7 Untapped Social Media Tactics For Smart Bloggers

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Poster of 7 Smart Media Tactics For Smart Bloggers

This is a guest post by Abrar Mohi Shafee, the AhaGEMS leaderboard topper of March. He is a teen blogger with innovative ideas for blogging and marketing. In this post, he highlights the social media marketing strategy that bloggers should use to be successful. ~ Editor.

Are you one of those die-hard marketers who spend hours after hours on social media? Take my advice; give it a break and rehash your approach.

One lesson I learned about social media is “work smarter, not harder”.

I came to this conclusion after realizing that ½ hour of smart work can pay off far better than a full 1 hour’s hard work.

Yes, you heard it right, and that is what I’ll discuss here.

Smart work doesn’t refer to the influential. You don’t have to be an influencer to be smart. But you can be the real S.M.A.R.T. person from day one of your journey.

How? Simply because S.M.A.R.T. means being:

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Attainable

R – Relevant

T – Time-bound

Here in this post, I will share 7 untapped social media tactics that I tried, and you too can adopt this “S.M.A.R.T. approach”.

Poster showing many options for social media strategy and a quote


Social Media Marketing Strategy For Smart Bloggers

You need to be smart to be successful as a blogger. Social media is a great tool and you need a plan of action to make the best of it.

I present the social media tactics that should be a part of your blogging strategy.

1. Post Timing

Are you posting day and night on social media expecting higher conversion, higher engagement, and higher traffic? Unfortunately, that will not happen the way you think.

A big factor in social media is post timing. It’s scientifically proved that there are some specific days and times, where posts get better engagement.

Your social fans and followers would have a specific time table to use those social media sites. By delivering content on the right time, there would be an increase both in traffic and click through rate.

According to Quick Sprout, the best timetable of social media posting is:

Platform Name Best Days to Post Best Time of The Day to Post
Facebook Thursday, Friday 1pm, 3pm, 9am – 7pm
Twitter Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 12pm, 5pm, 6pm
LinkedIn Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10am – 11am, 7am – 8am, 5pm – 6pm
Pinterest Saturday 8pm – 11pm
Google+ Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9am – 11am


P.S.: There is doubt that it may vary from location to location, business to business. Though the suggested timetable is standard, for all businesses and websites.


2. Platform Wise Content Selection

Content selection is another important factor for higher social media engagement. Before I proceed, let me explain why.

Every popular social media platform has people from all different industries, but there are variations in the majority.

Some have majority in business people, some in celebrities, and some other in ordinaries.

By posting the most relevant content to the relevant people, you can make an increment in traffic and engagement.

All we need to determine is, who is the audience and what are the most relevant materials for them.

According to Add This, following are the high performing materials based on different platforms:

Platform Name Content Types
Facebook Quizzes, Heartwarming Stories, Entertainment News
Twitter Business, Breaking News
LinkedIn Industry News
Pinterest Recipes, Fashion, DIY Projects
Google+ Deals, Coupons, Celebrity News, Sport Articles

3. Hashtag Researching

Are you done with just adding one or two hashtags randomly in each of your social media posts?

Nope. That is identical but not smart marketing.

Hashtags have huge potential, and adding them without researching is like throwing a bunch of stones without targeting.

I’m sure you will not want to lose your energy in untargeted marketing.

By hashtag researching, you can expand your reach, gain more exposures and drive more people to your website.

So now you could ask, how to research hashtags and pick the best one?

Ritetag is my favorite researching tool when it comes to hashtags.

You can learn about a hashtag’s frequency, popularity, reach, and most importantly, it will suggest which hashtag is best to use distinguishing them with green marks. Screenshot of Ritetag hashtag researching for social media strategy Alternatively,  there are more handy tools you can use for hashtag researching:

4. Reciprocal Interaction

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. We all know this is the third law of Motion by Sir Isaac Newton.

It is applicable to all actions, so why not in social media.

Reciprocal relationship in social media is very practical and believe me, this is the one aspect that can drive some insane traffic to your blog.

You share mine, and I probably share yours. This is how it works.

News can spread to hundreds of people, from mine and your audiences, and those audience’s audiences.

Perhaps, you doubt if it does work? The answer is apparently “yes”. Because you shared someone’s articles, he or she would more likely show appreciation by sharing yours.

You can see that it happens all the time. Though there are some exceptions.

If I share Bill Gates post, I am pretty sure I will not get any interaction from him. Why? Maybe because of his time limitation or he is too popular.

However, if I do it for my dearest friends, I can expect returns and some good interactions.Here is my sample of interaction with Carol Amato: screenshot of comments between Abrar and Carol

5. Visualizing Post

Social media is going visual.People love to see images more than text. Why? Because the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than the text.

I think, the following statistics will convince you:

  • Photos on Facebook can get 53% more likes and 104% more comments than an ordinary Facebook post. (Source: HubSpot)
  • Images in Twitter can get 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets than an average non-image tweet. (Source: BufferBlog)

Looks like images are a must in social media, isn’t it?

You should visualize your social media posts with appealing images that serve the purpose visually.

If you create featured images for your blog, you may attach it when sharing. That can increase the conversion.

You may also create a separate one or grab one from someone else with their permission and proper attribution.

Visual content not only mean images, but also anything what visually serves information. Such as:

  • Videos
  • Presentations
  • Infographics
  • Memes

I wrote an in-depth article on distinctive visual marketing. Maybe you should check the post to learn some advanced ways to visualize content.

6. Adding Social Meta Tags

Did you ever wonder how to increase social sharing effectiveness? If not, then I’d advise you to go for social meta tags.

Social meta tags will enable rich snippets on sharing. Whenever your website URL will be shared on social media, the crawler bots will import meta tags to give it a rich, semantic look.

I am sure you’ve seen it when posting links on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Rich social shares can make solid eye-stops. As a result, people feel more attracted, and the click through rate (CTR) gets a significant increase.

So, social meta tags can prove very helpful in case of generating more clicks.

Unfortunately, each social media site has their own style of meta tags. So, we have to add it separately to make it work on different platforms.

The thing is there is a ton of social media sites. So we should pick the platforms that are relatively popular.

The following four types of meta tags are recommended by the industry experts:

  • Facebook Open Graph
  • Twitter Cards
  • Pinterest Rich Pins
  • Google+ Rich Snippet

They will require some coding skill.

Moz has a beautiful guide on adding social metadata to a template. I would advise you to see it. Alternatively, you could use the following plugins if you are on WordPress:

Site source code screenshot of social meta tags 7. Leveraging Platforms That You Didn’t

When I got into the blogging profession, I thought nothing else but Facebook is the only one that can drive me massive traffic.

The oversight was gone as soon as I joined Twitter. My mind expanded more when I joined Google+. Thereafter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and so forth.

One thing I learned by upgrading to new platforms is that each of them has its own qualities and styles. Each of them has something to serve you.

So smart social media marketing is not picking 1-2 handy platforms but picking all potential platforms.

It is not right to blame a platform for not generating traffic, instead blame the strategy and look for fields of improvement.

You already know which are the popular social networks. However, here I want to mention a few platforms that will present a next-gen social networking experience for bloggers:

  • The ABC: A blog community that has turned into an active social network of bloggers.
  • Triberr: A beautiful networking site to share and connect with bloggers and their contents.
  • BizSugar: A site for connecting with small business bloggers and their curated materials.
  • Kingged: An internet marketing community sharing and connecting with each other.

“Content-based marketing gets repeated in social media and increases word-of-mouth mentions; it’s the best way to gather buzz about a product.” ~ Marsha Collier

Wrapping Up

Social media websites are bound with great potential.We are just one step behind to earn the keys.

There are two types of people in on the social media platforms. One, who work with strength while the other, who work with talent.

Both are necessary as a person, but in case of social media marketing, I would suggest you to use your talent.

Why? Because social media can cost you a lot of your time. Being smart, you can save the majority of it and the result could be far better than the average.

By having a social media marketing strategy you make more out of less.

So why be late; it is time to be the real S.M.A.R.T. guy or gal on social media!

Over To You –

What do you do to work smartly as a blogger? How do you use the social media and what are your social media tactics? Share in the comments.


Disclaimer: Though the views expressed are of the author’s own, this article has been checked for its authenticity of information and resource links provided for a better and deeper understanding of the subject matter. However, you're suggested to make your diligent research and consult subject experts to decide what is best for you. If you spot any factual errors, spelling, or grammatical mistakes in the article, please report at [email protected]. Thanks.

  1. Abrar,

    Thank you so much for a very informative post! I learned a ton especially about hashtags (will be checking out rite tag, tagboard, and the others!) and post times. I have heard that there are “better” times to post on the different media sites but I now have chart to use.

    I truly appreciate your sharing.

    To your success,

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Yeah, hashtag has great potentials. Try to always research it before using. While post timing is another important thing you shouldn’t miss.
      Thanks for your comment and have a nice day!

  2. I have been blogging for two years now and it is only in the past year, when I discovered LinkedIn Bloggers Helping Bloggers group that my blog readership slowly started to grow. I am now also on Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest but will be the first to admit that I haven’t learned to use them effectively. This post will help me a lot. I am printing this off and bookmarking this post so that I can start from the top and work my way down. Thanks you Abrar – this was exactly what I needed.

  3. Social media is one of the easiest way to get targeted traffic for free. But when done with right tactic.
    My suggestion is, being honest and working smart is enough to get out from social traffic.

    1. Hi Khaja,
      Thanks for for your addition.
      Transparency is the key to win readers love.
      And when it is done along some smart tactics, I think success is just a few meters away from there.

  4. Thanks for this post. I especially did not know that there were specific times that were best for posting.

  5. Hi,

    I work in this field from a few time and I have a lot of doubts.In this post you share 7 untapped for social media marketing is perfectly good for all bloggers.I work for improve myself.Your 7 points like Post timing, Platform wise content selection, Adding social meta tags are so easy to understand.It is totally helpful for me.

  6. Hello, Harleena and Abrar,

    Wonderful post indeed! Great topic too, so I really appreciate you sharing.

    To answer your question, no I’m not one of those marketers who spends hour after hour on social media. My business plan does include content syndication on social media, but not wasting away the hours on someone else’s platform where ROI is difficult to calculate.

    Excellent info on timing – I hadn’t seen this chart before on Neil’s site, and I appreciate you putting this up.

    Now that I publish infographics on a regular basis, I will most definitely see an increase to my Pinterest traffic.

    Thanks for the info on hashtags. That’s an area I could definitely improve in. Will be checking out Ritetag for sure, Abrar, appreciate it.

    Thanks for showing our interaction – that’s cool! 🙂

    Your acronym is relevant and informative, and helpful because it’s easy to remember. Happy to say I use all of the blogging networks you mentioned, and really enjoy them.

    You did a fabulous job with your guest article – sharing with friends.

    Have a lovely evening.

    1. Hi Carol,
      Thanks for your complement. I appreciate that. 🙂
      Exactly that is what everyone should consider. Give your short but some valuable time in social media. I personally think that is enough if we use the proper strategy.
      Neil had the info on an infoghapic. So I just gathered them and make a chart for easy understanding.
      Yes, you should go and check Ritetag. That’s my favorite and might be yours too.
      Our interaction was on the right time and I took the opportunity to include it. 😉
      That’s great. In fact, I’ve personally seen you on those platforms. You’re doing absolutely brilliant.
      Thanks for your comment and shares.
      Have a nice day!

    2. Hi Carol,

      Sorry yet again dear friend, but I’m busy playing catch-up with a lot of pending comments, so please don’t mind 🙂

      You are so smart that ways I’d say, because you’re very focused about your business. If you limit your time on the social networks, you’d help yourself to work on things that are important.

      The time chart is wonderful and liked by most people, though as I was mentioning earlier, a lot depends on our followers and the country they are from. So, once you try and test what works for you, you can choose the best options to tweet or share your posts.

      Hashtags work well, though we should use the trending ones and limit them to just 1-2. Oh yes…Pinterest is awesome, and most of my traffic comes from there.

      Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it 🙂

  7. Hello Harleena & Abrar,

    Wow – that’s a really information/action packed post. Lots I learned that I haven’t come across before.

    I find myself in a bit of a bind regarding times to post, which as you point out will vary by location. I am in the UK, but most of my readers are in the USA! So that’s an area I need to think about carefully.


    1. Hi Joy,
      Glad you found it new and useful to your aspect. 🙂
      Yeah, it can happen that we are at one place, the fans are on another. So best choice is to book some of your time especially for them. If no possible, you may schedule it to be auto-posted by such tools like Buffer, Hootsuite.
      Thanks for your comment!

    2. Hi Joy,

      Sorry for replying late, though good to have made it here finally 🙂

      Yes indeed, Abrar’s post surely is informative and detailed – so glad you liked it. I agree about the audience and reach, as I also have the same problems for which I usually spread my tweets all through the day, and it works pretty well that ways. I think we need to try and test to see what works best for us, isn’t it?

      Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it 🙂

  8. Hi Abrar; first congrats on being the recipient of this month’s guest post. there is a lot of helpful information in here about making your social media activities more effective. as a blind computer user i wonder if i am not being left behind to some extent because all the new editions to social media like cards and snippets and rich pins are visual in nature. i’m wondering if i should look at hiring someone to add these to my posts. what do you think? is it necessary or just an it would be nice situation? also, a lot of my social media has to do with the selling of amusement equipment. since these people are generally more busy from late thursday through to late monday i find my best results are in the middle of the week generally later in the day if not late night. so at least i’ve learned about when i should post. not so sure about best times and days for my coaching site so this info really helped. and i find that no matter which business i am posting for the posts get more response if they are about me personally or have some personal aspect to them. I got more responses to my posting of a youtube video of me singing than i got for my book being available in print and much more than a post about a great used train. thanks again for sharing all this great information with us. best of luck to you, max

    1. Hi Ivey,
      My pleasure to be here in such a beautiful community and among such beautiful members.
      Actually now people are more concerned how to increase social media effectiveness. To be concerned to that, I think social media tags are must. Because they significantly increase conversion. If I talk about Twitter, an optimized tweet can easily double or triple your regular conversion on Twitter. So it is best that you think about it.
      I’m glad you found your perfect timing. I’m sure to you are fully leveraging it.
      Thanks for your comment, have a nice day!

      1. hello; yes we are blessed to be part of such a loving community. so what is an optimized tweet and how do i create one. and is there a way to do it and know i did it successfully as a blind computer user. i have many friends including some working for agencies that help the blind that could be helped by knowing how to do this. perhaps you could email me off list and we could discuss a collaborative post about helping blind and visually impaired users get more benefit out of their social media time. thanks and take care, max

  9. Hello,

    Social media is one of the important thing for bloggers. Like, we can not live without food and oxygen. Social media is same as like this for bloggers. They need social media to take huge benefits for their blogs. I would like to say thanks to social media to make my business more profitable.

    ~Dr. Diana

    1. Hi Diana,
      Can’t agree more! Just like writing is a part of blogging, social media is one important element. We make voices over the blog and spread the voices through the social media. So the importance is beyond the words.
      No worries. It’s my pleasure.

  10. Hi Abrar and Congrat for being featured on Aha!Now,you really provided an interesting information here and I must say have learnt something New.
    Thanks for sharing

  11. Hi Abrar

    First of all big congrats on being featured as guest author at a blog owned by one of the icons of social media.

    All the points you mentioned here are very relevant and speaks volumes of significance of taking maximum benefit of social media.

    The best sharing on social media should be on a time that is most fit for the maximum number of people on it and for that realities related to regional geographical differences must be kept in mind.

    Most of the sharings on social media are traced by hints and well call them as hashtags so one must understand what relevant hashtags will bring more impressions on a share.

    Thanks a lot for sharing very effective tactics to get maximum benefits of social media as a blogger.

    1. Hi Mi,
      I appreciate that a lot! 🙂
      Exactly, we have to be sure when the plates of social fans are ready to serve. Then we can control it our own way.
      Targeting most relevant and high potential hashtags can earn us more traffic, more engagement, more conversion!
      Thanks for your comment too. It’s my pleasure to share a bunch of tactics. I’m happy that you liked them.

  12. Hi Abrar,

    I wished I had read this when I first started blogging. 😀 Goodness, there are so many points here that speaks to me. I have lost track of myself before by not being smart using social media so I appreciate the reminder.

    I will definitely start researching hash-tags. I agree that each social media platform has its own uniqueness and it takes time to learn the best way to interact. You gave us some good information to help us.

    I’ve learned to commit time to one at a time rather than jumping back and forth between them. I always have to remind myself of this.

    Great work!

    1. Hi Vernon,
      The same happened to me and the same happened to all of us ONCE. So the ONCE mistake has gone and I’m sure you will now come up with a brilliant result.
      Hashtags have their own potentials and the platform choice is as well.
      I’m glad you found it useful.
      Thanks for your comment. Have a nice day!

  13. Incredible insight .especially the hashtag tools .I am new here but I can see the active participation of members .useful site

  14. Hi Abrar and Harleena Ma’am,

    Great post indeed. very useful and informative. Selecting and modifying your content according to the media platform being used is the most important point I think. What works for facebook will surely not work for pintrest.

    Thanks for the great piece 🙂 Have a wonderful day both of you!

    1. Hi Nisha,
      That’s for sure Pinterest is famous for eye-catching images where facebook is mostly up with entertaining news, stories. So these two looks like two different corner.
      It’s my pleasure. Thanks for your comment!

    2. Hi Nisha,

      Sorry for the late reply, but glad to have made it now 🙂

      Yes indeed, if we can use the social media based on our followers and choose the right time, we are bound to see the results. It’s best to try things yourself and then decide what works for you.

      Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it 🙂

  15. That’s pretty good work Abrar!

    Pretty complete and everything is explained perfectly! GREAT JOB!

  16. Hi Abrar,

    Great info here you shared. I really liked how you broke down how to be more strategic about what you are putting out on different social media sites. It sure made me think about how I should be more creative with my status updates and posts. Thanks for the help.

    Have a great week.


    1. Hi Irish,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Glad you loved the style I wrote. Yeah, we should think to be more upgraded with our next social media posts and I guarantee results will come.
      Same to you, have a wonderful week!

  17. Hi Abrar,

    #4 works so well.

    Give what you wish to get.

    No easier way to do it.

    Give freely, receive easily.

    Any good post and I read – and most are – I comment on to add value and I share on at least twitter. Sows good seeds, which helps me spread my social media word too.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Tweeting from Bali.


    1. Hi Ryan,
      Even that is my favorite, “Reciprocal”.
      It is based on “give and take” rule. We give something to get in return. And it’s so practical.
      I emphasize that you never forgot to share a post that you read and commented. That’s the rule to follow for reciprocal.
      Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  18. Hello Abrar,

    Social media is exciting when you benefit from it 🙂 .
    I do get a mouth full of traffic from social media. I do use the bufferapp to distribute my post to various social networks and the exact times my followers or friend will be online.

    I did use an app to know when my follower would be online and how they behave 🙂 . so using the tactics to set up my time and post, ain’t a bad idea….

    Thanks for dropping such a lovely post. Do have a blessed week both of you

    1. Hi Babanature,
      Thanks for your comment.
      So as I do on a regular basic. I use Buffer to schedule post on the right time and in the right place. And it is able to drive me a lot of traffic.
      Determining the time and the place are the important factors for social media. We can get better results making the most use of it.
      Have a nice rest of the week!

  19. Wow Abrar!

    What a totally awesome and highly informative post! You shared some excellent points, that far too often in the overall scheme of things, simply get overlooked or ignored altogether!

    Your approach clearly leverages our extremely limited time, so much better!

    And since social media definitely isn’t going away anytime soon!

    It’s best to follow your truly prudent advice and work S.MA.R.T! Thanks for sharing such an awesome post!

    And thank you too Harleena for featuring him!

    1. Hi Mark,
      I tried to present the most ignored tactics. And after hearing your words, it feels like I was able to share it. Thanks for it. 🙂
      Social media marketing can get very long lasting results we choose to grow our followers and conversion smartly.
      Thanks for your comment!

  20. Hey Abrar,

    Excellent post here. Why work hard when you can work smart and you shared some excellent ways to be smart with social media.

    I love the fact that you mentioned newton’s law and how we could apply it to sharing posts. This is a great way to support your blogging friends and while they return the favor. I always share the content I read and find most useful. by doing this I get recognized by both the average blogger and influencers.

    I also want to get better at using hashtags. Ive been using generic hashtags but I want them to be more targeted and I thank you for sharing a good resource!

    Thanks Abrar for sharing this value ! I hope you have a great week!

    1. Hi Sherman,
      Thanks for your comment. Exactly, anyone can get dramatically better results with “work smart, not smart” approach.
      Yeah, reciprocal is the key to get more and more shares, spreading a news from one to another strategically.
      Targeted and analyzed hashtags tend to get better results. You should consider them too.
      Have a nice day!

  21. Hello Abrar, Good to see you on Aha community.Really just amazing. Thanks for your guideline and sharing these tricks on social media marketing with us. By reading your this article, got a lot’s of good points to be honest, i never try with many of them. I am going to follow your these steps from today


    1. Hi Tonmoy,
      Great to know you loved it. Yeah, I tried to point out a few tactics we often don’t use. But making perfect use of them can clear the way to more conversion.
      Thanks for your comment and best of luck for giving them a try! 🙂

  22. Thanks for sharing these tactics to use social media for benefiting our posts by increasing search traffic.

    But I don’t think that without spending plentiful time on social media one can generate traffic. Also if you are stick on one social media then it is alright but handling several social media requires time.

    1. Hi Mohinder,
      Thanks for your comment.
      I admire it takes time but what about minimizing it? If we can save 30 minutes, we can invest it in other works. Sticking on one social media, we can miss the others. The best strategy is to divide the time into some others. However, your approach is also good. If we can rock on one platform, we may not need others.
      Have a nice day!

  23. Hey both!

    Excellent article!

    Allow me to answer the questions. Social media remains my number one tool for marketing; business and leisure alike. I feel that social media makes marketing way much earlier and top nothc tips!

    Keep it up and definitely coming back for more (moreover, how can I NOT right?)

    1. Hi Reginald,
      Thanks for the complement.
      Yep, social media is the great for marketing, business alongside leisure, we just need to hit the bullseye.
      I emphasize that, you NOT than WHO? 😉

    2. Hi Reginald,

      Sorry for being late, but good to be here now 🙂

      You bet it is…mine as well! I like how you share your lovely pictures on Facebook too, and now that you’re married, the two of you look awesome there!

      Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it 🙂

  24. Hi Abrar,
    It’s nice to meet you here at Harleena’s blog.
    You’ve really written a very informative and helpful post. Thank you for sharing these social media tips. I love that acronym you have used to describe it! I am not a big fan of all the social media, I try to gather whatever info I can digest easily.

    I find reciprocity to be the best way of getting attention. Most of my friends in the blogosphere belong to this genre. However there are such bloggers too who don’t respond but kindness in tweeting their posts does help in the long run.

    I am bookmarking this post for further reference. Thanks to Harleena too for inviting you to share this invaluable information. Have a nice week!

    1. Hi Balroop,
      It’s nice to meet you too. 🙂
      Glad to hear you loved it and my pleasure to share them.
      Reciprocity is best of the best like I said in the post. It is such an awesome power that will spread the voice from one to another.
      Thanks for your comment!

  25. Thank you for these tips, Abrar. I have so much to learn! Meta tags? I don’t get it. I tag all my posts and use keywords related to the content. I have the SEO plugin, still not sure it’s enough for search engines. Great points on the social media differences, too. Which ones you forcus on really depend on your subject, in my humble opinion.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Meta tags are very important for social media optimization (SMO), such like search engine optimization (SEO). SMO will give you more reaches on social media sites. For that we should consider it.
      If you’re using Yoast seo plugin, just enabled the social tags from the settings. They are good to go.
      Thanks for your comment. Have a wonderful week!

  26. Hey Arbar,

    You rocked buddy !! A sure thing to bookmark bro. I am doing few social media campaign and those have given me some awesome result. The one thing that we should take care is the timing. It plays a very important roles.

    You have really explained all the aspect in nice way.

    And Yes a big thanks to you Harleena Mam for bringing him here.

    Cheers !

  27. Hi Abrar,

    I did find this interesting and you are right. You need to find when your audience is on which platforms and then post then. I don’t follow the times necessarily that you have here. On Twitter I find the times that my followers are on and then I post during those. For Facebook and Google+ I have different schedules and I do pretty good as well.

    I’m oftentimes told by my clients that they don’t have time to be on social media but it’s like you said here. I don’t spend all day on social media and I’m probably on maybe 10 minutes at a time several times throughout the day and I do just fine thank you.

    But it’s social media so you need to be social, not just share your posts and expect others to share it as well. You definitely need to help others by sharing theirs but also have conversations with them even if they’re short. They appreciate that you took notice and that counts for a lot.

    Congratulations for winning this spot here on the Aha!Now blog and from the community. You’ve done a wonderful job and I appreciate you sharing this knowledge with us. You’ve been very helpful indeed.

    Hope you both have a wonderful week and thanks again.


    1. Hi Adrienne,
      Good to know that you found it interesting. Yeah, social media marketing is to deliver the news to the right people at the right time. So timing and platform selection can be very helpful.
      If someone could find when his followers are on, there is no need to follow any further timetable.
      Yes, we don’t have to give majority of our day on social media. We just need to follow the smart approach and reach followers on the right time.
      Reciprocal is another big factor and that I tried to explain here as well. If a share someone’s content, he would probably want to share mine. That is the concept.
      Glad to hear such words from you Adrienne.
      Thank you and have a nice day!

  28. Hi Arbar and Harleena,
    You really made some great points in this post. Anyone can do social media but to do it effectively is another story.
    I love using the Buffer to tell me when the best time to post is for my readers. Rite Tag is awesome, I haven’t used it in a while bu when I did I loved it! I should reinstall the app in chrome.
    Being social in social media is key I believe. Yet so many people are not. That really amazes me.
    Thanks for sharing these tips and reminders, I hope you both are having a great start to the new week!

    1. Hi Lisa,
      You’re absolutely right. Doing social marketing and doing effective social marketing are two different things.
      Yes, that’s why we all love Bufferapp. We can analyze best time and schedule it for posting. Ritetag is something I personally can’t think to avoid.
      Social media is next big traffic source for me right after Google. So I think it is something to care about.
      Thanks for your comment. Have a nice week ahead!

    2. Hi Lisa,

      Sorry for the late reply, somehow missed out on a few comments on this guest post, though glad to have made it now 🙂

      Yes indeed, using social media effectively is what matters. I like Buffer too, though because I’ve an International audience, I usually share all through the day and it’s worked well so far. I guess we all need to decide the time once we try it out, isn’t it?

      Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it 🙂

  29. Hi Arbar and Harleena Mam,
    Such a great post Arbar 🙂 Would like to say thanks for all your efforts to give us this important piece of information.
    Now coming to the article, Behind the success of a social media campaign, posting time plays an important role. If you post on the perfect time then your post get more reach and engagement.
    Yes, it is also a main point that we should choose hashtags very carefully so our post can get a place in searches.
    And the visual posts like images get more share and engagement in comparison to text.
    Thanks for all the point. I learn a lot from this post. And will try to implement them for me.
    Have a great day 🙂

    1. Hi Naveen,
      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate that.
      Perfect timing can individually increase the conversion. We just need to determine when are fans using them.
      Yes, hashtags can make more reach specially in Twitter. So analyzing them before using is a great plan.
      Visual contents perform better than text in social media. We can easily test it via posting an image.
      Same to you, have a nice day! 🙂

    2. Hi Naveen,

      Sorry being late in replying, though glad to catch up now 🙂

      Glad you liked Abrar’s post, which surely is an informative one, isn’t it? I agree about the posting time, though each one I think needs to try and test the time that works best for them, and then decide.

      Hashtags are wonderful, though we should limit them to 1-2 at the most, once we know they are the trending ones. You are right about the images that’re always clicked more, so use them!

      Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it 🙂

  30. Hello Abrar,

    It’s nice to meet you and welcome to Harleena’s blog :).

    You’ve really put a great post together. Thank you for sharing these social media tips. The platform content selection was especially helpful.

    I’ve used Ritetag and I love it. I’m only using the free version so I can’t get the full use of this great tool but I’m hoping I can upgrade soon.

    I’m kind of nervous to mess with the social media meta tags which is why I use WordPress SEO by Yoast. 🙂

    I’m a big fan of Triberr and while I have heard of the other social networks, I haven’t checked them out but I hope to do that soon :).

    Thank you for all this great information! Have a great week ahead.

    Hello Harleena,

    Thank you for having Abrar share his advicve with us here. Have a great week my dear :).


    1. Hi Corina,
      Same to you! And it looks like a great honor to be here on Harleena’s blog.
      Glad you loved this post. Yeah, I wanted to put on some tactics that are mostly avoided by have hidden potentials.
      Ritetag free version will give you the desired result you will need to succeed. But premium is premium that will add many more things you will love.
      Yeah, WordPress SEO by Yoast is enough to handle all those social meta tags. Just make sure they are enabled.
      Triberr is my favorite too. And do check the others since they are also helpful.
      Thanks for your comment. Have a wonderful week!

  31. Hi Abrar,

    Welcome to Harleena’s place as a guest author and congratulations on winning this coveted position. Well, you definitely earned your spot with this very helpful article. You made excellent suggestions that will help a lot of bloggers expand their reach in social media.

    I too am a big fan of RiteTag for hashtag research. Their information is not only powerful their ratings appear right as you’re composing your post for Twitter, Facebook, etc. No need to slow down and do research, RiteTag shows you instantly how you’re doing.

    I also like that you can add images in your RiteTag posts and schedule them for later. Very handy!

    Good point about open graph tagging. That’s a hidden gem that we can use to help our posts be found. I use Share Juice Pro which gives you excellent control over your metadata for your posts.

    Thanks so much for sharing this helpful information, Abrar. I will be sharing this posts widely as I know it will be helpful to others too.

    1. Hi Carolyn,
      It feels so nice to be on Harleena’s blog. And thanks for your complements.
      Exactly. Ritetag is fast, smooth and accurate to its position. We can analyze a hashtag with Ritetag in less than 10 seconds. Their other services are as well as this one.
      Share Juice Pro, sounds new to me. But a big thanks to suggesting it. I will look into it.
      Thanks for your comment. Have a nice day!

  32. Hi Abrar,

    Great meeting you here on Harleena’s place. I love using social media, and it is so true, one must do it effectively.

    I copied and pasted the best times to use various social media and put it on a document so I won’t forget it. Thanks so much for that one!

    Indeed, each social place has it’s own form of communication. And as we hit every one, we need to communicate well. I love to use LinkedIn, and when I do, I write in a more business way. So different that Facebook where It is all friendly.

    The best I find is #4 because reciprocity has taken me a long way in business and blogging. Before I answer a comment on my blog, I go to the commenters comment luv link, read their post comment and share.

    Reciprocity goes a long way and has so many benefits. I will comment on someone’s post at least three times. If they don’t reciprocate after that, I will go on my way.

    Thanks again for these gems,


    1. Hi Donna,
      It’s great to meet you too. 🙂
      Exactly, social media is the game of tactics and strategies. Working effectively is key to make better results.
      Oh that is great you kept it to make use of it. I’m sure it will you no chance to regret.
      Yeah, the more we communicate, the better we make relations. And it will help you spread your voices too.
      Linkedin is the mos professional social network and there are some good potentials. 🙂
      Reciprocal interaction actuall works and I regret for the days before when I couldn’t realize it.
      Thank you for your comment. Have a wonderful day!

  33. Hello Harleena & Abrar,

    Wow what an amazing post! I loved each and everyone of your Social Media Tactics For Smart Bloggers, you certainly have done your homework on this one.

    Oh Yeh I have made a note of the best times to post and looking forward to better results. I wish I did have a printer as Sylviane states this would be the thing to do.

    Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))

    1. Hi Chery,
      Thanks for your comment and so glad to know that you’ve found it useful too. 🙂
      Post timing could be the key and making use of it can deliver the higher conversion. I hope, you will be happy with the results.
      It’s my pleasure to share. Have a nice day!

    2. Hi Chery,

      Sorry for replying late, but good to be here now 🙂

      Glad you liked Abrar’s post, and yes, he’s surely nailed it with this one, hasn’t he? I’ve somehow never stuck with one kind of time or social media, or perhaps we have an International audience and there is always someone online, all the time! Surely need to try this out myself.

      Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it 🙂

  34. Hi Abrar and Harleena,

    Wow, this is a very valuable post and I’m going to print it 🙂

    Now, I would have never guessed that Saturday and Sunday would be some of the best days for Twitter, but I will most likely try it.

    I like the way you classified each main social media platform by trend and while reading it, it made total sense to me. That’s what you see there.

    Again, great post, and sharing.

    1. Hi Sylviane,
      So glad to hear that you find it very useful. 🙂
      Aha, now I’m sure you have got it and plenty more timetables to work smarter across different social media websites.
      I feel wonderful to hear that you loved the style I wrote in. I wish, the others would feel the same.
      Thanks for your comment. Have a nice day!

    2. Hi Sylviane,

      Sorry for the late reply, somehow missed a few comments on this post, though glad to have made it now 🙂

      Glad you liked Abrar’s guest post and could relate to it. Yes, those days are usually weekends and one can never imagine it’d work well on Twitter. I somehow am off on Sundays!

      Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate it 🙂

  35. Hey Abrar,

    Really enjoyed your post, and I agree definately work smarter not harder, although in my case I am trying to make it, and I solely use google+ at the minute, although I may have to venture into the others in the future, my issues are with time management with the family and work commitments, but I reckon I could use the SMART acronym you mention to everything.

    Thanks for sharing your post, and congrats on the guest post.


    1. Hi Craig,
      I appreciate that. Yeah, the best is working smarter, not harder. And if you find your fit with Google+, be with it and try to find its secrets for higher conversions. Time management is an important issue but you can divide it to use Twtitter, Facebook. They have many potentials. 🙂
      My pleasure to write this post and have a nice week ahead!

  36. Hi Abrar,
    Well written and explained post buddy. I am sure anyone can get benefited using your social media strategies.

    I had read that post on Neil and I agree to the industry standards. Its all about a practice I would say and time of posting is greatly relative to the user, the niche and the then algorithm of the platform of social media.

    I use for hashtags. Well not always. I have a handy tip that you can use, twitter shows auto-suggestions on hastags most effectively and that too in its better displayed in smartphone version that the PC, so you can get a lot of working hashtags out from there.

    I completely agree on your reciprocal interaction is the key to getting more results on social media. Its helps to bring out the best amongst both the teams sharing. It also doesn’t bore the readers away.

    With visuals, yes they are the kings on social media. Images are the best types that perform good on social media, specially Pinterest and twitter.

    I would suggest a friendly edit if you don’t mind:

    Photos on facebook now are the worst performing post types and you should use texts, or video format to get more organic reach. The source you mentioned in the post dates back to 2012 (Hubspots) which is pretty old as far as facebook’s algorithm is considered. Here is the updated version

    1. Hi Swadhin,
      Thanks a lot Swadhin for your complement. I really appreciate it.
      Yeah, I first heard social post timing from Neil and give a several try. You know what it significantly works! is a good tool, but I find myself most fit with Ritetag like a said in the article.
      Thanks for the tips, Swadhin. Yeah, we can use Twitter’s auto-suggestions for faster and smother hashtagifying.
      Reciprocal interaction is the best I’ve come along so far. This is the method what will share a article from hundreds to thousands people.
      No doubt, visuals are always on top to increase conversion. Oh, thanks for the shoutup for facebook. I didn’t know about it, and surely I think I’ve missed something valuable.
      Thanks for stopping by and have a nice rest of week!

  37. Wonderful post!

    If you’re not taking advantage of social media, you’re missing out. Keep in mind that you don’t have to use every social network available to you. You want to use the platforms your clients/customers use. Also, test posts, days, and times. For example, I handle the social media for an animal shelter (non-profit), and the weekend is huge for engagement on Facebook. Videos sometimes beat images in terms of likes, shares, and comments. Remember ABT: always be testing.

    P.S. I’ve used the Yoast SEO Plugin for years. It’s a nice tool to use on your WordPress site.

    1. Hi Amandah,

      Thanks for your opinion. And yes, we need to use those social networks what will add value. So targeting it based on clients is a great choice.
      We should always keep testing and testing like you suggested. Who knows, we can score the Holy Grail of conversion.
      Yeah, I’m using this plugin too and it has been very helpful. 🙂

  38. You really deserve the topper spot of AHA gems leaderboard. I really love your SMART acronym

    Thanks for providing different time slots and different days for various social platforms. This is really useful information. Google plus is really active with all the weekday slots and the Pinterest is getting the chance on Saturday only 😉

    Ya, social media is all about working smarter. If we are not directing our energies in the right direction, we won’t get the right juice out of it.
    Through Swadheen’s post, I came to know about But, you have provided other names also. I really love the way you have explained the reciprocal mechanism with the help of Newton’s third law.

    Social media tags is a new concept to me. It looks messy on seeing the photo, but I think after reading the Moz’s post, things will be clear.
    At present, I am using ABC and triberr and I am active in ABC only. I completely agree that the forum is really necessary for building your friendship with other bloggers. I have learnt a lot of things from this community.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

    1. Hi Yatin,
      Thanks for the complement. We were both the toppers of this month’s leaderboard, isn’t it? 🙂
      Timing will positively affect the conversion if we can make the most use of it. Yeah, Google+ seems to be active all over the week, however Pinterest seems to be most active on only Saturday.
      Social media is place to work smartly and the result will be even smarter believe me. 😉
      Oh, yes. I thought Newton’s law will be the best fit to explain it. And so was my task.
      Social media tags are also important. They can significantly increase your conversion and reach.
      ABC is a must for us nowadays. But also don’t forget Triberr. It has many potentials to drive traffic and lead more shares.
      Thanks for your comment and have a wonderful week ahead!

  39. Thank you Abrar for this infomrative post.

    I think every blogger should take your advice and reduce their time on social media by doing it more effective and smarter.

    And it is always good to add visual elements and combine it with our writing – as long as we writers don’t forget that we are writers 😉

    Great post! Thanks again, Ilka

    1. Hi Ilka,

      My pleasure to serve something that will help the fellow bloggers.
      Aha, thanks for the complement. I also think, people should care how to reduce the time they daily spend on social media sites.
      You’re right. Writers don’t only mean to write texts. But they are mean to deliver a observation the way it will stick longer on mind. I think, visual contents are most effective things that brains can catch faster.
      Thanks a lot for commenting. Have a nice day ahead!

  40. Hi Abrar,

    Welcome to Aha!NOW as a guest blogger. 🙂

    This is a wonderful post for bloggers. Even after being into blogging for years, I can take away so much from this post on how to make the best of social media in blogging.

    I agree that one really has to be smart, as blogging can be a very demanding and tedious task. Specially, there is a lot to do in social media, and if you do not have a smart strategy, you are definitely going to be overwhelmed and frustrated too.

    I confess that though I know many of the points you mentioned, but did not use them always, for example, the post timing – because the time zones differ in most cases. I also do not choose a specific platform to promote my posts. I like the various options to try using Hashtags, which I love using too.

    Images are a must on the social media as well as on your posts. And I do use the plugin by Yoast so I guess that takes care of the social meta tags.

    Thanks for including the ABC as one of the leveraging platforms. I’m sure other bloggers would also want to express their views and ask you questions.

    So, all over to you, Abrar, and have a great time interacting with the commenters, while I’d hop in only to welcome the newbies and comments addressed to me, if any. 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      First of all, I feel very honored and lucky to contribute for Aha!Now.
      I’m glad too that you loved it and found something to takeaway.
      I admire social media sites can be very demanding if we don’t care about the time. In fact, I was one of those guys who spent hours after hours for nothing. So they were some of my life changing lessons.
      I bet you knew it. Yes, it’s not always possible to maintain time, location and content type. But we can keep it in mind that it has higher potentials and that is lower. So whenever a chance is available, we can make use of it.
      No doubt, image is the most important thing that can increase conversion and engagement rate.
      I’ve been around ABC for a while and earnestly I think this is the next-gen social networking platform for bloggers.
      Thanks a lot for your comment. Talk to you soon!

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