6 Hacks to Help You Never Give Up

Thomas Edison is a great inspiration for his never give up attitude. Here are few ways to adopt that attitude and achieve your goals against all the odds.
One lighted bulbs among many fused bulbs symbolizing Edison's never give up attitude

You can overcome your obstacles and achieve your goals. You just need to remain confident, determined, passionate, and motivated. It helps to look up to great personalities for inspiration. One of them is Thomas Edison and his ‘Never-Give-Up’ attitude. Here are some lessons to stand strong in difficult times and follow your dreams no matter how tough it gets. ~ Ed.

Why was it so damn easy for Edison to never give up? Sometimes, when looking at his life events, I feel like, he was literally doped to his ‘Never-Give-Up’ attitude.

Can we also be like that?

Yes, we can be like and learn from Edison’s fighting spirit.

The only way I could think of to deeply learn about someone who is not among us — is by observing their thoughts, not from their biography but from their quotes.

Because a quote is something that speaks about the solutions to life’s problem.

Okay, now we shall see what facts I could draw on from Edison’s life:

  • He loved working hard.
  • He was always full-optimistic.
  • And this third one is a bit special, which I will unveil when you read along.

Believe me, these facts are very insightful as they will help us bridge the gap between our personality and Edison’s personality.

This is going to be the theme of this article and for that, I’ll blend the ideas of modern psychology and my hacks.

The studies of modern psychology state that ‘if something is possible anywhere around the globe, then it is also possible for you’. And my hacks will help you adopt those traits of Edison that might have been helpful for his perseverance.

So, without any further ado, let’s see those hacks. 

never give up

6 Hacks to Never Give Up in Life

You’re capable of fighting the odds and achieving any goals. You need these hacks to develop an attitude of never giving up in life.

The At-Least Schedule

Do you know why it always sucks to schedule your time table? Because it is not something that invokes action.

You need to add some adjective to your schedule that will push you to take action and this is what ‘at-least’ means.

When you think of what you want to do ‘at-least’ in a certain period of time — you create urgency which is the most important part of achieving any goal.

You would certainly agree that you need this kind of scheduling more when you are in a stage of breaking up with your dreams.

Up to this point, you might feel that it’s easy to do scheduling but take this advice — it will definitely boost your confidence in making schedules. You should always consider doing long-term scheduling; because the chances are really high to make something great out of it. 

Don’t stick with scheduling your afternoon or your weekend or something like that. It’s better to start off with scheduling this month, decide what you want to achieve in it and calculate what needs to be done each day and schedule your day in that manner to get what should be done.

Simple enough but slowly and steadily, one day you will be living your dreams.

Win-Win Model

Great people often say that ‘life is immensely beautiful’ and seem to be enjoying every part of it, including the tough ones too.


But can you guess how? 

It is mainly because they know how to turn the odds in their favor without any effort and also in no time. This is basically how some people always seem to have an advantage over others.

The secret is nothing more than just looking at every challenge as an opportunity to extend your limits.

This is basically your self-image that tells you how much you are capable of doing something without struggling enough. The boundary of this self-image always extends when you achieve something out of your preconceived capacity. 

It is exactly how you become extraordinary in the eyes of common people by continuously extending your limits to greater extents.

Imagine using this hack to the most challenging situation you’ve ever faced. This time you will see that you are excited and motivated instead of worrying and doubting because you know that you are not going to lose anything and in fact, you have the chance to gain so much confidence from this situation.

It will be a game-changer for you when you successfully overcome the biggest challenge of your life.

Well, we can also guess that this hack might be the reason why Edison was really doped to his ‘Never-Give-Up’ attitude, as he knew there was nothing to lose and only to gain.  

Harnessing the Power of the Greatest Emotion

If you’ve ever felt sick of the limiting behavior that stops you from utilizing your full potential, then you can use this hack. In this hack, we shall use the special feature of Edison’s character, which I discussed at the beginning.

But, first, let’s talk about what causes this limiting behavior or self-destructive character. It is because of the left out emotions of your past traumas that you may be unaware of. Still haunting you and forcing you to doubt your abilities.

And to wash away these emotional stains from your core, you need to utilize the power of gratitude.

Gratitude is such a strong feeling that it unconditionally uplifts your emotions and fills your heart with joy and peace. And there is no need to explain why a feeling of gratitude completely erases all your bad memories because you feel thankful for all that you have.

It is also very evident from Edison’s most famous quote that how he utilized this emotion. In which he quoted as ‘I’ve not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work’. Here, you can see how grateful he feels to find so many ways that didn’t work for him.

But you would certainly agree that it’s the most difficult thing to have gratitude when life tries to test your patience. Although it is difficult, there is a way and for that – you can take inspiration from the great personalities of the world who’ve done it despite all the odds.

Combining Desire and Dream

There is a significant difference between how common people dream their life goals, which is literally just like daydreaming and how all the successful people do the same.

The way successful people dream their life goals has a major advantage over others, as their method allows them to influence the subconscious mind (i.e. 98% of the total mind).

And we can also find out how Edison might have been envisioning his life goals from the famous book “Think and Grow Rich” that claims to have interviewed successful people including him.

It describes the appropriate method of envisioning dream as an active voluntary process that includes:

  • Visualizing specific and definite goals, which means that you know the endpoint of your goals.
  • Visualizing those goals either just before you go to sleep or just after you wake up. For me, it works with more intensity when I visualize after I wake up.
  • Now, here’s the deal that makes this technique so powerful. You should always visualize that you have already achieved your goals. In this way, you will create a burning desire that is necessary for your success.
  • Repeat this process every day until you achieve success.

Note: Don’t do this procedure with goal statements that have a negative sense in it. Like ‘I don’t want to eat junk food’ or ‘I don’t want to spend money’ and stuff like that. Because our subconscious does not process those kinds of negative phrases.

Many others also mention this process but they won’t tell you one more crucial step – that is to have faith in the visualization which you do. To believe that this will surely let you achieve your goals. Dong it in this way will bring instant manifestations in your actions.    

Creating Feeling of Confidence

We feel confident to do something when we have done it before but what if we are doing it for the first time?

Just like Edison who was obviously inventing stuff for the first time. How did he manage to feel confident then? 

I could not be sure of what Edison actually did but I can assume that he must have taken inspiration from something similar to my hack.

Let’s see that.

One of the easiest and effective ways that you can go through to boost your confidence is by constant stimulation of your self-worth. But, the trick here is that you have to do that in a repetition mode because our sense of self-worth fades away easily.

For this, I would like you to recall the five biggest moments of your life when you did overcome your fear or achieved something, which earlier you thought to be impossible. To help you with it, try to revisit your childhood memories and you will definitely find many such moments, but don’t worry if you can’t recall five of them. 

When you have those five events, assume that the five fingers of your dominant hand represent each of these successes. If you couldn’t recall five of them then think that the success of those events divide equally in all your five fingers. Now, close the fist, feel the energy of all your victory come inside you.

After you do it a few times, you will automatically feel confident while closing your fist without recalling those events. This is the power of psychology, more specifically placebo effect, which you can use to grow your confidence

Overcoming Regret

People generally regret or blame someone for their failure.

But to move ahead in life and that too as quickly as possible, you need to overcome this obstacle.

For which I think these short, real-life anecdotes of some of the most successful people would be very inspiring:

— Einstein had failed as an insurance salesman when he was in desperate need of job and money.

— Charles Darwin the famous naturalist, who coined the term theory of evolution, failed twice to get into a medical college. But, the worst thing is that he was bullied by his own father for being a below-average student in front of his relatives.

— Abraham Lincoln, one of the pioneers of modern democracy and the most famous U.S. President was a failure all his life before he ran into his Good-Luck. He had failed twice in his business and even went bankrupt having had to pay his debt to his friend for 17 years.

— Charlie Chaplin, the greatest comedian was once struggling for almost everything. He spent his childhood and teenage in utter poverty and later also in his early days of adulthood struggled to get any job.

Notice, one thing which is common in each of these anecdotes and it really is the heart of motivation for someone who has failed. It is their huge success that they got from different ways unexpected at the time of their failure. 

Taking inspiration from these anecdotes, you can very well deal with failures

Wrap Up

In the end, I want to mention that even if you have lost all your willingness and hope to follow your goals, you can still follow my hacks out of curiosity.

And that may spark or light up your lost hopes and eventually, your actions resulting from that will bring significant success. It will again fuel your hopes and you won’t ever give up just like Edison.

You should never give up in your life. As that in turn will motivate others to stand strong in difficult times and follow their dreams no matter how tough it gets. 

And this way, we will get a cool support cycle, which will definitely help in the sustainable development of humanity.

Over to you

Have you ever achieved your goals in spite of all the odds? Share your personal hacks and stories in the comments to inspire others.


Disclaimer: Though the views expressed are of the author’s own, this article has been checked for its authenticity of information and resource links provided for a better and deeper understanding of the subject matter. However, you're suggested to make your diligent research and consult subject experts to decide what is best for you. If you spot any factual errors, spelling, or grammatical mistakes in the article, please report at [email protected]. Thanks.

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  1. When I enrolled for B.Sc. Physics(H) at Delhi University, every body responded it as very hard to complete. That gave me intent to do hard task in life. Further, I enrolled for MCA from IGNOU which is considered a miracle if one completes in stipulated time but with god’s grace it was completed with First Division. Many hard task can be done easily by visualizing them to be completed successfully.

  2. Hello Ankeet,

    Being part of the human race you are one of the most resilient and strongest beings to have ever walked on the earth. There are a countless number of positives inside us that probably don’t even realize.

    And every now and then when we lose motivation a quick reminder of what our potential is can really help. Just always need to keep in mind that to taste success you are always faced with temporary defeat.

    If you give up at these defeats you will fail, but if you keep going you will become successful. In my opinion – Everything you need to reach your goal is already inside of you. Regret is the worse feeling a person can feel.

    There is no better feeling in this world other than knowing that you faced an obstacle and that only through grit and determination you overcame it and became successful.
    Eventually, thanks for sharing your positive experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

    1. Hi Aman,
      Thanks for your awesome reply.
      It’s great to know that you could connect with my article. I hope in future too I could come up with some more stuff like this.

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