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Let me start this post by wishing a very Happy International Men’s Day to all the wonderful men of the world. It’s the perfect day to honor the top men bloggers of Aha!NOW too.

If you remember, way back on March 8th when International Women’s Day is celebrated, I’d shared the 30 Top Women Bloggers of Aha!NOW.

I’d mentioned in that post that the top men bloggers of Aha!NOW would also be featured on International Men’s Day, which falls today – on 19th November!

Yes indeed, this special day is celebrated in over 60 countries of the world. Just like women, men also play their roles as fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons.

They are there for their families and friends, and for their communities and nation. So, here is celebrating the men and their contribution to the society.

Today’s post is about the wonderful men bloggers you might have come across on this blog, and an effort to share a little about them and their blogs with you.

“Life is too short to be little. Man is never so manly as when he feels deeply, acts boldly, and expresses himself with frankness and with fervor.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

Men Bloggers and Their Life

Blogging IS hard work, and it’s a full-time job if you take it seriously. It’s become a great way to make money for most bloggers nowadays.

One cannot say whether men or women make better bloggers. But the reasons for blogging are very different for both of them.

Life doesn’t come easy, whether it’s for men or women – isn’t it?

I know of many men bloggers who work at a full time job, yet maintain their blogs and earn from it too. I wonder how they do it, but they do it all so well!

Perhaps men bloggers have that kind of inclination towards work and can manage it all. It’s not that women bloggers cannot manage, but most of them also have to take care of their home and kid’s.

Nevertheless, hats-off to those men and women bloggers who are managing their day jobs, family life, and maintaining their blogs. Not to mention, earning money from their blogs as well.

I’d be mentioning such amazing men in my list below – so stay tuned! So, here are the top men blogger’s of Aha!NOW, who have been a part of the blog for quite a while.

“It is not the situation which makes the man, but the man who makes the situation.” ~ Frederick William Robertson

Top Men Bloggers of Aha!NOW

These distinguished men have helped me and my blog in more ways than one, whether it’s through spreading a good word about the blog, sharing the posts on the social media sites, or mentioning the posts of this blog. They surely need to be thanked and mentioned today.

I’ve always wanted to express my gratitude, and what better time than Thanksgiving, which is fast approaching – to give thanks to these wonderful men for being a part of my blog 🙂

I could have had this post on any other day, but sometimes you need reminders and special days to mention special people who matter to you, isn’t it?

I guess that’s why I chose International Men’s Day to honor these awesome top men bloggers of this blog.

I must mention that all these male bloggers have been active readers of Aha!NOW, and some of them might not have commented as often, but they do share the posts after having read it. I’d call them the silent admirers! 🙂

Most bloggers mentioned here have shared their views, expressed their opinions, spoken out, and contributed to the posts.

They have shared their experiences and given suggestions with the aim of helping other people, which is what really matters as that’s what Aha!NOW is known for, isn’t it?

So, here are the wonderful men, and each one is an inspiration in himself, and I would request you to reach out and connect with them, if you haven’t already.

30 Top Men Bloggers of Aha!NOW

(Note: The following list is no particular order – just placed alphabetically to make it all easy!)

1- Atish Ranjan – He shares his expertise about SEO, blogging, reviews, social media, and other PC tricks. Not to mention he has a full time day job and maintains other blogs too. A very helpful person, who’s just got married a few days back 🙂

2- Adesanmi Adedotun – Even though he is a part time blogger and has a way with words, he writes about blogging, Internet marketing tips, SEO, and tips in general to help others in the Blogosphere.

3- Ahsanul Karim – Another regular commenter of the blog, Ahsan shared blogging, SEO, and PC tips. He loves to help those who face any problems about WordPress, Adsense, or blogging.

4- Babanature – A multi-faceted person, who is a professional web designer, creates blogs, template designs, besides blogging and singing. I marvel at how he plays around with codes, widgets and plugins! Another very helpful blogger.

5- Barry Wells – A person who’s gone through a lot, but has the strength and courage to never say die! A wonderful blogger, Internet Marketer and is wonderful at creating videos. Written an eBook showing how people can create their own products by following their passion.

6- Bashir Ahmed – Full time blogger who loves to share blogging tips. He tells you about how to promote your site and increase organic traffic. Expertise in link building, list building, business, SEO, and technology.

7- BK Chowla – A man of few words, but a powerful blogger where change is concerned, especially change for India.

8- Deeone Higgs – An author, blogger, and speaker – he has also written an eBook and is currently working on his first novel. A wonderful person who is out to find purpose of his life, and inspires us to find ours.

9- Enstine Muki – Besides being an awesome blogger, he loves doing things in PHP, installing WordPress, and teaches you how to make money online. Developer of Viralbird Traffic Script and CashDonator WP Plugin too! Another giver of link love – he keeps coming up with new innovative ideas!

10- Emmanuel Kabenlah Cudjoe – A great giver as he loves to share link love through his posts – Emmanuel touches hearts by his own voice and writing style. He is an online entrepreneur, besides being an author and affiliate marketer.

11- Ehsan Ullah – An awesome blogger with an aim to guide the blogging community by helping, proving, and building others. A person who values relationships and goes on to maintain them.

12- Efoghor Joseph Ezie – A registered nurse turned entrepreneur, blogger and freelance writer, he helps to take your business to the next level. A wonderful blogger with a way for words, Joseph has many other projects in the pipeline and coming up worth checking out.

13- Hiten Vyas – A wonderful life coach and expert is the area of self-development, Hiten has authored several eBooks. His main aim is to help you overcome your difficulties and help you in living the life you want and deserve.

14- Jens P. Berget – An author and wonderful writer with a story and novel published on Amazon, Jens mainly writes about business tips and marketing methods. I love the way he weaves his stories so effortlessly!

15- Kumar Chandan – Another giver and a person who’s a willing learner. He blogs about SEO, social networks, technology and motivation. Kumar also started an exam portal to help job seekers, besides a web developing and designing company.

16- Mayura De Sila – One of the most helpful bloggers you’d ever come across, Mayura is passionate about technology, blogging, and loves to solve problems and make things simple for everyone!

17- Michael Belk – Chooses his subjects on ethics and morals and strongly believes we were raised with good ethical behavior. His posts make you think, and he also has many other blogs he’s working on.

18- Manickam Vijayabanu – Being inspired by creative media and technology, he loves to blog about business, environment, food, and share other diversified subject matters.

19- Nate Leung – If you ever want to know about MLM and network marketing success, Internet marketing strategies, besides personal development, Nate is the right person!

20- Oluwaseun Babajide – Now runs his multi-author blog, which is a great source of unique breaking news, blogging, personal and professional tips. His blog covers a wide range of topic.

21- Obasi Miracle – He and his team love to blog about technology, and have a passion for tech and tutorials. They also write reviews, and posts on programming, electronics, and the Internet.

22- Olili Bob – Being a blogging consultant and editor, Olili is also a freelance writer and web designer. With many awards under his belt, he loves sports, is a motivational speaker and has even penned a few books.

23- Pramod Choudhari – A technical person knowing all the computer possible languages, Pramod loves to blog about gadgets, smartphones, services, Internet resources, applications and lots more!

24- Praveen Rajarao – Yet another tech-lover, Praveen shares updates on innovation happenings around the globe and also blogs about operating systems, computers, social media, technology, and Google.

25- Perambur Kumar – A knowledgeable blogger and a perfect tutor for web designing, Google AdSense, SEO, Google analytics, and everything related to Google! He is a good teacher indeed.

26- Reginald Chan – An awesome blogger and SEO consultant, who also takes up Google Adsense applications, and offers social media services. His goal is to help bloggers make money from their blogs. He blogs about Internet marketing and blog tips, besides other things.

27- Ryan Biddulph – One blogger I know who loves to travel and live life to the fullest. He helps you generate cash online. I marvel at the way he writes endlessly, whether at his own blog or several guest posts he’s written, even when he is travelling!

28- Sherman Smith – He mainly blogs about attraction marketing methods, strategies, prospecting, and personal development. Sherman even manages time for online and offline marketing strategies.

29- Theodore Nwangene – Besides being a WordPress developer, online business coach, and Internet marketer, Theodore’s blogs about how to drive traffic and monetize your blog. I wonder how he manages his blog alongside his studies!

30 – Temilola Globalwalyy – He is a professional website designer, ghost writer, and a blogger who helps people with what he knows best. Runs an informative health related blog.

So, there you have the awesome top men bloggers of Aha!NOW. Ahthis was a tough list to make because there were so many more I wanted to add!

But yes, there are a few more men bloggers whom I’d like to mention because indirectly, they have helped this blog reach greater heights.

Be sure to also check out Jeevan, once he has his new blog up. Not to forget are – Ashutosh, Brad Castro, Kulwant NagiNwosu DesmondOlogundudu Abraham, Tim Bonner, and Vijesh.

There are a few bloggers I’ve mentioned who haven’t been visiting my blog lately, or who you might not have seen them in a while. But I cannot forget them for their contributions and visits made earlier.

Not to mention that some of them are involved in other tasks and working on different new things, so perhaps their blogging has taken a backseat presently, but they are still a part of this blog and I can never forget that. 🙂

“Men do not fail; they give up trying.” ~ Elihu Root

Top Men Bloggers Selected Each Year

Yes, I intend having the best men bloggers of Aha!NOW featured in this post, each year on 19th November – International Men’s Day, to honor their presence on this blog.

If you haven’t made it to the list this time, start visiting the blog, commenting, and sharing more often!

I appreciate each one of you and am grateful to all of you for being such an integral part of the blog, without which it wouldn’t have been what it is today.

However, for both men and women, there are certain criteria that I’d mentioned earlier, but will mention them again that you need to qualify to be the top men or women bloggers of Aha!NOW.

It could be one, two, or a combination of the following-

• Quality of comments
• Frequency of comments
• Length of comments
• Social sharing
• And, of course you need to check the Aha!NOW blog community page for more. 🙂

top men bloggers award banner

If you’re one of the recipients and would like to put up the “30 Top Men Blogger of Aha!NOW’ banner on your blog, just contact me and I shall send you the exact code. 🙂 

Here is wishing all you wonderful men a very Happy International Day for Men. You DO make wonderful sons, fathers, brothers, husbands, lovers, and friends!

“Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.” ~ John F. Kennedy

Over to you

How has your experience been on Aha!NOW? As a male blogger, how do you compare men and women bloggers nowadays? How can one become the top male or female blogger? Who would you vote for as the top men bloggers? Share in the comments.


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  1. Sathish Arumugam

    2019-09-21 at 3:11 pm

    Great list Harleena. I am not much familiar with a few mentions here. But Atish, Ryan, Enstine, Reginald – really they deserved to be listed. You made it.

  2. Avenue Sangma

    2015-12-28 at 5:09 pm

    Hello Harleena, That is really the Best list I found in your blog and could probably help me in my efforts towards this industry.

    Once again thank you so much for sharing with us.

    Loving it.

  3. Philip Verghese Ariel

    2015-07-08 at 1:11 pm

    Hi Harleena,
    I have been to this page in the initial stage itself and I thought that I posted my feedback too! But unfortunately when scrolled down i could not see any, in fact i did that exercise twice if i missed! But Alas! my feedback is not showing that means i missed to do it!
    It is indeed a great thing to know well known bloggers from my counterparts! LOL
    Thank you so much for this round-up post, I am glad that many of my close associates are in the list and a handful of them are really new to me and I will check out their pages soon.
    Thanks again for re sharing this post again in twitter today, I am here via your twitter note.
    Keep sharing
    Keep going
    All good wishes
    ~ Phil

  4. TonmoyParves

    2015-04-09 at 1:40 pm

    Hello Harleena, Thanks a lot’s for your share this list. As well you know that i am new blogger and that’s why i am trying to reach with famous Bloggers. just did a quick search and got your This Article. Just Amazing. I am always with Aha community 🙂 It’s a good luck for me that i am connected with you on Social media and I am always ask my question to you ! I am going check out the list one by one


  5. Jaidayal Saraswat

    2014-12-28 at 11:04 am

    Hello Harleen Really nice post on topic “top bloggers man” 10 out of 10 for this post (y)

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30 Top Men Bloggers of Aha!NOW

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