Thinking of Purchasing a Smart Product? Read This Before You Buy

Authentic product experiences help in purchasing smart products. Here’s about FirstUp, the world’s first experience sharing platform for smart products.
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Choosing which smart device to purchase has never been a cakewalk. Let’s take a look at all the challenges you possibly face throughout the process.

Firstly, targeted ads have changed the way you make purchases. If you’re bombarded with advertisements everywhere that feature products similar to the one that you desire, we get you. With so many options around, how can one even be sure if they’re making the right choice?

Secondly, almost all of these media, whether they are newspapers, billboards, internet ads or email newsletters, obviously proclaim that their advertised product is the best. Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it?

So, you finally turn towards online product reviews – your go-to read before purchasing online. And you probably walk out being confused further. There are umpteen product review websites or web pages, and as difficult as it is to believe, most of them are a show-house of fake reviews!

What really could be your salvage are the honest accounts of product experiences by product owners who actually own and use the product over time. What’s the big deal about real product experiences, you ask? Read further.


What is the Difference between Product Reviews and Product Experiences

It’s very important to internalize the difference between reviews that we often come across, vs the all-important product experiences that somehow remain elusive! This is the kind of behavior shift we recommend when it comes to the gadget review industry.

Let’s break down the funnel of research-to-purchase to grasp each element you should be looking out for:

  • Product reviews are detailed technical specifications along with the final verdict from the reviewer/ blogger. However, product experiences are the real-life experiences of the product as experienced by the users.
  • Most of the expert reviews are sponsored and therefore, biased and unidirectional. Reviewers are paid or given free samples as an incentive to write good things about the product. Whereas, the experiences ensure you consume content that is inspired as closely from real life as possible.

But how does one access unbiased content on products when all you find on the internet are commissioned articles? We sense a clear lack of viable platforms where one can freely read and write authentic product experiences.

What are the Platforms to Access Product Experiences

It’s cumbersome to nitpick all the user comments on various tech review sites. Wouldn’t it help if you could visit just one platform that aggregates all the user experiences that actually matter?

Although websites like Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc are trying to bring to the forefront the content that internet users create, there are some wide gaps yet to be filled. Firstly, all of them except Amazon are about experiences other than tech products. The best of us can get lost in the Amazon comments section trying to find the perfect review.

There clearly isn’t a quality platform for tech products or smart devices. Some platforms like Tom’s Guide, SmartHome, SmartThings, Cnet and Digital Trends try to bring solutions but their efforts are limited as we know.

Cut to FirstUp!

What is FirstUp?

FirstUp is the world’s first experience sharing platform for smart products.

It is the first of its kind to curate honest product experiences with the help of the community of netizens who love to tell their gadget stories.

Here is everything you need to know about FirstUp and why you should bookmark the site right away.

1) FirstUp prioritizes “experiences” over reviews as it’s important for you to to know the problems that users have historically faced with their gadgets, and which features work out for them.

2) The missing real story of tech products like smartphones and gaming consoles are all published on FirstUp, so you don’t need to look elsewhere.

3) The user experiences are accepted in not more than 280 characters. This means there is no editing of videos, no fancy music, no special structuring – just the plain experience in simple words.

4) FirstUp experiences are valuable because only authentic and validated experiences are published and supported with crucial data. Users can upvote or downvote an experience based on how much they agree with it. This takes care of your worries about fake reviews.

5) The buyers are guided by the ‘truth’ seconded by the in-house FirstUp experts based on their personal experiences.


FirstUp lets you share your gadget experiences, and also read the experiences of fellow consumers, empowering its users to make sound decisions every single time.

Reviews published on FirstUp

Wrapping It Up

FirstUp is the go-to platform for smartphones and Gaming authentic reviews. One of the main reasons why it has an edge over the other platforms is that the product users do not have to be published writers or social media influencers to build their profile and publish their experiences. In fact, FirstUp makes hidden comments stand out as individual heroes.

People can follow these users and even upvote or downvote their experiences, helping them build a credible social profile.

FirstUp is the only place where you get rewarded for sharing your experience and stand a chance to become a top tech influencer too! Visit the site to witness the changing landscape of tech experiences.

Over to You –

How do you research the smart products before you purchase them? Share in the comments.

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  1. Hello Vinay,

    You have explored very nice topic, what I do before purchasing a smart product – I sit in peaceful place and analyze product with every angle i.e product review and public opinion behind that and then finally I take decision – budget also factor to be matched.

    Technical specifications is more helpful for me compare to review because it offers whole information regarding product genuinely. Eventually, thanks for sharing your worthy information with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

  2. Hello Vinay Kachara,

    You wrote a great analysis. Really product experience is very important than a Product review. Most of the reviews are writing positively but the actual products do not meet the user requirements. First up is a great addition here.

    Thank you

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