Understanding the Power of Belief

What is remarkably strong enough to divide and connect people from all walks of life if given the privilege to do so? Beliefs. Are these…
a girl sitting in meditative posr and using the power of belief

What is remarkably strong enough to divide and connect people from all walks of life if given the privilege to do so?


Are these statements imaginable for our society, concerning beliefs?

We are one conviction away from experiencing a global awakening.

One shared belief on a universal scope of respect towards fellow humankind, with no expectations of needing the other to change anything, would instantly change the world.

If so, how is it then, that something that has no substance, no pulse, no blood, or life has so much power that it regulates whether or not we live in harmony with one another?

In this post, I hope to clarify essence of this often reverenced and highly controversial topic, which, can border being an addiction, or a common day prejudicial practice at times, depending on who is speaking about it.

Beliefs are as safe as they can be fatal. Although, they usually can have the impression of being sheepishly innocent, underneath their surface could rest a ravishing wolf, or poisonous cobra.

My purpose in writing this post is straightforward.

I want to stimulate a discussion, based on fundamental details about the feasible ideas adhered to “the stuff” that serves as a basis for personal mindsets, as well as humanities as a whole.

Any belief has the potential to be as powerful as the person holding it, allows it to be. Albeit, I want to prove that they do not have any more or less energy than given.

Like every experience we encounter on this journey, the power lies in the reactions to them. 

Whether it is the most glorious blessing, or a catastrophic generational curse, we manage the beliefs we accept; they do not have control over a person’s abilities to function. Or, do they?


Conditioned to the Power of Others Beliefs

Essentially, personal belief systems are merely conditions of individual’s environments.

Beliefs are metaphorical side effects of where we have lived, those who were there, and what they said, thought, and did, that we took to heart.

Studies show that children pick up a variety of ideas, concepts, and behaviors as early as two years old.  

Regardless of ideas about them, beliefs are not innate behaviors; meaning, at birth, an infant does not automatically conclude that there is or is not a Santa Claus.

That takes some convincing, and since children’s minds are not as facts savvy as adults, they tend to soak up any information they receive as a dry sponge does in a pool of water.

Therefore, it has to be useful to apply on a personal level this question.

How much of what we believe belongs to us, as individuals?

Are we only carrying the ideas, concepts, and traditions of those who came before us out of sense to culture and legacy?


Have we become fearful of exploring that same creative nature that allowed many of those before us to develop and expand upon what they believe?

Or, have we just become comfortably lazy, busying ourselves with other things that are far less significant to consider what we value most and what we do not?

I fail to think that we do not see how the beliefs of the society we live is shaping a far different world around us, much different from the one I believe many of us held in mind, at a much earlier age.

We must remember that we are raising and influencing a future nation — One where we all will have to live.

Therefore, could we advance in being more cognizant to what we are influencing the future into believing about how the world should be moving forward?

a man standing with hands spread and belief written on the picture

Standing Up for New Beliefs and Ideas

Throughout history, humanity has always evolved into a better form of itself.

It might not have been on a global level, but there were always those brave souls that stood up in the face of traditional values and customary discriminatory principles, who supplied reasonable doubts about traditional ideas.

I cannot say that I have always thought about this topic in the way I have grown to see it now.

However, I imagine I am not alone. I am standing with several others, connecting daily with them through various social media platforms, from all over the world.

I urge them to carry on with the good fight. Change does not always happen on a drastic level. It usually happens ever so slowly.

Those who are open to it are usually fighting for it to happen, they learned, at some point, to evolve along with it.

While those who are not as clear to how evolution operates, adapt to change after it has happened.

Standing up for different beliefs and ideas does not mean a person gives up the core values and principles they believe to be true.

To me, it means they have embraced those they reached from their own convictions.

Finally, I close my part of the discussion and leave with each of you, the readers, this final thought.

I am not questioning the views or beliefs of others, neither am I suggesting they alter theirs to match my preferred specifications.

I only want each of us to practice, honor, and continue to push those we follow under a microscope of self-inventory – where we empower ourselves by contemplating with deep reflection, on whether are not we are giving beliefs their power, why they hold such power, or have we lost the battle over them being more in control of us than we are over them.

Over to You –

Do you believe in the power of belief? Did you ever feel conditioned to others’ beliefs? Do you think the power of beliefs can help bring about change? Share your thoughts below.


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Disclaimer: Though the views expressed are of the author’s own, this article has been checked for its authenticity of information and resource links provided for a better and deeper understanding of the subject matter. However, you're suggested to make your diligent research and consult subject experts to decide what is best for you. If you spot any factual errors, spelling, or grammatical mistakes in the article, please report at [email protected]. Thanks.

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  1. Thank you so much, Barbara! I am deeply delighted to have been able to share this with Harleena’s readers. You all have truly been such a wonderful bunch. 🙂

    I agree, belief and faith go hand in hand. One is unmovable without the other. In fact, I believe they regulate our actions, communication, and thinking. Belief is the power responsible for shaping all that is and will be.

    I’m delighted the post was reaffirming for you, as well, beloved. I wish continual blessings for you. Cheers.

  2. Awesome post. I love the reference to something that has no literal substance but is so powerful. Belief takes you beyond yourself when there is nothing that you can believe in. Belief and faith are the same. Belief and faith are the substance of things unseen. Thank you for explaining better and reaffirming what I already believe in. I’m sure so many others needed to hear this as well. Thank you. Barbara

  3. Hi Harleena and Deone

    Interesting post. Beliefs, well I see it as we were born with none other that believing the whole world should evolve around us. That belief was soon put to rest when our needs were not instantly met. So we adopted what our parents wanted us to believe in, which worked fine for awhile. Until one day we even questioned that maybe they were not right about everything. At that moment we started to form our own beliefs, which many went against everything our family stood for. It then becomes a constant evolution of ourselves into saving or rejecting those seeds that were planted in our younger years. If we go about this right we will continue to question and test our beliefs and hopefully come to our own set of beliefs. Which can become so far from where we first started.


    1. Wonderful thoughts on the post, Mary. I really appreciate your insights on it.

      I think that if we put more attention on how we formed a specific belief, we will begin making better choices on whether we hold on to those we accept, maybe by the unmentioned expectations of others.

      I think you’re absolutely right. Many of the new beliefs we carry may not have any resemblance to our former ones, but if we have formed them from a conscious minded place of awareness, we certainly should feel at peace with any of the new ones we’ve concluded to be our own.

      Fabulous points, my friend. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. Blessings.

  4. Hi Deone, It is great to meet you here on Harleena’s blog.

    You wrote one powerful message and I savored every word. As children, we learn what our parents and care takers tell us. But deep inside, I believe we inherently know the difference between right and wrong. I do believe it is the human spirit. Those that have a problem with that, do have a mental disorder.

    Now that being said, as we grow into adulthood, we are exposed to so many things. We need to claim responsibility for every word and action we say and do. Yes, we can certainly learn from mistakes, but it is in the process of growing and awareness that we are fed information.

    It is up to us to weigh this information. For instance, I was born a cradle Catholic. I believed in that religion with all my heart and had a mindset to be giving and forgiving. As I grew I studied other religions, but it didn’t click. I became a person that did not believe in formal religion, but the basis I was taught was to “do unto others…”

    A positive walk of life for sure! A few years back I returned to Church because I needed it. I wanted to learn more about my spirituality. But that is just me!

    When it comes down to it all, there is the positive road we can take, or the negative one. Anyone with a little common sense can see that those people who are negative are not really happy. The positive people are.

    To me it is quite simple. Life the best life you can, keep an open mind and stay positive. Be mindful that we all share this planet and to respect one another. And if negativity comes your way, walk away.

    How do I stand up for this? Just by example! For actions speak louder than words.

    Sorry for the novella I’ve written but this is such a great topic and I thank you,

    1. Hi Donna! Likewise, the pleasure is truly mine to connect with you here at Harleena’s place. 🙂 Thank you for the compliment, as well. I am delighted you thought the post was so moving.

      I also appreciate you for sharing your personal experiences to add even more depth to this wonderful exchange of views on the power of beliefs.

      I would say that with age and experience we all reach a point where we come face to face with our traditional beliefs, and even if we change them, some parts of them will always remain within us.

      I grew up Pentecostal Holiness, a far stretch from the Catholic views, I imagine. Although, both require utmost devotion from it’s members. I was very active in the church until two years ago, after my mother passed away from cancer.

      You’d think an experience like that would draw one closer to the church, but it did the opposite for me. It caused me to go inward, and search within myself for what I believed to be true concerning God. To be honest with you, it was the best move I’ve ever made in my entire life. As a result, I’ve never felt closer and more connected to the Source of all Creation.

      I think we (humans) waste extremely too much time on how the other person will find their way, and not enough time on our own way, at times.

      You really drove this exact message to when you shared, “Just by example!” Really, that’s what it really boils down to. All of the great teachers, masters, and seers all said the same thing, which you reiterated here beautifully, “Be an example.”

      If humanity were to master just this one thing, I think we would see an exponential difference in the world, in general.

      I really appreciate your splendid contribution to this post, beloved. I wish you the best in your endeavors. Blessings.

  5. I do believe the power of belief can bring about change. I had to get rid of a lot of the beliefs I had growing up because they’re not empowering or enriching. This is why I believe that we can all change our beliefs. We’re not stuck with what we’re given at all. We have a choice.

    1. Hear Hear, Anne! We most definitely have choices! We just need to ensure that we’re always on the lookout for them. Opportunities are constantly knocking! 😉

      Thanks for the contribution to the post, beloved! Great to read you again. Blessings. 🙂

  6. This is really a delicate topic, in fact i had to read this article more than twice to be sure i didn’t miss any line.

    The concept of belief is same as religion as it is obvious most people hold their religions (beliefs) at high esteem, people are even ready to die for their beliefs.

    This article has reminded me that we as individuals give our beliefs the power to operate, we can make it whatever we want it to be, some societies today are held back in both human and resource development by some beliefs and until such beliefs are reviewed such societies cannot grow.

    We should always try to balance our beliefs and realities of life, we need to be open minded enough to probe our beliefs and see where they are lacking, blindly following a belief is so 1920’s, this is a different era and i believe so many of such beliefs should be probed and tested with time to see how they will stand this day.

    We as humans are evolving and so should our beliefs to give room to development, technologies are here today, they weren’t there some centuries ago, beliefs passed on from such centuries may not have room to accommodate new ideas like technology. How can one live these days without technology?

    I am open minded enough to probe my beliefs and i hope you can be brave enough to do same, the little i do and the little you do, cumulatively is the much we can do for humanity and as you rightly said we have to show the future generation the right path to follow….so i will say lets start by showing them how to be open minded enough to probe their beliefs, in case we are wrong, they could fix it and be better.

    Thanks for such an amazing article…i will definitely share it among my friends and hope to impact same knowledge to them.

    1. Greetings Nwosu,

      I am thrilled you enjoyed the message so deeply, and humbled by your complimentary response, mate. Thank you. I was immensely moved by it.

      It is most gratifying to read how everyone has resonated with it, and supplied me with such wonderful insights to reflect over, as well.

      Yours was magnificently put! There would be such a turn around in the world as a whole if we did just as you’ve stated, evolving our beliefs with humanities evolution.

      As long as we hold on to ideas and opinions that aren’t aligned with the age in which we live, there will continue to be struggle, resistance, and suffering.

      I guess an even deeper question would be, “Are we willing to let our beliefs to establish our future for us?”

      Great points, my friend. Thank you again for sharing them here on the post. Blessings.

      1. Am glad to have read this article as it has inspired the passion to test my beliefs and make changes where i deem appropriate. Thanks for such a wonderful post, i’ll sure come back to read more from you.

  7. Great post! It coincides with the post I just read from Dr. Joe Vitale called “Mind Poop.” When you encounter ‘stinking thinking,’ run from it!

    I believe in the power of belief. I never used to until I woke up in 2007 because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was close to finishing my master’s degree when a teammate told me about “The Secret.” I read the book and watched the DVD and researched scientists, authors, quantum physics, etc. to find out more about how our beliefs shape and create our “reality.” I am still seeking and searching, but I now have a better understanding of how we are like magnets and attract people and situations to us with our belief systems and thoughts. Now that I know this, I don’t buy into others’ beliefs, especially the beliefs of close family members who believe it’s everyone else’s fault why their life sucks. 😉

    Your beliefs can help to bring change; however, you must be strong and allow the stinky beliefs of others to roll off of you. They are free to believe whatever it is they want to believe, but so are you.

    1. Excellent insights, Amandah!

      I couldn’t agree more with you. I have also incorporated the term, “stinking thinking” in a few of my post as well. It doesn’t serve us to carry this kind of thinking at all, does it.

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts on the post, and wish you the very best in your endeavors. The mind is indeed a powerful tool, when we permit ourselves to see it’s tremendous potential. Kudos to you for continually seeking its potential. I am on the extraordinary ongoing journey with you, my friend. 🙂 Blessings.

    1. Thank you as well, Judy! 🙂 I appreciate your contribution to the post. Blessings.

    1. Understandable, B K. Thank you for your honesty and thoughts on the post. I appreciate your candidness. I hope it will make more sense to you later, and that you feel moved to share your thoughts then.


  8. Well hey there Deone! Always great to see you my friend. Welcome to Harleena’s blog and what a wonderful topic you’ve shared with us.

    I know that as children we grow up being fed what our parents believe and somewhere down that road we hopefully all will take some type of turn. I find it so odd how some people can sit in a room and hear someone read the Bible yet one person understands it one way and the other person interprets it another. All of a sudden our beliefs are like split in two although we are being taught one thing. I’ve never figured that one out.

    In one way it’s good that we don’t all think alike or this would be one darn boring country ya know. On the other hand they should all believe like I do and life would be so much grander! lol…

    On a more serious note though I think that we should fight for our beliefs. Not with violence but with true conviction and stand by it. I do believe that in the end, good will rule over evil.

    That’s my story and I’m stickin to it! 😉


    1. Hi there, Adrienne! 🙂 It’s fantastic reading you here at Harleena’s place also, beloved.

      I can certainly relate to what you are talking about here, my friend. Interpretations are a huge part of where beliefs get their power. I think, it enables us to put the faith we have in whatever is being interpreted. If we feel a certain connection to what is being said, or read, or felt; it becomes a part of us on a deeper level.

      Nowadays, I am not so sure about defending my faith and beliefs. Mainly because they are still changing, but more importantly, they are their own defense. The transformation or the slightest change that our interpretations causes in our lives and the lives of others is the only defense we need. It speaks for itself, don’t you agree?

      I still catch myself from time to time disputing something I believe to be true, but not as much as I used to do. I try to remind myself internally that there is a chance that I may be just as wrong, as I am trying to make the other person. That always seem to bring me back to reality.

      Thank you, Adrienne! I loved reading your thoughts on my post, my friend. Your comments always encourage me to go deeper inside myself to reflect on what you’ve added to the discussion. As always, I am very appreciative for you and your support. Blessings.

  9. Hi Deone,

    It is wonderful to see your brilliant guest post over at Harleena’s blog! Harleena thanks very much for having Deone over!

    Deone my friend, your writing in this post was so thought provoking. I have a few things to say about beliefs. Indeed, I do believe in the power of beliefs and I totally believe it is easy to get conditioned to others’ beliefs. I believe one needs to be careful when taking on the beliefs of others. If these beliefs make life enjoyable and help one to make progress and be happy, then fine. However, one can also adopt beliefs from others, where one becomes restricted in life by such beliefs. In such times, one needs to firstly understand he/she has taken on ways of viewing the world without really questioning the source of the beliefs, and could look at adopting alternative belief systems, which will help the person navigate in the world in a better way.

    Thank you.

    1. Very nicely put, Hiten! I am also delighted you found the post to be thought provoking. That was exactly my aim in writing this. I am so grateful that Harleena let me share it here with her and her awesome readers, such as yourself.

      The key thing we must remember is that nothing we believe is ever set in stone. Beliefs can always be changed to fit where we are in the present moment. It’s not as easy to change them, but with continual practice, change is possible.

      I believe what stops most people from making changes that they know need to be made, is the fear of being excluded or rejected by their environment.

      One shouldn’t fear this though, because I can attest to the fact that doors will certainly close, but just as many will be opened and new connections being made.

      Thanks for stopping in and weighing in on the discussion, my friend. You insights are always enjoyed and welcomed. Cheers! 🙂

  10. Hi Deone, and nice meeting you at Harleena’s blog.

    Well, as a life coach and a writer I’ve been studying and writing about beliefs for some time now.As you said children don’t have any kind of specific beliefs until some are passed on to them.

    The only reason that some children believe in Santa Close (for example) is because of the “religious” beliefs of their parents. And that goes for any belief there is.A single belief can make or break a person.

    It can make someone overcome great odds and it can make someone go into the abyss of despair. It can make someone live and it can make someone die.

    Yes, beliefs are that strong!Just about all facts of life of each individual are basically related to one thing and one thing only – belief.

    Thanks for this great topic 🙂

    1. Hi Sylvlane, it’s great to meet and read you here, as well.

      Oftentimes, many parents and caretakers aren’t aware of the impact they are having on their children’s lives, choosing their beliefs for them.

      If their values and principles were passed down from their parental figures, and they were the only ones they’ve been exposed, they are more likely to continue with the cycle of belief shaping.

      With children, we must encourage their curiosity and inspire them to have as many experiences as they can fit in their lifespan, while supporting them when they come to us, as adults, informing us of their aspirations, dreams, and passions.

      Not having these key attributes as a child myself, I am able to share how damaging this way of looking at beliefs in children can be.

      Children shouldn’t have their belief system formulated for them, That would be teaching them how to conform. In which case, they could very well discover later in life, if at all; that their beliefs were made for them their entire lives.

      That’s exactly how my life had played out, until a few years ago. I couldn’t honestly say that I had reached anything I had once believed on my own.

      However, what we must never permit ourselves to forget is that, at any moment, at any stage in our lives, we can choose to take the power of our beliefs back into our control.

      It probably won’t make us popular with those who we once shared beliefs with, but the feeling we will possess in being liberated from everyone else’s concepts and perspectives, is priceless.

      Our beliefs are definitely strong, but we must remind ourselves that we are stronger than those thoughts and ideas we must render our power to.

      Thanks for the awesomeness, beloved! I appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us on this post. Cheers! 🙂

  11. How much of what we believe belongs to us? This is a great question Deone. I believe we should challenge everything we believe whether it is ours or it was given to us by our parents, teachers, school, the environment we grew up, etc. We should take a close look and assess the power these beliefs have on us, why they hold such power, how we accepted these beliefs in the first place, and if they support our core values, the life we want to live.

    1. Thank you, Matthew! I am pleased you found the message to be a sharpening one, my friend. If we don’t take the time to challenge what we hold to be true, no one else can lead us to the well of enlightenment.

      I think one of the hardest truths for most of our fellow brothers and sisters to grasp about beliefs, is that we alone are accountable for those we offer reverence and trust. We can blame no one else when they cause further suffering and unnecessary distress. The power is ours to own.

      Thanks for sharing, mate! Blessings.

  12. Welcome to Leena’s blog Deone,
    Belief is what makes a human. I know that most of the time, your belief is what makes you, its what you are.

    That’s why it is always good to know the kind of things we keep to heart, the kind of information’s we harbor. If you have the wrong kind of belief, it might end up destroying you.

    This is to say that i seriously believe in the power of belief.

    Thanks for sharing Deone and thanks Harleena for allowing him to interact with us.

    You both have a great week ahead.

    1. Outstanding points, Theodore! I agree with you, “Knowing thyself” is an essential factor of being in control of our beliefs, and not having it being the other way around.

      As long as we stay open to pushing what we “think we know with certainty,” under close observation and reflection, we stand a better chance of becoming individual’s who are consistently experiencing personal growth.

      People what stick to the only way they’ve ever known miss the greatest gift known to mankind, exposure and experience. Never being exposed to different ideas, can only keep us prisoners to those we have always chosen as our truths.

      The only thing about that is they don’t consider what if the one they hold dear, happens to be a wrong one.

      Great to read you and the thoughts you had on the post, mate! Cheers and blessings to you.

    2. Hi Theodore,

      Thanks for welcome Deone over, and yes – belief’s are what makes us. 🙂

      I won’t come between you and Deone here, but yes – his visit was long overdue, and am glad he managed to take out the time to inspire us with his post.

      Thanks for stopping by and contributing to the post. 🙂

  13. Hi Deone, A warm welcome to Harleena’s place.

    What a wonderful post about a very important topic. I do believe and believe in the importance of beliefs. I tell my daughters all the time, “You gotta believe!” Belief in yourself will make you try your best each time, because you know you have a chance. Belief in others gives them the confidence to prove you right. Believing in a higher power can carry you through the roughest of times.

    You’re right, Deone, standing up for your beliefs is just as important as having those beliefs. Use your beliefs for good and you can change the world.

    Thanks for this uplifting post, Deone!

    1. Hi Carolyn, thanks!

      It’s been great interacting with Harleena’s engaging audience. Each of you in sharing your thoughts about beliefs have given me even more to ponder about my own. You’ve added to that wealth of wisdom being shared here with what you tell your daughters about beliefs. Those are remarkable insights to share with the youth of today. I celebrate you for sharing them with your daughters.

      Thanks for sharpening, my friend. It’s greatly appreciated. Blessings.

    2. Hi Carolyn,

      Deone surely IS wonderful in his work 🙂

      Coming to daughters – yes…that’ what I keep telling them as well to believe, but like they say, some things only come with time and age. I hope they learn to believe when they grow up.

      Self-belief and believing in others – something that needs to be given thought. I guess Deone’s said the rest here in his inspirational post 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us. 🙂

  14. Interesting topic on belief and a difficult one to understand.

    If you are talking about religious beliefs, then I have to say that they are all mad made and a completely waste of time. I have to say that most religious people who started a religion or a belief system happened to be at the right place at the right time who were able to start a rebellion against the current system which later emerged as beliefs.

    In today’s world, why don’t we have any religion starting, this is because we are now smarter then ever before and we do not need any prophet to save us or deliver us from evil.

    If you are talking about personal belief systems or in the power of yourself, then that’s another topic altogether.
    In fact, this is a very philosophical topic and volumes can be written about this.

    1. I agree completely with you, Shalu! I grew up in a very strict church, and have made a considerable amount of changes to how I was taught to believe.

      Two years ago, after my mother’s lost her battle to cancer, my belief system was shook to its core, and I found myself placing all that I once reverenced under a spotlight, where I question whether I owned it, or was it something I adopted out of convince and fear of excluded or criticized.

      It takes a lot of courage to question what is believed by others to be one’s roots. However, in my opinion, our roots are those principles we reach by our own evaluations, observations, and inner convictions. They certainly aren’t handed down or reached by being persuaded to think in a certain way.

      You’re also on point whereas where the power ultimately lies; we are the holders of our own beliefs. It’s totally up to us if we hand that power over to someone other than ourselves to control.

      Thanks for the sharpening comment, beloved. Cheers and Blessings.

  15. Deone,

    Great thoughts on beliefs. Beliefs are more than one-day-a-week thoughts. Beliefs need to empower new, better ways for ourselves, our community, and our society.

    My concern is that we are not focusing enough on what beliefs are going to make us better individuals and citizens. We need to think through what will advance us forward in meaningful ways, rather than slipping back into old ways and thoughts. We need to think and act on what will advance society.

    I probably am just rambling now, but beliefs are essential. Even more vital is that our beliefs are making us better and creating a better society.



    1. Fantabulous points, Jon! Nope, you weren’t rambling at all! There’s much truth to what you’ve shared, and truth is said to bring us face to face with liberty.

      I understand and relate to your concern here, our beliefs ought to make us better beings, individuals, and citizens. I think humanity has become so accustomed to their perceptions, they resist change because it doesn’t look familiar, nor does it feel very comforting.

      What I think is required is where so many get tangled up – the requirement of society moving forward, is surrendering more of what makes us “feel good.” Acceptance of it not always being about what we want is a long and dark road. Hence, the reason so many never even think about travelling it. 🙂

      Great insights, buddy! Thanks for sharing them with us on this ongoing discussion. Blessings.

  16. Hi Deone,
    I couldn’t make up the difference between you and Harleena. You both have the same writing skills. Always coming out with some thought provoking posts and this one was of no exception.

    1. Thank you, Emmanuel! Being a fan of Harleena’s work myself, I consider that a huge compliment. I’m glad the post got you to thinking about beliefs. Blessings.

  17. Hi Deone

    Welcome to Harleena Di’s blog.

    I appreciate the topic of discussion and the efforts you’ve put in to make it presentable.

    Coming on to the post, I’d say self belief has the power to move mountains. But at times we get swayed by other beliefs as well – appears to be human nature….one who shows power and persona there is good chance of getting blown away. I think in History we’ve several instances where people have been mesmerized by the oratory skills, Hitler has proved this and many including his army has been like me.

    Having said that the process to make people start believing in you takes time but yes I’ve never ever compromised on my core value to which I stand for.

    When we talk about the organisation, we are overawed by the statements by the strong leaders and the persons who have authority and overlooking the one who hold weak positions.We start believing in their beliefs blindly and the start following them but then many realize that during the course of time and others when they are met with such type of situations where you try to enforce what they learned from them.

    I think this is what human equation stands for.

    Thanks for this great share. Have a great weekend.


    1. Wonderful insights and another notch of depth you’ve added here to the topic, Sapna! I’m delighted you enjoyed it, as well.

      You covered a lot of very imperative parts of the process, where we begin to understand belief’s power over our lives.

      Patience is a virtue we will definitely need in breaking down where we are, in the present moment. Remembering to be kind and loving to ourselves when certain ideas and opinions no longer fit what we choose to value.

      Probably the worst thing we can do, is like you said here, which is fall in line with blind leaders and mentors.

      An awesome contribution, beloved! Thank you again for sharing it with us. Blessings.

  18. Thanks Deone for sharing such a deep thought about the power of belief.

    It is all about respect and understanding in appreciating the efforts of others nothing less than our own efforts. Everyone have their own perception towards life and it is not possible that whatever we think or feel is seen from the same angle by others.

    We need to accept that someone else might be looking at something from a different perspective, the perspective that we might not be even aware about in our knowledge. Respecting the thoughts of our fellow people surely helps us being better person because we are giving value to everyone’s thought.

    Irrespective of what we think or what we feel individually, one thing that is quite common to all of us is the power of belief. We all believe in it, our paths may be different but the destination is the same and that makes it important to accept, appreciate and honour the path taken by every individual.

    1. You’re welcome, Ashutosh! Thanks for taking a moment to read it, mate.

      In keeping in our mind the power of beliefs, it becomes a vital practice in our lives to show respect towards others. I recently wrote a post, where I posed a rhetorical question concerning whether the golden rule is being broken.

      I think your insights really merged the two post together rather nicely.

      In either case, we should always be more willing to pass on to others the same manner of treatment we expect for ourselves. In doing so, we can’t help but to accept one another’s differences; that includes the beliefs they carry, which may not mirror our own.

      Thanks for the excellent feedback on this, mate! I’m thrilled that the topic is being approached with such thought provoking insights as yours. I have thoroughly enjoyed interacting with you all.

      I am most appreciative for each of your input, and the immense sharpening you’ve all given me to reflect on, as well. Blessings.

  19. Hello Deone and Harleena,

    I will tell you this…This is a post that can awaken anyone that is stuck in their mindsets. Our beliefs can change our reality. I heard someone say “We are defined by what we believe”. Our beliefs become our thoughts and our thoughts then are manifested. Good, bad, wrong or right, they do manifest. Just last week as I was on a plane from Florida to go back home, I sat next to a lady that felt she was able to talk to me. She opened up her heart regarding her son being a homosexual and how society looks at him. As I actively listened to her heart, I felt like I wanted to cry with her and I responded the following to her. “If everyone in the world, no matter, their race, religion, beliefs, gender, culture, lifestyle, etc could LOVE ONE ANOTHER, THEN WE WOULD EXPERIENCE THE PEACE THAT WE ALL LONG FOR.

    Sir what a powerful voice you have… Keep sharing, some are being awaken.
    Thank you Harleena

    Gladys recently posted…Five Commandments To Be An Original Person

    1. Hi Gladys! 🙂

      I completely agree with your points here. You’re absolutely right on the mark with our belief’s having the ability to change our reality. The possibilities are endless on what could become of our entire life experience, if we continually stay open to reaffirming our beliefs.

      I was also very blessed to read the experience you’ve shared about the encounter on your flight last week. I think you rendered her with the perfect response!

      Love is indeed the answer to many of the puzzling questions we have about beliefs.

      Thanks for the dose of wisdom, my friend. I am delightfully pleased you enjoyed the post. I really appreciate your fabulous compliment, as well. Thank you ever so kindly. I look forward to reading you again in the very near future. Blessings. 🙂

      1. Hi Gladys,

        I guess Deone is the real person to reply to your wonderful comment 🙂

        Oh yes…this post has surely awakened so many people here and really made them sit and think on their beliefs.

        Glad you liked Deone’s powerful voice – he is wonderful – isn’t he? I won’t say much here as he’s already done the needful 🙂

        Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us. 🙂

  20. The Tao Te Ching says, “The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth. The named is the mother of ten thousand things.” I think that beliefs are like those ten thousand things. This last year, I’ve been looking at what you are describing here–how our beliefs can keep us separate from each other. As soon as we stake our claim on believing this versus believing that, we are judging and separating.

    I don’t know how we can entirely escape that as humans, but it occurs to me that we can be more self aware of it, just as you suggest. We can choose beliefs that connect rather than separate.

    You got me thinkin’!

    1. Intriguing quote and perspective, Galen!

      They truly have me thinking deeper about what Jodi mentioned in her response whereby, “beliefs are everything.”

      After reading Michael Singer’s “The Untethered Soul,” he offered me an introduction to the terms, judging and separating. Consequently, his book opened me up to a totally new way of seeing life.

      It often leads me to ponder further, exactly what it was about the book that made such a difference in my life, and here’s what I think it was. It exposed me to another way of seeing things, than the normal way I would see them before.

      Exposure has lead me to having many experiences I have never had the pleasure of partaking in before. Those experiences have given me more wisdom, knowledge, and understanding; not all, but certainly more than I possessed. The more experiences we have the more likely we are to make positive and consciously minded choices and changes. The more knowledge we gain the more likely we are to push our former beliefs under an intuitive spot light, if you will.

      It’s going to take exactly what you mentioned here, awareness and more connections and deep-seated bonds of human nature being broken; just as this thread has done for me, and I’m sure others, as well. 🙂

      Thank you for adding your voice to the conversation.

      Perhaps, we all are thinking a little more about our own beliefs, and how we can promote as well as practice, more awareness and making more meaningful connections that encourage further growth in us all.

      At least, I would love to believe it were that easy. 😉


  21. I think beliefs are everything. They set the perimeters of our perceptions. They are how we see the world. When we change our beliefs, they change our whole reality. This was a great post to point out the power of these little things ( that luckily can and do change). This is the way we are going to change the world.

    1. I agree, Jodi! Beliefs in point of fact can be a tone setter for one’s life experience. Continuous growth is crucial.

      I guess that’s what Einstein meant when he said, “Never lose a holy curiosity.” If we aren’t consciously steadily tamper with and change for the better  our ideas, views, and opinions about the world and how we believe it ought to work, our beliefs will undoubtedly changing us instead.

      Call me loopy, but I think those who are radical enough to believe they can change the world, are likely to be the ones to change it. Here’s to world changing, and Aha’s! 🙂

      Cheers, beloved! And thank you for sharing your insights on my post here at Harleena’s. Blessings.

  22. Thanks, anls!

    Awesome is good for me, my friend! I’ll take it! 😉

    You also bring up a splendid point that is often missed… the ability to consciously create your ideal reality by placing more of our attention on our beliefs… crucial and solid pointers, anls!

    Thanks for adding that to the discussion! Good stuff, bro! Cheers and blessings!

  23. Deone,
    This post is amazing. Well done.
    A belief is the mental attitude that some proposition is true. This now got me thinking what is the difference between belief and knowledge? I am sure they work together.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Oluwaseun! I’m glad you could dig it, mate! You say it got you thinking huh? Mission accomplished! 😉

      Most appreciative for the insights, my friend. Blessings.

  24. Hello Deone,
    You really did clarify the difference between believe and belief. What i’ll just say is; belief is change. The only thing that will bring about change in any society or organization is change. Thanks 😀

    1. Hey there, Babanature!

      Great to read you, mate! Thank you for the compliment, as well.

      Yes, indeed! Without a willingness to change to a new gear, a new level, a new position, or even a perspective; one is simply standing still. Therefore, one can only conclude that change is an essential component to understanding the power of beliefs.

      Thanks for the excellent insight, buddy! It’s greatly appreciated! 🙂 Cheers!

  25. I knew when you mentioned over at RMT that you were heading over to leave your thoughts on this post, it would be substantial and weigh in on a very passionate level, Melissa. You did not disappoint me at all, my dear. Thank you so much for your remarkable retrospective that really drove home the section about conditioning.

    Before us lies an opportunity to leave our own imprint on history, and I can assure this will not be done if we continue majoring on the minors, and not get back to evolving and growing as our forefathers and ancestors did before us.

    You really gave me a lot more to think about concerning beliefs. Thank you so much for sharing, my dear friend. I appreciate the encouragement and support. Blessings.

  26. If aiming for a shift in human consciousness, then coexistence must be the standard. Prejudices are easy to throw but extremely difficult to carry, especially through a lifetime. In the case of religious or cultural beliefs, people tend towards fanaticism mainly when their customs and traditions are challenged by newcomers. Religion, ethnicity and regional issues have been extremely conflicted throughout most of our Earth’s history in human populations.

    While in agreement that childhood leads to most cemented belief structures and prejudices, I would also add that the innocence of children and educated and/or intuitive young adults can also tear those barriers down very quickly. For instance, in the case of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, young Palestinians and Israelis (well into their twenties) are far less hate-filled than their forebears (in MOST cases, though certainly not all). Adolescent Palestinians and Israelis are often close friends, even though their parents may loathe each other, and Jewish writers have begun in the last decade to write AGAINST the continuing conflict and the long-held Israeli strategies of containment, militarization and second-class citizenship for Israel’s Arab population.

    Inasmuch as it relates to US domestic policies … well, it IS supposed to be a Republic, not a democracy; this country revolted based on violently forced mandates and tyranny, lack of religious, vocal, and written freedom, and used natural law as a guide to determine what things a government was in the right to regulate. Those things were exceedingly few in our infancy as a nation, but now statutory frameworks, precedents and regulations oppress a once free people.

    You touched on several issues dear to my heart – thanks, my friend, and keep up the good work! It was an excellent first stab at incorporating a gamut of topics that are often considered unrelated. I think we may begin to see just how related it all really is very soon, Whoady. <3

    1. Welcome to my blog, Melissa!

      You’re so right when you say that the innocence of children and intuitive young adults can tear barriers down. I believe it is possible for them to do this because they’ve flexible beliefs or no beliefs at all. Beliefs are nothing but psychological propositions or presumptions of something to be true, even if it is not, and as Soul says in an earlier comment that beliefs can also become blind-spots that may actually retard your progress, or as Deone says that they can be safe or fatal, as we believe them to be. I think as we grow, sometimes our bitter experiences and the information that we’re fed with makes us turn rigid or even fanatical with our beliefs, and we fail to see things as they are.

      It’s interesting to know by your examples that how our beliefs can change the state of existing conflicts in the mid-east and else where in the world, according to the nature of the beliefs.

      Thanks for coming over and taking the time to contribute to the post. I really appreciate it and hope to see you around. 🙂

  27. Aloha Deone and Harleena,

    Interesting post. Beliefs – for me – as a monk of three orders, shaman of four traditions and a social worker (masters level) are critters I actively work to release – daily. Why? Beliefs create blind-spots in my ability to be as awake and aware as I can be. Example: decades ago, while sitting outside a small theater waiting for friends who were watching a smuggled movie depicting the ‘experiments’ German Doctors were performing on live human beings inside the site of Dachau (a former concentration camp), I visited with a German Doctor! We talked about the gift of perspective. True, what Nazi Germany did was (I pray) something we would be wise to learn from such that we don’t repeat it. Also true, based on the gent I had the privileged of meeting, statistics today show how the number of lives SAVED based on the experiments conducted in the very space we were sitting in, outnumbered the lives taken by a factor of 10 to one.Today, beliefs – for me, are stepping stones to yet more stepping stones. The more quickly I allow one belief to compost into a more robust awareness of love, life and happiness, the more magical life becomes.

    1. Aloha, SoulDancer!

      It’s great reading you here, my friend.

      Thank you also for adding your remarkable insights and experience to this unfolding discussion on the power of beliefs. I learned something else new about you. I had no idea you were a monk of three orders! Awesomeness!

      I’m honored to have connected with someone who has covered this topic in depth.

      What I appreciated the most about what you’ve offered here is what you said about perspective being a gift. It truly is, and the more we see it that way, the easier it is for us to begin using our beliefs as the stepping stone you mentioned here, as well.

      Excellent contribution, mate! Thank you so much for joining me over here at Harleena’s. It’s always great reading your wisdom.


    2. Aloha and Namaste, Soul!

      It’s good to meet you here on my blog and you certainly have quite awesome quantification and experiences. I agree with you on your views about belief. Beliefs can be counterproductive and restrictive or limiting in nature that can retard your personal growth depending on their nature. They can even prevent you from being totally awake or aware, which is essentially a state of complete freedom, even from any kind of thoughts – beliefs included. But at the same time, beliefs give us the direction and act as the stepping stones as you say – different perspectives. 🙂

      However, there’s always some belief that we stick to – for eg. having a belief of no belief. I agree with Deone that we’ve to go through a process of testing, changing and challenging beliefs to understand ourselves, to help others, and to reach to a certain state where our understanding develops to a level that it does not need beliefs to support it.

      You’ve sparked an interesting discussion and I hope we continue having it to clear our understandings. Thank you for taking the time to enrich us with your perspective and thoughts, I really appreciate it. I hope to see you around. 🙂

  28. Hello Deone,

    Nice to see you here and nice to meet you.

    I never given much thought about how much power ones beliefs carry but obviously a powerful feeling. I know it makes people do things ordinarily we wouldn’t do.

    Take me for instance. I’m normally the peacemaker but I won’t hesitate to march or rally behind a cause I’m passionate about.

    In a larger scale it’s our beliefs as a people that can divide a country. Take for example the issues going on in the U.S. about gun control.

    Some folks believe our rights are being violated so they’re rallying and debating the issue. But you’re right, the only way to coexist is to respect others beliefs and take time to learn and understand them.

    Great post!

    1. Hi Corina,

      The pleasure is indeed mine to have met you, beloved.

      I’m much like you in the aspect of being a peacemaker, but willing to stand up for a just cause in a heartbeat! :))

      I’m so glad the post was able to do what it was intended to do, which is cause us to give thought to what we believe and the power it has over our lives.

      In doing so, I hoped that we would be better able to reach the place in our lives that would allow us to learn and understand one another better, before reaching a conclusion on topics with very little information to reach them, as you so well put it.

      Thanks for the contribution, and the introduction. I hope to read you again in the very near future.

      Peace and blessings. 😉

  29. Fabulous post! Our beliefs shape everything we do and achieve in life. If we believe we can, we can.

    I am grateful that I have grown past ever accepting another’s beliefs and imposing them on myself. I am always open to listening, learning and shifting, but I get to decide what feels right.

    I have learned that any belief that limits my ability to grow, simply doesn’t belong. I can only grow when I recognise what I need to change. And of course, what I need to change, is me.

    Once we have awareness. There is no going back!

    Thanks, dearest Deone! You always speak straight to my soul. xo

    1. I glad the post didn’t disappoint you, beloved Shelley! 🙂

      You nailed it in a nutshell! Being open to listening, learning, and shifting!

      If we stay open to grow, there is really no way for us to stay stuck to a certain or set belief.

      Thank you for adding even more depth to the ongoing discussion about beliefs. Much appreciated, my love. Blessings. 🙂

  30. Hello Deone Higgs,

    There is two words – Belief & Believe. According to me, belief is very important for a person to sustain in this world. Belief gives him extra power to achieve mountainous work.

    Another word – Believe is to rely on someone. Now a days, its tough to believe someone even a best friend can do so much destruction what we never thought. but still we have to believe someone.

    You added lots of philosophical thoughts which makes the post rich in content. I really appreciate your hard work 🙂

    1. Great break down between belief and believe, Ahsan! I can relate and would only add one thing, neither demands we lose our humanity to enforce upon what we carry as a belief or in whom we might believe in.

      Thanks for the sharpening, buddy. Blessings.

  31. Very philosophical, Deone. Beliefs are indeed very powerful. I never really lived with either of my parents until I was 18. I know right, it’s backwards from the norm! Anyways, I’m quite glad to say I didn’t start until late (now actually.)

    After living with them for several months, I noticed that they have a lot of beliefs that aren’t exactly the best. In other words, I doubt I’d be the optimist I am today if I were to be surrounded by their beliefs from the age of two and beyond.

    Many of my beliefs came from self-exploration and through my friends. As a child, I often thought to myself some pretty crazy things for my age. I still remember arguing with myself about the possibility of an afterlife when I was in kindergarten. Maybe my mind is lying to me and that didn’t happen, but I’m quite certain I remember that.

    I like to think that many of my beliefs either came from my own observations or through good, high-quality friends. That makes them worth holding onto.

    1. Thanks Vincent! Yours is a fascinating story, I bet! Although, I can certainly understand how you would reach such conclusion after having to get to know your parents, pretty much all over again.

      I could see how your experiences as being a self-explorer would have been of great benefit to you over the years.

      Thank you for sharing such wonderful insights and adding further depth to the topic. Fabulous reading, mate. Blessings.

  32. The post is extraordinarily good but is quite a lot philosophy and bit difficult to understand unless read with attention. Good topic and elaboration though.

    1. I definitely understand your concern on it being pretty philosophical, Kumar. That tends to be my writing style. Nonetheless, I appreciate your honesty and sentiments. 🙂 Thanks mate!

  33. Welcome to my blog as a guest blogger, Deone!

    It’s really wonderful having you on Aha!NOW with all your wonderful and inspirational thoughts about and insights into belief. I truly believe that the power of belief is extraordinary. And remarkably, everyone has it, though varying in degrees.

    While some use their own beliefs, most accept the belief of others in defining themselves and the world. You’ve nicely delved on the important and intense topic of the power of belief.

    Essentially, as I believe, we all are different majorly because of our beliefs, otherwise, as the scientists say – we’re all 99% similar! If we believe in something and share that belief with other like-minded people, and be proactive about it, we can really bring about the desired change.

    However, one important thing you’ve pointed out – Beliefs are as safe as they can be fatal. It’s so important to be influenced by the right people and believe in the right beliefs. This is where people fall apart due to their differences about what is right and wrong, as that is a relative and circumstantial term.

    I think it takes lot of courage to change our beliefs from the traditional beliefs, but that is how evolution has worked and we’ve developed in all these years of life and civilization – by constantly challenging and changing our beliefs and using the power of belief.

    I agree with you that it is very important to analyze and introspect if others’ beliefs control us or do we truly believe in ourselves.

    Thank you for this very thought provoking post, my dear friend. This is in tradition with the invigorating posts here at Aha!NOW, but I must say this has been better.

    I hope all readers will like today’s post about beliefs, their power, and their importance in our life.

    Take it from here, Deone! It is between you and the wonderful readers, and I’m sure this is going to be an intense discussion. Don’t worry I’ll be around to welcome the new friends here, otherwise be a silent spectator, and drop in as and when needed. 🙂

    Thank you Deone for this wonderful post and all the best! 🙂

    1. Thanks for having me over, Harleena!

      It’s truly an honor to be here. I have long been a fan of Aha!NOW, and to have my message to be read by your readers, is a tremendous opportunity. I appreciate your having me over.

      It is also rewarding to know that you found the post satisfactory enough for you and your readers, as well.

      You’re right though, the important thing is that we pay close attention to the company we keep, and those we are likely to tend to surround ourselves. So many people overlook how much influence one’s environment has on their beliefs.

      Humanity has evolved over the ages simply because random, common people like you and I, decided to push against their core principles, and started questioning what they really believed was true or not.

      I look forward to reading everyone’s thoughts on this. I certainly appreciate reading yours, as usual.

      Thanks again for having me over. Cheers and blessings.

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