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Girl holding mirror and asking am I beautiful with a smile

“Mirror, mirror, am I beautiful?” I’d be lying if I say that I never questioned myself by asking if I were beautiful. And every time I did, I got the same answer. I am beautiful.

I didn’t have to look up the mirror to know that. I love myself, and that I find is a self-sufficient criterion of being beautiful.

However, on second thoughts, am I really beautiful? Doesn’t it depend on what the world thinks it takes to be beautiful?

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” ~ Confucius


What is Beauty

I’ve always heard and believed in the famous quote that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Is it really true?

If only looks define beauty, then the sightless would be deprived of it. But, it’s a fact that even those deprived of eyes or sight can perceive beauty. And that beauty doesn’t depend on the looks of a person.

You all know looks can be deceptive, as beauty is not only skin deep. The persona too is just a mask.

The body type and image isn’t the real criterion of beauty. That’s because it fades with time and its perception changes from person to person.

It’s the inner beauty that matters. It’s everlasting and accepted by all.

It’s the heart, mind, and soul of a person that really makes up the real beauty. Other than that, everything else is just secondary and temporary.

Real beauty is not dependent on any of the senses – sight, hearing, speech, smell, and touch. You don’t even need a sixth sense to know beauty. Rather, all you need is only an evolved heart.

Therefore, real beauty is the inner beauty, which is pure emotion and love.

“Our hearts are drunk with a beauty our eyes could never see.” ~ George W. Russell

What is Beautiful

Everything loving and lovable is beautiful. Anything that touches the heart and strikes a chord is beautiful.

Something that makes you feel good is beautiful. All that what brings peace and happiness to your soul is beautiful.

Physical beauty is generally the standard that we all use to judge who is beautiful. That’s because it’s the most easy, obvious and visible method. But our inner beauty can outshine all other standards.

My mother used to tell me that inner beauty cannot be seen, it is felt. If you know and believe in your heart and mind that you’re beautiful, and bring it out in the form of loving thoughts and acts, the world will acknowledge it.

Senses can tell who and what is pretty or cute. But beauty takes into account the inner qualities rather than the outer qualities of a person.

Therefore, anybody who has a good heart and a simple mind is beautiful.

“Inner beauty should be the most important part of improving one’s self.” ~ Priscilla Presley

Am I Beautiful in the World’s Eyes

The most concerning question is am I beautiful in everyone’s eyes?

Even if we consider ourselves as beautiful, we can’t deny that we all look forward to be appreciated by others.

In limited time and with limited interaction, it’s difficult to impress or get impressed by the inner beauty of a person.


So, we make a judgment on the basis of what we see and on the principles of our beauty conditioning.

We tend to get affected by the perception of others. Thus, to be called beautiful, more than in “my own eyes,” I end up worrying about the “others’ eyes”. This is because beauty is thought to be in the eye of the beholder!

Then, if I want to be called beautiful, I’ve to care about what beauty means to other people.

This is what most people do. But is it right? Do I need to be like them?

“Close your eyes and see the beauty.” ~ Author Unknown

Being Beautiful is Easy

I know the truth that it is the inner beauty that makes one beautiful.

All those who know what it takes to be beautiful, will never give much emphasis on the outer beauty. In fact, they’ll understand and appreciate the inner beauty.

The fact is that beauty lies in the heart, and not in the eye of the beholder.

I believe that anybody can be beautiful if they develop the finer qualities of inner beauty.

All you need to have is LUCK – Love, Understanding, Compassion, and Kindness – that makes up the inner beauty of a person.

Never should you assess whether a person is beautiful by the color of the skin, body type, race, creed, financial status, and status in society.

You should consider yourself to be beautiful if you’re love teachers. Also, learn to love and like yourself for who and what you are.

Have confidence and belief in yourself. It will develop self-respect and self-esteem in you. And then you’ll view yourself with a new pair of eyes.

You’ll know that you are beautiful and won’t have to ask – am I beautiful?

May be you cannot compel the whole world to think you’re beautiful. But those who really matter are you and the people who understand real beauty.

Just as I know that I am beautiful – understand that you’re beautiful too!

“Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty – they merely move it from their faces into their hearts.” ~ Martin Buxbaum

Over to you –

Is inner beauty what really makes us beautiful? Do you think that you’re beautiful? If not, what is stopping you from believing in that? Ask yourself – am I beautiful, and your heart will say yes! Share your thoughts and views in the comments below.


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  1. Boy, this one really got me thinking!

    It’s true, people say it all the time: “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” And while that’s meant to say we all have our own definition of beauty, there’s a trap here. And not just with our sense of our beauty and our self-worth.

    Every day I hear from my couples therapy clients “I don’t want to bother saying what I think because my spouse won’t agree with me.” Or they say,”well, it doesn’t matter what I say, she’ll take it the wrong way.”

    Too often we look at ourselves from the outside rather than from the inside. We end up letting other define us, be it about our beauty or our wisdom or the importance of what we say.

    And yes, as far as beauty, I think it comes from inside, from our strength and our good feelings about who we are.

  2. Welcome to the blog Amit!

    Absolutely! Beauty isn’t skin deep and goes beyond it, though few of us really understand this simple fact – isn’t it? And we spend our lives in looking for beauty at the wrong places.

    Yes indeed, being beautiful isn’t just related to the physical aspect by can be expressed in your actions and deeds, and just as you mentioned – even the smallest of gestures can show how beautiful you are. I guess there’s no limit to being as beautiful as you really want to be – isn’t it?

    Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you around more often too. 🙂

  3. Hi Harleena,

    Beautiful thoughts. As I know beauty does not lie in the body, it lies in the soul. I think we can add beauty to the life of people around us by even a simple smile, by appreciating their work and by thanking them for the favour they have done to you. Even small things can make big difference.

  4. BEAUTIFUL… It something that you feel nice to see, comfortable with, and the feelings of loving or liking it very much.Someone who when they smile you can see the kindness inside their eyes shine because of the warmth inside them is one of my definition of beauty. When a person have the outer and inner beauty, its called ‘COMPLETE BEAUTY’. But be reminded, Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…

  5. Believe and feel your beauty from depth of your heart, not with the mirror in front of you .. mirror only shows you the way world looks at you , but your mind tells you the way u are ..

    Love your self and believe that u r one of the very best beautiful creature created by god..

    Be happy ever after …

    Have a nice day


    1. Welcome again to the blog, Manjinder!

      Absolutely true, and I totally agree with the lines that you wrote.

      The real beauty is the inner beauty that lies within us.. that’s the real tech within, right?

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  6. Harleena,

    I think the world (Hollywood and other places) wants to tell up that outer beauty is what matters but I truly believe beauty is actually what is inside.

    I think when you meet someone who is truly beautiful on the inside they are also beautiful on the outside. I think it is that inside beauty that makes us see someone as beautiful.

    It really is our personality and character that comes out even in pictures and makes us beautiful.

    I liked this post.

    Dee Ann

    1. Absolutely Dee Ann!

      It’s either the Hollywood kind of places or even the television and magazines that influence most about the outer beauty that matters most, whereas it’s always the inner-self that should be seen.

      Yes indeed, a person beautiful from within is mostly beautiful from outside because they radiate the beauty all around them, and it shows not just in it’s physical form, but also in their deeds and interactions – isn’t it?

      I also feel that each one of us is beautiful in some way or the other, though we don’t realize it most of the time unless someone shows us the mirror. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, and looking forward to your new product too. 🙂

  7. I do agree with you, Harleena 🙂

    I try not to care about what others think of me, but it is hard (and often, the thoughts happen automatically, but I have been getting better at it).

    I think that it all comes down to the extent of how much we care. We can care much what others think or what we can “not care” at all. Then again, it all depends upon the situation and the person we are interacting with.

    As with beauty, yes, it all comes down to the inner beauty 🙂

    It all comes down to our character and our personality (or maybe it is much more than that), because even a good person can commit bad acts (or acts that others think are bad) due to his preoccupations and beliefs (we see a lot of that happen around the world – especially, Terrorism. And to most of the people who try solve the issue, the solution is to attack them or kill them – instead of attacking and facing the reason or situation in which they are brought up).

    Anyways, thank you for the wonderful post!

    1. Nice to know that you do agree Jeevan!

      I agree – it’s all easier said than done, especially when you have others around you. 🙂 Yes indeed, it all depends on your attitude and if you really care or bother about others because each one will have their own view point and opinion about you – isn’t it?

      I’ve always believed that it’s the inner beauty that counts, and no matter what people talk about you, whether negative or positive, if you are beautiful within – it WILL show. I guess those ‘bad’ people committing such crimes find some beauty in their acts or get pleasure in them – so they do them. However, I think sooner or later realization does strike them or someone shows them the right way too.

      Thanks for stopping by. Hope your work on your new blog is nearing completion, or are you still in the process?Do let me know when it’s all ready 🙂

  8. Harleena – Once again a “beautiful” post from you… you know what I understand from the word. If it was a physical nature, i wouldnt have used it for an article !!!!

    I particularly liked the “LUCK” factor to be beautiful, I sincerely wish that being considered good by friends and relatives is what makes me “feel LUCKY”.

    Good read.

    1. Glad you liked the post Praveen!

      Sorry for the late reply – I just seemed to have slipped up on some comments though am glad I caught them up now. 🙂

      Ah…I liked the LUCK factor too, and yes if you are a good person in your heart – you WILL be liked by everyone…beauty radiates around you all the time in such a case – isn’t it?

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  9. Great topic Harleena,

    I agree with most of the commentators who say that the inner beauty is what counts and your heart must be beautiful, and you should try to avoid wrinkles in your heart.

    1. Welcome to the blog Ehsan – nice to have to over!

      Yes, that is the conclusion, and the heart IS beautiful – deep down, but sometimes this realization sinks in later. I like your reference of “avoid wrinkles in the heart.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  10. Great article!

    Beauty is certainly found deep within the soul. True beauty cannot be seen from across the room but must be discovered through intimate relationship. I love this quote, “My mother used to tell me that inner beauty cannot be seen, it is felt. If you know and believe in your heart and mind that you’re beautiful, and bring it out in the form of loving thoughts and acts, the world will acknowledge it.” Your mother was right. I love that.

    I think women are sometimes afraid to be beautiful or afraid to let their beauty shine. Read about that at my blog’s post “afraid to be stunning”.

    1. Absolutely Lisa!

      The soul is beautiful, and when we plunge deep into ourselves and get the glimpse and feel of the soul, we realize we’re beautiful. Intimate relationship is sure one way of perceiving beauty, however, I feel even people who’re strangers can find the other or each other beautiful, if the words or acts delivered by the person touch the heart.

      Love, Kindness,compassion, and Understanding (LUCK) make us feel the beauty – in ourselves and in others. Also, as you write in your post, confidence and belief in self does wonders – bring out the best in you, and motivates you take help of aids to look stunning and gorgeous too.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  11. @Harleena…You’re welcome!

    I like what you said about accepting your heredity traits. Girls who dream of being supermodels will find that the industry has evolved throughout the years. The modeling industry now looks for girls with quirky looks instead of your typical “model” look. The definition of beautiful of has evolved within the industry. This is good news for young girls and woman who may have thought they’d never have a chance to model.

    1. True, Amandah. The concept of beauty does change with time, as does the fashion. So does the scope of people becoming models who earlier never could even think of it. The outer beauty concept will always change, and in the modelling industry the inner beauty has a little role to play, for the viewers, I feel.

  12. Hi Harleena, you’ve raised a very interesting question and I could not just pass by without leaving a comment:).

    I think that inner beauty, peace of mind and confidence are what makes a person beautiful. The harmony between inner and outer world is what really matters.

    The formats of beauty are ever changing. I am curious when people will stop torturing themselves and will understand that a person does not need to lose some pounds or fit in 90-60-90 to be really beautiful. Just be healthy, be happy and be you – that’s my recipe of beauty.

    1. Welcome to the blog Julia!

      I totally agree that the formats of beauty are ever changing, however, I think that here beauty means the ‘outer beauty’. I feel that the concept of ‘inner beauty’ remains more or less unchanged with time and definitely consists of peace of mind and confidence as you mention, among other factors.

      You highlight an important point – it is essential to be healthy, but a cosmetic or figurative beauty can be done without. I think people go for physical transformations for two reasons; to follow and comply to the set physical beauty standards and to regain lost confidence in self. Being healthy has nothing to do with your figure, but if one is obese or overweight, then one should try to lose weight Also, instead of putting your confidence in your body, its wise to invest in your heart, as the body may wear and tear, but your heart will in fact get younger and better.

      I like your recipe of beauty – be happy and be healthy, nothing more you need to do to be beautiful. Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the post! 🙂

  13. I think inner beauty is the main beauty. As the age grows, the outside beauty will fade but inner beauty will last long. Inside beauty will always reflect in outside, means your face. According to me, a person who has inner beauty is a person who is kind, honest, has no boast, and respect others.

    1. Absolutely Ahsan!

      Inner beauty is what we all need to value more than the outer one, though sadly people fail to see that part of the beauty and go in for the outward appearance. If you are beautiful within, the glow will show on the outer surface too. I agree – a person who is beautiful from within will have all the traits you mentioned and many more.

      Thanks for stopping by and contributing to the post. 🙂

  14. I believe that inner beauty makes you beautiful and transcends to the outside. You can be a man or woman with supermodel looks, but still ugly and bitter on the inside, which transfers to the outside in the form of negativity. Who’ll will want to be around you if you’re critical of others? Who’ll want to be around you if you complain and whine all of the time? I wouldn’t want to be around someone like this.

    Yes, I believe I’m beautiful. But I worked on this for many years. I was awkward and overweight as a teen and was picked on by people from teachers to family members. However, through introspection and discovering radio shows like HayHouse, and meeting different people at various stages of my life, I realized I am beautiful and fine just the way I am. 🙂

    1. Absolutely Amandah!

      I agree with all of what you wrote. Fake gold does glitter, but only real gold has value. A person might be hot, but if he or she hasn’t got a heart, then he or she is not worth a relationship. Inner beauty is the potion for excelling in the marathon, outer beauty might help you win the short sprints.

      Trying to change one’s outer or physical appearance is good, as far as it is through natural ways. However, if there is somethings that you cannot change or have control over, like some hereditary traits, the only option is to happily accept it. Once you know your inner qualities, express it through your words and actions, you start feeling good – being the way you are. One should not hesitate in taking help of TV programs, self-development and inspirational books, life coaching, and radio shows as you mentioned.

      Thank you for contributing your beautiful thoughts and personal experiences that I’m sure would help the readers and become beautiful as you are! 🙂

  15. Hi Harleena,

    My mom always said, “Don’t look at the outside, it’s the inside that counts.” I wouldn’t listen to her when I was young. I always went for the “tall, dark and handsome” type, just like she had. (My father was the spitting image of Gregory Peck.) Got my heart broken a couple of times and I deserved it. It was payback for those guys that wanted to go out with me and I didn’t even “give them a second look.” I was lucky though, I got tall, blond and handsome in the end. But I often wonder what would have happened had I taken her advice. Where would I be today?

    But it’s so true what you said above…“If only looks define beauty, then the sightless would be deprived of it.” It really doesn’t matter how a person looks on the outside. I am a lot wiser now and have made a 180 degree turn. I am more drawn to people who are not obviously beautiful on the outside but have that inner beauty that you only get to see when you get closer to them.

    It’s funny, that now as my boys are dating, I give them the same advice my mom gave me when I was young.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post!


    1. Absolutely Ilka!

      Your mom was right, but as I told Adrienne, it’s difficult to understand such concepts in the prime of youth. Experience is the best teacher, but one doesn’t necessarily go through the trying and hurting phases. Sometimes, accepting age old wisdom, is being wise.

      Our life takes its course on the basis of the choices we make, and if you’re happy at where you’re now, then it justifies all preceding choices and events – because if they hadn’t happened, you wouldn’t be where you’re now.

      It’s never too late to realize and change, and it’s great that you learnt the right concept because some people do not even change when they reach the fag end of their lives. I’m sure you’re now meeting more beautiful people than you did earlier and realized that everybody is beautiful in some aspect or the other.

      I hope your boys understand the concept sooner than later, but its very subjective and the process take time depending on many factors.

      Thank you for sharing your experiences and the beautiful lessons of life with us all. 🙂

  16. I am so glad we get smarter with age Harleena because when I was younger I always thought that outer beauty is what defined a person. Oh yeah, those are all lessons we each have to learn on our own.

    I will not lie and tell you that when it comes to “love” relationships that outer beauty isn’t important. I mean there has to be that physical attraction in order to even get much further wouldn’t you agree? But it’s who we are as a person that defines us.

    On the outside I never thought myself as beautiful. I’ve actually never been called beautiful but I know the type of person that I am and I’m damn gorgeous girl. No ifs ands or buts about that. lol… But seriously, I love myself and am happy with the person that I am so yes, I am beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing this with us in your post Harleena. I think more people need to realize that beauty does lie within.


    1. Glad you could relate to the post Adrienne!

      As a child and a younger person, I do not think many really realize the importance of inner beauty in-spite of being repeatedly told about it. It just doesn’t strike as it seems so improbable and so stupid, really. But the realization sets in with age, time, and experience.

      But the sad thing is that some people even till late do accept the necessity of developing and implementing the inner beauty in life, and so carry on trying to be beautiful through customization and modification of our external features alone.

      Yes, I agree. Outer beauty plays an important role in love relationships, but then you’d agree that it is only in the initial phase – the physical factor is mostly essential for attraction, but it is only the LOVE factor that binds the persons and keeps them attached.

      Conventionally, beautiful = physical(external), I believe beautiful = spiritual(internal), though you see many beauty pageants try to combine them both. Some people do try to manipulate the internal aspect, but you cannot fool all. For me, you’re beautiful as I see so many of your inner qualities, and your great smile – but may be not for some other person, but then who cares, right, as beauty is a relative and subjective concept.

      Thank you for your beautiful contribution to this post. 🙂

  17. I honestly think this is the pinnacle of your writing.

    There are so many quotable lines in there – This was my favorite – “If only looks define beauty, then the sightless would be deprived of it”. That’s a known fact but the way you say it is ‘beautiful’

    I’ve written several posts on my blog about Inner beauty and peace and how not to judge a person on Face Value. Your post was much better and conveyed the idea easily. Hats off!

    Never worried too much about looks but I do have enough positivity to say that I’m beautiful.

    Nice read! Thanks 🙂


    1. Glad that you liked the post, and am humbled with your appreciation Aditya!

      This is really a straight out of the soul post – if everybody realizes the beauty inside, the exterior will drench with love, turning everybody beautiful and the world into a heaven.

      Taking the concept of beauty a bit further, I believe good thoughts are of more value than good words. Similarly, your posts too have got immense value, and it is that what matters – the beauty of your thoughts in them, the words are external manifestations, which are secondary once we understand your intention.

      It’s great that you’ve developed good self-esteem by being positive and believing in your inner beauty. It isn’t an easy job and hats off to this feat!

      Thank you so much for your beautiful contribution to the post. 🙂

  18. Hi Harleena,

    Indeed, outer beauty is only skin deep. For example we may have heard or even experienced how someone can be attracted by someone’s outer beauty and then discover that it was only a physical beauty and that person being so “ugly” in the inside, the outer beauty couldn’t even be seen anymore.

    The reason why people “we” give so much importance to outer beauty is that society emphasis outer beauty so much. Just by watching commercials on TV we can see that or looking at magazines as well.

    Thank you, Harleena for reminding us what real beauty really is!

    1. Glad you could relate to the post Sylviane!

      Yes, it is so common that people are attracted to each other because of looks or styles, and then they repel when they see the real or inner picture – it’s like the celebrities with or without makeup – they’re the same but so different!

      In fact, “skin” has become the most valuable beauty component, beating the heart and soul in an effortless way – people feel there’s no need to go any further deep. It’s like getting satisfied with the marble stone whereas a whole diamond block is in reach if you dig further!

      True, the media has its effect on our beauty conditioning, but we can change ourselves if we wish do, can’t we?

      Thank you for your beautiful explanations and adding value to the post. 🙂

  19. The beauty of a person is what i can see through the eyes. I look at how the person treat others, the words the person uses, the way she looks at others. I don’t judge, but I observe. What makes a person beautiful is a contagious smile, a tender touch, a helping hand.

    1. Glad you could resonate with the post Nikky!

      I read somewhere that eyes are the window to the soul. Your soul or inner being reflects through the eyes.

      You’ve beautifully described various ways to appreciate the beauty in people by the things they do. Observing, and not judging is definitely a better way to understand a person. You’re beautiful when you’re good, peaceful, loving, and happy.

      Thanks for stopping by and contributing to the post. 🙂

  20. Hi Harleena,

    Great post, I believe most of us don’t talk about this topic. I believe almost all of us want to be attractive to other people. As you say when we are loving, calm and collected we become more attractive to people around us whether we have a beautiful face and figure or not.

    I also think whatever the way we look we must put some effort to look better because I believe, when we feel that we look good we are more self confident.


    1. Welcome to the blog Damayanthi – nice to have you over!

      Glad you like the post. I guess why most people don’t talk about this topic is because they believe or are forced to believe that outer beauty is all that matters. And then any talk regards the inner beauty will make them the odd one out.

      Definitely, your inner beauty makes you attractive externally too – you send out specially comforting waves and vibes that pleases the hearts of others – and what feels good is beautiful. Isn’t it?

      Of course, as we shouldn’t neglect the inner beauty, nor should we ignore the outer beauty! A good outer appearance, as you suggest can positively impact the inner processes too.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  21. Hey Harleena,

    What a beautiful post and beautiful blog you have. I think it is so sad that people only see beauty as being a particular shape, type, hair color etc. I know I was plagued by how i thought others were seeing me as a child and teenager and I am so glad that I believe I am beautiful inside and out now.

    Yes we all do things that are less than graceful but we all have beauty in abundance if we look within ourselves,

    Thanks for sharing,

    Beth 🙂

    1. Welcome to the blog Beth – nice to have you over!

      Glad you liked the post. Let me tell you – you could only appreciate the post because you’re beautiful too – the post could touch your heart as it is very sensitive and developed, isn’t it?

      Yes, it is sad that we value the outer beauty more than the inner beauty – and I feel more for the children and teenagers, who’re caught up in the material confusion and who give up the belief in their own heart and beauty.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  22. You are beautiful, Harleena.

    The fantastic news is that we all are. The sad news is that we don’t realize our own beauty often. We have to work on that area constantly. My Mom, like yours, ingrained in me the idea of inner beauty and how every thing else could go to seed, but what you are on the inside would shine through.

    Your acronym LUCK is fantastic!

    1. This post is a tribute to all human beings Corinne!

      They all are beautiful, if they reach out to their hearts, understand it, and let it freely express it natural qualities of love and compassion. It does take efforts sometimes to believe in the beauty within us – sometimes as hard as swimming against the current, because our mind is captivated by the conventional materialistic views and standards of beauty. You’re right – we need to keep working to develop and expose our inner beauty.

      How important is ingraining the right knowledge into the little minds, they work wonders and could make the life of a person, isn’t it? The seed of inner beauty sown in your childhood helped you grow into a beautiful person. I’m glad you like the LUCK acronym.

      You are beautiful too and it show through your comment, thank you Corinne. 🙂

  23. Hi Harleena,

    The topic described in depth by you. What more to say?
    Keep entertaining like this with your fine acumen,


    1. Welcome to the blog Rajeev!

      I just expressed my views, and this isn’t any comprehensive post on the topic. I hope the post appears to be more educating than entertaining.

      Thank you for reading the post. 🙂

  24. Self-image is such an important topic, Harleena, so thank you for raising this question.

    I do happen to believe I’m beautiful, both inside and out. As I get older, I believe more and more that my outer beauty is a reflection of my inner beauty, such that, as I see wrinkles in places where there were none, I don’t think, “Oh, no, I’m getting old.” Instead, I’m thinking, it’s because I’ve laughed and loved and felt and experienced life.

    As Helen Keller said, the most beautiful things can only be felt with the heart, I really do believe that beauty emanates from within. More than looking beautiful, I feel beautiful, and I can see that reflection from the way others look at me, too. And, even if others don’t think I’m beautiful, it’s fine by me!

    Thanks again for raising this question, Harleena!

    1. Absolutely Alice!

      True, self-image is important. It helps so much in all spheres of life. If you love yourself, you’re beautiful. You do not need any other proof or require anyone else’s permission to claim that – the self-belief in your heart is enough.

      I agree that your inner beauty does reflect in your outer beauty – you look more at peace and happy. No matter if you’ve wrinkles, but your face glows and becomes attractive. It’s a beautiful way of acknowledging age and its signs on our outer appearance – they show our rich experience of having laughed, loved, and felt life.

      The feeling of being beautiful emanates from our heart, which can also receive the beautiful vibes of others and acknowledge beauty in others.

      Thank you for your beautiful comment on the post. 🙂

  25. Fabulous post Harleena!

    Yes, I am beautiful to ME. Beauty starts internally. People are so focused on the external though. It’s very sad. If someone is less appealing on the exterior, people may pass up the opportunity to even get to know that person. To me? I am beautiful and if others don’t see it, it’s their loss. 🙂

    1. Glad you liked the post Brenda!

      You get the message clear and loud, and I love the way you comment – “if other’s fail to see the beauty in you, it’s their loss.” That’s true, what should matter most is the fact that you consider yourself as beautiful – and only you know that initially, others can only infer from your acts and ways.

      Thanks for expressing your beautiful self on this post. 🙂

  26. You are so right, we pay too much attention on the external beauty that what lies inside does get neglected. Though it is difficult to know person for what they actually are, one should give it a try to know people they come in touch with, before judging them.

    Once you get to know the person on the inside is when you truly understand what the person is, beauty is about who we are and not about what we look like from the outside.

    Everyone is beautiful in their own little way!

    1. Glad you could resonate with the post Hajra!

      One important aspect you highlighted is not to start judging others – it takes time to understand a person and to really know him or her inside out. But you’d agree that many a times even a short meeting or encounter is enough to experience and get a glimpse of the beauty that a person carries inside.

      If outer beauty were the true beauty, then the whole world would be a loving and a peaceful place. But alas, it is not so, as there roam around wolves hiding beneath the skin of sheep. Lol, may be this is a bit pf an exaggeration, but I think you get my point 😉

      You’re beautiful to me, as much as I consider myself that. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts. 🙂

  27. I was so happy when I saw the title of this post!

    Love the idea of LUCK! Our inner selves are reflected in all around us, we have to come to self appreciation first! Great topic!

    1. Glad you liked the post Jodi!

      Yes, it was a chance opportunity when I created the LUCK acronym, and in fact I wrote an entire post on it a few weeks back. I like the way you refer to our inner self as being “reflected in all around us.”

      And yes, you need to love yourself first, before you love others – this is an age old common wisdom, and once you follow that, then everybody appears beautiful to you, isn’t it!

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views. 🙂

  28. Hi Harleena,

    You say, “But beauty takes into account the inner qualities rather than the outer qualities of a person.” This is definitely the way we should look at other people. Beauty is an inside job. It does come from the heart.

    I do feel that everyone is beautiful. When a person feels beautiful they take pride in the way they look. Anyone can and is beautiful when they take care of the inside and outside.

    Example of what I am talking about is when I was younger and would go camping. By the time I got home I really wasn’t feeling that beautiful, because I needed a shower,etc. After a good shower than I felt beautiful.

    Beauty comes from the inside, but when a person does not feel beautiful if they do a little work on the outside this makes them feel more beautiful inside and out.

    You take a person that has nature beauty on the outside, but has a cold heart once you get to know them you see and feel there beauty fade. To me what beauty comes down to is the love and kindness that comes from the heart and the pride that a person takes to keep the outside groomed.

    Thank you Harleena for this post. It is making me smile and really giving thought to the beauty in this world. We all need that reminder.

    Have a great and beautiful day.

    1. Glad you could resonate with post and enjoy it too Debbie!

      I couldn’t agree more when you say that “beauty is an inside job” – our heart is the spring of love and beauty, and both these qualities complement each other.

      You’re right – everybody is inherently beautiful, but it takes lot of work on the self to bring about the feeling of being beautiful. Of course, the outer appearance cannot be neglected and has to be taken care of also.

      As you mention, the feeling of being beautiful is wonderful, and it’s a pity some people fail to achieve this state. It changes the person’s perspective and they “take pride in the way they look.” All it takes to be beautiful is to start loving and caring yourself, isn’t it!

      I agree that working a bit on the outside can help boost up and motivate the inside. This works well as far as the outside remains a means to develop the inside, and not becomes an end by itself. For example, a little make-up and fashion would lift your spirits, but it would be wrong to neglect your spirit and consider make-up and fashion as the real ingredients to beauty.

      You’re so right – external beauty with a cold heart is so incomplete in itself. Without the LUCK factor, even the greatest of external beauty fails to win all hearts. The person who spills love and kindness with all his or her acts is beautiful – and for me you’re beautiful, Debbie!

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful wisdom with all my blog readers. 🙂

      1. You are right Harleena, All you need to have is LUCK – Love, Understanding, Compassion, and Kindness – that makes up the inner beauty of a person. Without these four in the inside the outside just falls apart, it does not matter what you look like.
        As for neglecting the spirit you have me on that one too. This is a wonderful part and sense it is not visable we can neglect it.

        Thank you very much for the kind words. It is nice to know that the inside is helping to make the outside shine just a little brighter. LUCK goes a long way!!!
        I do find that it is so very sad that we humans have a habit of paying more attention to the outside rather that the inside where the real beauty is!

        1. Debbie, heart is often called the seat of the soul. It rules over the mind, senses, and even the intellect. That is why having a higher emotional quotient (E.Q.) is more important than the intelligence quotient (I.Q.) at a work place, as that person will have a developed heart and the LUCK factor, which makes the person very cooperative and a great team worker.

          Outer looks and appearances are great and definitely act as the initial attraction – but that can fade if the person lacks inner beauty. An emotional person also develops intuitive feelings, which helps to know a person inside out even on the very first meeting.

          May be we cannot change the world, but we can change ourselves and help influence our near and dear ones by spreading the importance of inner beauty.

          Thank you for being a partner in spreading beauty around the world! 🙂

  29. Hi Harleena,

    Very good topic dear 🙂 I think if we go few decades back, this was a very crucial topic as racism, skin color were considered as major problems in most countries.

    Honestly a few years back, when I was a teenager, I thought I was not beautiful 😉 Yeah it’s about my appearance. You know, it happens with puberty 😉 lol… It really makes me laugh now. But at same time, if you remember, I was helping people on repairing computers who couldn’t afford money. They were loving me and still do. It was the thing I was proud of and made me feel beautiful.

    I think mostly we get to know the concept of inner beauty as we get to know facts or by experience. Actually, sometimes we know it’s true, but still think appearance is the key. Well, anyone can agree with the good things but the question is who follows ’em 🙂

    What about a disabled child? A blind one? 🙂 He/she knows it better. And we fear to be blind or get disabled, right? I have some experiences that made me feel, some people still don’t believe in inner beauty though they are mature enough 🙂 I think they don’t have the LUCK factor.

    I think the external beauty can get more attention. But inner beauty is the most powerful and if we let it out, it will get more attention than that external beauty can ever get. I’m really grateful that now most people living in this world believe in it and understand it 🙂


    1. Glad you liked the topic Mayura!

      It really affects most of the teenagers who’re passing through puberty, something that you too experienced.

      Not only teenagers but even adults tend to develop inferior self-image if they find they’re not up to the beauty standards put up by the society. This standard is usually based on the physical and external factors, which favors only a few.

      Also, as you mentioned, racism is another fallout of the false beauty standards – and it still exists in the minds and hearts of people in some parts of the world. I somewhat agree that physical appearance is still the key, and it gets more attention. However, I absolutely agree when you say that if your inner beauty is pure and powerful than it garners more attention than the external aspects.

      You quoted a very good example from your life. When you were helping people – the quality obvious to them was your kindness, sympathy, helpful nature, and that made you beautiful in their as well as your eyes. Your appearance had nothing to do with it.

      As you mention, the people who’re deprived of any sense faculty or any other physical feature truly understand what it takes to be beautiful. Rest of us should learn the lessons from them and shift our focus from external to internal.

      It is for the fact that we tend to forget the importance of our inner beauty that made me write this post. If we know the right way, we should follow it.

      Thank you for contributing your beautiful thoughts – you’re truly beautiful! 🙂

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