Time Spent Helping Others is Never Wasted Time

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One hand helping others by extending over a globe

Have you ever thought of helping others? If you did, that’s great!

But what is your concept of “helping”? I’d like to share what I came across on Wikipedia:

“Helping behavior refers to voluntary actions intended to help others, with reward regarded or disregarded.”

You just read a simple definition that sparks a broad meaning. Everyone knows that helping is a good action.

Is it? NO, not everytime!

We are positive minded to read “helping” as a good action. But, you can even help someone just for any reason.

Helping is worthwhile, and it depends on the WHY or reason behind it.

Anyway, I’ll be using the keyword “helping” throughout this post and its implication would be, helping for good.


Are You a Helpful Person

You may already be helping others in different ways.

Many tasks involved in our lives are about helping others to get their jobs done. In return, we get rewarded too.

For example, if you are a business developer, you are helping your clients to create a successful business and in return, you get paid.

If you really love what you do, it can be more than getting paid.

If we set our perception in that way, we will hardly find someone not helping others. Mmm… Let’s talk beyond the common scenario.

Instead of helping others help themselves, how else do you manage to help others?

a girl with a note in hand with help written on it

Where Do You Stand With Regards to Helping Others

Taking voluntary actions to help others is not an easy task for everyone. We all do have different kind of lifestyles surrounded by simple to complicated obligations.

Sometimes, devoting your time, effort, money or any resource for someone else can be too much. You may have got enough other troubles to deal with.

Perhaps I can’t even imagine what you are going through and how tough your life is.

Does this thought sound familiar?

“There will always be someone to help those who need the help. May be, someone who would like to please others, who has nothing important to do in their life or who doesn’t have bigger responsibilities as we have. I’ve got enough problems for myself. Who has got time to worry about someone else’s problem?”

Did I just read your mind? Or am I close to it?


Just recall an incident when you saw that someone needed a helping hand. Were you a bystander? What did you do – just ignored and left? Or, were you the only one to help that person?

I can recall an incident that when I acted the role of a bystander. I could have helped that person. At least I could’ve gone and asked “Are you feeling alright, ma’am?”

But I didn’t. Fortunately, there were enough people to help though.

Isn’t this the place where most people stand now? A bit more self-centered and being defensive, even when they can help someone.

Where do you stand?

What Does it Take to Help

Do you really need to be rich to help someone else? Yes, of course! Unless you are rich enough, how can you give away?

When the term “rich” pops up, probably you may think of the financial aspect.

You can donate funds to charities, help build a shelter for a homeless man, spend money on poor kids who can’t afford to go to school and there’s more you can think of, as long as it’s money that you can trade.

Money is not a prerequisite for helping though. Not at all! There are so many ways you can help someone without spending a dime of yours.

How about these?

• Fixing computers of people who can’t afford it

• Rescuing and feeding an injured little birdie

• Helping an old couple cross the road and taking them to their destination

• Giving away food to poor kids

• Helping a friend who had suicidal intent

There are some happy moments I can recall in my life when I spent time helping others. I was just a teenager then and I had no money in my pockets to spend either.

Do you think you should wait for the perfect day to start helping others?

Even if you are feeling helpless, you can still be rich from your heart. Just because you haven’t got enough resources, doesn’t mean you can’t help someone.

You CAN always help someone out there who is not lucky enough to have what you have already got.

If you’re looking for an example, then how about a former drug-addict helping others to encourage and save them from being lost and hopeless? You can read about it here.

one girl helping other girl to cross stream

What’s in it for YOU

Honestly, do you think about what’s in it for you when you wanna help someone?

I don’t know how it feels when you expect something in return by helping others, but I know that you feel much better, when you didn’t have such expectations.

Researches indicate consistent helping is beneficial for your health. It also points out that if you expect something in return, it may not be helping your health too.

Until I had been invited to write this post, I hadn’t thought about exploring the benefits of helping.

When I help others, I feel the happiness it brings to me. Further, I found some interesting facts about helping behavior that was obtained from studies and researches.

In addition to increasing happiness, primary benefits of helping are –

• Reduce risk of mortality

Boost self-esteem and confidence

• Release healthy hormones to block negative emotions

• Help overcome stress and depression

• Increase the flow of good chemicals in your brain

• Boost your immune system

• Reduces the risk of heart diseases

Further, you can also gain new skills and experiences while helping others, which can be really helpful in the future. May be they can bring you whole new opportunities in your life too.

Final Thoughts

While you are helping others, you need to think about helping yourself too.

You may push yourself enough to help others, but you need to keep in mind that you can’t take care of everyone or everything. It’s not your fault!

I can relate to the feeling of being helpless to take care of everyone, but it’s not realistic at all.

If you are gonna keep worrying about what you can’t or couldn’t do for others, those who deserve and can use your help may not get sufficient help from you.

Never forget to take care of yourself first. I’m not suggesting you to be more self-centered, but to be the one who is powerful and not vulnerable. Be powerful enough to help others and yourself.

Having a healthy state of your mind and body means that you can do even more than you imagine. Believe me, it’s so true!

One of the popular claims I hear is that people who tend to help or care for others, tend to become more helpless themselves.

Unless you take care of yourself and be realistic while helping others, that statement can be true enough for you too. Hence, you might start feeling that you wasted your time by helping others.

While I was searching through the YouTube videos, I came across a simple video showing how people can help others, especially on the road.


Helping others, you can be the one ~ YouTube Video

Did you notice how many people were paying attention to the one who needed help in each incident? 🙂 Welcome to the real World!

“It’s not about what we bear in our minds, but how we turn them into actions.”

Do help! Do care! Do love! You can be the one!

Over to you

Did you ever waste your time helping others? Have you got surprising rewards after helping someone? I’d love to hear more about your thoughts and experiences about helping people. 🙂 Share in the comments.


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  1. Hi Mayura,

    How wonderful to see you here at Harleena’s place! I actually read this post earlier but am only now back to comment. Your words really hit home for me as I truly believe this too. I tell my girls that if you have the opportunity to help others you should. Being in the position where you can give help is truly a blessing. Hey, we all need help sometimes, right?

    You mentioned the time when you acted the role of the bystander when you could have helped. No need to feel guilty as you also said there were others there who did help. We don’t need to help every time, but it’s best when needed.

    There is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania who has become famous for never turning down a request for help. He spends hours each day helping people. Just as your title implies, he says that helping people is never wasted time because he feels it is so rewarding. He also has a huge network of people who will respond to his requests for help on behalf of others. They help the professor because they know if they ever need help he will provide it.

    I try to live by that motto too. I feel The Wonder of Tech helps people in many ways sort out the tech in their daily lives. I try to help others who request to publish guest posts or have other needs by referring them to others if I can’t help them myself.

    You are a shining example of helping others, Mayura. You have helped me immeasurably with my blog and I know you help others too.

    Harleena is also a wonderful person who helps others without question. She has helped me even without my asking. She gave me a link to a Facebook debugger that has been a key tool in sharing my posts on Facebook.

    Thanks for sharing these words of inspiration, Mayura!

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      Nice to see you here too dear 🙂

      Of course! We all need help in our lives and it’s amazing how anyone can help out another. Isn’t it? 🙂 Even a person who can’t help himself / herself.

      I’m really glad to hear you are truly believe in helping and it’s nice of you, telling your girls to help others too. When parents follow good qualities, children won’t hesitate to do ’em. Isn’t it true Carolyn? 🙂

      Thanks dear 🙂 Yeah, I wish if I could help her out. I was on my way to school. But later on I realized, we need to help ourselves and be realistic. People who help others shouldn’t be vulnerable at all, eh?

      Wow… That’s wonderful! He is being generous with his time and indeed an inspiration for anyone Carolyn 🙂 Anything is possible. Did you watch the movie Machine Gun Preacher? A true story. You will be inspired knowing how only one person can save a lot of lives with no much help of others 🙂 We all can be the one!

      Well, I know that it’s not just about writing helpful posts at your blog Carolyn 🙂 You take your time and buy tech stuff to review and help others to make good buying decisions. Sometimes I see how much time you spent on ’em. I admit that if it’s not your blog, I wouldn’t even know about some impressive tech stuff 🙂

      Indeed, Harleena is a wonderful personality Carolyn 🙂 You and I both know she’s setting as an example for everyone and even in small things we tend to ignore. I’m grateful that we all connected with the help of modern technology 🙂

      Thanks for coming by, and adding your thoughts on helping others along with an inspiring story Carolyn 🙂 Can inspire many others too. I really appreciate your kind words and it’s all my pleasure helping you too dear.

      Now, you have a lovely weekend too 🙂


  2. Hi Harleena and Mayura,

    Wow, that’s a great post Mayura, and I think that this theme fits you so well.

    I grew up with a very giving and helping mother, so me and my bother have always been naturals at helping others. This also taught me, however, that at times, helping the wrong people can make you feel hurt, and helping too much can actually handicap the person you’re helping.But I think that we need to help one another.

    Great post, Mayura, and great video. The couple of cars that just went around that person on the ground and left him there, was shocking. some people just have no heart. Thankfully more do.

    1. Hi Sylviane,

      Nice to see you and thanks for the kind words too dear 🙂 But I’m sorry for keep you waiting for a reply.

      Sounds like you mother is a true giver and I’m glad you both have inhertied her wonderful quality Sylviane 🙂 Like you, I’m so grateful to my mother for being my inspiration too. I know you are fond of helping.

      Well, I agree that helping wrong people can make us feel hurt dear 🙂 I did too and thought it would rather better to be picky. However, after a long time, now I feel happy for helping such people eventhough I hurt that time. No regrets! Sometimes we just expect some gratefulness from the other end, eh? 🙂

      Sadly, it’s the truth sometimes dear. Another person walk across the road and come there to check if he’s alright, while people who could reach him easily ignore him and left there. What a World we are living in?

      Thanks for coming over and contributing your thoughts on helping others Sylviane 🙂

      You have a lovely weekend dear 🙂


  3. Yes, helping others is not bad and it’s also not a waste of time. it provide us a satisfaction and also help us to make healthy relations with others. and if we take an example of blogs we can also make money by helping others.

    Very nice article. i read something like this first time here. nice blog and thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Gaurav,

      Glad to hear you enjoyed the post mate 🙂

      Helping others it not a bad trait, but taking it into action is what really matters. Of course! It help build healthy relations with others too 🙂

      Ah yes! When it comes to blogging, you can earn money through it too. However the intension of helping always matters mate.

      Isn’t it interesting to know that helping without expecting anything make us healthy, but expecting something in return can make it go away? 🙂 Keep helping out Gaurav.

      Thanks for coming over and taking your time to share your thoughts on helping others mate 🙂

      You have a GREAT week there!


  4. Ah Mayura

    Another great share and the only thing being sold is that self respect that comes with helping others, even if done just for self satisfaction.

    Interesting, in our family our youngest sister looks at “helping” with a different point of view. She thinks her two older sisters are interfering!

    So, after learning time, we have decided to wait until help is asked for…which is seldom. It would make us happy to help more, but I guess there is help and then there is help…depending on how you look at it!

    1. Hi Carata,

      Nice to see you over here dear 🙂 AND I’m glad you enjoyed the post too.

      Seems helping others has more benefits than what we discussed here 🙂 I’ve come to know that even watching someone helping others can bring us health benefits too. From an earlier comment. Interesting, eh?

      Mmm… Feels like it’s more about receiving the help 🙂 Sometimes, some people find it annoying for some reasons Carata. I think, it’s wiser not to be annoying too much and be within the limits while being prepared to offer help when that person asked for or really needs it.

      However, there are countless opportunities out there to help someone too 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by, and adding your thoughts and experiences you had on helping others Carata 🙂

      You have a nice week dear!


  5. Great piece

    Helping others is always fruitful, you get satisfaction. And the taste of this satisfaction is much better than anything else in this whole world.

    I hope people will get encourages after reading you post, and will definitely start helping others, even strangers 🙂

    1. Hi Payal,

      Thanks for the kind words and glad you found this encouraging dear 🙂

      Indeed! Helping others bring us happiness along with satisfaction and it’s amazing how we can enjoy the health benefits by helping others too. Isn’t it? 🙂

      I agree with you on that Payal. So far, I’ve never found such a feeling by doing soemthing else. Helping others always make us feel better. Sometimes, even later on.

      If this post can encourage others to offer help, I believe my efforts are fruitful Payal 🙂 Let’s hope for that dear.

      Thanks for stopping by, and contributing your thoughts regarding helping and its benefits Payal 🙂

      You have a wonderful week there!


  6. Harleena and Mayura,

    I’ve never viewed helping others as a waste of time. As I grew older, I started to realize that so many people need help. It doesn’t have to be business related. It can be personal growth as well. I do believe that we all need to grow. Because if we don’t grow and work on ourselves, how do we expect help others? Really enjoyed your post Mayura. I’ll see you around bud. 😉

    1. Hi Nate,

      I’m really glad to hear about your attitude towards helping and thanks for the kind words too mate 🙂

      Exactly! As we get to know more about people we find out what they are missing in their lives and how we can help them. It could be even just words!

      We always need to grow Nate! While helping others, we shouldn’t be vulnerable at all. Aren’t we find inspiration when disabled people brighten up other lives? 🙂 Shouldn’t be waiting for the perfect day, but should help others when we can.

      Thanks for coming by and adding your thoughts about helping others into the discussion Nate 🙂


  7. It’s never too late to help others, no matter who you are and how much you can give. I’m sure everyone deserves that.

    1. Hi Erwin,

      Exactly mate 🙂 It’s never too late, and it doesn’t matter who we are or what we have got. Even those people who can’t help themselves help others and brighten up others lives too.

      Let’s hope more and more people will think of helping others as they can 🙂

      Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts over here Erwin 🙂

      Have a nice week there mate!


  8. Hi Mayura your post is so inspiring I feel very happy when I help someone specially poor people. Being compassionate can give you a reason to help someone and by this you can also show people you really do care for them.

    1. Hi Sneha,

      Now I feel happy when readers find this post is inspiring dear 🙂 I’m glad you did too.

      If someone steals something owned by us, we really feel sorry about it. But when we give away something willingly, we find happiness after all. Isn’t it lovely how we feel about giving away? 🙂

      I’m sure you have felt the same feeling when you help others and as you mentioned, especially when you help out poor people. Caring is such a wonderful word and when you care others from your heart, you never know what could be happen. Aren’t our moms follow that? 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by and adding your thoughts into the discussion Sneha 🙂

      Now, enjoy your week too!


  9. Harleena and Mayura,

    I have read that people watching the act of a person helping someone else can get many of the same health benefits. Looking forward to watching the video. Have you seen the one of security cameras catching people doing good?

    Really fun to catch up on your blog today!

    1. Hi Betsy,

      Wow… Really? 🙂 Personally, I’ve felt some sort of wonderful feeling when I see someone helping out other. May be not everyone find it that way though.

      Once a guy helped out a doggie on the road. I was happy, and many others smiled back at him and appreciated what he did. But I overheard an old man saying “Idiot” too. You’d say “Ugh… Really?!”. But it’s true.

      I hope you will find the video as an inspiration dear 🙂 Well, I did. Talking about security cameras, most of the stuff I’ve seen on media and what seems to go viral are not those which doing good. But the best thing is doing good never stops 🙂

      Thanks for coming over, and contributing your thoughts and the fact you read Betsy 🙂

      You have a nice week dear!


  10. Mayrua –

    Your heart of gold really shines through with this blog. This article offers such practical ways to serve others such as helping someone across the street or giving to a food bank that feeds the poor.

    We all have countless opportunities every day. For example, when you visited my blog, it was obvious that you don’t know much about my disease. Your encouragement lifted my spirits in ways you cannot know.

    I think that is the main reason that many of us connect through blogging. We desire to lend a hand to others. My most recent guest blogger was an addict who is reaching out to help others in an area that I had no experience with. It’s all about connecting.

    Thank you so much for offering ways that are simple – and right in front of us. Thanks to Harleena for giving us all an opportunity to benefit from your wisdom.


    1. Hi Karen,

      I really appreciate the kind words coming from you dear 🙂

      When I stop by on yours, I didn’t know what a fighter you are! Fighting with life and in the meantime, helping others too. You are indeed a helpful personality and I really admire what you do 🙂 You are powerful!

      Yeah Karen 🙂 I didn’t wanna encourage us all to do something we can’t afford to. We can help someone everyday, even with a little contribution of our time. Like you implied, there will be countless opportunities if we pay attention 🙂

      It’s wonderful! I didn’t thought what would you feel when you read my comment, but wrote what I felt at the time. I respect you for what you do and I wish many people can follow your attitude too.

      I know dear 🙂 I’ve come to know lot of wonderful and like-minded personalities through blogging, such as you and Harleena. It’s love to hear your guest blogger is an ADDICT, ’cause it’s just not easy.

      Thanks for coming by and appending your lvoely thoughts to the post here Karen 🙂 You follow this topic really well.

      You have a wonderful week dear!


  11. Hi Muraya,

    I must say i love this post. i feel very happy and great when i help others there is no greater joy knowing you have people who believe in you and know that you can help them when you are in need and i bet you, when you are also in need, those who you have helped will surely come to your aid. Nice post.

    1. Hi Bob,

      That’s really nice to hear from you and I’m glad you could relate to it mate 🙂

      You know how it feels, eh? That’s something we don’t feel by gainging, but giving away. Don’t you agree?

      I agree that there are wonderful people return the fravor or help anytime Bob 🙂 Sometimes you wouldn’t even thought about it. Wish if everyone can follow the same trait in their lives 🙂

      Thanks for coming and contributing your thoughts about being a helpful personality mate 🙂

      You have a GREAT week Bob!


  12. What a beautiful post Mayura and it’s good to see you here at Harleena’s blog. Still making my rounds as you can tell but definitely had to make it by her latest post as well.

    I can honestly say that I’ve never wasted my time helping others. It gives me pure joy to know that I’ve helped someone whether it’s from a smile, a kind gesture, nice words or some advice that they needed. It surprises me that some people don’t find joy in this.

    I have surprising rewards after helping everyone. Just knowing that I did something good is always surprising to me because we just never know right! It’s really great when they actually tell you.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful topic with us and I loved the video. I wish everyone would be kinder and this world would be a much better place.


    1. The story of Raymond Sinohui: A Former Drug Addict Helping Others is awesome, me too am in the same situation I was saved by the methadone I work befor (editor of a newspaper for used drug)(point of change) but unfortunately the funding was stopped since February, I come every day to the Asociation volunteered to blow them hope that they get the methadonne but it is very complicated to us in Morocco since when I’speak with medical staff in the recovery center I feel rejected and the word of a former drug used has no value!!!

      1. Hi Younes,

        I’m sorry to hear about you feeling rejected mate! But I read the hope within your words. You can!

        I do really admire what you did mate 🙂 You did help save some lives. I’m sure they were never wasted time. Funding can play a major role sometimes, but it’s really wonderful when people get together and volunteer to save lives. Else, we just have to count miserable lives.

        Ah… I read Raymond’s inspiring story and had it in mind when I write “You CAN always help someone out there who is not lucky enough to have what you have already got.” 🙂 I’m glad you mentioned that.

        I hope you will find more opportunities to help others, ’cause former drug addicts have that experience which no certified personnel possess mate 🙂 They know how it feels and can relate well to others to help them find a way out.

        I wish more lives to be brighten up by you 🙂 I know you will!

        Thanks for coming over and contributing your personal experiences along with your thoughts Younes 🙂

        You have a wonderful weekend!


    2. Hi Adrienne,

      Nice to see you over here too dear 🙂 Aha… You are never late. I can see Harleena nodding too 😉

      Indeed, I’m honored to be here on Harleena’s online home place and to meet such lovely people with wonderful thoughts and inspiring stories 🙂 Yeah, so inspiring!

      I know, you are one of the best help that bloggers can ever count on Adrienne 🙂 Devoting your time and effort to help someone is rewarding indeed. Ha… You and I both know that some people are not online to help others but to help themselves as much as they can, eh? I doubt how they find the happiness after all 🙂

      If you could help a person who care others, you never know what surprises will be waiting for you Adrienne 🙂 People are wonderful if they possess good qualities and follow ’em consistently.

      I’m really glad to hear you loved the video dear 🙂 We all can do somenthing, even little bit of good to brighten someone’s day. I wish if people do open their hearts even further, instead of covering it up.

      Thanks for comming by and contributing your thoughts into the discussion Adrienne 🙂 I know helping is your first and best goal.

      You have a nice week Adrienne 🙂


  13. I do live to help others and I sometimes feel this is underrated, like some people think we should take care of ourselves first or something. It is about giving freely and not thinking of it as a sacrafice. If we were all truly connected, giving to others is like giving to yourself. If we don’t think of it this way, we don’t feel it this way!

    1. Hi Jodi,

      I think you mentioned your mission of life within your comment 🙂 That’s just awesome to meet someone who live to help others. That’s BIG!

      I wish if I could call I feel it underrated too, but instead I’m seeing it underrated and probably that’s that reality Jodi. Eventhough some people could feel others’ pain, not everyone seems to feel or think like that way.

      Selfishness is there even we try to hid it from others, but if we narrow our mind and hearts only for our own advantage, that’s too bad. AND it’s happening.

      Giving never made anyone poor, eh? May be never made rich with tangible stuff either, but it’s just more than having loads of stuff around us. I think those who give may just understand that too.

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughtful comment on helping others Jodi 🙂 Stick into your lifetime mission!

      You have a lovely week dear!


  14. Hi, Mayura,

    Indeed, totally thought provoking. 🙂

    Selfless help is the real help. Helping other with the thought “What is for me in it” is totally wasting our time and resources.
    The person who helps other without having his own interest,become loveable. Such good person always finds some people around him to help in his worst.
    Selfless help provides the true happiness.

    On the other hand, self help is nothing but helping other in another way. Taking an example of an apple seed. That seed anyhow managed to get into fertile soil, It attracts everything what it needs whether soil or minerals. At the end, it become a big apple tree and serve apple to every one.

    How was this possible? This is nothing but self help of seed which made him a big apple tree. 🙂

    At the end, your video is an eye opener, heart-touching and motivating. True help is true happiness. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post. 🙂
    Have a nice week ahead. 🙂

    1. Hi Kumar,

      Exactly mate! 🙂 Love to meet people with such wonderful thoughts and attitude in their minds, and when they turns into actions, beautiful things can happen.

      Selfless help is truly wonderful and it can bring you more than happiness into your life too 🙂 As you mentioned, people who help others don’t need to wait for it. They just find ways to help others everywhere.

      Lovely example Kumar 🙂 I think Mother Nature is too generous. As the Apple seed, we people grow and learn all the way with the intension to serve people in return. Apple tree never get away from its intension, but sadly, some of us tend to deviate from that good intension. Just some.

      That video is touching indeed mate 🙂 Got me thinking more ways I can help too. I’m glad to hear you found it as an eye-opener too. That’s interesting and I wish if it can open more and more hearts.

      Thanks for coming by, and adding your lovely thoughts along with such a beautiful example Kumar 🙂

      You have a nice week ahead too mate!


  15. I totally agree with you Mayura/Harleena,

    Rather considering it a waste of time we can say its a investment in building a powerful relations. No one ever forgets that moment when one helped him getting out from a serious situation.

    1. Hi Harman,

      Now I’m glad to hear you agree with being helpful to others mate 🙂 Indeed that’s a wonderful thing we can do as humans. Isn’t it?

      I like the way you put that ~ Investment! Indeed a lifetime investment that will never get wasted.

      I agree with you about never forgetting who helped ’em Harman. But can lack gratefulness in their hearts. At least, people remind the one who helped, when they get into hot water again 🙂

      Thanks for coming by and adding your wonderful thoughts on helping other people around us mate 🙂

      Have a fabulous week over there!


  16. I just love the title of the post and ofcourse the content is well elaborated and explained. Thanks for Sharing

    1. Hi Himanshu,

      Ah… You’re welcome and glad to hear you loved the title mate 🙂

      Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts on post 🙂

      Have a GREAT week too!


    2. Welcome to the blog Himanshu!

      Oh yes…Mayura has weaved the article very well- right from the title to the end of it. Glad you liked it 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  17. Very good post and it is so important to help other people when you have a chance. Always think what would I like other people to do if I was in the same situation as the one needed help.

    1. Hi Johan,

      Definitely mate! 🙂 I think we find enough chances in our lives to help others. You know, even we hold good thoughts, we need to act with ’em to help someone. Not everyone does though.

      It’s nice to hear you can feel how others would feel, and I think it’s one of factors to motivate and get us devoted to helping. Keep up with helping Johan 🙂

      Thanks for coming by and contributing your thoughts about being a helpful personality mate 🙂

      Have a fantastic weekend there!


  18. Dear Mayura,
    Thank you so much for this post on HELPING! Such a great topic, especially now when so many people are in need. I think that almost everyone at some point in their life needed some help. And that’s why I believe that helping one another is so important.
    Thanks to that “helping hand”, that (sometimes) small gesture we can bring hope, relief and happiness – and that’s what keeps me motivating.

    Thank you for such a heart-warming and interesting post!

    1. Hi Klaudia,

      I’m glad to hear you found it heart-warming and really appreciate your kind words dear 🙂

      I agree with you! 🙂 There are many people struggling and deserve a little attention. Just a little to make it through, but yet couldn’t. AND absolutely! We all need different kind of help in our lives and it doesn’t matter what kind or from where 🙂

      Isn’t it lovely how little kids help their grandparents? 🙂 Like that, simple act of kindness can mean a lot to someone Klaudia. You never know dear! It can even be a life-saver 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by here and I do appreciate your lovely thoughts on helping other Klaudia 🙂

      Now, enjoy your weekend too 🙂


    2. Welcome to the blog Klaudia!

      I agree with you, Mayura’s indeed written a wonderful post on this awesome topic that most people can relate to. Yes indeed, each one of us needs help sometime or the other, and I wish people would realize this simple fact and try to place themselves in the shoes of another and help others too.

      It keeps me motivated too 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views with us 🙂

  19. Hello Mayura,

    So nice to see you here at Harleena’s place.

    This is such a wonderful post my friend and thank you for sharing that video. I watched all 6 minutes of it and I was just beautiful watching folks help other people, especially the elder man and woman oh and the goat too.

    I love helping people. As a matter of fact, I have a hard time saying no because I think maybe I’m their last hope or they’ve been turned down before….I always end up with more on my plate than I can handle but I always pray for strength and help to help whoever needs me.

    Awesome post my friend.


    Sorry it’s taken me a while to stop by your place. This week was especially busy. 🙂

    Have a great weekend you two!

    1. Hi Corina,

      Really nice to see you here too dear 🙂

      I thought that video can be inspiring as it did for me 🙂 It’s not about big fundings and all, but just simple ways we can spread our kindness. No dime spent, eh?

      It’s very motivating when we watch such scenarios. Isn’t it? 🙂 Walking elders were my favorites too. Love that girlie who walked that oldie person with her little girl. Let’s talk about parenting and setting as an example 😉 We can’t forget animals either.

      I admire you for taking risk by being too generous Corina 🙂 It’s not healthy all the time as it can end up making us vulnerable. Sometimes, I feel that they make us even more stronger rather than taking us to the other end. However, it depends on our perception and how much we ready to take that risky step 🙂 I’m sure you felt it was way more rewarding too.

      Ha ha… Never apologize for a crime you never commit 😉 You were just late and it’s perfectly alright.

      Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts about helping others in our lives 🙂

      Enjoy your weekend too Corina!


    2. Hi Corina,

      No worries at all, and you don’t have to apologize for coming late because I know these few days are busy days for you before the kids start school.

      Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the last weekend with your family 🙂

  20. Hi Mayura,

    It is great to see you at Harleena’s blog and what a wonderful post you have written! The questions you included were very thought provoking.

    My own experiences with helping others include doing so without expecting anything in return and also helping because I wondered whether doing so can get me something in return. Both involve helping, yet the motivations behind doing so are like two ends of a spectrum.

    When I’ve helped without expecting, I’ve noticed that it is pure and I’ve got more delight out of doing so. There is something definitely unhealthy about helping with expecting in return, as the ego gets involved.

    When I help without expecting, it is such a wonderful feeling and indeed, as you explained in your post, it really is good for our health.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Hiten,

      Nice to see you too mate. I can recall how much I enjoyed your last guest post over here 🙂

      Pure! That’s the best word worth mentioning, I believe 🙂 When we devote ourselves into helping without expecting anything, we just don’t think about anything else but helping. Quite like meditating, isn’t it Hiten? 🙂

      No wonder why researches claim it’s so healthy enough, even to reduce the risk of mortality. Ugh… How much time and money people used to waste intending to be healthy?

      I couldn’t find the feeling I get by helping others Hiten 🙂 Not even by meditating. I wonder if it’s same for others too. Hmm… I think so 🙂

      Thank you for coming over and contributing your personal thoughts into the discussion mate 🙂

      You have a fabulous weekend there!


  21. Helping some one will make you feel better. When I was living in Delhi I used to work for NGO.
    They are really nice people. Working with them makes me feel good. You are absolutely right time spent helping other is not waste of the time. I like these work.
    Many big celebrities and business persons donate and help others.
    Thanks you for the nice enthusiastic post, Thanks a lot Harleena mam for this. 🙂 🙂

    1. Hi Shristhi,

      Definitely! It feels better and even researches indicate how it happen when we give away with rewards disregarded 🙂

      You are such a wonderful personality! I’m glad to hear you volunteered and found it wasn’t waste of your time at all.

      Of course, rich and famous personalities do offer financial help a lot. Even there are some generous ones who devote by themselves to help people who really need help. Not just by money, but with their own effort 🙂 Now that’s awesome!

      Thanks for dropping by and adding your lovely thoughts into the discussion Shristhi 🙂

      You have a wonderful weekend dear!


    2. Welcome to the blog Shristhi!

      Yes indeed, it does make you feel good about yourself 🙂

      Nice to know that you were working for the NGO’s, that must’ve even given you lots of satisfaction and happiness. Some people though do take it as a waste of time, which makes me wonder why they feel that ways.

      I agree with you, and such celebreties and business icons show their way of helping people through the money they have, but you can help people even without it, just as Mayura mentioned in the post.

      Thanks for stopping by, and do visit again 🙂

  22. Hi Mayura! Wellcome On Aha Now!

    Nice to see here and you’ve published a nice article!

    As far as my thinking concerned that helping others isn’t a waste of time, It’s an opportunity to make your name and it is always a nice feeling to help others. Helping others doesn’t mean that we are helping others for getting rewarded for them. I believe in that If we help someone, God will help us. ” The more we help each others, the greater we get success ”

    If it’s up to me, I’m used to making understands student who are dull in my class. I love to teach and yeah you are right, it’s also a great way to improve our skills!

    Not only teaching, I think blogging is also a good way to help others. Most of the times I get stuck in things because I’m not good at blogging that much, But there are very helpful article of peoples about our problems and These articles help me alot!


    1. Hi Bilal,

      Thanks for the welcome mate 🙂 I really appreciate it and glad you enjoyed the post too!

      That’s nice to hear when you say helping is not a waste of time 🙂 I admire that! So far, all the commenters here confirmed it and that’s interesting indeed. I know what you meant Bilal. Helping someone always brighten up our days too. Isn’t it? 🙂 Even we feel used in some scenarios.

      Indeed! Blogging is a great way to help others too and personally, I do have more respect on teaching offline mate 🙂 You know, you can reach more people who really need help in that way as some people can’t even imagine being online in their life.

      Thanks for stopping by and contributing your wonderful thoughts on helping others Bilal 🙂 I know you will never stop that.

      You have a GREAT weekend too!


  23. I think you have read the minds of most people. But most people are willing to help other people but not sure if they are looking for something in return either in the form of money or favours.

    Personally, I would say I am that person who would be willing to go that extra mile for someone who would ask for help. It certainly makes you feel happy afterwards when they thank you for it.

    I like some of the ways you can help someone without spending money.

    1. Hi Shalu,

      I’m glad to hear that dear 🙂 I wish if this post can contribute a little to get people think about how helpful they can be. I truly wish that!

      I agree with you 🙂 People tend to expect more than what they can give away, and may be live with the confusion that what matters most. Sadly, people can watch someone struggling so hard and keep watching without doing anything about it.

      Not everyone willing to take that extra mile Shalu 🙂 We all know that helping is a good act, but turning that thought into an action is so hard as I find.

      I bet you can find so many ways to help someone without spending a dime of yours Shalu. In most of my scenarios, Money wasn’t my ally either. I saw how a poorest family helped a rich person. I’m inspired by ’em, rather than famous and richest people 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and contributing your lovely thoughts in to the discussion dear 🙂

      You have a wonderful weekend too!


  24. Hi Mayura and Harleena,

    Okay this is a great post. Let me confess here. Last time, I am really skeptical in terms of helping other bloggers. And what I got back in return? No friends and a dozen of failed blogs.

    This year, I made it a goal to help other bloggers. Creating a blog just for bloggers to find relevant information and tips for free. Okay if they would buy some of the stuffs, I would probably get a small token in terms of affiliate sales. But again, I can’t help it to smile when someone post and say thank you bla bla bla.

    It means so much and at least, I know that it is for the good of others. Not only that, helping others make me feel good as well! It was really great, being able to ‘give back’ to the community that had helped me from time to time.

    Don’t forget, ability to meet up with excellent bloggers like both of you 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Reginald,

      Nice to see you here mate 🙂

      Thank you for you kind words and I know you a helpful blogger online mate 🙂 Never give up on that and I know you won’t.

      Yeah, bloggers who really value what they do are helping others 🙂 Especially I love when it comes to those who blog about health and life-related stuff, like Harleena here, as they can immensely help someone suffering. My blog is just nothing compared to that 😀 lol…

      I know mate! Helping indeed rewarding and you know how it feels. I wish more and more such things happening in offline World too ’cause I feel that’s what really matters in the end. You saw the video, eh? 🙂

      Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughts and experiences on helping Reginald 🙂

      You have a fabulous weekend mate!


  25. Good read. I love to help others. I am sometimes too helpful. In FB groups when people post links I check it out and if something is wrong with their SEO stuff, I tell them how to fix it lol. I’m such a nerd.

    When is helping too much or going too far? I think it’s when you help people to the point where your help is a waste of time and going nowhere.

    Like I said good read! Definitely needs to be more people out there that are willing to help people with whatever part of life it is.

    1. Hi Leon,

      That is helpful nature indeed mate 🙂 Even online, people often tend to be self-centered and worrying about competition, instead of offering help when they can.

      Helping nature shouldn’t make ourselves vulnerable at all 🙂 It’s us who make us vulnerable after all. So, helping ourselves should be in our agenda at critical moments.

      Keep helping and I wish you to extend it more into the offline World too Leon 🙂 Real action is something I find missing everywhere.

      Thanks for coming by and contributing your thoughts on helping mate 🙂

      Enjoy your weekend too!


  26. Hi Mayura:

    Thanks for the inspiring post and the video. I really appreciate the point you made that we can start help others by little things. I have heard enough people say they will donate money to charity when they are rich. How about they won’t be rich in their whole life? Won’t they help people at all?

    We can always help people by doing very little things, and small things can reward you a lot. A week ago, I was on a bus and there was an old lady carrying an umbrella sitting in the front row. She couldn’t move as freely as us. On one of the right turn, she droped her umbrella. No one was going to help her pick up it. I was sitting at the back row. I saw her having difficult to reach the umbrella on the floor, so I walked up to pick it up for her. She give a smile and thank you. Man, that lightened up my day.

    I wish more people can just do whatever they can to help people,even just a little thing.

    1. Hi Anthony,

      Nice to meet a helpful personality! 🙂 I’m inspired by reading your story and was fortunate to experience similar moments in my life too. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

      You got a good point mate! Life flows with uncertainty and things can be changed in anytime. If we can be more realistic, no one will wait for wonderful things to happen, but make them happen.

      Gosh… There are more than enough to think about when it comes to helping, but if we don’t help someone when we can… I don’t know what to say mate.

      Owh yeah! You don’t need anything but you and yourself to brighten up someone else’s day 🙂 Just simple things. We may feel it’s just a simple thing, but it could be something they needed the most or a life changer for someone.

      Thanks for dropping by and adding your thoughts on helping along with your inspiring story Anthony 🙂 I knew I’m gonna inspired by readers.

      You have a wonderful weekend!


      1. I always believe “If we can’t make a difference to the world, then make a difference to the people around us.” In the end, if more people can just make a different to the people around, then we can make a difference to the world. Oooops! Can’t never stop talking about this. LoL!

        1. LOL 😀 Never Anthony! Unless human beings always progress towards good everyday 🙂

          Should never forget that Human World is consist of human beings 🙂 When we make a difference to the people around us, we are almost contributing to make a difference to this World Anthony. They just won’t happen once, but gradually with the contribution of everyone. Isn’t it? 🙂


  27. Ah, Mayura. Good to see you here (I mean, writing a post :D).

    Anyways, great post. Gives a lot of think about.

    Helping others? I can tell you that I am not doing my best (Sure, I do help those around me, but I don’t consider that as enough).

    None of us are doing enough (okay, sure there might be few). At this moment, there are more people suffering than those who enjoy life (I am not going to consider those who enjoy life based on their desires/wants. I am talking in terms of basic needs and amenities).

    Note: There are times I think of myself as an alien (to truly put myself into an alien’s mind 😛 To think about how humans are). I don’t quite succeed, but I do learn a lot from those moments. I see people – helping each other. But, I see more selfishness going around (Well, can’t blame anyone for that. People are selfish, greedy, but there are times where I wish they were just more kind – more helpful to others).

    As a species, we can do better than all this. But, we tend to stress on our differences – we fight among ourselves (Think of it this way: If I was an alien, I would not want to visit humans).

    I think the main problem today is ignorance (We tend to forget about the millions in the world without any food or shelter – we focus too much on our wants and too less on the world). We don’t actually care about our species or our planet (not really..we could say that we do, but we don’t).

    You know, it is really sad, to see the world like this. Hopefully, in another 100-200 years, people will put aside their differences and decide to work together. Let’s hope for the best 😀

    Note: These days, there are many videos/images/posts about people helping each other (and usually with a note – such as faith in humanity is restored). Personally, I think it does more damage than good. Sure, it shows the best of us (but, it can also help us to justify our own actions – for not helping others. We could say – hey there are millions of others out there, so it is okay if I don’t do help much).

    Thanks for the post, though 😉 Sorry for doing all hate humanity on you 😛 (You know, a part of my mind does hate humanity for what it is – regrets being a human).

    1. Hi Jeevan,

      Nice to see you too mate 🙂

      Ha ha… That’s for sure Jeevan. There are kind of limitations popping up, but I wish you can fulfill your hopes and feel more satisfied in future. Never lose hopes mate! Never!

      While we thinking about how bad our last meal was, some people losing hope of their life expectancy somewhere. Is it fair? Well, we can’t blame. But if there was a way to switch the roles, probably they will understand.

      That’s common nowadays Jeevan! It’s not a secret that people tend to be more self-centered. Some people interpret it’s the way to success too 🙂 Well, absolutely! While being self-centered, achieving their list of goals wouldn’t be a problem.

      Ignorance is indeed a killer! Just forget about millions for a moment, and think about how many people would like to help someone within their reach 🙂

      We people are excellent in finding excuses Jeevan 🙂 It’s within our blood and takes courage to change. AND again the topic of ignorance pops up here, ’cause people don’t think much but follow what majority follows. Using brain and heart is not that easier as we think.

      Yeah, planning for the worst and hoping for the best mate 🙂 Should be a gradual improvement. I’ll hope for that too. It’s never too late to do something good.

      Thanks for coming over and contributing your wonderful thoughts on helping others mate 🙂 Keep using the vision of Alien too.

      You have a wonderful weekend Jeevan!


      1. Of course. I hope I can do it 😀

        Indeed, selfishness can help with achieving success (I am not saying selfishness is wrong – it is okay to be selfish; but try to at least be more helpful, be more caring about this world and its creatures).

        Not a lot of people will be willing to help others around them (especially if they see that they have something to lose – we always have something to lose, don’t we? I think another problem we need to take care of, as a species, are our wants. We desire more. We unnecessarily “depend” upon our desires/our wants).

        Of course, excuses everywhere. We will do whatever we can to justify our actions, won’t be?

        I agree.

        Hahaha 😉 Of course, it helps me to be really objective.

        1. Yeah mate 🙂 We are humans and humans are imperfect, eh? We shouldn’t expect others to be perfect either. Selfishness comes along with us, but as you implied, being more helpful and caring won’t do any worse but something good, as always.

          Of course! We always tend to believe everything around us are certain and with the complexities in modern lives, we embrace and depend on too many materialistic stuff too. Mmm… Good reminder for everyone 🙂

          Keep more helpful stuff happening around you Jeevan 🙂


          1. Sorry about the late reply 😉 I never got a comment notification email, I wonder why. I do remember checking the box though (same thing with other posts that I commented on this blog).

            Yup, but we still tend to expect perfection from others (even if we realize that we are far from perfect). Indeed 😀

            Yup, humans also have a weird sense of definiteness that everything will stay the same.

            Recently I saw a documentary on climate change (worst cast scenario for 2100). It wasn’t pretty. The documentary said that the whole thing depended upon 2015 climate summit (if they don’t reach a good solution by then, we will pass the tipping point). Just reminded me of how dearly we need each other, but still we focus on our differences (a little too much) and fight to prove that we are better than others (another thing that’s wrong with the world? Too many people worry about proving to someone – be it friends, family or even the world).


            1. No worries at all Jeevan 🙂 Pardon me for keep you waiting for a reply too.

              Mmm… Hope Harleena will look into it 🙂 I’ve got replies for my comment on this blog, but wasn’t checking any check boxes except for spam check though.

              Yeah, kinda 😀 Tend to forget our lives are uncertain and plan + expect too many things.

              Agree there mate! Most of us trying to outsmart each others as individuals, cultures, religions and countries too. Seems united, but almost divided.

              Now it’s valid for everywhere as I find. Even parents force kids to score more marks at school rather than learning what needs to be learnt. Little minds don’t know what is it all about but later on they become more self-centered. Ugh… Competition!

              It’s very sad that we believe everything is just fine out there Jeevan. Nobody seems to care about how little the pure water left in this World. May be we will be lucky enough. But next generations? I think I will like that day. ‘Cause no one will have anything to prove that day.

              No kings, no pawns. Just human beings 🙂


              1. I hope too 🙂


                Yup, there is division everywhere. People may stick together as a community, but even within the community, they don’t get along.

                Look at this, we say we are the most advanced species of this planet and yet we are the ones who are utterly destroying it!

                Yup! Numbers. They are only worried about numbers – from grades to salary! (It’s all about status, isn’t it? I want to see my son score the best. There is no problem with that thought, but in thinking that, people tend to forget the important part – teaching their kids to be curious, to ask questions, to be innovative and to enjoy life).

                Why are we living this life anyway? Going to school, then to college, then to work, then marry, raise children? What’s the point of all this if you don’t learn to enjoy life?

                Next generations will be describing our age as the “dark ages”. People had the choice but they didn’t take action. I do certainly hope that there will be a next generation (with all the things happening to this planet, we can never be sure).

                Indeed. But, people forget what humans are. We may have higher intellect than every other species on this planet, and we are supposed to use that for good, not to destroy the planet.

                1. Of course Jeevan! Mostly, people worry about the social status they have and believe it as a determinant in the society. Yes it does.

                  Even I do earn money from freelancing, I know some of my relatives like me to see work in a reputed office ~ “That boy wasn’t smart like you and even don’t spend time with PC, but working in the best company. But you are still working at home” 😀 It’s not just about money. I think it comes from good old caste systems.

                  Actually, people following the old habits blindly. Isn’t it why some folks trying to show others that they are helping people? 🙂 Strings attached!

                  Most advanced species, eh? Now I find it as an excuse too mate 🙂 Definitely! If we don’t try to make future more better place for next generations, we will be responsible for the dark age. Still, we are contributing. All we can do at least is minimizing as much as we can. I doubt a dark knight will rise in future though 😉

                  I’m really glad you think like that Jeevan 🙂 I’m sure those who will follow you and your generations won’t be self-centered, but take action with the wide view. We need more of such clones 😉


  28. Thanks, Mayura – fancy you remembering my Stafford Hospital post – you have an amazing memory!

    You could be right about some people lacking imagination – I wonder if that’s the way they are, or due to their upbringing. It’s sad, anyway.

    Glad there’s plenty like you around, Mayura, to make the world a kinder place 🙂


    1. Hi Susan,

      Well, I remember the incident but not the name of hospital though. That’s why you have a search bar implemented on your blog, eh? 😉

      I think that’s a valid point 🙂 Lacking imagination could be one of reasons and so, may be it’s just another senseless incident in real World for them.

      Thanks dear! There’s so many others, so much better than me. If everyone can contribute a bit, World will be awesome after all 🙂


  29. Hi Mayura,

    Another great article!

    It resonates with me very much. From childhood, as far back as I can remember -helping others has always been incredibly rewarding for me. It makes me tick so to speak. My entire 15 year nursing career was very fulfilling being able to help others and now helping others online has taken on similar rewards.

    I also appreciate the inclusion of a reminder that we must also care for and help ourselves. Too often those of us in the helper mode neglect our own needs. Guilty myself 🙂

    1. Hi Susan,

      Thank you dear 🙂 AND when you talk about childhood, count me in too. It’s really nice to hear you have been helping others since you were a child and if child can do that, what more should I say, eh? 🙂

      Nursing is indeed a rewarding career as it involved with helping people, but unless someone really into it, it could be the worst job ever. It’s rare I find someone claims it is very fulfilling Susan 🙂 You must be can’t help when it comes to helping.

      I can relate to the fact of being too generous not to think about ourselves Susan 🙂 You are not guilty at all! You did it with a risk and you are special. It’s a pain if we get vulnerable while helping others, which I did sometimes. Of course, we need to keep that in mind and power ourselves up while helping others 🙂

      Thanks for coming over and now I’m inspired by your comment too Susan 🙂 Really appreciate your thoughts.

      You have a nice weekend there!


  30. Very inspiring! Doing good is always rewarding. Thanks for the reminder

    1. Hi Trina,

      Thank you and glad to hear you enjoyed the post dear 🙂 Indeed! Helping is very rewarding and sometimes I feel happy when I see people helping one another. Well, animals too 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and adding your thoughts here 🙂

      You have a fabulous weekend there!


  31. Nice to meet you mam, This is my first comment your site. Hi Mayura, Relationship and helping is the nice way to helping others, A friend is need always i think so. Everyone do helping each other its the right way.

    1. Hi Ariful,

      Helping does help in return to build relationships too mate 🙂 Now, when we look into research findings, it’s not a waste of time at all. Isn’t it? 🙂

      Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughts into the discussion Ariful 🙂

      You have a wonderful weekend mate!


    2. Welcome to the blog Ariful – good to see you here 🙂

      Yes indeed, helping each other helps to build a relationship, and it bonds and connect two people with each other too. And even if it doesn’t, I think if you have a giving heart, you wouldn’t bother about anything and just help another person, isn’t it?

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views 🙂

  32. Well – fancy seeing you here, Mayura! What a lovely surprise – and this post is so appropriate coming from you an Harleena’s blog, because you’re two of the kindest, most helpful people I’ve come across online.

    I think the lovely feeling you get from helping someone is priceless – it’s just hard to define. And the other side of that coin is that if you don’t help someone out when you could have done, you feel awful (well, I do, anyway).

    I think sometimes people don’t help for strange reasons – it’s not just selfishness, though it can be – it might be that they’re afraid of getting involved, doing the wrong thing, or getting into trouble. For example, I know qualified doctors and nurses worry about providing first aid in case they get it wrong and end up being sued.

    The other day we were walking through town and someone in front of us dropped a LARGE amount of cash on the ground. My husband picked it up and ran after the guy and gave it back to him (a chap walking in the opposite direction saw us pick up the money and said “I’ll give it to him” – but we suspected he was just going to walk off with it!) The guy who’d dropped the money was so grateful and I was just thinking how relieved I’d be if I was in his position – it just felt like the right thing to do. I think that’s what it’s about – treating people as you’d like to be treated yourself. When you see someone struggling, you should imagine how you’d feel in their place.

    We’re forever rescuing animals, birds etc. – I almost got run over the other evening trying (and failing) to stop a lorry running down a hedgehog. I can’t bear to see anything suffering or in distress, so I guess that’s my motivation for helping out when I can.

    The video was very moving and quite upsetting – it’s sad that so many people do just pass by on the other side.

    Thanks, Mayura – a beautiful post 🙂


    1. Hi Sue,

      Nice to see you here too and I do really appreciate your kind words dear 🙂 You are kindest and helpful indeed, which I feel guilty if I left unsaid, even after reading your comment now 😉

      I vouch for that too Sue 🙂 The happiness gain by giving can’t be defined. Even when you recall later on, it’s not just a memory, but a happy memory. Ah.. You are too kind and sensitive I guess. Same applies for me, as I can recall few moments I could have helped but didn’t.

      Mmm… Some people being defensive as they were beaten by terrible incidents 🙂 I know what you meant by not getting involved, as I’ve experienced similar situations too. Now the word QUALIFIED comes in to question. They might have thinking of all the hard work they put on to achieve their status after several years. It’s alright if someone else take care of it though. But else… UGH! Can’t forget Stafford hospital, eh?

      It just worries me that a person can ignore helpless person / animal, even when he could have helped. But again claims “Why me?” when he’s in trouble! For some, it’s just a never ending loop.

      Bravo! That’s admirable Sue 🙂 I’m glad you and your hubby shares good qualities and helped that man instead of ignoring it. See, it’s about taking action. I wish everyone could put themselves in others’ shoes like that. May be, lack of good imagination?

      Oh… I’m sorry to hear about the hedgehog! You are too sensitive and on the other end, I’m glad it’s keeping you motivated to devote yourself in. Many others wouldn’t even care such a thing. For ’em, probably it’s not a life but object or something with no feelings.

      Thanks for coming over, and contributing your helpful thoughts and incidents you have come across Sue 🙂 They are indeed adding more value to the post!

      You have a wonderful weekend dear! 🙂


  33. I couldn’t agree with you more on this topic, Mayura!

    Helping others is quite rewarding. There is something about taking the focus off our own problems, and seeing a need for service towards others that allows us to forget about what we think to be wrong in our own lives. This year I have started volunteering more than I ever have before. And I can honestly see the changes that have taken place in my life. I have met so many remarkable people with intriguing stories, professions, and lives. They have given me back the hope I was beginning to lose towards humanity, and supplied me with so much more wealth in wisdom, which money would never be able to purchase. I have to agree with those before me – this was an inspiring post, and I am so glad Harleena invited you over to share it with us.

    Cheers to the both of you! 😉

    1. Hi Deone,

      Wow… Now that’s wonderful to hear you deliberately involved in volunteering in this year mate 🙂 See, I can get inspired too!

      I’m totally agree with your first statement and if I delve into my past, I had often found it as one of reasons why I helped others 🙂 You know it and you felt it! I think, with that, we start to admire what we have already got and it can totally change the way we look at things in our lives.

      I’m really happy for you when you mention how volunteering changed your life Deone 🙂 When you are with right people, they will never let you down. Now look at you. You are one of hopes for many people out there 🙂 That’s for sure.

      Thanks for coming over, and sharing your thoughts and wonderful experiences on volunteering Deone 🙂 Inspiring indeed and yet I have way to go!

      You have a wonderful weekend ahead mate 🙂


  34. Hello Mayura and welcome to Harleena’s blog.

    We all need to be helpful. Helping people will surely reward you and will help spread your name very fast than normal.
    If I don’t do other things, I love helping people that are in need of my help and i know Harleena do too, right?

    Helping people is based on how kind the person is, some are naturally wicked. Till we realize that we are not an island, then we can help each other out.

    Thanks for the mind blowing post, do have a great weekend both of you 🙂

    1. Hi Babanature,

      Thanks for the warm welcome and nice to see you mate 🙂

      Yeah! Nothing is better than people helping one another, eh? 🙂 I’d love if we all set our minds to that point. Well, it is not realistic though. That’s where we find wickedness exists.

      It’s really nice to hear you love helping others and I admire that mate 🙂 If we just look around us, we can find enough opportunities to help someone. Isn’t it? Sometimes, I feel if someone needs to be helpless to know the value of helping. But, NO! We can feel that if we open for it 🙂

      You just mentioned one of wonderful givers I know Babanature 🙂 Harleena is such a helpful and caring personality. She doesn’t claim it but proves it all the time. Never vulnerable, but powerful by giving 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by and adding your wonderful thoughts mate 🙂 Here’s to help more!

      You have a great weekend too! 🙂


  35. Mayura i appreciate your thinking.
    Manytime helping others make a good bond between 2

    1. Hi Deepesh,

      Yeah, helping can improve our socializing skills, and when like-minded people meet each other, things can be wonderful enough 🙂

      Thanks for coming by and glad you enjoyed the post. Appreciate your kind words too mate 🙂


    2. Welcome to the blog Deepesh – good to meet you here from Facebook too 🙂

      I agree with you there – helping makes two people bond better, and you get much more by giving to others, isn’t it?

      Thanks for stopping by, and do visit again 🙂

  36. Dear Mayura/Harleena,

    Very inspiring post, One need to have a big heart to help others without any expectation. Nicely explained in simple language which I am sure every body will understand covering each and every point. In our day to day life we can help many.I would love to share this to my Wall.I am also trying to help others in whatever way I can.its really very motivating and inspiring to read such Posts -Regular reader of Harleena.Thanks and keep going.

    1. Hi Keshav,

      Nice to meet you and I’m glad you found it inspiring mate 🙂

      One BIG heart is enough for the whole life, eh? 🙂

      Ah… I’m not an impressive writer as Harleena and always tend to follow simple language I learnt so far Keshav. Gladly it’s not too boring 😀 lol…

      Exactly! Rather than seeking out bigger names or places to help, helping someone we can is the best thing I believe 🙂 As you implied, “in our day to day life”. I think it makes sense when we look into above video.

      I admire your helpful personality and keep helping mate 🙂 Never give up on it!

      Thanks for coming by and contributing your thoughts on helping others Keshav 🙂

      You have a lovely weekend ahead!


    2. Welcome to the blog Keshav – good to see you here from Facebook 🙂

      You are very right – a big and giving heart too, I’d add. Oh yes…Mayura is a wonderful blogger and writer, and I agree, using a simpler language helps a great deal for better understanding. I need to take lessons from him now 🙂

      I’m sure you must be helping many in need, in whatever way you can. I guess you just need to be willing to do so – isn’t it?

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing this post as well – much appreciated, and do keep visiting 🙂

  37. Hello Mayura!

    Glad to see you here on Harleena’s blog .

    I always feel satisfied and happy on helping others whether its in professional life or on the road.I always feel that god examines our day to day activities hence we should never miss an opportunity to help a needed person.I do agree with you that helping others help us to improve our skills great examples of this is our teachers/professors who taught us in schools/University ..aren’t they masters of their respected streams?

    Anyways,Thanks for sharing this post with us.


    1. Hello Pramod,

      Nice to see you here too mate 🙂

      Wonderful! We all find happiness by helping others. Don’t we? There are some situations I felt that I’ve been used, but later on I realized I was expecting bit more gratefulness from other end. See, even little bit of expectations can get us into trouble in worse scenarios 🙂

      Teachers are indeed a nice and everyday example Pramod 🙂 In that process, they learn more about their respective or favorite subjects intending to give more to their students. Giving never made them poor, eh? 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and adding more thoughts into the discussion Pramod 🙂 Keep on helpin’ mate!

      You have a wonderful weekend ahead 🙂


  38. Hey Mayura,
    Welcome to Aha-now and thank you Harleena for bringing Mayura on board 😉

    I think as long as we are living on this planet Earth, we need help always. I used to say that no one can succeed as an Island. You need some compliment from others around you (free or paid).

    Yes Mayura! if you are helpless, you may not be able to help others. Do yourself a favor by helping yourself first – not being self-centered as you mention in the post.

    There are many ways to help position yourself to help others and one of them is to acquire the right knowledge. That’s why you were able to help Barry Wells sort out the issue on his blog.

    Some people don’t accept help. I watched a movie where a guy who wanted to commit suicide adamantly refused help from the police. Well, maybe shooting him with the gun would have been helping him get the death he wanted 😉

    From the Wikipedia definition, it looks like the only way not to help someone is to be dead. That way, you won’t be there to offer services and be paid but as long as we live, we have needs which must be met by offering paid help.

    Thanks for the post on an interesting topic bro.

    1. Hi Enstine,

      Thank you for the warm welcome and nice to meet you here mate 🙂

      “I think as long as we are living on this planet Earth, we need help always” ~ Sometimes I wish if more people think that way Enstine. Exactly! No one will achieve so-called success individually. Even someone thinks so, without others’ help, he could never make it. Reminds me of the Tom Hank’s movie ~ Cast Away 😉

      Yeah, Enstine. I disagree when some of my friends claim those who help are the ones to be helpless in the end. It should not be. Personally, I believe people who help are the ones who got more than enough. Others even can’t devotes few minutes.

      I’m sure you have seen how some disabled people help others who has everything, no? 🙂 I wonder who is helpless.

      Ah… You remember Barry’s scenario 🙂 I think he deserves it too mate. He’s another wonderful personality, and you and I know he’s devoting lot of effort to help others even without caring his health status, which is bit risky in my opinion.

      I’ve come to know such a person lately Enstine 🙂 Sometimes, we can’t give an exact reason, and label him / her as someone who doesn’t care help. It might be involved with a terrible past experience, which in some cases, we get to know the truth when we can’t offer a help anymore.

      I agree mate! 🙂 Everyone is helping in some way. But as even researches indicate, those with reward disregarded are much effective and secretly helping us in return 😉 Even when I recall the moments I helped to write in this post, the ones with no rewards involved were the first to pop up. You can try that too!

      Thanks for coming by and sharing your wonderful thoughts on helping others Enstine 🙂 You are indeed a helpful personality and keep helping mate!

      I really appreciate your kind words too 🙂

      You have a fabulous weekend ahead!


  39. Welcome to Aha!NOW as a guest blogger, Mayura!

    It brings me great pleasure to have you as my guest this time on my blog, as we’ve been associated for many years. I know that you’ve always been a great help to many bloggers like me.

    And who better than you for a post on “helping”! I’m sure everyone else will vouch for and agree with me that you’re the one of most helpful blogger one would find in the blogosphere – that we know!! 🙂

    I can’t disagree with you on anything that you wrote in this post. I’d add up that it takes a heart to help – a really big heart. The root of helping lies in compassion that you’ve for yourself and for others.

    People come to know about the intentions of those who help with a selfish intent, desiring something in return. As we see in the interesting video, there are many other reasons to help people.

    The Wikipedia definition really helps us understand what helping is all about. We should devote some time to help others in any which way we can, no matter how busy our life is.

    One of my friends always has the email signature prompting people to help others. And I made an acronym out of it – GHOST! (Go Help Out Somebody Today!) 🙂

    As you suggest, the lack of money or resources should not deter you from helping others. Every individual has the capability to help. I like to do it through my blog posts, but help by real action is most appreciated and necessary.

    I’m sure after reading your post many would be motivated, and they’ll truly experience the happiness you get when you help somebody.

    Thanks for adding the important reminder that you need to take care of and help yourself too. I concur with you that helping others is definitely not wasting time and the best reward is that the person who you help gets benefited by it.

    Thanks for much for this inspiring post, Mayura. You’re the helping star and I’m sure my readers have lots to tell or ask you – so I am not coming between you and my readers, except for welcoming the new ones, so it’s all yours now!

    Have a great time at Aha! NOW – the spotlight is on you. 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      It’s all my pleasure dear! Thank you so much for inviting me here, to contribute to your wonderful blog 🙂 I’m honored!

      Ha ha… I really admire you for finding me as a helpful personality, and don’t we all helping others as we can? 🙂 I don’t like to mention, but not everyone believes in helping others than helping themselves. In that scenario, I like the fact that I’m surrounded by helpful people.

      I agree there Harleena 🙂 I really do! I can see some people who are really capable of helping others, just ignore it and move on. Well, it’s not that they are responsible, neither they don’t know helping is a very good act. If everyone did care others, the World could have been a better place. It takes a BIG heart 🙂

      Not only people who offer help, but others who take their help can be up to something. Isn’t it Harleena? 🙂 What a strange World! You never know, but when it comes to helping, I mean really, it doesn’t matter what they are up to ’cause it’s all about helping. Sometimes those who helped get into the hot water in the end.

      Go Help Out Somebody Today! ~ That’s lovely 🙂 I wish more people take it and turn it into action. As there are health benefits involved, I do think it may convince some people to help too. But I love when it depicts “If you expect something in return, it may not be helping your health”. Now it needs to be REAL!

      Yes, of course dear 🙂 Everyone can. Even there are disabled people who are dedicated for helping others too. Now, where are we? 🙂

      It’s my only wish Harleena 🙂 I don’t claim I’m helping enough to be eligible to write this post, but we all can. Rather than seeking ways to help, trying to help when we can is enough I guess.

      I did watch that video dozen times since I found it and all I observed were not those few who helped, but others who didn’t. They just like robots ONLY following given instructions 🙂

      Well, I’m looking forward to read more from your readers dear 🙂 I’m sure there will be inspiring stories lined up for me. See, I can be inspired after all 🙂

      You have a lovely Friday there Harleena 🙂

      Thanks again dear!


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