How Eating Better Can Make You Happier

Make healthy food choices and you’ll be happy and healthy. Here’s how you can start eating better without depriving yourself of delicious foods you love.
Healthy food on table for more choices to eat better

The food that we eat can bring happiness into our life. It depends on the choices you make. If you make healthy choices, your body will be healthy and you’ll feel happy. You do not have to be too hard on yourself on what to eat and what not to as far as you keep eating better. Here’s how you can start eating better without depriving yourself of delicious foods you love. ~ Ed.

It seems that every diet only exists to steer you away from food. Eat less, no sugar, fewer carbs—but what joy is there to life without the joy of food?

The truth is, not every diet works for everyone, and you don’t have to cut out all your favorite foods to be healthy. There is a way to eat well AND be healthy and happy, while occasionally indulging in a delicious treat. The secret is balance.

Here are some reasons why eating better can make you happier, and some ways to get started.


3 Ways to Start Eating Better And Be Happier

If you eat lots of good food like fruits, veggies, eggs, and meat, you can get off to a good start. You need to keep making such healthy choices and develop the patience to feel the good results in the long run.

Start with the Basics

Eating better isn’t as hard as you think. If you remember the food pyramid from elementary school, fats, oils, sugars, and sweets are in that teeny tiny top triangle, whereas the rest of it is filled with goodies like fruits, vegetables, proteins (like meats, eggs, etc.), and whole-grain carbs.

Start filling your pallet with more meats, fruits, vegetables, and carbs in the form of whole-grains, nuts, and more veggies. Basically, anything that looks super cheap and bad for you probably is.

Getting healthy food in your home is a breeze now, too. Gone are the days of driving to your nearest health-food store and waiting in line for expensive products. Now, you can get delicious organic food like grass fed beef at Seven Sons delivered straight to your doorstep!

Think of Long Term

Eating Healthy Isn’t a Death Sentence. Eating “healthy” can sound like a condemnation when it’s the complete opposite! Most of the foods that taste “good” is just releasing chemicals in our brain to make us feel immediately better.

While that chocolate cake may taste good while it’s on your tongue, you’ve certainly felt the sugar crash and sluggishness that comes just a few minutes later and lasts for hours.

Eating better is like playing the “long con”. Eventually, once you get used to making healthier choices, you won’t even want the “bad” foods because you know how they’ll make you feel in the long run.

Make Healthy Choices

Happier People Are Healthier. It should be no surprise that people who take care of their bodies better are happier. When you’re happier, you tend to make better decisions about your body and fuel it with things that make it work better.

Conversely, when you’re feeling low and dejected, you’re more likely to reach for a bag of chips or a square of chocolate for that sweet, sweet serotonin release.

Mood affects the food we eat. Going for healthier options may not make you feel super satisfied right that second, but in a few days or a couple of weeks, you’ll notice a difference.

How to Start on the Road to Happy Eating

You can tell yourself that you’ll throw out all your desserts tonight and purge yourself of everything non-healthy all in one fell swoop, but… you won’t. And even if you rid your house of every morsel of processed sugar, chances are you’ll feel the withdrawals so bad you’ll probably just go buy a burger.

When playing the long con, take baby steps. Leave the cake mix in the pantry, but also stock your fridge with salmon, chicken, and frozen veggies you can easily boil or roast. Make healthy choices easier before you make the unhealthy choices harder.

Bottom Line

“Eating healthier” isn’t about getting rid of the delicious foods you love; it’s about celebrating your body’s amazing ability to work and thrive by feeding it the fuel it needs. You wouldn’t put mud in your gas tank, right?

Also, remember that any good thing in excess is bad. You can still have the cheesecake, just maybe only once a week.

Over to you

What are your thoughts about eating healthier? What healthy choice do you make to make you happier? Share them in the comments.


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