How to Make Your Life Easier in Simple Ways

Who doesn’t wish to make life better? At times I do feel that life is getting hard, and…
A woman on a hammock by the beach sending a message you can make your life easier if you take it easy

Who doesn’t wish to make life better? At times I do feel that life is getting hard, and if you too ever faced similar situations, you must’ve wished for ways to make your life easier.

Make a Google search for the term ‘make your life easier’ and you’ll be astonished that you’ve so many options and things to better your life.

Wow! You have the technology with so many gadgets, plugins, mobile apps, tools, devices, appliances, and what more – Baxter the Robot is in news recently and it will make your life easier, using common sense!

Well, if Baxter can do it, why can’t you? Yes, I mean use the common sense to make your life more comfortable.

“All things are difficult before they are easy.” ~ Thomas Fuller


Understanding What Makes Life Difficult

Why it is that even after having all the material help, you still sometimes find your life difficult?

Things and objects make your life easy, but you need to think deeply about the question – what does make your life easier?

Objects have the potential to bring comfort. For that, the subject has to have the ability and capability to harness the potential of the object.

Definitely this has something to do with ourselves, because we’re the subject or the users of the objects.

Well, you need to remind yourself that life by default is easy, but you only make it hard. If you want to make your life easier, you first need to deal with your own self.

To do that let’s analyze what happens when your life becomes easier.

You feel cool, relaxed, and informal. You’re happy and content, you do not complain, and you’re able to enjoy life.

When you are not in a state as mentioned above, you make your life hard, harsh, or miserable.

So, it is your state of mind that helps you make your life easier.

All external things are of great help. They make life easy and deliver comfort. However, it is only if your internal self is in a condition to receive that ease and comfort.

This makes sense. You first need to sort yourself so that you don’t face difficulty in life.

“Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be. “ ~ Grandma Moses

Sorting Ourselves to Make Life Easy

Internal self refers to your beliefs, habits, thoughts, perceptions, emotions, and many states of mind.

For example, you might become uncomfortable reading my post if it is in contrast with the beliefs that are set in your mind. More so, you’ll find it more disturbing if you’re not able to accept, change, and improve.

Similarly, you might’ve the best and most modern gadget, which you feel will make your life easy. But if you dislike it or have doubts about it, you would not benefit by its ability to make your life easier.

You need to be in a state of mind to appreciate and accept things, and have the belief that they will do you good.

You need to analyze if you burden yourself with exaggerated needs and senseless demands. If you do, then you only make your life hard and complicated.


You need to find reasons to be happy and content. You need to clear your mental clutter, for which you need to be more with yourself, and try to understand it.

When you do that, you’ll know that the LUCK factor plays a crucial role in making your life easy.

Love, understanding, compassion, and kindness bring upon the mental state of peace. The feelings of being content and happy eventually make your life easier.

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.” ~ Audrey Hepburn

Check out this video if you want to hear how you can make your life easier.

Make Life Easier ~ Self Help, Ascended Master ~ Tikashi ~ DailyMotion Video

“Don’t ask God to make your life easier ask him to make you a stronger person” – Anonymous

Ways to Make Your Life Easier

Making life easy is considered to be synonymous with financial progress and material comforts or aids. However, here we’ll define some simple ways that can make your life comfortable at no cost.

Have an attitude of acceptance – Do not curse your present state. It will not help. Instead accept it if you cannot change it. Acceptance opens up the door to new opportunities. It helps you adjust to life, brings peace, and dampens the inner conflict and anger.

Possess a feeling of gratitude – Be thankful for everything; for what you have and what you are. Even for the simple fact that you’re alive. Express gratitude to bring peace of mind, positiveness, to eliminate ego and reduce stress, and to appreciate everything in your life.

Have a purpose of life – Every life has a purpose – find yours. It helps you to be motivated and more focused so you can easily achieve your goals and become happy in your life. Having a purpose in life does make your life easier and more meaningful.

Reduce your needs – Though the needs and demands are unending, but there has to be a limit. Have needs that are basic and essential to moderate living. Make sure they are within the scope of what you can afford.

Have realistic expectations – Being ambitious is good, but going overboard and having unrealistic expectations only creates stress and problems. Know yourself, make an honest assessment of your aptitude and abilities, and then make your goals.

Be flexible – Always be ready to embrace change and adapt to new roles. Don’t be rigid or set everything in stone. Keep your options open to try out new things if they bring improvement. It’s just like how a good parent has to be flexible to create harmony within the family.

Work hard but be smart – There is no substitute for hard work, but if things get easy by using a better and efficient way, do that. Like smart people, you can make your life easier by applying intelligence, logic, and common sense in your working.

Be a love teacher – Love all your near and dear ones as a love teacher and create a loving environment around you. Tasks and people become easy when dealt and handled with love. Spreading love in the family and workplace will make your life easier.

Have good habits – Good habits produce good results. Imbibing good habits can save you from the problems arising due to bad habits and thus make life easy for you. Bad habits make us less productive whereas good habits increase efficiency.

Make friends – Our social aspect is very important due to the nature of our being. Having friends is a healthy sign and helps us to de-stress, energize, and revitalize ourselves.

Be good-natured – Goodness is liked and appreciated by all. Being good helps you win over people and situations. It creates respect and reputation, which helps a long way in life.

Remove anxiety – Little bit of anxiety is natural and okay, but excess of it creates tension and problems for yourself and others. Learn ways to reduce anxiety and practice meditation and other ways to keep calm.

Have a schedule or routine – An unstructured and unorganized life leads to chaos, which makes life difficult. Create a schedule for your tasks and set a lifestyle routine that will take care of all aspects of life and bring you peace.

Be in the moment – It doesn’t make sense carrying the load of the past with you, nor does it help to keep thinking about the future. Living in the moment is the most logical way of living life and it is more productive that way.

Take care of your body – Your body needs proper exercise and nutrition. You need to take care of every aspect of your body, internal or external, to avoid problems and diseases, which cause suffering. Having a healthy life and body will help you keep difficulties in life at bay.

Be proactive – You need to act, be determined, and pursue your goals and ambitions. Your achievements will induce a feeling of confidence, a sense of completeness, and a strong belief that you can make your life easier.

Develop inner strength – Greater than your physical strength is the strength of your mind, principles, and values. Developing your inner strength will give you the force to change your life and make it better.

Be forgiving – Keeping negative feelings like anger, resentment, and hating people for the loss in your life doesn’t do you any good. On the contrary such feelings are harmful to your health. Instead, when you forgive and let such feelings go, you feel much lighter.

Improve relationships – Good relationships are very important in life to be happy. You need to handle relationships with love and kindness, which in turn creates a strong bond between people, making life easy.

Bond with family – Family is the foundation of any person and a strong family bond helps in the growth of its members. Create a strong family bond so that it can act as a back up or support system, and make life easy for you.

Be giving – Giving is all about helping people, and being good. You can do that with money, things, or even with your time and efforts. Charity acts with your family create a good feeling in you and your loved ones.

Take it easy – Life is a marathon, don’t hurry up. Instead, go slow. Cultivate the virtues of patience and perseverance, and deal with difficulties without any fears. Life will be easy if you take it easy.

“Life can be easy, it is only question of choosing between solutions and illusions.” ~ Didier D’haese

Aren’t all these simple ways to make your life easier? You really wouldn’t be bothered about material comforts if you begin implementing the “no-cost and do-it-yourself” ways to make your life comfortable.

Gadgets, machines, and technology are good. They are needed and very helpful, but you don’t have to depend on them completely to better your life.

When you are in your best mental state, you are more creative. You then look up at many hidden possibilities and can come up with many ways to make your life better with what you have.

Okay, a bit off the topic, here are some examples of how innovative we can get once our life is made easy.

You might like to read the articles here and here if you’re interested to know how you can make the best from common household items, or use simple tips to make your life easier.

Isn’t it amazing to know the potential that you have to be happy and to better your life, and how easy you can make your life if you really work for it?

Life is beautiful. Let’s not make it ugly by making it difficult. Learn to live the easier way.

“Life is easier than you’d think; all that is necessary is to accept the impossible, do without the indispensable, and bear the intolerable.” ~ Kathleen Norris

Over to you –

Do you feel that only technology can better your life? Do you agree that you have the potential to make your life easy? What do you think makes life difficult? How do you think you can make your life easier? Share more ways in the comments below.

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  1. Hi, Harleena
    Great article! I really enjoyed reading your insights on how to make life easier in simple ways. It’s true that sometimes we overlook the simple things that can bring us comfort and happiness.

    You’ve emphasized the importance of sorting ourselves internally to make life easier. Our state of mind plays a crucial role in how we perceive and experience life. Being in a state of acceptance, and gratitude, and having a purpose in life are key factors in creating a more comfortable and fulfilling life.

    I appreciate your suggestion to reduce our needs and have realistic expectations. Often, we burden ourselves with unnecessary desires and expectations that only add stress and complexity to our lives. By simplifying our needs and focusing on what truly matters, we can find greater contentment.

    The practical tips you’ve provided are valuable and applicable to anyone. Developing good habits, being flexible, working hard but also working smart, and nurturing relationships are all essential aspects of making life easier. I particularly liked your emphasis on being good-natured and forgiving, as these qualities not only benefit ourselves but also contribute to a harmonious and peaceful environment.

    Your reminder to take care of our bodies is also important. A healthy body and lifestyle are essential for overall well-being and can prevent many unnecessary difficulties in life.

    Overall, your article is a refreshing reminder to appreciate the simple pleasures in life and to focus on our internal state of mind. Thank you for sharing these insightful tips and encouraging us to live a happier and easier life.

  2. Hi, Harleena
    I have read your article, “How to make…. simple way” mentioned all the routine that helps to our daily lives more easier. Thanks for sharing this type of post. I like it.

  3. I make my life easier by accepting it as it is. I convince myself that my life has been that hard because we always suffer to get better. When I can change things, I do, and when I can’t, I try to make the best of what I have.

    1. That’s wonderful indeed Nikky!

      To take life as it comes and to accept changes that come your way is what most of us need to do. I know things aren’t all that good for you, but I am glad you have come to adapt yourself to the situation and make the best of what you have rather than complain about it.

      Life is surely not a piece of cake, but you can make your life easier by either changing the situation if you can, or then doing what you do – change yourself and adapt to things wherever possible.

      Thanks for stopping by and contributing to the post. 🙂

  4. Harleena – I should say here that you have the greatest ability to really complete the topic you choose. Look at those points you have mentioned above, am sure I cannot add any single one on top of them for sure 🙂

    Very well written and I am glad I read this one. It does help to make it simple and take life easy, I once read a book about “living life one day at a time”, that did stay back in my thoughts for quite a while to remember and try to practice it.

  5. What a beautiful blog and a beautiful post – Thank you for sharing your wisdom 🙂

    1. Welcome to the blog Martina!

      I’m glad you like it and the post too. I hope it helps to make your life easier. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. What a wonderful post Harleena…

    I’m a pretty simple person too. I don’t need much in my life in order to be happy. Now when you mentioned gadgets and things, I’m sure there are plenty of things out there that would make my life easier in some respects but heck if I know what they would be. I’m not a shopper so I would have to practically fall over it before I knew about it.

    I do know that for me, just being grateful for what you do have can really help you appreciate life so much more. I hate when some of my friends have to find out the hard way what it’s like to lose someone or something before they truly appreciated them or it to begin with.

    Everything else you mentioned as well I believe is a big part of it too. I mean you can be grateful for what you have but if you’re still stressed out or carry a lot of anxiety then it’s going to be hard for you to really be happy. I’m sure you know what I mean.

    For the most part, I think some people make life much harder than it really has to be. What’s that saying? Keep it simple stupid ~ KISS! But in all seriousness, life should be fun. Stop worrying about things you have no control over and be thankful for what you do have and stop complaining about what you don’t. You’ll wake up one day and realize you’ve got it pretty darn good. 🙂

    Thanks Harleena…


    1. I’m glad you like the post, Adrienne!

      It’s great that we come to know more about each other this way as we discuss the posts. I agree with your philosophy of life – keep it simple, have fun, be thankful, and be happy!

      Speaking of myself, I’m absolutely clueless about gadgets, except some that my kids bring to my attention when they are excited about them. But I do try to make my blogging easier by looking for plugins and useful tips.

      But I believe having less that you can efficiently manage is better than being over stuffed with things and you don’t know what to do with them.

      You mention the key to happy living – be grateful and appreciate life. Though it is okay to try to make your life better, but it is necessary to be content with what you’ve and make your life easier.

      I believe peace is a state of mind. You need to be calm to appreciate what you’ve, but you point out to a reality that we’re often so stressed out that we cannot enjoy the things we have.

      Another wonderful tip you give – stop worrying about things you have no control over. And ironically, most of us do that and make our lives harder. And then we complain!

      Thanks for contributing your pearls of wisdom to the post. 🙂

  7. @Harleena… You’re welcome!

    I tell my niece and nephew every day that they can be, do, or have what they want. I’ve also been teaching them how to visualize and detach from the outcome. I give them a lot of credit, they do their own thing, especially my nephew. He doesn’t allow guilt to eat him up, and he’s focused on what he loves, which is construction. My nephew isn’t allowing anyone to pressure him into going to college. However, he’s smart enough to listen to me when I tell him, “You may want to take business courses just in case you want to own your own construction business one day.” He’s taking advanced classes and may enroll in PSEO classes for his senior year. We’ll see…

    1. You certainly are doing the right thing by guiding your niece and nephew, Amandah, and at the same time letting them take the reins of life in their own hands, so they can better understand them own selves to make life easier. I’m sure your motivation and wisdom is a source of inspiration for them, and they listen to you because they know that you care.

      Visualization and positive imagery is a great technique that orients our subconscious to our desires. Some people really are naturally all clued up as to how to go about life, and your nephew seems to be one of them. Also, the more you test your instincts and choices, the better and perfect you get with time.

      Life is certainly easier when you make your own decisions, nothing gives more happiness.

      Thanks for sharing examples of experiences that help the readers. 🙂

  8. Hi Harleena

    So right, we do make our lives more difficult at times than what they need to be. I have to learn to “let go” of things that I can’t control. I have been waiting and waiting for a piece of important mail, for days actually. It has not showed up, did it get lost and what can I do about it, I now have a headache! I tried calling and calling and still no answer, too many calls to get through. Now I email and I just have to “let it go”. What will be, will be, although I still have to pursue an answer, but how easy for us to get so caught up in what we can’t control.

    Now I will keep reminding myself of what I am grateful for. Happiness dwells within yourself. I read that if you want to get happy at least in the moment, is to smile. Putting or shall I say forcing the muscles that it takes to smile will give you a different feeling. No matter how mad, depressed, fearful, etc. putting a smile on will change how you feel on the inside. Surprisingly it actually works. Today I need to do a lot more smiling to get rid of this headache…!

    Great advice.


    1. I’m glad you like the advice, Mary!

      I totally agree when you say that putting on a smile changes how you feel on the inside. And not only the one who smiles, it also infects the others with happiness and eases the tension in the air. I guess when you smile you shape up the muscles in a particular way that activates the happy mode and sends the message to the brain and mind to release the stress reducing hormones, which help us to relax and be calm.

      After all, happiness resides in am accommodation that is quiet, peaceful, and calm. Whether it is we, our family, or our home. If there’s peace and harmony, you’ll have happiness and that makes life all the more easier and enjoyable.

      You give a wonderful message – “let go”. That’s a very smart and logical thing to do. Also, we should not let things and events take control of and affect our mind. And, it helps, as you point out, if we free ourselves from the uncontrollable results or consequences of any task we do – what will be, will be.

      Thanks for making wonderful contribution to the post. 🙂

  9. Excellent article!

    Recently I’ve made changes in my “spiritual” practice that I’ve seen affect my work, relationships, and overall sense of well-being. Each day I write in my journal three things I am grateful for. No matter how rough the day, I always end my day with gratitude. In fact, I spend most of my day sending heartfelt gratitude messages to the Universe.

    I also have a personal mantra I repeat throughout the day. “May I bring peace, love and harmony to every moment.” And last but not least, I’ve started doing alternate-nostril breathing. This practice helps me remain centered, grounded and calm. It also helps with my hot flashes. 🙂

    Doing these practices each day, I’ve really noticed a change in my environment. My husband, co-workers and even strangers I meet seem happier and more at peace around me. It is the most amazing feeling to know that you can influence your day in such a positive way simply by being positive and grateful.

    Thanks Harleena.

    1. Glad you like the post, Laura!

      These are great tips you offer to all of us to simplify to make our lives easier. I totally agree that being grateful helps us evolve and be peaceful. It helps release the negative feelings and thoughts, lowers our ego, and brings happiness.

      I agree that positive affirmations have great constructive and healing power. They do energize our self and the surroundings. And you sort of program your subconscious with this code that sets it in mechanism to produce involuntary actions in accordance to the code.

      I’ve heard of some of these practices as part of yoga, and I’m sure they help you a lot. Breathing can really be an effective tool to regulate our state of mind.

      I believe like attracts like, and by being positive you certainly increase the probability of having more opportunities of encountering people and events full of positivity. When you’re positive, you’re happy, and therefore at peace, which radiates and impacts all around you.

      Thanks for sharing such wonderful life experiences, and your secrets to making life easier. 🙂

  10. Do you feel that only technology can better your life? Do you agree that you have the potential to make your life easy? What do you think makes life difficult? How do you think you can make your life easier?

    Technology does not make a better life in general, but might be helpful sometimes. Yes, we have potential to make our life better, but it is all about making meaning out of the things that happen to us. It is the way we see things. Some people have hard lives but take it in stride. Does this make it “easier?” I am not really sure. The term is relative. Only the person can answer that for themselves.

    I make my life more peaceful by being patient and letting things reveal themselves.

    1. I agree with your answers, Jodi.

      If technology did really make our life better, we wouldn’t have any suffering in the world. However, it does give material comfort and crucial convenience at times of need. At the same time, it does not have the potential to make our self experience the peace and happiness within as we ourselves do, which helps make our life easier.

      Yes, you’re right – what makes life easy and difficult could be subjective, depending on the individual’s thoughts and experiences. We do try to understand our life through our experiences, and also through the experiences of lives of others. These are two great teachers of life.

      Sometimes our limited experience, narrowed perspective, and disillusioned perception stunts our personal growth and makes life difficult. We then take help from some universally accepted principles and clues from the lives of other successful people. I believe that the life being difficult or easy is basically a state of mind – if you think it is easy, then it is, no matter what hardships you go under.

      However, as you say, we cannot objectively assess anybody as there’s lot of subjectivity involved. But I agree with your way of making life peaceful and easy by being patient and calm, as that is a time-tested successful way of making life easier.

      Thanks for contributing your thoughts to the post. 🙂

  11. Hey Harleena!

    Well I gotta say this is one heck of a post that grabbed my attention. Well according to my life experience I can say it is all in living life to the fullest without giving any damn to the worries and all the other things that makes one’s life complicated. And I really loved the quote in the above pic stating “Life will be easy if you take it easy”, that says it all.

    Cheers 🙂

    1. I’m glad you liked the post, Sunil!

      Yes, that’s the key to a happy and easy life – to live to the fullest, not to have worries and fears, along with being positive, responsible and good. If you’re responsible, you’ll take care of all aspects of your life, and make things easy for you.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  12. Happiness and Contentment is I guess best formula of a successful life!
    And to make it easier for you, you better spot the things that makes you happy and what makes you contented in your life, and you focus on it then you will surely have it!

    1. Welcome to the blog Ashleen!

      You’re absolutely spot on – being happy and content makes your life easier. And you also revealed the trick to do that – focus on the things that make you happy and content, do them, and have them in your life.

      Great thoughts. Thanks for making the contribution to the post. 🙂

  13. Hi Harleena,

    I’m glad you mentioned ‘have a routine’ I’m working on all the things you mentioned (which are spot-on actually). The one thing I find difficult at the moment is losing my routine. My youngest has just started secondary school and I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to do with my extra time. This has thrown me out of routine so much, I’m having a difficult time coping at the moment. I’m working on setting up a different routine that will work for me. It’s hard – especially when you have to change something you’ve had for so long.

    1. You’re going great, Anne! I’m glad you do follow most of the ways to make life easier. Having a routine is no doubt an important one too. In fact, the ancient discipline of Ayurveda in India strongly emphasizes on a daily routine that is in accordance with nature. It really energizes and regulates your daily life, making it easy and smooth.

      Don’t you feel lucky to have some extra time in hand? Well, I’d suggest do something that makes you follow your heart – something that you like and love to do. If not, then just be with yourself and try simple meditation. You’ll experience peace and happiness, and you’ll be happy you had the free time!

      I understand changing the routine is one of the most difficult tasks. It’s tough initially, but gets easy when you start liking the change.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  14. Hi Harleena,

    Wonderful post again 🙂

    I think technology is meant to make things easier. What matters is the way use it. I feel in modern days, people have been victimized by the technology. In my opinion it’s alright to some extent, but shouldn’t depend on ’em. And “NO”, I don’t think technology enough can better our lives. It’s just an addition to our lives.

    I like the 22 facts you mentioned Harleena. 🙂 As I go through I feel I’m average with all, except for my health 😀 lol… No no my health is alright, I just miss my meals some days due to work or mostly I sleep at day and awake at night. Anyway I believe we can’t apply all of ’em at once, but we can practice them slowly if we are not following already.

    I have a question on this Harleena. I know most of people know these facts can make things easier, simpler and expect less from others and even from ourselves. But people tend not to follow them in real life. They know that their lives are complex and their head is gonna blow up with different types of problems in ’em. But still stuck with it and sometimes when they are very old then they actually embrace all these simple facts to their lives. So, it’s the responsibility of parents to teach these to children, right? And what about matured (by age) ones? They got to learn by themselves? Or is there any practical way that we can narrow him/her to these practices? 🙂

    Have a nice weekend Harleena 🙂


    1. I’m happy that you like the post Mayura!

      You’re right – as I also said earlier somewhere – technology is a boon, but if we don’t use it the right way, it leads our life to doom. I wouldn’t deny that Internet and blogging is not good, but if I remain addicted and seated for most of my day neglecting the other aspects of my life – am I making life easier for myself?

      Later on in life, the importance of a good schedule or routine that goes along with the nature’s way sets in your mind, and helps a lot in making life easier. I hope and wish you take care of this aspect. Try following the ways to make life easier that you can and what seem good to you.

      You’ve raised an important question – do we follow what we teach? The reality is that most of us are hypocrites, but many are in the learning phase and try to spread the good things as they learn with time, me included.

      You need a strategy to deal with life, Mayura. We only make life seem complex and then react accordingly, which makes our lives difficult. And this realization takes time to set in, and it varies from person to person. Some even do not understand life even when they get old, that’s why there’s a saying – growing older is no guarantee of growing up!

      Yes, parents need to learn the basics of life themselves and then teach their children – it is their responsibility. But even if they missed, and you learn yourself with time and age, make sure you don’t miss to pass it on to your children.

      There’s nothing much to learn except following those ways. If you do that, everything else will fall in place, effortlessly.

      Thank you for contributing your valuable thoughts and questions. 🙂

  15. Beautiful post!! Our happiness is actually in our hands, so making life simple and complicated does not depend on external factors, but on us.

    1. I’m glad you like the post. You’ve said it all – you’re the master of your life, and you’re the one to praise or blame for the way it goes.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  16. Hello!

    I think attitude can change a lot of things in making and untangling one’s complex life. Being in the present, acting in the present and keeping an open mind might have a lot of effect. When I was doing stress counselling, people usually came to me and said “My life is too complex”. What is very often noted is that people tend to make their lives complex – thinking too much about irrelevant things, not prioritizing, focusing on irrelevant ideas, working too much in order to be a master of all.

    Life does get a lot tougher and a lot more confusing if one want’s to stick their fingers in too many things at one time.

    Really like the ways you mention here!

    Have a simple, lovely weekend ahead!

    1. Glad you like the ways mentioned in the post, Hajra!

      I totally agree with you – attitude is what makes a difference. Being mindful is better than having handful, which often results in confusion, making the life difficult. I recently read about how people have come to realize that the concept of multitasking is now making life far from being easy.

      Yes, I’ve experienced that – we make our lives difficult, and you’ve correctly mentioned all that we really do, which we should not. I think what we need is to learn to better manage our life and work – having the right thoughts and priorities, and make a simple plan that smartly balances everything so we enjoy our life.

      Thanks for contributing your personal and professional lessons from life. 🙂

  17. That is so true about the gadgets. The Dalai Lama himself said that he has a love of gadgets. One time he was at a conference and every day he had to pass an electronics store with so many alluring things in the window. He said that by the end of the week he was coveting all of these shiny gadgets even though he had no idea what they were for! I love that.

    Great advice about simplifying in easy, every day ways. Thank you.

    1. I’m glad you like the ways to make life easier, Galen!

      Yes, fascination is captivation; your desires and interests hold you captive. If this spell and attraction is strong such that you deviate from your path and principles, you’re bound to face difficulties in life.

      If even the Dalai Lama was so enchanted by the gadgets, it’s okay if we too fall for them, but then we need to make and keep some limits. Simplification of live does not mean not living it, but loving it comprehensively.

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  18. The best way to make your life easier is define your limits and never cross limits. Moreover try to complete your all jobs within defined time limits as it is great source of satisfaction.Patience also invites happiness and makes life comfortable.

    1. Very true, Nawaz. It is important to have limits, so you can be productive and stable. However, when it comes to do what you can do and your abilities, then sky is the limit! Patience and perseverance are truly the key to bringing happiness in your life, and making it easy.

      Thanks for stopping by and your thoughts. 🙂

  19. Here’s a great example of the inner self being happy;

    I had a 10k bucks phone (Indian rupee obviously) and a cheap 500 bucks guitar. I thought I loved my phone at first, with all its frenzy features, cool games, camera etc.

    While my guitar I hated it, simply beacuse it was very cheap. It was gifted to me by my sis and I just threw it to a corner in my room.

    Somehow, I managed myself to pick it up one day and tried to play a few chords and riffs and that was euphoric. Though I sounded very bad, playing songs of my favorite bands was just awesome. I immediately started loving music and my guitar particularly!

    Well, I don’t exactly hate my phone but I’m tired of it, Honestly gadgets really don’t make me ‘happy’ at all.

    A cheap guitar did, does and will forever.

    Of course the ways you’ve mentioned to make life easier are proven but I very recently recovered from depression so I hope I’ll follow those methods and get my life fully back on track. Thank you so much for sharing this post with us 🙂


    1. It’s easy to make your life easier – you need to make wise choices like you made when it came to choosing between the gadget and the guitar, which your sister gifted you. Everything depends on the choices you make.

      The ways I mentioned in the post are very simple that anybody can follow; in fact they come naturally if you start being the “real” you. Be natural, be with yourself, and take life easy. You’ll feel happy. And if you’re happy no matter what, you’ll never be depressed. I’m glad you’re back on your positive life track. That’s the spirit.

      Thanks Aditya, for sharing your life incidents and your thoughts. 🙂

  20. It always amazes me how simple the business of living can be, if we’d only let it be so! Too often, we complicate life and look for solutions outside of ourselves, when the answer is there all along waiting to be found.

    1. True, Corinne! It’s a fact that most believe something else will solve our problems, and we underestimate our own inner power. And, we refuse to accept that life can be simple and easy, as we’re conditioned to regard everything as complex, and be complicated ourselves.

      You’re right – all solutions lay inside us, waiting to be discovered. Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts. 🙂

  21. I do believe we have the power to make our live easier. The key is to live your life and run your game and stop seeking the approval of others and stop asking others for their opinions.

    Nine times out of ten, we know what we want to do. It could be going back to school or picking up and moving across the U.S. or to another country. I had a former VP tell one of my co-workers she created her own problems. At the time I thought the VP was being rude and mean. When I began to work on myself, I realized he was right.

    We humans do indeed have a tendency to create our problems. We don’t mean to do it because most of us were never taught to set strong boundaries, to love ourselves, to approve of ourselves, etc. We do the best we can with the information we’re given at the time.

    I can make my life easier by living my life and doing what I want to do. I can also make my life easier by accepting that some people, especially family members (extended) won’t be for me or understand my dreams and desires. I now learned I don’t need the approval of these people to live a happy and fulfilled life.

    Life is too short to try to please people who probably have their own issues — nothing will please them.

    Do what you want… Be happy now… Be you!

    1. I totally agree with you that anybody can make his or her life easier, and complicated too, for that matter. It’s in our hands. It’s a matter of choice that depends on many factors. The power and skills required for the process of making life easy can be learned and acquired, if the person feels lacking in them.

      I believe that one should use the power of intuition and practice listening to one’s inner voice to take help in choosing the paths to follow. And, as you say, we then probably know what we want to do.

      Life is an exam that we take for granted and do not prepare ourselves. Either we do not realize its importance, or we knowingly ignore it. People, who act over smart, do not understand the impact of our thoughts, actions, and behaviors, probably because they haven’t been taught such things, end up creating problems that makes their lives difficult.

      We all need to learn how to live, receive life skills training, and prepare ourselves for aspects that can make our life easy, including the ones you mentioned; and pass on the wisdom to the younger lots.

      You’re right; life is too short – it’s very important to find your purpose of live asap, define your path, and set out on your journey on your own. And yes, you do not need any approval from anybody to do that, provided you’re engaging yourself in something that is either for common good, or that does not harm others in anyway.

      Thank you for contributing your views to the post. 🙂

  22. Hi Harleena,

    Thank you for this excellent post that comes with so many tips for making our lives easier.

    I noticed that some people have had a easy life and let life drift along without any purpose. I believe that it is through this way of by default living that some people have developed habits that may not be serving them.

    How to make life easier when we have had not-so-serving habits? Awareness that those habits exist is the first step to reclaim a relaxed and peaceful life. Apply the many tips that you have shared…. life naturally becomes easier 🙂

    Thanks, Harleena, for your thoughts and insights!

    Viola Tam

    1. I’m so happy that you like the post, Viola!

      I believe the ones who live a difficult life learn and know more about life, and they’re in fact blessed that they can understand life in a better way. And those who can make their lives easier really excel in the examination of life.

      Having an easy life by default is not bad or a curse. But taking it for granted and not trying to understand it or be ungrateful are not good habits, which deform their thinking and bring suffering later when dealing with the storms of life.

      You cannot drift along without a sail or direction in the sea of life – you’ll be lost and never be able to recover and find ground.

      You’re right about the habits – awareness, acceptance, and change of habits help you reclaim a relaxed and peaceful life. I’m glad you find the tips helpful.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights. 🙂

  23. Hi Harleena,

    I think I’m making my life harder than it needs to be. Your tips are above will be very helpful for me to “get a life.” One thing I know I do is to set my expectations very high. I guess it has to do with being a ‘recovering’ perfectionist. It takes time to change, but I’m working on it. My kids always tell me to ‘relax’, it’s not easy to do if you’ve lived one way most of your life.

    Another thing that really struck a chord with me is ‘reducing our needs.’ I’m working on that also. Not that I need a lot of stuff, but there’s a lot of stuff in my life already that I really don’t need. I’m working on simplifying and ‘reducing’ the clutter that takes up too much space in my life.

    I could go on, but I think that’s enough already 🙂

    Thanks for sharing another wonderful post with us!


    1. Glad you like the post, Ilka!

      I think we all knowingly or unknowingly make our lives hard. Many a times we’re conditioned to be such, as Jeevan suggests, making our lives complex. Living easy gives you time to enjoy life, which we forget, ignore, or neglect in this hectic modern era.

      I see that you’re aware of and accept that you’re making your life hard. These are the first and most important steps to progress. I understand that having played the role of a perfectionist, it’s not easy to switch to a relaxed role in life. But I’m sure you’ll take it as a challenge and show your kids that you can do it!

      Change is imperative and essential, at any point of life. I’m happy to know that you’re trying to change and better your life and I’m sure you’ll make your life easier and happier.

      Thank you for sharing your personal thoughts and aspirations. I wish you all the best. 🙂

  24. I think all the problem comes in because we try to make everything complex. Even the simplest things in the world, we want them to be complex (well, it’s not really that we want it to be complex; just that we make it complex).

    I try to live by simplicity – try to make everything simple whatever it is (blog posts, essays, stories or whatever I do).

    Keep it simple (although I am not able to do that to 100%).

    Agree with most others (but, they are very subjective and relative, right?).

    I have been playing around with my purpose (Still trying to figure out my purpose. Is my purpose just about my own goals? I believe it should be something more than that – something that helps this world, that allows me to contribute as a human).

    Life itself can sometimes be complicated, right? (I mean, a lot of stuff is contradicting. Take for example: We say that we should not quit, but they are times in which we have to quit and try something else, right?).

    1. Life is simple and beautiful, Jeevan, if only we can understand it!

      Life has its own mysterious ways; its code keeps varying and defies logic like the Google algorithm leaving people perplexed trying to figure out what could be its next move. But beneath the outer changes and complexity, life is simple. All it wants is that you too be simple and good.

      So, you’re right that it’s us only who try to make everything complex. Our thinking pattern is disfigured in that we believe that complex is advanced and better, so we think if we make our lives complex, we would be regarded as evolved, right?

      You do the right thing by keeping things simple – simple living, high thinking? That’s really a great philosophy; sounds simple, but I agree, difficult to follow.

      Life is not a constant; it is made up of variables. Everything in life could be subjective and relative, and it all depends on your perspective. Your concepts and opinions change with time as you grow. But truth remains the same.

      Your life purpose, for example, could be to be a good human being. Now, that’s not very easy I tell you, but it includes both the personal and social goals.

      Wish you all the best to try to decode life and make it easy. Thanks for contributing your thoughts. 🙂

      1. Another problem is the definition of simplicity too.

        Simple thinking? I think about a lot of stuff – especially on subjects such as personal development, social responsibility, justice, order etc.

        But, I don’t know whether what I think is simple (sometimes, my logic seems to be complex for me to understand, but hey I try to make it simple and more understandable for me :D).

        Purpose, I am still trying to find my purpose (well, I do have a purpose, but that’s something more than a purpose. A purpose has a reason, but my purpose doesn’t. I want (correction – need) to achieve the purpose or whatever it is.

        1. You’re right, Jeevan, the concept of simplicity is very subjective.

          Generally, we can say simplicity is about using minimum resources, reducing needs to bare essential requirements, while on the other hand it is trying to look for simple solutions, having transparency, being good and helping, and keeping your mind clear of the complexity creating pollutants like ego, jealousy, envy, anger, greed, etc.

          I believe simple thinking takes you to the roots of the problem instead of getting entangled in its thorny leaves and branches. Sometimes using too much of brain and logic too causes complexity. Great sage Vivekanand said that when given a choice between following your head or heart, prefer the heart, as it will lead you to simple solutions, and make your life easier.

          I’d say keep thinking, keep trying to understand yourself better, keep believing in yourself, and you’ll sooner or later find your purpose of life, whenever the time is ripe. 🙂

          Thanks for your great thoughts and a good discussion. 🙂

  25. Thank you for those great tips to make one’s life easier.

    I am thankful that I have never been a person who needs a lot of stuff to be happy. Like everyone I do like nice things of course, but I don’t live for it like some people do. I am happiest in nature and with animals. That’s always been me 🙂

    If you put me in the outdoors with a pen and a notebook, or a laptop I will be very happy too since I love to write. If you put me in front of a beautiful view I’d love to paint it too, since I love painting. I love to walk in park with lot of trees and water as well.

    All in all, I think that the happiest people are the ones that don’t need too much, but are more on the spiritual side of things and just enjoy the beauty around them. That’s what makes me happy, anyway 🙂

    Thank you for a yet, enjoyable post!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Sylviane!

      Isn’t it easy to make your life easier? Definitely it requires some efforts, but if people want to be real happy, they got to make their life easy.

      You’ve a great way of living; being with nature is the best way to live. Interaction with our natural environment and surroundings is essential for us to feel good. This feeling of goodness comes naturally and you’re happy – so you do not desire much to indulge into materialistic pursuits of comfort.

      Moderation is the key to happy living. I’ve learned that one should avoid the extremes – you don’t have to become a hermit and live in the jungle cut off from the society and technology, or even become a gadget or internet addict so that you can’t live without it and find life impossible without technology.

      Less is more – the minimalistic way of life really gives lot of happiness, but I just wanted to emphasize on how one can make life easy living whatever way of life people like.

      Thank you for sharing about your beautiful self and your thoughts. 🙂

  26. Hi Harleena,

    This says it right here to me: Have an attitude of acceptance – Possess a feeling of gratitude. These first 2 are very important. When we accept things we can enjoy them instead of looking for more. You are right.

    Same goes for gratitude.

    Technology can make life easier as long as we keep it in perspective. If we forget to personally interact with people on a one on one, than technolgy may be getting in the way of building better relationships with the ones we love.

    Any person can make their life easier if with the right attitude. We find ourselves worrying about things that may never happen or things we have no control over. When we let go of the worrying it cleans a lot of clutter out of our lives.

    To me the key to making life easier is letting go of all the fancy stuff and enjoying the simple things. TV is good to watch a movie with a friend or loved one. Meals are fun to share with others, but not when we are so busy we have to hurry and pick something up.

    When we stop worrying about what others will think and do what our hearts tell us, we can slow down and enjoy this wonderful life that has been given to us. The key to an easier life is slow down and remember all good things come in time and have your priorties in order.

    Thanks and blessings to you,

    1. You’re absolutely correct, Debbie – attitude of a person is the most crucial factor that determines his or her growth. Losers have the wrong attitude, so they suffer and make their lives difficult. Acceptance and being positive are the right attitudes that help the person progress.

      Feeling of gratitude also lowers one’s ego or counters the feeling that he or she is superior and everything. Ego is something that creates lot of problems in one’s life, and once it is reduced, life becomes easy.

      You point out an important aspect – by accepting things we get more time to enjoy them. Also our acceptance nullifies all future potential conflicts that could’ve risen if we continued not to accept things. Therefore, our life becomes easier.

      Yes, technology is a boon if used correctly and within limits, else it turns into doom for our personal and family lives. And, excessive worrying is an addiction and disease; it becomes a habit, which makes life difficult.

      You’re right, “let go’ is a wonderful release system that does wonder to one’s self. And, one should take it easy when dealing with life; I call it a marathon, where the slow and steady wins the race. Follow your heart, go at slow speed and enjoy life sharing it with others – that’s life and what really makes life easy and great.

      Oh, yes, there’s a time for everything, and the good thing too come at the right time. You need to have patience and perseverance in dealing with life’s issues to make your life easier.

      Thank you for your wonderful insights. 🙂

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