Five Times Having a Personal Website Is Totally Worth It

A personal website benefits a lot and it is also very easy to own one. Here’s how and why having your own digital space can make things easier for you.
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In this digital age, not only does having a personal website benefit a lot, but it is also very easy to own one. A website can be a game-changer for you and help you accomplish your goals. Here’s how and why having your own digital space can be instrumental in better organization and presentation to make things easy for you. ~ Ed.

Having a website isn’t just something for big businesses anymore. The truth is that everyone can benefit from their own website!

Having your own website is essential and more accessible than ever before, and in the article below, I explain different scenarios in which you could benefit from one. 

Whether you design your digital space on your own or partner with an agency, such as the pros at Roud Studio, to create a website for you, you can reap numerous benefits.

Read on to find out the five reasons you need a personal website in your life!


5 Scenarios When Having a Website Benefits You

Whether you want to look for a job or wish to start a side hustle, a personal website can better help you achieve your objectives. Here’s more about how you can benefit from having a website.

If You Want to You Start a Side Hustle

A side hustle is more important than ever before. In these uncertain times, we’ve all begun to see how having a secondary stream of income can provide a sense of stability and ensure flexibility with work no matter the circumstances. But without a strong web presence, your side job will not get far.

Websites help all kinds of businesses grow. Whether you are selling your artwork, booking hair appointments, or marketing your pet sitting abilities, a website can help you find customers quickly. A personal site for your side hustle lets you:

  • Showcase your prices
  • Present your contact information
  • Display portfolios of your past work
  • Share testimonials from happy clients
  • Display your area of service
  • Appear higher on search engine results

With a site, you can do all this in a clear and visually compelling way. 

Plus, a website allows your current customers to immediately share all this information with their friends through social media. Altogether, a website is an excellent marketing tool that will help you connect to more customers!

If You Want to Plan a Big Event

Another reason you need a website is for planning significant events, like a wedding or family reunion. 

If you have a website, your guests can check the site for an answer instead of calling you a million times a day. A central website lets you present:

  • RSVPs
  • FAQs
  • Important dates
  • Dress code
  • Maps and directions
  • Memorable moments 

Websites also make updating everyone on your guest list a breeze. Since most sites offer convenient email blasts, you can quickly send out updates to everyone attending. 

Plus, if you have a website, you can offer a centralized wedding or baby shower registry for your guests. A centralized registry simplifies gift shopping for everyone, and if you provide live updates, you can be sure no one will feel the embarrassment of double-buying!

All in all, a website is the perfect communication platform for any party!

If You Want to Preserve Your Memories with a Digital Scrapbook

If you’ve ever wanted to preserve and share your memories, a website is the best way to do it. 

A digital scrapbook allows you to access your memories anywhere at any time. It also lets family members and friends view pictures and download them easily. 

Memory-keeping websites are a great solution if your family or friends are across the globe. These sites keep you connected across different time zones.

How you choose to craft your digital scrapbook is up to you, and the possibilities are endless! On your site, you can have all your uploads accessible to your visitors, or you can swap new photos in and out on your timeline. 

If you’re worried about the privacy of your images, consider password protecting the pages of your website. With password-protected pages, everyone you know can get in while still ensuring your desired privacy level for your digital scrapbook.


If You Are on the Job Hunt

Standing out in the job market can be tough. But a website is a simple tool that can help you make a big impression on a hiring manager. 

Job-focused websites allow you to show off way more than you ever could on a one-page resume.

A well-crafted website acts as a digital resume where you can display:

  • About page
  • Portfolio
  • Past projects
  • Work history
  • Publications, awards, and accolades
  • Contact page 

Many professionals nowadays have a personal website. Leave your web address in your contact area on a printed resume and let an interested hiring manager find out more. 

If you want to impress further, consider linking your website to a QR code. Then, print the QR code on your resume and business cards. This small touch shows your dedication to your digital presence and gives a hint to your skills in the digital realm. 

If You Want to Maintain a Sense of Community

Another reason to start your own website is to create a sense of community in your real-life neighborhood!

Websites that act as community bulletin boards are increasingly popular. They give people a place to chat about the issues in their community without excluding anyone. It prevents the sort of scheduling issues you might see when trying to hold a single meeting for an entire neighborhood.

A wholly outfitted community website should include pages for:

  • Important phone numbers—i.e., the maintenance company, utilities, and non-emergency number
  • Digital bulletin boards
  • Community events
  • HOA guidelines 

An online presence for a neighborhood helps to foster connections between residents and helps define the energy of a community. 

Digital community sites also help parents find other parents in their community with kids who have similar ages. When kids have friends in their neighborhood, it improves a whole neighborhood’s morale. 

Lastly, everyone sees the value of having a quick way to check in with each other. Altogether, a centralized resource that is community-run helps residents feel a sense of connection in their neighborhood. 

In the End

All in all, a personal website is game-changing. When you have a digital platform, it makes coordinating your life, memories, and community simple. 

Whether you design it on your own, or partner with professionals, create a beautiful digital space that will shine and impress! You’re sure to feel the benefits immediately!

Over to you

What are your thoughts about having your own personal website? Share them in the comments.


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  1. Wonderful article! You’ve brought attention to some truly compelling reasons why having a personal website holds immense significance in today’s digital era. I particularly admire how you stressed the importance of constructing your brand and establishing a solid online presence. Undeniably, a personal website offers a platform to showcase your skills, achievements, and unique personality in a manner that cannot be fully captured on social media or other online platforms.

    Furthermore, I appreciate your emphasis on the versatility that a personal website offers, enabling you to generate and curate content that precisely aligns with your interests and objectives. Whether you aim to connect with professionals, exhibit your creative work, or simply share your thoughts and experiences with the world, a personal website serves as an invaluable tool.

    Overall, I believe this post serves as an exceptional resource for individuals contemplating the launch of their own website or seeking to enhance their existing online presence. Thank you for generously sharing your insights and expertise!

  2. Great post! You’ve highlighted some really compelling reasons for why having a personal website is so important in today’s digital age. I particularly appreciate how you emphasized the importance of building your brand and establishing your online presence. It’s true that having a personal website allows you to showcase your skills, accomplishments, and personality in a way that can’t be captured on social media or other online platforms.

    I also liked how you emphasized the flexibility that a personal website provides, allowing you to create and curate content that’s tailored specifically to your interests and goals. Whether you’re looking to network with other professionals, showcase your creative work, or simply share your thoughts and experiences with the world, having a personal website is an invaluable tool.

    Overall, I think this post is a great resource for anyone who’s considering starting their own website or looking to improve their existing online presence. Thanks for sharing your insights and expertise!

  3. Hi Russell,

    These are some very basic, good ideas for having a website. I would add that, in addition to showcasing your own products or services, you can also promote those from other people/vendors and add to your side hustle income.

  4. Hi Russell,
    Thank you for sharing your insightful Five time-saving tips with us. I’m especially grateful because your advice didn’t just save me some time, but also helped me to develop a better idea of how to use my website to increase traffic and engagement.
    Accepting you have any requests, assuming no one cares, either way, let me know. Thanks again!

  5. Having a personal website nowadays is like having a digital business car – you never know when you might need it. We’vefound that especially for people looking to make a living on side income, adding a forums section to their blog webpage adds a ton of value by driving traffic and building a community by having meaningful conversations. Great list, Russell!

  6. hey you have shared a very good blog and you explained very well all points that why having personal website is good.

  7. I agree with what have been suggested by the author of this article. Working on your website is like building your own asset which will eventually pay off in the long-turn.

  8. Hi Russell,
    I do agree that Digital community sites help in a certain type of people, like parents as you’ve mentioned.
    some ideologies aren’t just available through first-hand experience, and internet provides a vast amount of information; this allows everyone who have access on the internet to gain knowledge through other people globally.
    honestly I’ve learned many things through the help of internet.

    Having your own website offers a lot of opportunity and you’ve nailed most of it.
    Thank you,

  9. If you have your Own Website That builds more trust in the eyes of Customers than not having a personal website. In this way, people know your value.

  10. Being a Web Developer. I could not agree more on the importance of having a website. With more and more people accessing the internet. I believe that digital is the new future.

  11. Well, said Russell! I too suggest having a website or blog for the one who has a passion to express thoughts and to create an identity for them. Since I’m a technical blogger, I always suggest new website owners and bloggers be safe and have preventive measures while using the technology in the digital era. Because hackers always find one or the other way to steal our information and do unethical things that cost our credibility and success gained from hard work. So, be careful with Ransomware and Cyber threats.

  12. Very well said. It is very important to have your own website now a days, whether you are having a business or you write blogs. In my opinion website is your “Self Projection” that how much passionate are you about your work. Without a website the level of growth is very less.

  13. Perfectly said. Its always good to have a personal website whether you are starting a business or a blogger. Having a website helps in gaining trust with the audience.
    Very informative blog!

  14. Hello Russell,

    This is very informative and useful post. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Yes very well explained and I completely agree having a personal website has number of benefits if you are thinking about to start a side hustle, Plan a big event, want to preserve your memories with a digital Scrapbook and the others.

    Having your own personal website helps you in building your own brand and is really very important to stand out in this tech-savvy world. keep writing and sharing more similar and informative post.

    Thanks & Regards,

  15. Yes, it’s important to have own website if you want to stand out in the crowd of digital people.

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