Discover Lasting Peace Through One Universal Law

One way to discover lasting peace is by achieving inner peace. In this post you’ll learn how to achieve inner peace by understanding one Universal Law.
Discover Lasting Peace Through One Universal Law

The number one thing my clients say that they want more of in their lives is to feel more peace.

Believe it or not, your natural state is one of peace. It is your birthright.

No matter how broken you feel, how much trauma you’ve experienced, or what situation you find yourself in, you can learn to live in a state of perpetual peace. 

It is possible to discover lasting peace.


What Does it Mean to Feel Peaceful

Essentially it means “untroubled by suffering, conflict, agitation or commotion.”

It’s simple….inner peace occurs when we know how to live in harmony with the way things are.

I have come to realize that the true definition of success is directly related to how much peace you feel in your life.

If you lined up three different people and asked them what success means to them, you would most likely get three different answers.

One might believe that having lots of money and power defines success. Another might feel that finding their soul mate and having a big family means success. And the third might say that becoming a nun and living in a monastery is the definition of success.

All three of these answers have one thing in common. They are all examples of outer circumstance. In other words, they all require things to happen a certain way in order for success to be felt.

Let’s look at the second example of success. Let’s say this man finds his “soulmate” and has one young child with the intention of having several more.

They start the process of conceiving their next child but find out that some rare medical condition will prevent them from having anymore children. He begins to slip into a deep depression because his idea of what it means to be a “success” is no longer viable.

He can’t seem to let go of the belief that his mind has fantasized about for so long about what success means to him.

The depression he falls into distances him from his wife to the degree that she files for divorce.

Now that he has lost who he believed to be his “soulmate” his whole world becomes shattered. As time passes, he comes to re-evaluate everything in his life and starts on a path of self-discovery.

Because his mind is in such a state of misery, he’s forced to seek out tools that help him to get in touch with his true nature. He begins to awaken to the fact that nothing outside of himself can ever bring true success and happiness.

Everything is subject to change. Everything is ultimately impermanent and cannot bring lasting fulfillment.

He begins to understand that the one stable and permanent thing he can rely on in his life is his own sense of well-being and inner peace.

Inner Peace

You see, no matter if you’re rich or poor. Whether you’re living in a mansion on a tropical island or in a tiny, rundown apartment in Detroit, your state of being… your inner peace is your only true measure of success.

During my travels over the last few years, I have witnessed people who seemingly have nothing, embody the most peace I have ever come across. They seem undaunted by challenges and revel in what little they have.


The kindness and generosity these “poor” folks I had the privilege of connecting with exuding, seems to be the recipe for their happiness.

Learning from great teachers like this, I realized that when we stop arguing with our circumstances, and we stop allowing our judgments and opinions to color what is happening, our natural state of peace can emerge.

Ultimately, circumstances don’t matter, the state of being does.

How is inner peace achieved

This is the age old question. But perhaps it’s the wrong question to be asking.

You see, peace isn’t something that you need to achieve. It is something that is already present within you, underneath the veil of what your mind is telling you. It’s underneath your confusion and suffering.

Your inner peace simply needs to be uncovered. It is a loyal ally, lying dormant, waiting to be reinstated.

So, are you ready to hear the one Universal Law that will begin to reinstate your peace no matter what is happening in your life?

The universe is always on your side.

It’s just that simple. The universe is benevolent. Without fail, it provides everything you need in order to grow and evolve. You are here to experience exactly what you need for your soul’s evolution.

Every person in your life, every situation and circumstance you find yourself in is here to teach you.

Our compulsive minds always want to judge and qualify our experiences as either “good” or “bad.” The mind is compelled to come to conclusions about nearly everything that happens.

When we can step out of the temptation to believe what our minds are telling us, we can clearly see that life is simply happening. That everything that occurs is essentially neutral. There really is no “good” or “bad” other than what our minds are telling us.

It is up to us whether or not we fall victim to our minds, allowing our peace to be disturbed.

The best decision you can make for yourself in order to feel true peace and freedom is to decide that the universe is always, always on your side.

3 Tools to Discover Lasting Peace in Life

Here are three tools that can help re-calibrate your state of being.

1. Practice Loving What Is

Start looking at everything that is happening in your life as a gift. Whether your mind approves of it or not, doesn’t matter. While your mind will be tempted to argue with a reality it doesn’t like; this will create further suffering. Might as well make a commitment to accept what’s happening and find a way to love it.

As you become aware of the principle that everyone and every situation is here to teach you something valuable for your process of evolution, you will begin to develop gratitude for it.

As you practice responding to all situations with gratitude, love, and neutrality, life won’t feel challenging because you’re no longer “challenging” life. The same “hard” lessons that have been repeating in your life will begin to diminish.

Contemplate that everything and everyone that comes into your life is here to teach you. Life is like an ongoing spiritual retreat. It presents us opportunities by bringing the people, circumstances, and environments into our lives that teach us what we need to learn.

Life is showing us that by loving what is, we can be at peace. It’s providing opportunities to love whatever comes into our life no matter how uncomfortable it is.

By responding to life with radical acceptance and self-love, we’re showing life that no matter what, our joy cannot be destroyed. Everything you experience is designed for your soul to grow and evolve.

Unless and until you decide to respond differently to situations in your life, the same lessons will be provided over and over again. The situations and faces might change, but they will be different variations of the same lessons.

Negative reactions to these lessons such as avoidance, denial, anger, irritation or shame will continue the cycle of the same lessons. However, responding with the courage to face the lessons with gratitude will ultimately transform them.

The “challenging” lessons that keep showing up in our lives eventually become irrelevant once we learn to respond to them with an open and patient heart.

In other words, once we don’t view them as “challenging” they become obsolete.This is the great irony of life.

2. Stop Blaming Others

Retrain your victim mind. Start taking responsibility for everything that happens in your life.

Once you start realizing that you are creating your life with every thought you think, the choice you make and action you take, you begin developing more awareness and discernment.

You create more opportunities to consciously choose your reality, rather than feeling victimized by it. Blaming others for how you feel diminishes your power and enhances a feeling of helplessness.

Living in a state of victimhood keeps you stuck in a cycle of negativity and frustration, disconnecting you from your very own creative life force. It blinds you from the love, magic, and opportunities being laid at your feet.

The energy that it takes to blame someone else can be used to create a reality that you love instead. It’s not about blaming yourself either. It’s about understanding your role in everything that you experience so that you can feel more empowered in your life.

Start paying attention to your patterns of thoughts, language, and conversations you have throughout the day and start reframing them into something empowering and positive.

For example, “I am here to learn from how others treat me. They are placed in my life for the sole purpose of teaching me something. What can I learn from this person? How can I transform my hurt into something positive and empowering for myself and the world?

3. Start saying “Thank You.”

This is also very simple to incorporate into your day. Say “thank you” to everyone…..especially those you feel most hurt or irritated by.

You can do this silently within your mind. When you notice that your mind is spending time in victimhood and is upset around a particular person or situation, snap yourself out of the negative drain train, and simply say “thank you for helping me.”

This is another powerful way to re-train yourself on a cellular level. Practicing saying “thank you” will ignite two positive effects.

First, it will transform your negative view of the person as it begins to reveal that the universe has placed them here intentionally for the benefit of growing you. Second, your nervous system will begin to relax. When you start to see everything as a gift, your mind and body will respond as it relaxes into a state of trust that the universe is always conspiring for your greatest good.

These tools have proven over and over again to be invaluable for my clients and me.

Wrapping It Up

Whenever you find yourself straying from your peace, practice these tools and remind yourself of the Universal Law. Tell yourself, “The universe is always on my side.”

You are always being supported in the best way possible. It may not always look the way your mind would like it to, that’s for sure.

Your journey of awakening is designed for your soul’s ultimate success and won’t look like anyone else’s journey. It’s crafted just for you.

Start trusting in this Universal Law. Trust in the process of your awakening and unveil the peace that is lying dormant within you; discover lasting peace.

Enjoy the journey back to yourself.

Over to you –

How do you bring yourself back to peace? We would all love to hear your thoughts and tips in the comments below.


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  1. Inner peace is easy to achieve through acceptance. I love this article, it’s straight to the point and the tips are easy to follow.

  2. Great post Diana!

    It’s very true that inner peace is our true measure of success in life, especially the ability to maintain inner calm despite any problems we face.

    And as you say, gratitude is a big help in achieving this. I’ve also found meditation to be very valuable. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading and thanks for your thoughtful comments.
      I agree with you… a consistent meditation practice is an invaluable tool for our state of being.

  3. Hi Diana,

    It’s nice to meet you. This is a great post. I truly enjoyed reading it.

    For me, my inner peace is more a spiritual peace. I see the good things in my life and what’s around me – even through all the negativity. That’s how powerful it is.

    When I have questions or things don’t turn out the way I hoped for, I stay in peace knowing there is a higher power walking with me and in the end all things will work for my good.

    I wasn’t always like this though. It took me a long time to get to this place.

    Thanks for sharing this with us Diana and to you Harleena for featuring her!

    Have a great rest of the week ladies!


  4. Hi Diana, I love this post. It’s a beautiful reminder to accept and appreciate what we have. #1 is really something I try to practice. The other thing is when things are going wrong or badly, we don’t often learn the meaning of it until much later. Again, the Universe is working in mysterious ways but it does get revealed. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece, Diana and Harleena for hosting.

  5. Hey Diana,

    I can relate to this topic. One of the ways I like to find peace is to turn my focus to the “just is” which is the here and now. It’s hard to explain, but it correlates to what you’re saying here. I can definitely say that it feels like it takes away a lot of weight off of my back. I guess in a way it puts you in this meditative state of being where conscience unites with the subconscience.

    Thanks for the share! Have a good one!

    1. Well put, Sherman! Turning our focus to the “just is” without judging it is a remarkable tool for staying in well being.

      Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Diana,

    This is a wonderful way of convincing oneself that we can find peace. Blaming circumstances and people around us is futile, I absolutely agree with you.

    Inner peace remains elusive till we have followed our dreams, made our best efforts to accomplish our goals and lived a life that we had envisioned for ourselves. We don’t seek inner peace as youngsters when our eyes are sheathed with colorful glasses and rosy dreams. We know we can reach wherever we wish to!

    There is no doubt that our peace and happiness lies within, we just have to stoke it to let it assure us that it is there but we learn this craft with the experiences of life. Try to tell a 20-year-old success aspirant to be at peace with himself and he would scoff at your advice though it is so meaningful and helpful! Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom.

  7. Wow Diana, what a fantastic post! I appreciate your views and agree with all points you mentioned here.

    Very few matured people can accept both the good and bad experiences equally as a gift. Throughout the day we get disturbed easily by silliest of reasons.

    But if we learn this art, even the most adverse situations can hardly ruin our peace of mind.

    1. Thanks Tuhin, you’re so right that even the most adverse of situations can always be met with a peaceful state of being.

      Enjoy your day….

  8. Hello Diana,

    That was an interesting article and very helpful indeed. We always try to fight off the stress and pressure of life and try to find that balance that we need to remain sane. Finding inner peace is a vast subject these days and there are plenty of “saints” and “gurus” who come up with different techniques every day to help the mankind.

    I think you have wrapped up the main points and made clear what one needs to shut-off and concentrate to achieve the same. Saying ‘thanks’ is something we all need to develop to lose that ego and get on the right side of mind.

    Thanks for a wonderful read.

    1. Hi there, Praveen. Thanks for reading and sharing.

      Slowing down and remembering to say “thank you” is one of the best ways to shift a negative attitude!

      Be well,

  9. Hi Dianna,
    While I fully agree with the 3 tools given to get some kind of comfort/peace.
    But I am surprised to note the author bio:
    äuthor…lives on an island jungle with her husband and a big, green snake that won’t leave their terrace.
    I am really amazed to see the way in which you live with a dreadful animal and enjoying peace!! ”
    This is impossible with a human point of view!!
    Sorry for telling this.
    Thanks Harleena for the post
    Have a peaceful life to both of you.
    Keep sharing
    Best Regards

    1. Thanks for sharing, Philip. The snake has been a wonderful teacher. It’s showing me how to “live and let live” and how to truly accept things as they are without having to change anything.

      The other morning I witnessed it shed its skin. Another great lesson of releasing “old skin” (thought and behavior patterns) that no longer serve.

      Be well


  10. Hi Diana,
    Nice post. Ever lasting peace is something everyone seeks and yet it lives inside everyone unless one discovers within.

    Blaming others is really not going to take you far and will only make you feel uncomfortable in life. I think a better alternative is to start taking things positively and believing that whatever happens is for the good.

    Loved the post.


    1. Hi Swadhin, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Everything truly is a blessing….even though we may sometimes disapprove 😉

  11. Hi Diana,

    What a wonderful topic. Without inner peace one cannot enjoy live nor ever be successful at whatever they set out to do.

    Indeed, gratefulness is number one. Once we have awareness of being grateful for all that is immediately we feel sort of a slow down and peaceful feeling. I do believe it is our human nature to be peaceful. The problem is when we allow things and thoughts to get in our way.

    I believe it all starts with awareness and this article will help so many.

    All the best,


    1. Thanks for sharing, Donna. Active gratitude is a wonderful antidote for the suffering mind.

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