How To Make The Best Use Of Time

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Image of a lady on a clock trying to make the best use of time

Time flows like a river.

Have you heard of this phrase before? Certainly, you must have. Moreover, we all experience it.

We cruise along and drench ourselves in the river of time – sometimes we even get lost in it!

Or, at other times, time seems to have frozen, it just stands still.

Time stops!

Don’t the lovers feel so?

They are so engrossed in each other that even though they are together for hours, it seems like just a few moments, and they are left longing for more time.

In the material world, the time clock keeps ticking but your mental clock seems to betray it and stops following all laws.

I felt so, rather recently. No, not while romancing, but while working. 🙂

Can you imagine that we’ve been away from blogging for months at a stretch? We hadn’t thought our break would be this long!
It feels like only yesterday when we wrote last on the blog, but it’s been a while now.

It’s been a strange and enlightening experience, which I’d share with you.

“Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination: never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” ~ Philip Stanhope


Let’s Analyze Time

Based on my experiences, I’ve observed two things:

a) When idle, time moves slow.

Let me ask you about Sundays, holidays, or when you are on vacation. Don’t you feel like the day is too long or it’s hard to pass time when you sit idle?

It seems like days, even if a single day hasn’t passed.

On the contrary –

b) When busy, time moves fast.

This is what happened to me. I’ve been so busy with things that I was amazed so much time has elapsed, and I don’t even feel it! Time flies!!

It seems like a week, though a few months have passed.

Surely, Einstein was right – time is relative.

It depends on many factors, and one of them is your mental state.


Do you remember your experience taking an exam or watching a movie?

You sit through the exam writing all the answers, and the number of hours passes so quickly that you’re left gasping for more time.

Or you are so engrossed watching a good movie that you do not realize how quickly time passes. Then, you really feel the movie has been worth your money, don’t you?

But sometimes, even if you are busy and engrossed, you end up wasting time or not making good use of it.

Strange, isn’t it?

Making The Wrong Use Of Time

Even the slow and steady can win the race.

Besides working hard, you also need to be smart.

You waste your time if:

> You are not organized or do not have the things planned.

> You do not have a system that makes sense of the things you do and gives you a direction.

> Your efforts are not concerted; rather they are divided and not connected.

> You try to go too fast or engage in multitasking.

Are you making any of these mistakes?

Yes, I did. I made some of these mistakes and I do not regret or feel ashamed to accept it.

I believe acceptance opens the doors to improvement. The act of improvement will make you avoid the same mistake and lead you to the path of success.

My mistake was that I tried my hands on too many things at the same time. The result was that none of them got completely done.

I’ve been very busy all this while working on a few new projects, and for me time flew at the speed of the Concorde! But I still don’t have anything concrete to show you all.

I’d just take on a task as a challenge and keep working on it, and in the process neglect the other important tasks.

So, how does this analysis and my experience help you?

Yes, you now know that there’s more to making the best use of time than being busy.

A sad girl wasting her time.

Ways To Make The Best Use Of Time

Here’s what I conclude from my experiences and analysis of time – the more attentive and passionate you are, the more you make use of time.

Also, the faster the time moves, the more valuable it becomes.

But it is also true that if you do not mix fast and slow time in your working, you may end up being burnt out.

Don’t always be in the fast lane; take time out of your busyness and slow down.

To make the best use of time, you need to:

  • Have the right mental state to leverage time.
  • Have a practical strategy in place.
  • Remain focused to be more productive.
  • List your tasks daily and keep track of them.
  • Balance and prioritize your work.
  • Put your hands on what you can manage.
  • Take up one task at a time, complete it, and then move to the next one.

Making good use of your time isn’t difficult as you just need to implement and practice these guidelines frequently. Gradually, they will become new habits and a part of your routine.

If you can leverage time in the right way, you can achieve stability, strength, and prosperity.

I’ve a step-wise structure for you to make sure that you include all the guidelines to make the best use of time.

 “Eternity: a moment standing still forever.” ~ James Montgomery

T.I.M.E. – The Four Steps To Harness The Value Of Time

If you wish to be successful, you need to harness time. Here’s my method to help you.

I love acronyms. This time I’ve a special one for you and it’s called – TIME!

It stands for:

T  – Thinking

I  – Implementation

M – Management

E  – Exploration

Let me explain them to you.

A person holding a watch in hand with a background of sunset and a quote


The seed of success is an idea or a thought.

To incubate an idea of success you need to have the right state of mind.

Furthermore, you need to connect your ideas and think deep to develop a plan.

Planning is essential for success, no matter what aspect of life. It gives you a form and direction to follow.

You create the long-term and short-term goals making sure they are realistic.

But mere planning is not enough. You need to go ahead and implement those plans.

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” ~ William Penn


It is nothing but putting your plan to action.

To implement, you need to have the will or the motivation to get out of your state of inertia or the comfort zone.

You can bank on your four personal qualities, the 4 D’s – Devotion, Dedication, Determination, and Discipline. I’ve laid it all out here in this post.

Without implementation, your planning is useless, a futile act and a waste of time.

It will help if you make achievable to-do lists at the start of each day and carry out those tasks.

However, you need more to make your plans become effective.

“We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.” ~ Nelson Mandela


You need to make sure that your plans are implemented in the way they are meant to be.

To implement your plans successfully, you have to ensure that your efforts are organized and are in the right direction.

You need to develop the right skills and especially learn the skills of time management.

Keep track of all your tasks, and besides allocating deadlines, define time limits to each one of them.

In fact, you need to manage all the aspects of your life that may affect the implementation of your plans, directly or indirectly.

Proper administration saves you time and make your efforts more efficient.

If you wish to achieve excellence, then you need to go a step further.

“My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.” ~ Steve Jobs


Yes, you need to become an explorer!

Most successful people are pioneers and inventors of some sort, who spend a millionth part of every second they got to explore new avenues and methods.

You should leave no stone unturned and make sure that no second of your life goes waste. You have to be systematic and spontaneous too.

Going by the book is good, but you also need to be flexible enough to change your ways when your plans do not work as desired.

Yes, sometimes it happens that things do not go as per the plans. Don’t lose hope or treat that as a failure.

There is a time for everything, and your job is not to give up and keep trying.

To harness your time in the best way, you need to be able to extract the best out of every moment, change your thoughts, and look for signs of better opportunities.

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” ~ Robert H. Schuller

Let’s Be Efficient And Smart

Time and tide wait for no man” and “Lost time is never found again” – these are popular quotes that I’m sure you’ve read many times before.

But the real problem is that we forget as soon as we read it.

We need to change our habit and stop wasting time.

Remember that every moment is precious. Make every intention sacred, every thought positive, every behavior meaningful, and every act decisive.

Let’s resolve to use every moment to develop ourselves, grow professionally, and cherish the gift of life!

So, are you going to make good use of your time now?

“Time stays long enough for anyone who will use it.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

Over to You –

Do you believe in the value and power of time? How do you make the best use of time? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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  1. Hello Vinay!

    Right now, I think I can do much better on time management. My problem is right at the root. I don’t schedule and plan properly. I guess I should take your advice and start to do my homework 🙂

    N. M.

  2. Great article indeed.

    What I found that working in time block every day can increase your productivity.

    For example, I have a work schedule in which I work on specific task for specific time in each day. You can try that.

  3. Managing time is on of the biggest problem for me. I am hardworking but don’t manage my tasks in advance.

    Recently I have started using Google Calendar to plan my day and by far it is working a bit for me but I still think there is a good scope of improvement.

    I have also decided not to be active on social media because that is the place most of my time goes into.

    I really liked reading your article and noted down some of the good points you highlighted here.

  4. Hi Vinay sir,

    A beautiful post that took me on the time panels of my life to think about once. I thought like reading Albert Einstien’s the point of time for a second. A well organized day is much productive than a random flown one. I liked the abbreviation that you have made with T.I.M.E.

    Life is all about surprises after all. Hard times come and fall us behind the schedules. I think we should plan those times too.

    Thank you so much for such a joyful and useful writeup. Good to see you after a long time sir!

    Have a good day 🙂

  5. Hello, Vinay,

    How wonderful to see a post from you again – have missed your content. Excellent topic indeed, and time does flow like a river, not stopping for anyone.

    When difficulties in life arise, we often say, “Stop the world, I want to get off” but the fact remains that time marches on no matter what comes our way, good or bad.

    I love your analization of time – You’re absolutely right. When we’re idle, it does move slowly, or at least it feels like it. This reminds me of the saying: “A watched pot never boils” which isn’t true, but it feels like it because we’re still… LOL

    Your acrostic is timely, pun intended, lol, and I really like it. Why? Because I can remember it. 😉

    Your quote of Bruce Lee is excelelnt, and I used it to inspire my students in the last coaching call inside my membership, so thanks for sharing.

    Excellent article indeed, so thanks for giving this thought-provoking content. I will be spreading the word…

    Have a great weekend.


  6. Hi Vinay,

    Great to see you back with another thought provoking post. I am currently trying to take a break from blogging and my online business while we spend some time in Spain. It’s not a holiday as such as both my husband and I are retired but it’s a chance to take a break from the usual routine as well as lap up some much needed sunshine before the winter.

    I always have great plans to catch up on watching internet marketing videos that I didn’t have time to watch at home or read some pdf’s that I had downloaded but I never seem to have the time I think I will.

    We try to stay away from planning too much while we are away, taking each day as it comes. It makes a refreshing change not to have to be a slave to time. As you so rightly say it’s important to take a break from our businesses from time to time although I do enjoy what I do and find it hard to stay away entirely as you can see!

  7. Dear Vinay,

    Thank you so much, this is a great post. I agrere with you,”when idle time moves slow and when busy time moves fast”, true enough sometimes I said to myself 24 hours is not enough. I like the acronym of TIME as well. I believe in the value and power of time. We can bring back memories but we can never bring back the time again.
    Have a great week.

  8. Hi Vinay Sir

    It’s good to see you back in action. Through Harleena Ma’am, I came to know you both were working on a new project for Aha-Now. On the top of that, she is also working on her new site. You have chosen a perfect topic.

    Every person can connect with this topic at a deeper level. Time management is the one most important tactics to excel in the field of the blogging. You told about two ways in which we feel the movement of the time.

    I choose the second point. For me, time is moving fast. There is so much to learn. Every day, I come to know different things. At one point, it is very distracting. On the other side, it brings in more confidence to move ahead.I need to work out on framing more stronger time management plan.

    It is very easy to confuse ourselves by seeing the vast pool of knowledge. But, we need to allocate the time for every task. While completing any project, I always prefer to stay away from social media and emails. I have allotted times for visiting my social media profiles.

    Welcome back after a break. Looking forward to learning more from both of you. Have a wonderful week ahead 🙂

  9. Hi Vinay

    What a great come back post. I am sorry for the late reply. This is why this post is so important. Time management is so important. These days I have been working on managing my time.

    I have so many things to do and I have to note which is important and which can be left out. The problem is that not many things are unimportant so I have to figure out how to allocate time and get things done.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a swell week Vinay

    1. Hi Ikechi,

      No problem, in fact, sometimes it is okay to not attend to certain tasks immediately – you need to do them at your scheduled time. Properly managing time could also mean delaying certain tasks as per your priority.

      I too had this problem of considering all tasks as important and that confused me as to where to start and what to leave out. In that case, you need to assess your needs and situation and prioritise appropriately.

      Thanks for sharing your views and experiences, I really appreciate it. Do have a great week ahead!

  10. Hi Vinay,

    You did justice to this post; Indeed, our time is our life, the earlier we manage and master our time, the better for us.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post.



  11. Hey Vinay,

    Firstly welcome back.

    To answer your question. I am experimenting with time at the moment. I want to use it as best I can but to do that, I have to play around with it. Tweak it a little here and there, see how that works. If I see good results it stays but if I am not satisfied it is finding another way to manage time.

    I agree with you when you talk about how times speeds up and slows down. Blogging; time flys. When I am hungry and waiting for toast – time is slow. when I wait for a bus time is slow. Meditation – time is fast or slow, depending on my state of mind.

    That burnout you talk of, I am just recovering from and that has made me look at time as if it is one of my most precious resources – because it is. I had time management down to a fine art when working administration, however this blogging caper is a whole new ball game.

    Great having you back and a very relevant post for me. Tonight I am going to do some planning.


    1. Hi Rachel,

      Thanks for the welcome. 🙂

      Yes, it is good to experiment with your routines and schedules to check how best you can make use of time. It takes a bit of time and effort but eventually you can find the ways that are most productive for you and it helps if you understand youself better.

      True, time flies while blogging. Talking of meditation, it is one of the most engaging activity. You may sit meditating for an hour, yet feel fresh as if it’s just been a little while.

      Time is the greatest teacher. The experience that you gain with the passage of time makes you wise. I’m glad you have gained much wisdom to understand and manage time.

      Glad that you could resonate with this post and find it helpful. Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts and experiences.

  12. Hi! Vinay Sir,

    After the Eid Holidays, I am back to my work and planning to start working on my blog and other Clients websites. After coming back from vacations I am welcomed with this awesome post.

    I am a little bit worried about How to manage my time. Because I am running out of time and due to this there are so many things pending. You have written an awesome post about Time management and It really helped me with my time management.

    Thanks a Lot, Sharing it on Twitter 🙂

    Will see you Soon! 🙂

    ~ Umair Akram

    1. Hi Umair,

      Hope you had a great time in your Eid break.

      A little worry is okay and that shows your concern and acceptance of the problem. I guess you need to start with making plans and schedules. Then, it comes to implementing them and managing for increasing efficiency.

      I’m glad this post has helped you. Thanks for reading and sharing the post.

  13. Hey Vinay,

    Time is the major factor of everything. People need to know how to manage it. I liked the way you have explained it in different phases. Management, exploration and more is needed to use the time.
    How can someone get success if he/she doesn’t know the value of time? As you have said “Time flows like a river”, people need to understand the real meaning of this phrase.
    Thanks for such a wonderful post.
    Enjoy your day.

    1. Hi Ravi,

      I believe that every aspect of life needs management for proper performance and results. Time is one of them.

      I guess everyone realizes the value of time through incidents and other experiences. You’re right in that if you do not know its value, you may not make the efforts to manage it for better efficiency.

      Thanks for your comment. You too have a great day!

  14. Hi Vinay,

    I kept stopping by periodically to see if you two were back yet. I knew you were taking the summer off but wasn’t quite sure exactly of your return date. I think that Carolyn said this best though. Time does seem to drag by much slower when you two aren’t posting.

    I think the older I get the more time flies by. We all know there are still just 24 hours in a given day but maybe it’s because I now enjoy what I do and like you said, when you’re engrossed in work at times you don’t realize how much time has passed. I know for me when I enjoy what I do then I find it surprising that my day is winding down already.

    I do agree that we all need to use our time wisely and I believe I’m doing that. I’m sure there are always areas that can be improved upon but I try to take what I learn, schedule my time wisely and do the work. It’s a wonderful thing when you see everything coming together.

    Your posts are always so thorough so I want to thank you for that and welcome both you and Harleena back to blogging. I do hope you enjoyed your summer and also were able to get done what you had hoped. Either way it’s nice to have you back.

    Enjoy your week.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      To be honest, we too weren’t sure when we would be back. We had some plans but they just didn’t materialize as we expected. Thank you for the compliment but on the flip side I guess our not posting helped you save time too!

      I guess life would be better at Mars! It not only has more time in a day but more days in the year too. 🙂 Coming back to Earth, I think the mistake we make is trying too hard to make “more” of the limited hours we got. Time management does help but too much of multitasking gets risky. However, you get more quality when you single task passionately.

      You use a great way of working. I guess it takes time and effort for that to be a part of your daily routine. I agree that making the best use of time brings you happiness or you feel good.

      Thanks for appreciating the post and I’m glad you found it helpful. Thank you also for sharing your time management experiences and ways as they add incredible value to the post.

      We’re glad to be back too and wish you a wonderful week ahead!

  15. Hi Vinay,

    I have been focusing on time management for a long time, and I’m still amazed at how much time I keep spending on “the not so important stuff”. It’s only after I have started using Timely and keep scheduling time blocks, that I feel I’m in control.

    1. Hi Jens,

      Yes, it happens even with the experienced and the most prepared ones too. 🙂 The line between the important and the unimportant tasks becomes blurred and thin.

      Thanks for suggesting Timely and your practice of scheduling time blocks, it would certainly help all.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting here to add value to the post.

  16. Hi Vinay

    Good to see you’re back with Harleena on your long break from blogging.

    This topic you treated honestly, resonate with me deeply because just this morning I found myself wasting nothing less than 5 hours doing nothing online.

    I set out with the utmost intension to have at least two guest post written but ended up navigating from one website to the other clicking on this and that.

    At the end I wasted more than five precious unrecoverable hours.

    Oh….feeling terrible bad at the moment……Thanks Vinay for sharing this timely information. certainly I will put use many of what you shared in this post.

    1. Hi Shamsudeen,

      Yes, it’s been a long break and thanks for the welcome.

      I’m glad this post could help you. I’ve experienced the same many of the times when working online – I think that it’s one of the best tests of self-discipline, don’t you think so?

      You’ve to fight through all – temptations, desires, attractions to stick to your specific task. Yeah, you end up feeling guilty and bad if you don’t, and you’re not the only one.

      However, I’m sure putting the suggestions in the post to practice will help you as it has helped me.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your candid experiences.

  17. Hi Vinay and Harleena,

    What a great post you wrote for us, one which I’m sure plenty of us can relate to when it comes to making the wrong use of time.

    I have the habit of multi-tasking. I inherited that working in corporate America. I’ve been working on learning how to focus on one task at a time. I’m learning how to do it but I do catch myself every now and then opening a new windo to start on something else while I’m in the middle of another thing.

    I just stop and tell myself to let that go and get back on track with the current task on hand, that seems to work for me.

    I can definitely relate to your experience. I’ve negleted a project when working on another. Now I make sure I make a timeline for the projects I’m working on to make sure my time is spread evenly…as much as possible at least.

    Thank you for sharing the ways we can make the best use of our time. I happen to agree with all of them and acronyms and what they stand for.

    Have a great week ahead!


    1. Hi Corina,

      I’m glad you like the post. I believe multitasking is not that bad at all but the key is to be able to know the right time to make its right use. If you do multitasking, you need more precise and specific planning so things to do not get messed up. That’s from my personal experience.

      I experience the same and lose focus and fork into various related but unimportant tasks while working on one thing thinking I’d make “more” of the time. But it often results in chaos and less productivity. I agree that it’s important to talk to your self and make up your mind to be self-disciplined.

      Thanks for sharing your personal experiences and the solutions to your problems in time management, they really do help. Thanks for adding value to this post, and I too wish you a wonderful week ahead!

  18. Hi Vinay,

    So great to see you back! When it comes to time, it is precious to me. I work along side with my husband and we do have to create things using time management.

    At first it wasn’t easy. We were all over the pace, but like anything else, if you do things consistently, it becomes a habit. For the past year this is how we are working.

    We have learned how to not put too much on our to do list. A lesson well learned. And if something takes more time than we wanted, so be it. That “acceptance” phase of time management is something due noted.

    It is like making a list and putting in miscellaneous time in it because we tend not to factor in the life chores we need to do. Or even a life event with family and friend.

    Time management is needed in order to complete a goal. But the one thing we must remember is to be flexible if things do not happen as quickly as we thought.


    1. Hi Donna,

      Yes, time management is so important in business. I’ve experienced it first hand and I agree that it isn’t easy initially if you haven’t practiced it enough. Glad you’ve found your rhythm to make your pace productive.

      Great point here about acceptance. It’s true that not everything goes as per the plan all the time. Acceptance is the flexibility here.

      Another important point you make is the miscellaneous time spent in the life chores. So important to have it in the list; if it is not used, it acts as a bonus time for the other tasks in the list!

      Thanks so much for sharing your life lessons learned in time management and that adds big value to this post. Have a wonderful week ahead!

  19. Harleena & Vinay,

    Your words are falling like drops from heaven. I’ve missed seeing you, but I too have taken some time off. I kept the blog going for the last 1 1/2 years while dealing with cancer and then a liver transplant. It’s a miracle! I’m here! And ready to make up for lost time.

    Even in the hospital I was making lists. The problem wasn’t time, it was lack of focus. Honestly, I focused on saving my life. Many of the tools that I used are also practical things that can help me focus back on my blog and the projects.

    I’m working on a new strategy. Perhaps even a new mission statement. Being flexible is the name of the game here, right? You hit on so many good points.
    Gosh, I just needed to hear your voice. Your blog called out to me in the middle of the night and totally helped me develop my website. My readers stayed faithful during my health struggle and infrequent blogging. I even have a friend who is taking care of comments for me. We have to do what works sometimes.
    I am whole hearted in wishing you the best in every endeavor. BTW – I tried SO hard to be the first commenter on Adrienne Smiths blog this morning. I should have known you would get there first. Haha. It was great to be in second, behind you. I love following you.

    xo Karen:)

    1. Hi Karen,

      You’ve gone through so much and I feel sorry for you but at the same time I’m happy that you’ve shown courage and the will to face it all and then spring back. That’s the real strength and character and I admire you for that.

      I can understand the mental state you would’ve had but the good thing is that you kept going and believed in yourself. You’re a spirited person and its great to see you making new plans and making up for the lost time!

      I’m glad this post could act as a motivator. Yes, you need to be flexible. Rigidity is like the brittle plastic; it can break. Flexibility is easy and long lasting. I wish you all the best for your new plans.

      I’ll have Harleena answer some parts of your comment. Thank you for visiting and spending your valuable time in sharing your thoughts and experiences!

  20. Hi Vinay,

    So happy to see you back blogging. What a great post on how to use our time wisely. I Loved your acronym of TIME. That was smart thinking.

    We have to think our way through life to come up with new ideas, no matter what we are doing. There is a saying from AA “think, think. think” as it takes time to think things through, three times, perhaps.

    Implementing our ideas into action is the best way to fly. We try implementing our ideas to keep us moving forward.

    Time management is my favorite as I have a list of goals I want to achieve and I break them down into smaller steps and I write down the night before I go to sleep exactly what I have to do the following day. It works great!

    Exploration, I do by researching what is going on in the world and what is trending to give me new ideas for posting. I find a lot of information on social media sites too.

    Time is flying by and I don’t want to miss it so using it wisely is a given.

    Thank you for sharing, Vinay and you both have a wonderful weekend.


    1. Hi Linda,

      I’m happy that you like the post and thanks for the welcome!

      I think we are getting good at acronyms day by day and we’ve many others that you can explore on the blog. 🙂

      Oh yes, you need to be aware all the time and keep thinking – you get new ideas all the time and some of them can be really beneficial if we implement them.

      Thanks for sharing your time management strategy and I’m glad that it works for you.

      Further what we can do is to study our habits and patterns and then create a system that worked best for us. But then not get too rigid or attached to it and always keep scope for change and improvement.

      I wish more and more people read this and understand the value of time and I hope it helps all.

      Thank you for visiting and sharing your wonderful thoughts and experiences. Have a great weekend!

  21. Hi Harleena and Vinay,

    I wondered what happened to you Harleena but knew you had new projects. Time sure flies when you are busy and engaged but when you are bored it can go so ever slow! It always amazes how it seems that way because each day we get the same amount of time but some days fly by and others can drag by.

    I find the hardest thing about using time wisely is staying focused and not going from one thing to another without finishing each thing completely. Life sometimes throws you curves and it can just wipe out the focus.

    Love the quotes you have in this post! And thanks for the tips. Will have to try them out this upcoming week and see if it helps me get more time in the same amount of time!
    Nice to see you back Harleena.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Yes, we are still working on our projects. We had some breaks, faced some obstacles, and had complete change of mind at times. And then I could not make good use of time so we’re a bit late. But better late than never, right?

      That’s it, time seems to have elastic properties – its expands and contracts! At least it appears so because the feeling of time is relative to our mental state.

      You’re right that circumstances at times throw us out of the mental balance and we lose focus as well as time. That is why the wise suggest to have a balanced mental attitude at all times.

      Glad you like the quotes and the tips. More time in the same amount of time – yes, it is possible. Being more efficient can increase your productivity. 🙂

      Thank you for visiting and sharing your experiences. Do have a great weekend!

  22. Hi Vinay and Harleena

    Welcome back and big thanks for resuming with one of my favorite topics.

    Time once wasted can never be brought back. I have been listening this advice since my childhood but never thought of it the way you elaborated in the post.

    It shows how extensively you must have researched to bring several amazing ideas regarding time management.

    People say staying fit is a life style and I think living with least wasting time is equally a lifestyle but one acquire it with a little practice and doing a little care.

    We can see time from very near to our hand with our wrist watch but can never take it into our hands; and this is the biggest reality with regard to it.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this very useful and mind-blowing post.

    Have a great weekend

    1. Hi Mi Muba,

      Thanks for the welcome. 🙂

      I’m glad this post was able to give you some insight and different perspectives to consider.

      I deliberately tried to write the post from a different perspective because you already find so many great posts on time management, and they more or less tell you the same things.

      Living a life making the best use of time is a great habit and a superb lifestyle. I agree it’s not easy and mindfulness helps you to some extent.

      That was a good way of explanation using hands and wrist watch; I’d say you can really feel the time flowing if you breathe consciously. The realization that you’ve limited breaths available might make you value the time.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your beautiful views. You too have a wonderful weekend ahead!

  23. I totally understand it’s crucial to manage time in a wise way, especially when I’m making a huge shift in my life. Every day, I have a long to-do list which is almost overwhelming. However, I’m becoming better at my time management. Like you said, Vinay, priority is No.1 important thing for me, and not being a perfectionist is No.2. While I’m setting my priority, I tend to include everything and try to deal with everything, but since no human beings can be a true multitasker, I need to give up some of the least important things so I can focus on what I really need to be doing. And No.3 is to remind myself of taking baby steps so I don’t miss an important step. We tend to think that the faster, the better, but I think it’s more true that the more thorough, the better.

    1. Hi Keiko,

      You’re going great. I make small to-do lists to avoid disappointments. I don’t want setbacks and aversion to to-do lists to set in my psyche. As you mentioned, long to-do lists can be overwhelming, and it’s good that you prioritize your tasks.

      There’s a difference between important and urgent and that’s where I used to faulter. I attended to the urgent tasks, and the important ones got ignored. This affected productivity. So, I adopted an approach that you mentioned you’re doing.

      Definitely, trying to be a perfectionist might make you end up being panicked. I also agree that you always have to make your list as realistic as possible, no matter you go slow, because once you’re motivated enough, you can pick up the pace later.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your wonderful experiences and tips, I appreciate it. Have a great weekend ahead!

  24. Hi Vinay,

    It is great to see you back blogging! I hope Harleena and you had a restful and productive break.

    This is an excellent post on time management. I love all the quotes. The last 10 words of Philip Stanhope’s are ones that I try to live by.

    Time is something that seems to slip between our fingers, isn’t it. I have to make a conscious effort to use my time more wisely. I love acronym, too, and your T.I.M.E. acronym is perfect for making the best use of time. I’ll be continuing to concentrate on the “M.”

    Thank you for sharing this, Vinay. Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

    ~ Robin

    1. Hi Robin,

      Harleena and I really had a great time and we too are glad to be back to where we belong, blogging!

      I agree that those quotes really have so much to tell and encapsulate the value of time in them.

      If you read time backwards, it is “emit” – release, let out, or discharge. There’s no way you can control it – time is one train that never stops!

      Glad you like the acronym. I’ll myself be concentrating on the “I” as I’ve so many ideas, and they’re still lying in my head. 🙂

      Thank you for visiting and commenting here, I really appreciate it. You too have a great weekend ahead!

  25. Hi Vinay,

    Finally I can see a new post here after a little gap. This is an insightful article, indeed! 🙂

    I’m very concerned about the time, because I believe that time is a gift that should be utilized as well as possible. Everyone has the same amount of time. Differences in people who are successful and which are not is lies in the use of their time.

    When I do blogging, I feel that my time has passed so quickly. But, I’m proud because I use it for something useful. I would feel bad if I’m wasting it without meaning. Yes, I have to use the time I have wisely. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this interesting post with us, Vinay.
    Do have an awesome weekend!


    1. Hi Nanda,

      I’ve the same concerns as you. I value each passing moment as it is never going to come back. Oh yes, time is a gift and that reminds me of this quote – “Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.”

      That’s the right analysis – people who make good use of time are generally successful and happy. You’re likely to be engrossed in doing anything that you’re interested in and are passionate about – it seems blogging is your passion.

      In a way, time never goes waste because every moment teaches us a lesson, sooner or later. So, it’s wise to have good intention and be content because sometimes time has surprises for you or doesn’t deliver as per your expectations.

      Thanks for reading and appreciating this post. You too have a wonderful weekend ahead!

  26. Hi Vinay sir, it is long time you published on your blog and I was eagerly waiting for your post since I last read Harleena Ma’am’s post.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful and time saving post. You have mentioned time saving management in a brief discussion that every one who will read this post will definitely learn this time management.

    Once again thanks for continue our life which was incomplete without reading your posts.

    Mohinder Paul Verma
    BloggingFunda – A Community of Bloggers

    1. Hi Mohinder,

      I’m glad you like this post. It is indeed about time management and specifically about how to make use of time. Of course, there could be many more aspects of time management that I’ve not mentioned here.

      Thanks for your compliments and for taking the time to visit, read, and comment on this post. Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

  27. Hi Harleena and Vinay, You know when time drags sloooowly? It’s when Aha!NOW is taking a break. Months seemed like years!

    But that is only because of how wonderful a site this is. Welcoming, informative and inspirational. So glad to have you back!

    Yes, I learned as a lawyer, billing by the hour, that once you lost time you couldn’t get it back. If you lose money you can earn more, but time just keeps marching on.

    You’re absolutely right, we need to make the most of time, including time for relaxing. Like so much in life, it’s really about balance isn’t it?

    Welcome back!

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      Aha! We didn’t know we kept you so busy. 😉 Next time when we think of taking a break, we’ll think twice!

      Thank you for such a hearty welcome back, we’re overwhelmed.

      I agree it’s difficult to keep pace with time. That’s why keeping a journal helps to know how much we really make use of time on daily basis. However, sometimes even a small loss is favorable because it gives way to bigger opportunity. So, we always need to be optimistic and keep marching ahead with time.

      Good that you added this point as I missed on mentioning it in detail in the post. You need to slow down and have quality family time too. It is certainly about balance in life, and the ones who are able to achieve it are really happy.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your beautiful thoughts. Do have a great weekend ahead!

  28. beautiful, you have great information here, i enjoyed it and surely have learnt new strategy to utilize my time better, but its been a long time you updated this Blog, however’ you are welcome back.

  29. Yeah.. Very much true.. as a lover many times, i felt so,timing is very important in my life when i am with my lover.Moreover as a passionate in blogging,em taking a big task of 2 lovers at a time. Now you may think,2 ones nah.. The another one is my blogs. 🙂

    As you Said in Time analyze ,i too felt so,the same happening to me,Don’t why and what happening,some times i think,its because i wanna quit blogging,sometime i don’t wanna quit.Time is getting a frustration for me now.I was Unable to manage so,since em wasting so many time with roaming around and around with simply.That’s why. 🙂

    My problem is ,I was unable to ;
    Concentrte on my work
    Focus on my work

    But my strength is that, i will complete my work ,but not mentioning my time..That’s my bad behaviour.
    Thanks for sharing a great article indeed buddy.. Have a great weekend.:)

    1. Hi Sneha,

      It’s good to know that you’re so passionate about blogging.

      May be I did not add this in the post, but you also need to have realistic expectations. If your expectations are too high and your plans are not good enough, you may experience the burn out.

      I guess with more self-control or self-discipline, you should be able to manage your time properly and get over the frustration. Now, since you know your problem areas, you need to devise a strategy to resolve them. I guess avoiding procrastination and accepting prioritization should be good for you.

      I’m glad you found the post helpful, thanks for visiting and commenting. You too have a wonderful weekend.

  30. Hi Vinay, great tips on time management. I love the quotes as well. Isn’t it the great debate of social media? Whether it’s valuable use of time or wasting time. I agree that time is relative and most of all it’s a precious resource. WE can’t buy it back. So great to see active again. I hope you and Harleena had a marvelous and productive break.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Well, social media has its pros and cons. It can help us if we follow the middle path and do not go to the extremes and be able to control our desires. Those who can’t, often waste their time and suffer.

      I didn’t add this quote in the post but here it is for you – “Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend. ~ Theophrastus” If it were me, I’d substitute “person” for “man” in it. 🙂

      Thanks for your sweet welcome back and we really appreciate your visit. We had a good break and it’s good to be back to interact with you. 🙂

  31. Hey Vinay,

    Time is very important. Especially to those of us that don’t have a lot of time.

    But I tell you that as of lately I’ve been finding ways to make better use of the time I have. One thing that I lacked in was implementation. I would read a blog about certain topics or attend webinars or seminars. The problem was that I wouldn’t implement them..instead I would go back to the same tired, worthless routine which wasn’t really getting me anywhere.

    This had to change and that’s when I started to do things smarter. Thanks for sharing Vinay and I hope you have a great day!

    1. Hi Sherman,

      I agree, time is a diamond mine for bloggers!

      I too faced the problem of implementation and frankly I was troubled by the problem of information overload. Sometimes that can be counterproductive and make you feel miserable too. So we need to be selective and implement only that is important and that we can. However, you’re so true about worthless routine that we fall for, those are really obstacles to our moving ahead.

      I’m glad you made things change for the better for you. I wish you success in managing your time!

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your experiences. Have a great weekend ahead!

  32. Hi Vinay,
    What a joy to see yet another Epic post after a bit gap!
    That to about an Important topic we all need to seriously look into it!
    TIME Yes that is the KEY WORD here!
    In fact, we all are running after time! Or Time is running after us!! LOL Anyways It’s a serious Issue!
    In this world of chaos and confusion it is an important aspect to handle it carefully!!
    Yes, if it goes out of hands it’s very difficult to get back, in fact never get back!!
    Your love towards acronyms is really wonderful just few months back you coined one, that is the New formula the 4 D Formula you shared in your previous post, quickly i visited that post, it is indeed a noteworthy one!! i really missed that and now in this post yet another wonderful one on T I M E…

    Yes, your concluding paragraph is indeed a call to ACTION!
    Yes, let us utilize our time properly by implementing that formula in our life!
    Thanks Vinay for this motivational as well as educational post.
    Wish You Both A Wonderful Time of Sharing And Caring!
    And Ha! Surely by implementing this on a daily basis!! LOL
    Great Going My Dear Friends
    Keep Going!
    Keep Sharing!
    Good Day
    ~ Philip

    1. Hi Philip,

      I’m glad you like the post. Yes, time is so important to us all and we need to be serious about its use.

      Definitely, every moment is crucial and that is why we should practice mindfulness.

      I’m happy that the posts on Aha!NOW are helpful to you and I’m sure you’d find many other useful posts too if you dig further. 🙂

      Implementation is indeed the key. It’s not easy and I admit that I too failed somewhat. But I learned the lessons and life’s better now. 🙂

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. Do have a great weekend ahead!

      1. Hi @vinay-kachhara and Harleena @admin

        What a joy to find my comment on the first place! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        Thank you Vinay for the quick response.

        Sure I need to do a great digging here!

        Yes it’s Indeed a goldmine !
        Will come again and dig!

        Thank you for your wonderful services you both provide to the community around.

        Keep caring Keep sharing

        Good Wishes

        ~ Philip @pvariel and @annpv From Secunderabad 🙂 🙂

      2. Sir , I am a blogger recently join in your community. I go through various article of your website it always looks me as a impressive.
        This article , is a path or I can say this is a correct diagnosis of time. I also agree with you time management is key factor of success. By profession I am a professor engaged with an organization, where I spend my hours to talking with people on various topic, so there I manage my time with proper distribution of time.Because you can’t overlook anyone.So M for manage your time is an important factor. And you correctly talk about failure, it is a pillar of success . So never get rid of from your attempt because better luck next time.So time is a worthy things, so being a blogger I asked one things to you how much time you always spend on blogging to gain success?

        1. Hi Sourav,

          Thanks for joining the blog community. Glad that you like the posts on Aha!NOW.

          It’s good to know about your practical experiences with the management of time. The “M” is very important for those who do the “I”. However, there are many who just remain stuck at “T”. 🙂

          I’m never ashamed of accepting my failures as they help me learn new lessons and open up vistas to better opportunities. It’s a good habit to be optimistic and expect success in the next attempt.

          Presently, I’m a part-time blogger and am working on a few online projects. And I had my share of making the best use of time that I’ve mentioned in this post.

          Thanks for visiting and sharing your views.

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