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Okay, let me ask you a question. If you’re given an option to change your life, would you accept it? I can see some of you nod your head and say ‘yes’!

Why not, it’s always good to change your life if you feel doing so will make you feel good.

If you are still wondering why you need to change your life, you should read my earlier post “Should you change your life?” This post also tells you why some people do not want to change.

Most of us want to change our lives – for the better. In fact, most of us might even be working continuously, consciously or unconsciously, for the betterment of our lives.

So, what options have you got to bring about the change? Change your country, city, job, or even your partner! What will help you change your life, if you really want to change it for the better?

While all the above might help depending on your situation and case, you can best change your life by changing yourself.

“Change myself? But how and what do I change?” This might be your obvious reaction.

You can best change your life with knowledge, is my answer.


The Power of Knowledge

Ignorance is bliss. But this blissful state is short-lived, because it is not real. The lasting bliss or true happiness comes through right or good knowledge.

Dictionary defines knowledge as the information and skills acquired through experience or education. So, you gain knowledge when you study or work.

Apart from the factual information, knowledge is also defined as the psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning.

Of course, knowledge comes in many forms and can be acquired by many ways. It can be knowledge of the world and self-knowledge too.

Not all knowledge is acquired through books. Life is a learning lesson in itself and all things, events, and people in it help you to learn and change yourself.

But is this knowledge powerful?

Education gives us the knowledge that makes us literate. Right or good knowledge has the potential to take us further and become civilized and illuminated.

Knowledge has great potential. But that does not help you until you put it to use – you may learn life’s principles but not follow them in your life.

The non-use of knowledge becomes as unworthy as misuse of knowledge.

It’s only when you apply the right knowledge in your life that you can cherish its power.

Knowledge is Wisdom

Applied knowledge is wisdom, to be precise.

Knowledge is an understanding that inspires you to change your thought.


If you want to change your life with knowledge, you need to change your thoughts, beliefs and your mind.

When you change your thoughts, you can change your habits, behavior, and actions.

Knowledge is only useful when you put it to practice, implement it, or follow it in life. If you do so, then you gain experience. If you have both, the knowledge and experience, you become wise.

Here’s my formula to become wise:


Here, we assume that we’re dealing with the right knowledge and right experience; otherwise it would be a folly.

You learn to be always happy when you attain wisdom. Then you know what is right and wrong, and you gain the ability to distinguish between them.

Wisdom is the insight and the understanding to do the right thing at the right time. It is highly probable, but not necessary, that a wise person will control the temptations to do any wrong.

Of course, one makes mistakes in life. But those on the wise path learn from those mistakes and take care not to repeat them.

They correct and improve themselves and their life and treat the mistakes and failures as stepping-stones and part of the learning process.

You attain wisdom with practice and time after going through such correcting process.

A Few Things to Know about Knowledge

The purpose of good knowledge is to bring you happiness, directly or indirectly. It takes you towards happiness and away from darkness towards light.

When you have the right knowledge, there are higher chances that you make the right choices and that does change your life for the better.

Also, too much of knowledge is not good always.

It is not possible to acquire complete information about everything in the world. You’re not, nor should you try to be a search engine!

Remember, not all information is useful or right knowledge. On the other hand, excess of knowledge and information may also confuse you and lead to indecision.

Seek only the information that is useful to you, and which you can apply to your life. When you do so, directly or indirectly, you’ll observe a positive change in your life.

Simple Steps to Change Your Life with Knowledge

It is very simple to change your life. Try to follow these steps –

  • Firstly, know yourself. Once you do that, you’ll know what you’ve to change, and be able to gauge how much you’ve changed.
  • Secondly, learn from books, school, college, work, job, people, and life. Take in what is good and relevant, and leave the rest.
  • Lastly, practice what you learn. Imbibe the values, and carry them out in your life. Avoid procrastination and lethargy, and actively apply the knowledge you learn.

That’s it. Practice these three steps and see how they change your life and lead you from unhappiness to happiness.

I’ve tried to be brief and keep the article short. I understand that a few topics need explanation or elaboration and I’ll be doing so in my future posts.

And, I also know that my thoughts and views may not cover the topic entirely. So, I ask you to share your mind and contribute to the discussion in the comments section below.

Over to You –

Do you think knowledge has the power to change your life? Do you believe wisdom can lead us to happiness? What steps would you take to change your life with knowledge?


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  1. Hey Harleena Ma’am,

    I love the post. Your sentences are quotes and they are inspiring.

    Knowledge is really important in our life, having knowledge make us wise to take decisions. we have to take decision and prioritize things and the wise person do it well and conquer the life difficulties.

    We gain knowledge from books, people and experiences, I agree. But implementing this knowledge without confusion is important than being knowledgeable.The more we implement it the more we gain it.

    Thanks for this motivation Harleena Ma’am.

    “Motivation is like food for the brain. You cannot get enough in one sitting. It needs continual and regular top ups.”
    Peter Davies

    Keep inspiring 🙂

    Yogesh Shinde

  2. In my opinion the fire inside provokes a person to raise the quality of life that ultimately leads to happiness.knowldge & wisdom are also play a vital role.It is clear that happiness is a matter of our innerself and it has very little to do with something

  3. Knowledge is Power no doubt in that, but education that we get during our early days of life is of very little use IMHO. I have seen and heard about lots of people who didn’t have proper education but have turned the tables through their hard work and positive attitude towards life.
    Self-realization leads to your destiny and changes your life. I have always remembered the below quote,
    “Never be satisfied with the stories of others. Unfold your own myth.”
    People often learn from books, movies, interviews, real life incidents but never apply them. Applied knowledge and experience gained out that is true wisdom indeed. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post Harleena, have a great day.

  4. I am currently working on changing my life and this post came at just the right time. I couldn’t agree more with the statements you made. But, one thing I am still struggling with is that, what is the best way to get good knowledge. There is so much information out there and everyone claims to be right. It almost hinders me. Any suggestions? Best Regards,Burton

  5. Hello Harleena,

    This is my first time here on your blog… I come here after noticing a comment on my friend Donna Merrill post… some how I felt an urge to come to your site and wow, you sure know how to write… and your topics resonate with me very, very much…congratulation on for wonderful virtue 🙂

    I read a few of your other post… and did not comment, but I felt to comment here and let you know this post is just what I needed to read today…and I love to thank you very much… especially for the last part when you simply listed what you need: “Firstly, know yourself. Once you do that, you’ll know what you’ve to change, and be able to gauge how much you’ve changed. Secondly, learn from books, school, college, work, job, people, and life. Take in what is good and relevant, and leave the rest.Lastly, practice what you learn. Imbibe the values, and carry them out in your life. Avoid procrastination and lethargy, and actively apply the knowledge you learn.”

    ALL are so very true and could not resist to comment and let you know I loved the post and look forward to comeback to visit your blog more often.Thanks so much again for rendering such a great service to others and doing it so freely… YOU ARE A WINNER!!!! nickc

  6. Hi Harleena Singh,
    Practice makes us Perfect!! Following the above tips makes us gain some Knowledge regarding our Life!! Thanks For Sharing maam. 🙂

  7. Harleena,

    Wonderful article and well described. To me, knowledge and experience are the main source to improve your life.

    We should say BIG thanks to science since acquiring knowledge source is not so difficult as before. The universe advancements has given enough room to explore through many ways. It could be from Books, friends, people, teacher, practice, self, passion, job and many more. All you need is the Drive to acquire the knowledge.

    We most of us, exhibit interest only certain level to reach the optimum heights in life. This could be, because we might not define our exact target goal or the lack of knowledge, that you have to have an target point as where you want to be in your life. Either way, Addressing your correct target is the main key and the rest all goes acquiring knowledge and experience to reach the right destination.

    Thanks for sharing the nice article. 🙂

  8. Change is hard because it brings us out of our comfort zone. But books and insightful blogs such as yours can help. Knowledge from the experts makes change easier. For example, tonight, I was making phone calls on behalf of a capital campaign for my church. This was out of my comfort zone, but a risk I wanted to take. Having a script available as well as people who had done it before was a great help.

  9. “Do you think knowledge has the power to change your life?”

    Yes, as long as your heart is in it.. Head knowledge alone will not cut it, at least not for the long term, which is where it counts.

    Newbie at your site. Lovin’ it.

    ~ darlene 🙂

  10. Harleena, I think luck is also needed with knowledge. For example, people got the knowledge and luck taken them to KBC and they won millions 🙂

  11. You rock Harleena,
    This is my first visit to your blog and i must commend your efforts here, keep it up.

    I also agree on your post about knowledge. It is obvious that knowledge is very essential in order to make it in anything. If one must succeed in anything, he must be knowledgeable about it and that is why they said that…KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

    Thanks for sharing Harleena.

  12. Harleena,

    I always tell my kids “The only person you can change is yourself. If you want to change others, change yourself and others around you will change as a reaction to your change.”

    I think there are lots of reasons to change ourselves. Probably the most important is to further success.

    I think most if not all change comes through knowledge. Without knowledge we really do not have the tools we need to make the change.

    Loved your post.

    Dee Ann

  13. Great point Harleena.

    Knowledge is power only if you act upon it. I know so many people that read and use tapes to learn and never once apply this knowledge to their life. They get stuck and repeat the same behavior over and over again.

    It often puzzles me, but then I think they are benefiting in a negative way. Take for instance a person that is always “needy” They read all the self help books, go to seminars and can tell you about every guru on the planet. But they are still needy and don’t apply what they have learned. Why? Because their behavior gets other people to do things for them. This has been a dilemma I’ve pondered during the past few weeks with a client of mine. And then I came up with that conclusion.

    When we learn, we need to apply over and over again and it becomes part of us. When you look at the broad aspect of life, there is never enough to learn.

    The best part of it all is that after we act upon it, we can then pass it on to others.


  14. knowledge has the power to change some unchaged situations into positive results

  15. Harleena – this is a very interesting topic and knowledge can sometimes be over-powering one for sure. There is so much to learn and the cycle is infinite with something new discovered every day.

    Learning and building knowledge can definitely change one’s life and as you have added perfectly, when the person actually puts the knwowledge learnt into practice, there is more learning from experience.

  16. Hi Harleena,

    I agree with you here, but I think I’d use the word ‘awareness’ rather than knowledge. You can ‘know’ all sorts of stuff at an intellectual level, but it’s only when you acquire a deep awareness of the truth that it has the power to transform your life. Anthony de Mello tells the lovely story of an alcoholic who ‘knows’ what his addiction is doing to him, but it’s only when he finally ‘wakes up’, on finding himself in the gutter one day, that he becomes truly ‘aware’ of the mess he’s in and he’s able to change.

    Your post also reminds me of a great poem I read in a Buddhist book about someone who keeps walking down the same street and falling in the same hole, until they finally become sufficiently ‘aware’ to avoid the hole – and walk down another street. I’m afraid I still fall down lots of holes – but I’m working on it!

    Thanks for a great post on a subject that couldn’t possibly be more important,


  17. Knowledge is definitely power Harleena.

    I’m not sure that people actually come into this saying, I need to change. I think as they learn and grow (through knowledge of course) they realize that they aren’t at the place that the need therefore change is necessary.

    I know for me that once I started learning more things about how I can have anything I want then I was hungry for more knowledge on that subject. Through acquiring more and more I continued to learn more and more so there’s no way you can’t not change.

    I know that a lot of the ways I learn are hands on but I have to acquire the knowledge first in order to even realize what the heck I’m doing.

    Great lesson Harleena and I hope that everyone will continue to want to be, do and have more in their lives. We are all destined for greatness.


  18. Hi Harleena,

    Wonderful post, indeed!

    I’m definitely a person who likes to learn in the form of books, watch and listen to other people. Depending on my current goals, I then like to put the knowledge I’ve gained into real world experiences. It is at this point the knowledge really becomes useful and as you say, this then activates the creation of wisdom.

    It’s a bit like the schools. Pupils and students gain so much knowledge when they’re learning. However, it isn’t until they are in the workplace, when they put what they have learnt into practice. Now the knowledge gained earlier really comes into work.

  19. The 3 steps you refer to are right on. Know yourself, learn and practice what you learn. Wisdom does come with knowledge as we move through the journey of life.

    When it comes to books I like to read them and take out what applies to the problem I may be having at the time in my life.

    I have always taken the outlook that when we quit learning this thing called life is pretty much over with.

    The hard part about knowledge and wisdom is seeing other make mistakes you have learned from, but realizing everyone has to learn in their own time.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge, it is needed.

  20. Hey Harleena!

    Thanks for another inspiring article.

    I always believe in knowledge, rather than experience. Even an arguement with a knowledgeable person is great.

    For me, knowledge is something which can be obtained from the surroundings as well as, from books. I read a lot of books. Really a lot of them. These days, the all-time CLASSIC novels became my favorite. I recently got the MEIN KAMPF and am loving it. The great history behind the Hitler and the world war. Amazing!

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely article.

  21. And this is exactly why the elders have said that knowledge is power. With the right knowledge, one can do anything and there is no limit to what one can do in their lives. Knowledge is definitely wisdom.

  22. Knowledge is definitely required for change. Or else, how would we know what we need to do or think to change.
    Knowledge is the first step to building anything different in our lives. As you said, we have to identify what we want to happen. Once this is done, we need to focus on how we can get that thing done. This means we have to arm ourselves with the know-how (skills) to do it.

    Personally, whatever I want to change, I first try to equip myself with the knowledge of how to do so. As you also said, procrastination is not a good thing. Once we know what needs to be done, have the knowledge of how to do it, take the steps!.

    I liked your short post. You shouldn’t apologise for writing a short post. I think they’re more to-the-point, and people get more out of them. The best way to learn is to discover things for yourself.

  23. I do think that knowledge has the power to change our lives. I believe that the mind has control over every situation in our lives that we encounter. By growing your knowledge you are growing your mind, and with that you can do anything you want to. That will help lead you to happiness. I have started taking steps to expand my knowledge on everything that I can. Recently I have started learning about computer programming, which is very difficult to do on your own. I have also been soaking up a lot of information about opening up my own business, it is a few years away, so I am learning and trying to find out everything I can about it so that when it comes along I will be more prepared. Those are some ways that knowledge is changing my life!

  24. I think experience helps us rich in knowledge. What we gain by knowledge can’t be equal to money. Another thing past experience give us confidence to do anything in a better way. very important points you add here about knowledge

  25. Awesome article Harleena, and the timing is perfect. My habit for February is to read a minimum 30 minutes a day in a book. I love reading, but it’s been something I haven’t been doing lately. So many things going on, and reading has just been put on pause.

    I do believe that we can change our lives with knowledge, and that’s why I am reading more than ever before. I get focused, and calm when I read, and I love to learn new stuff and be part of a journey/story.

  26. . . Thank you. I enjoyed your post.
    . . I think the knowledge is the repeat of information but the wisdom is the creative use of information.
    . . ♡ MuFillyou 234

  27. Hi Harleena Di

    Great Post!

    I believe that Knowledge is Power ONLY when it is put in practice or shared with others. How many really want to change for betterment or are really enlightened that change will help them to become better?

    I have seen many who have the degrees from the elite institutes and how they flaunt those on to their subordinates, even his subordinates have better knowledge and experience.This is very much practiced in our country. When it comes to work, these type people cannot deliver the results without the knowledge and experience of their subordinates.

    Thanks Di for sharing this.


  28. Harleena,

    Applied knowledge definitely helps in making a change. However, there is more to it. I believe that there needs to be a social, emotional, and spiritual connection and this will give us the necessary drive to really make it happen. Knowing what to do is important, but the other three will facilitate movement.

    Applied knowledge does imply doing something with the information gained, so maybe the other three elements are what empowers our drive forward.



  29. Hi Harleena

    Happiness is an inside job and can be acquired without things. If a person is not happy then they should go about understanding how to achieve that. That can be the biggest change of all. I think once that is accomplished then other things start falling into place. Opportunities to learn and possibly what you should be learning. You will be directed to the right knowledge if you seek to change. Probably the hardest part is to admit you really need to make a change if you want things to be different. Realizing what you are doing is not the outcome you want and making the commitment to do the work.

    I know we all have had moments or even days of happiness, but unless one understands it is nothing to do with what is on the outside, it will never be long lasting. What if or only if and I know that never worked. So many fall into that trap. Unfortunately one cannot go back and correct past mistakes, all you can do is move forward.

    I also agree too much knowledge and not enough action doesn’t get results either. We always need to put the knowledge to work as soon as we achieve it.

    Shall look forward to the continuation of this subject.


  30. Hi Harleena,

    Even search engines are incomplete ’cause there are lot of things not written on web pages, no? 😉 Never will be.

    I really believe knowledge is power Harleena 🙂 Ignorance is like a curse. If we read newspaper or watch news, most of the cruel things happening are a result of ignorance. But gaining knowledge and using it in a wrong way makes things worse.

    If you remember the story I’ve shared here of two poor boys and how a grandmother lived in a neighborhood helped ’em to have a happy life, it’s just inspires me as I’ve witnessed it 🙂 I just recalled as I read your post.

    I think using knowledge for good is a long-term investment that lead us to success 🙂 May be that’s why it says good things come for those who wait.

    We used to believe in experience no matter what ’cause it comes from our culture, no? 🙂 Always take advice from elders and they share their wisdom with children. It doesn’t matter how far they had the education at school or even if they don’t know how to turn on a TV, they know when things tend to go right and wrong in life. Experience has lot of things to share 🙂

    It’s really wonderful when knowledge and experience get together 🙂 I’m experiencing it too dear. I know you have lot of experience in life than me and you know, most of my friends online are very experienced 🙂 I’m a kiddo 😀 lol… But you all have immense knowledge too. So I almost feel like I’ve friends and surrounded by many teachers and I watch you all do and learn and change what I’ve been doing wrong. Isn’t it how children learn? 🙂

    It’s kinda short post from you but yet never let me keep my comment short Harleena 😉 I feel like many posts related to this gonna be published sooner.

    Have a lovely weekend dear 🙂


  31. Hi Harleena,

    You are right, “Applied knowledge is wisdom.” I know people who keep learning and learning but do not put into practice what they learned. Then, what’s the point of learning it in the first place? You’ve got to put action (and practice) behind the theory.

    I also find that with age comes wisdom. Along the way we make many mistakes (which is a good thing), but only if we learn from them do we gain wisdom.

    Thanks for sharing your great insights, Harleena!


    1. Hi Ilka,

      You’re right Ilka – I used to read a lot of books, they were good and had good messages. But once you put that book on the side, slowly the valuable message too fades away because you fail to put it to use. So, does it mean reading the book was meant only for entertainment purposes – something that makes you feel good and high for a few moments, even if what it offered could keep you on that high feeling forever if you just apply it to your life. Only knowledge coupled with actions produces results.

      I agree, and it has been researched too recently that wisdom and happiness increase with age. And, mistakes are definitely a part of the process of gaining wisdom.

      Thank you for your wise inputs and they make the post worthier. 🙂

  32. I absolutely believe knowledge has the power to change our lives, Harleena!

    In fact, it’s the very thing I attribute to my own transformation and success in life. Unfortunately, I wasn’t that great of a student when I was in school, but I have since learn the importance of knowledge, and become a lot more accountable for self-educating myself. I wished I had taken my earlier training more seriously, but I believe it’s better late than never at all. I wouldn’t give anything for what I’ve learned through my own research,readings, life experiences, and from what others have taught me for nothing in the world. At this stage in my life, I can’t really afford college, but I refuse to let that hinder me from obtaining more wisdom in life. In this day and time, we really don’t have any excuses not to make our lives an ever-learning process. We have an extensive amount of access right here at our fingertips. If we don’t know something, it’s only because we haven’t sought it out. The choice is ours to make.

    Great post, my friend!

    1. I partially agree with you Harleena.

      Knowledge and experience do give us insight wherein we may realize that we want the change..but the biggest thing is motivation and having the will and courage to change. More often than not most of require a push in the form of an adversity or an incident to trigger the change that we want.

      1. Hi Amit,

        Welcome to the blog! Of course, you’re right – motivation, will, courage, and efforts are all required to bring about the change. They all come under the application process.


        Yes, there are triggering reasons and events, and they differ from person to person.

        Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. 🙂

    2. Hi Deone,

      I’m glad you agree with what the post is all about – changing our lives with applied knowledge!

      I love your story! The way you’ve transformed yourself is a testimony to the fact that it’s never too late or too difficult to turn towards light. The seeds of light come to us in the form of knowledge; we need to plant it in our life by putting it to use, and feed it with the right experience. Then the plant of light grows first into the sapling of wisdom and with continued nourishing it grows and becomes enlightenment – the light itself, and makes the person, enlightened!

      Nobody was ever born great, rather we all become who we are with our karma or deeds in form of thoughts, words, and actions. School education doesn’t really show you the path to the light, which is what makes a person’s life meaningful and beautiful. But you made the efforts yourself and the credit goes to you. You showed it that it is never too late, and your time starts when you understand the importance of knowledge.

      Something’s happen only when they’re scheduled to happen, and it’s no sense wishing that they happened earlier. This should make you reflect that whatever happened earlier was purposeful and had a hidden meaning – a clue for you to grow.

      I too believe self-experience is the best way to acquire knowledge and that always remains invaluable. I see more wisdom in a person from village than a professor from a city, when it come to living and dealing with life.

      You’re absolutely right – this is the age when you can easily get any knowledge you want which would’ve taken years and years of hardship in the ancient times. But equally powerful is the distraction in our everyday moments and life, which makes it challenging to make use of the knowledge that is easily accessible for us. Along with making the right choice, we’ve to make the right efforts, right?

      Thank you for sharing your life experiences and for your lightful wise words that inspires us all! 🙂

  33. I agree the more knowledge will strengthening your self improvement. I am starting to read more, not just school books.

    I have started reading leisurely and I think I like it.
    I always try to learn something everyday. I also like being around people who can help me learn something otherwise they may not be helpful to your personal growth.

    Knowledge is the key to so many improvements in your life. You do not necessary need programs in school to help you.

    It could be something simple like working on cars.

    1. Hi Michael,

      I agree; more the knowledge you gain and put to use, the more improvement you’ll observe. Reading is one of the noblest and greatest hobbies and pastime one can have. My kids have the habit of reading daily and I feel very good about it.

      It’s good to know that you do spend time reading and that you’re so concerned about personal growth. I too used to read a lot but nowadays the work pressure doesn’t leave me with anytime.

      I’d say our everyday life is a big source of learning to us – it doesn’t matter where you are, you’ve lessons from the pages of life to learn. Knowledge is the key to success and a happy future.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your personal thoughts and life. 🙂

  34. Hi Harleena, What an interesting article!

    Yes, knowledge is a powerful thing, but I have to agree with you that it’s important to have the experience as well. Have you ever met someone who spent his life getting advanced degrees but never did anything with the knowledge? Usually that’s the same type of person who loves to flaunt his knowledge over others as evidence of superiority.

    But you’re right that knowledge can help you change your life. Knowledge is power, it’s how you use it that matters.

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      I’m glad you like the article. I put it like this – knowledge is the theory, and experience is the practical; to clear an exam you need to excel in both the aspects of education! So, knowledge and experience both hold great significance in the exam of life and neither can be neglected. 🙂

      Yes, I agree. Some people do think they can prove their superiority by accumulating education degrees; however, it seems so senseless to me. I’ve met people like those, and it saddens me that they just waste their knowledge by not putting it to use. I believe even sharing of knowledge is like putting it to use; at least it can help somebody.

      That’s right, you said it – it’s how you use knowledge that matters. And, if you do not use it, it’s a sheer waste and would not help to change your life.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your words of wisdom. 🙂

  35. Hi Harleena,

    Knowledge can be powerful, but as you state, “practice what you learn.” This is where people get lost. Reading every self-help book on the planet won’t do any good if you don’t practice what you’ve learned.

    Wisdom can lead to happiness once you have the knowledge to see that you are responsible for your life. If things aren’t going your way, be still and quiet and go within to find out why. This is where reading books, attending classes and workshops, etc. becomes important. Through others, you can learn your self-sabotaging behaviors and patters. You can also learn about family patterns too.

    As for me, I started changing my life in 2007 by listening to the authors on HayHouse Radio. I somehow stumbled upon HayHouse and have been listening for quite sometime. A teammate of mine told me about “The Secret” and Joel Osteen. I’ve continued to read and listen, although I’ve become better at keeping what works for me and leaving the rest.

    Enjoy the weekend!

    1. Hi Amandah,

      That’s right! And, that is why I emphasize on applying your learning. It is so so important. I feel as you attain wisdom, there are matters of life that once troubled you, now don’t disturb you. You know and learn how to handle and tackle them, and you feel very much in charge of yourself. I agree that it is good to do everything to gain knowledge and share views, and use them to self-correct yourself and your life.

      It’s been quite some time for you on the wise path and I’m sure now you’ve lots to share with everybody. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your mind with us all so we stand to benefit from your wisdom. 🙂

  36. Of course,
    Knowledge has the power to both improve or change our lives. Its we who have to choose whether we have to improve or change. It’s really the experience that helps to decide which path we have to choose. We can just improve if we have much experience in our field. Or opt for a change if we are on a new way because we found out the last path has no much opportunities.

    All I will opt is an improvement….

    1. Hi Sen Kumar,

      Definitely, everything is the result of a choice that we make in life, including improving and changing. Whatever we do adds up to our experience that helps us to craft a new way.
      Improvement leads to personal growth, and that’s the way to go!

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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