What to Consider When Buying Men’s Watch

Your wrist watch tells a lot about you. Here are some tips to consider when buying a wristwatch for men. Men can make their watch a fashion statement.
An analog wristwatch for men

Did you know that a wristwatch can be a fashion statement? Of course, yes, and while women can flaunt many, a wristwatch is the only “ornament” that makes men stay on top of the trends. There are a plenty of wristwatch designs, but that is not the only criteria to consider when buying one. Here are some more tips. ~ Ed.

What to Consider When Buying Men's Watch

A wristwatch will never be out of fashion. In fact, you can judge someone’s fashion taste–and worth–by their wristwatches. Men of high repute are known to go for expensive wristwatches and do not hesitate to flaunt them at every opportunity.

One of the most popular watch brands for men is Breitling. These Swiss watches are made only from high-quality materials. The precision and performance of Breitling watches are top-notch, with attention to detail. You can find Breitling watches here, for example.

There are several watch brands aside from Breitling that are suitable and durable for men. Either for occasional or daily use, you should consider the following tips when getting a new wristwatch. 


4 Tips to Consider When Buying a Men’s Watch

A high-quality wristwatch is one of the fashion trends for men. You should, therefore, consider these tips when buying your wristwatch.

The Watch Dial Type and Display

There are two watch dial types and displays:analogue and digital display. The type to get will depend on the purpose ofuse and your personality.

For instance, if you need the wristwatch for casual parties and co., you can go for the analogue watch. However, a sportsperson or technology-inclined man should go for a digital wristwatch.

Analogue watches have ticking hands and are stylishly made. They come in various designs and will always stand out when worn. As for digital watches, the display is automatic and appears in numbers or words.

Set a Budget

For every budget, there is a wristwatch. Whether your budget is £100, £1000, or £1 million, there is a timepiece that falls in that price range. Therefore, you must check your budget and find out which wristwatch you can afford.

If you need the wristwatch for your everyday business, you should set a minimal budget and stick to it. However, if you are looking forward to owning a limited-edition luxury watch for occasional usage, you can set your budget pretty high.

Consider the Brand

There are several watch brands and manufacturers out there. While many are unknown, a few companies are reliable and have built the brand over the years.

People who are brand conscious tend to spend more money. However, if you are open to any brand, do some research on the internet or ask friends to recommend the best brands that guarantee durability and quality.

Besides the well-known brands, there are also lesser-known brands that guarantee good value for money and have beautiful designs.

Band/Strap Material

One feature that has become a prevalent determinant of wristwatches is the material of the band or strap. There are varieties of straps that include precious metals, stainless steel, leather, and rubber.

It is interesting to know that watch brands now make watches with detachable straps. So, if you want to change your strap material to suit every occasion, you can go for watches with detachable straps and purchase as many straps as possible.


Wristwatches date back to the 19th century. Since then, watch brands have debuted different styles and designs. The more brands and designs there are, the more you are spoilt for choice as to which design to choose.

Furthermore, the type of watch you wear says a lot about you. You, therefore, should consider the tips listed above to get the best watch that will suit your fashion taste and personality.

Over to you

Do you sport a wristwatch? What are the criteria you consider when buying a wristwatch? Share your tips and thoughts in the comments.


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  1. Great Advice, looking for a watch as an anniversary present for my father. He is a bit old-style need to see what matches to his style

  2. I was looking for a good watch for me and believe me this article really helped me in buying.

  3. One thing I look out for when buying a men’s watch is the brand. I am a firm believer in good brands that produce high-quality goods. After that, there is the money involved. If the quality is worth it, then I’m good to go with it. So for me, it’s about the brand and budget.
    Brian, can you recommend a few for me?

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