena!

    And that’s a good thing lol. I’m thinking of my “faulty lifestyle”, Oh boy do I need to put exercise and more water intake in my lifestyle. Everything else is where I wanted it to be. Key word here “wanted”. A few years ago I wanted to achieve certain goals and I’m there. Now, as I keep on growing, my Lifestyle needs a bit tweaking – I’m working on that one. What worked for me 10 years ago is now changing, like my home. I just need a different one and I do have that on a mind map! Don’t know where it is but I do have a list of what I need to be comfortable in it, especially a studio. The main thing is, I am grateful each day of what I have accomplished, but as I grow, so do my needs and now it is time for a little tweaking. Plus I need to be more mindful in my Lifestyle to focus on wellness when it comes to taking care of this old body of mine he he.

    Thanks for making me re-evaluate what I’m lacking and what I need to take action on. Donna

  10. Hi Harleena,

    You are right, this can mean different things to different people.

    We all have different beliefs, goals, values, morals, etc. so what might be ideal to one person isn’t to another. I know that I’ve definitely grown in this area but I honestly believe that I’m living the best lifestyle that I’m able at this time.

    I’m also very fortunate I didn’t grow up in an environment where my family was overweight, smoked, heavy alcohol drinkers, etc. That didn’t exist in my family so I wasn’t introduced to that until a little later in my life. I remained a pretty good kid and took the high road.

    The older I get the more I’ve grown and I’m extremely happy with where I am and how I live my life so I’m pretty darn pleased. I’m sure it could get better but I can’t even imagine how.

    Great post Harleena, as always.


  11. Hi Harleena,

    This was an excellent post on the topic of lifestyle. In particular, I appreciated the way you described an ideal lifestyle, as one where a person is in a good state physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for extended periods. I think this is spot on.

    I’ve made some good progress in all these areas over the past 5-6 years. However, I definitely could to better in terms of getting more exercise and making some improvements in my diet.

    Also, when I consider lifestyle, one of the things I think of is financial freedom. This is one area which I’m currently working on.

  12. Hi Leena,

    I find that I know what the correct and best lifestyle for me is. However, maintaining it is another story. I will eat healthy, exercise, write regularly and then, it’s like “I fall off the wagon.” If only there was a pill to keep me on the right track! LOL

    Love the article and hope one day to being more in tune with myself in this area of lifestyle. Thanks for sharing because this is very important. Sally

  13. Hi Harleena,

    A nice post and a very important topic given the pace of our lifestyles. Personally I have a very erratic but happy lifestyle and most certainly not ideal.

    I would say that health, wealth and doing what you love constantly is the ideal lifestyle (Universal? I don’t know)

    My lifestyle is not risk free, there are a few things I have to tweak to avoid diseases in the long run.

    A nice reminder this one, I hope I can put myself into action very soon!


  14. Again a nice article Harleena,

    I believe no person in this world is perfect every person do have both Good and Bad in them. Sometimes the word ideal is used for those qualities which doesn’t exist. In chemistry there is ideal gas equation which indicates that all gas laws are followed by an ideal gas but no such gas exists. We may try to live an ideal life but cannot reach that ideal status.

    I follow one principle “Eat meat throw Bones” We will eat only meat and we throw bones in a non veg dish similarly I personally take good in a person and throw bad in them aside.

    Who will be without any mental, spiritual, physical, emotional, relational problems? every person does have one problem or the other. We human beings have created rituals and traditions like dowry, male domination, girl should leave for husbands house, male gets inheritance so on and so forth.

    In these areas personally I have seen many families ruined because of money, husband and wife quarrels, brother and sister quarrels over inheritance, brother brother quarrels over inheritance, parents quarrel for issue of dowry so on and so forth. So I believe one should also mind not to go after money to be healthy and prosperous in every area which you mentioned like
    “healthy physically, active mentally, strong emotionally, and mindful spiritually”

  15. Good Thursday Harleena,

    I love your style of writing indeed, please keep it up. I love my ideal lifestyle so much and i must tell you that I’m living a risk free and promising lifestyle indeed.

    Now, i don’t think it will be possible to have an universal lifestyle because you can’t live your life and live mine as well. We’re all created by one God, but we are guarded by different spirit.

    Therefore, we must all live our lifestyles based on what we think is good for us and is good for the people around us which will never be the same. We all view life in different perspective.

    Thanks for sharing dear.

  16. Hi Harleena Ma’am

    Great Post!

    Well, i think I’m living an ideal Lifestyle! :P.. and Yes, you are right, main reason for the lifestyle diseases is your faulty lifestyle – mainly, sedentary lifestyle, wrong diet, and bad habits. So Manage your habits because your habits becomes your character 🙂 Am I Right Harleena Ma’am?


  17. Everyone has its own view regarding lifestyle.To me lifestyle of a person is described by luxury home, stylish car and a branded smartphone.
    Yes, of course health is major concern area for a good life. If I am going to define lifestyle, I’ll say best lifestyle is when you do whatever your heart and mind says.

  18. Harleena, For me, developing a life philosophy is more essential than a lifestyle. Our philosophy will drive our lifestyle, as our life values and principles will deliver the foundation in which we build our life.

    We need to spend more time thinking through and developing our life philosophy and all else will flow from here.

    Great post. Thought-provoking. Thanks!


  19. Hey Harleena,

    I loved this post especially now when I am trying to adapt a more mindful and intentional way of living. Like many others my lifestyle is at an evolving stage and I am still trying to understand what the “ideal” lifestyle would be. But what I always keep in mind is that in pursuit of the Ideal we should never forget about the little moments of happiness, love and bliss that our “usual” lifestyle gives us.

  20. Very interesting article on lifestyle. We shape ourselves in a particular way and follow a set path. I think there is no such thing is perfect or ideal lifestyle, its all in the head. There are some who are not happy and then there are some who are very content with their lifestyle.
    But you are right to say that choosing habits, attitudes, beliefs are important and we must choose a living that is not harmful to our physical and mental health.

  21. This is quite a thought thinking post. You say, “If you’re healthy physically, active mentally, strong emotionally, and mindful spiritually” This is a very good lifestyle. I believe i pretty much have these covered.

    I really like my life style. I don’t worry about what others have that I might not have. I am happy with who I am (even thought there is always room to be better). Guess what I am saying on that note is that I am not a finished product yet!

    I like where I live, who I am married too and my family does have little things that come up, but that is life.

    Yes, I like my life style. Thank you with your wisdom to make me see that it is a very good day.

  22. This was a very insightful read, Harleena!

    I agree with you, “A lifestyle ideally ensures your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. An ideal lifestyle delivers quality of life.”

    We must be careful not to forsake any area of our well-being for another one. What I mean by that is, we shouldn’t forget about the physical and focus on the spiritual, or put all our focus on the emotional, and leave the mental to chance.

    I think many people fall into the trap of wanting to live out a lifestyle they see other people living. I know used too. I have since learned that patterning myself to others is such a frustrating route to take. I am a lot more at peace with the lifestyle I’m living now. It’s a lifestyle of constant learning and embracing myself as I am; yet, aspiring to unfold my fullest potential and true self.

    I think an ideal lifestyle is one where we know who we are and are constantly desiring to learn better ways to be who we are.

    If we want to discover what our ideal lifestyle is, we have stay open to what life is showing us through our own experiences, past and present, and the people that life is attempting to introduce to us to. The worst thing we can do for ourselves is conform to someone else’s ideal of what our lives should be.

    Fantastic read, my friend. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing!

  23. A really interesting piece Harleena, I’ve never stopped to really think about it. I guess I would say I would like to have a slower lifestyle with more exercise included in it.

    Sometimes our minds have one lifestyle but yet we live another due to our circumstances.

    I don’t believe there is an ideal lifestyle, it’s a very individual thing.
    Enjoy your Wednesday Harleena!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I’m glad you find the post interesting. It is something I thought of when reading and researching about lifestyle diseases. How often we ourselves are to blame for some of the diseases we acquire due to our faulty lifestyles.

      You’re absolutely right – most of times we’re in conflict with regards to the lifestyle to follow. We’re at times forced to conform to the lifestyle others live, even if we know it may harm us. Or, our nature of work makes it difficult to adopt healthy lifestyle choices.

      Though I agree that each person can have a unique lifestyle, but there are some core aspects that make an ideal lifestyle that can be incorporated into any lifestyle to make it healthy.

      Thanks for contributing your insights and value to the post. 🙂

  24. Thanks, the post made me think whether I really have a good (not ideal of course) lifestyle. I am pretty satisfied with my life right now. I can allow a lot of things to myself but is it that ideal life that everyone wants to achieve? As for me there is no universal definition to this point. It all depends on intellectual/ rational/ agу aspects. Tastes are different…

    1. Hi Evan,

      Well, I’d say that if you’re pretty satisfied with your life, then you do have a good lifestyle. However, there’s one cross checking you can do – do you’ve any of the lifestyle diseases, bad habits or addictions? No, then you surely are leading an ideal lifestyle!

      You raised a good point – do you really have to follow the lifestyle others live? More so, even if you’re satisfied with yours. I agree that with our tastes being different, we’d naturally lead different lifestyles.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and views about ideal lifestyle. 🙂

  25. Hi Harleena,

    I want it too bad ~ My ideal lifestyle, but not THE ideal lifestyle 😉

    I believe I’m in the first phases of it as a youngster and you know some of attributes in it already. Work from home is my first priority and I feel if we need our dreams to be come true, we have to wake up and work on it. However what I need most eventually is being FREE 🙂

    Mostly I hear that people think you need to work so much harder to gain something. I did too 🙂 I’d say being smarter can cut it down for some extent. Some of folks who worked hard live their rest of lives unhealthy and can’t do what they have planned. Ah… That’s why I wanted to focus more on my health this year 🙂

    I don’t think there is “THE” ideal lifestyle 🙂 Sometimes cultures may impose kind of an ideal role model with ideal lifestyle that everyone in it needs to be someday. But needs are dynamic, aren’t they? 🙂

    Everyone needs different kind of lifestyles and they might be consist of what they feel they were lack of in the past. Money for someone who had less money or couldn’t buy favorite stuff, food for someone who had less food or knows the pain of hunger, no? 🙂

    First thing is first – “You need to create a picture of your ideal lifestyle.” ~ I’ll second that too Harleena 🙂

    Have a successful week dear 🙂


    1. Hi Mayura,

      So, you do acknowledge there are two types of ideal lifestyle – one that has the ideal features, and the other having features that suit you. I agree with you that dreaming about your ideal lifestyle is good, but then to make it true you need to work on it. I guess you should dream of and work for a few blogs that generate good amount of passive income for you, and then you’d surely be FREE! 🙂

      There’s no doubt that smart working scores more than hard working on all fronts. And, if you include that in your lifestyle, all things definitely become easy. Apart from this, I believe we must make healthy lifestyle choices like good habits and stay from addiction – incorporating such practices into your lifestyle makes it healthy.

      Well, I somewhat agree that there’s no absolute ideal lifestyle, but I believe that there are some factors that really help us evolve and be happy if they’re included in your lifestyle, and that becomes ‘THE’ ideal lifestyle – though you can add to it and customize it according to your taste and likes.

      There’s a difference between needs and wants – its okay if you try to fulfill your needs, but if you base your lifestyle on your wants, there’s high probability that you’ll develop a faulty lifestyle if your desires are unreasonable or lead to unhealthy results.

      It is natural to desire a lifestyle that we feel we lack or we like it because others are living it. These entire factors make designing your ideal lifestyle a serious matter – something that should be done carefully.

      Thanks for presenting your views on ideal lifestyle and its various factors, and for initiating a good discussion. 🙂

  26. Hi Harleena,

    I like the expression you used ” you can develop a faulty lifestyle”, that is so true. Some people have developed a lifestyle that is very faulty and dangerous.

    I think that I was fortunate of growing up a healthy lifestyle that taught me what was best for me in many regards all the way to my diet.

    The more I see some people around me which lifestyle don’t help them the more thankful I am for the lifestyle I grew up in.

    Thank you for this very interesting post

    1. Hi Sylviane,

      Yes, it does happen and primarily that was my concern and thought when I started writing this post – people do develop faulty lifestyle, only later to realize that they’ve succumbed to lifestyle diseases.

      I’m happy that you followed a healthy lifestyle, which again many people don’t because they aren’t aware of making such choices. I just wish people know that it is in their hands to make their life better and achieve real happiness in life by making the right lifestyle choices.

      Thanks for your important contribution to the post. 🙂

  27. There is no ideal lifestyle, an ideal lifestyle is all about choosing what suits us better.
    But I make mandate some good habits like exercises to make my self tension free and healthy, that’s the only thing I follow.
    Nice post on lifestyle

    1. Hi Reeja,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and views on ideal lifestyle. Though I believe a lifestyle has both the factors – ones that we choose that suit us better, and ones that are just ideal and we should compulsorily have them in our lifestyle, like you mentioned – good habits and exercises.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  28. I like my lifestyle to an extent but a certain someone in it continues to try and steal my sparkle. Burns my butt. My I continue to push on, regardless, and live the best life I can. I shouldn’t complain as I do have it better than some but it could be much better if Mr. Grumpy Pants would just be Mr. Pants. 😉

    1. Hi Bren,

      You like your lifestyle, make continuous efforts to live the best life, and feel good about it. That’s great! If you feel your lifestyle could be better, you acknowledge the scope of improvement and definitely know the areas where you can improve upon. I’m sure you’ll push on to close in the gap between your present and ideal lifestyle, irrespective of Mr. pants being Grumpy or Happy. 😉

      Thanks for sharing your thought and views on your lifestyle. 🙂

  29. Hi Harleena Di,

    Great share as always!

    Di, Lifestyle is really dependent on the 2 very critical factors:

    1. Objectives/Goals in life 2. Culture/Environment

    If the objective is to work hard and be successful, lifestyle will entirely be revolving around this, we will be focusing our efforts into that direction and then obviously less attention towards our health and more interesting things in life.

    Actually by doing so I have seen the quality of life suffers. I started my year with prioritizing certain tasks but going ahead I will be going to slow down on certain things in life.When Things are going to happen at their own pace then why to struggle so hard.

    It is enjoying the things in life as they happen or as they come and then lifestyle will overall get influenced with this and then we will be able to lead more balance lifestyle so to say.

    Thanks Di for this great share. Good night and have a great week ahead.


    1. Hi Sapna,

      I like your making a critical analysis of lifestyle. Yes, goals and environment can be some of the critical factors defining one’s lifestyle, apart from the personal values and beliefs. I’m glad you mention the importance of health factors in a lifestyle – they’re definitely the quality of life deciding factors. So we can define an ideal lifestyle as that which involves health factors compulsorily, isn’t it?

      Well, it depends on how you define struggle, but I feel efforts have to be made continuously, though smartly so that you don’t make your life hard. You did mention a very important factor of a lifestyle – to enjoy the things as they happen, and that happens when you live in the moment. Definitely, an ideal lifestyle should be balanced and then only we can achieve happiness in life.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and views that make the discussion interesting. 🙂

  30. For me, the ideal lifestyle has evolved. When I was younger my ideas were very different from what they are now but the essence is the same. The desire to do analysis, the desire to work independently those are still the same. The changes have been primarily spiritual. When I was younger I had neither the time nor inclination towards a spiritual life. Now, in my later years it is of primary importance.

    1. Hi Dick,

      Definitely, your personal ideal lifestyle keeps changes as your belief and values system changes with age and time. But you also correctly mention that the essence remains the same. It’s just that maybe the ways of expression change, while you say the same thing, maybe more intensely and deeply, as in your case. Now, when you talk about spirituality, don’t you think that there should be some common spiritual values reflected in everyone’s lifestyle, making it a common ideal lifestyle that helps us to evolve and safeguard us from lifestyle disasters? Of course, this can be a topic of much debate and discussion.

      Thank you for sharing your views and experiences about lifestyles. 🙂

  31. Hi Harleena.

    To me, lifestyles are as unique and individualized as the people who live them. We all have different beliefs, goals, different things we want out of our lives. As for me, am I living my ideal one? Probably not, though not for trying! It’s just my “ideal” is a bit beyond my budget. If I could, I’d be traveling the world every month. But alas, that just isn’t realistic. So I do the best with what I can, and though perhaps I’m not at my “perfect lifestyle”, I at least living a lifestyle approaching my ideal!

    Happy day!

    1. Hi Carol,

      I agree with you – every individual can have a separate and distinct lifestyle. Since we all have different beliefs, values, and goals, so our lifestyles too differ. However, it may happen that in a particular community, society, or culture, there might be some core beliefs and values that are the same – so people end up having the same lifestyle characteristics among them pertaining to those common beliefs and values.

      Everybody has different personal criteria to define am ideal lifestyle. But I’d say an ideal lifestyle would be different from a dream lifestyle – the former being more realistic and achievable. I’m glad to know that you’re progressing to achieve your ideal lifestyle, and making the efforts is commendable enough.

      Thanks for sharing your views on lifestyles. 🙂

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