How to Get Ready for Your Next Getaway Trip

Like the longer version of holidays, the shorter getaways too need a bit of planning. Here are some tips to help you get ready for your next getaway trip.
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Holidays do you good. Short and frequent getaways help you to be more productive and better balance your work and life. Like the longer version of holidays, the shorter getaways too need a bit of planning. Here are some tips to help you get ready for your next getaway trip. ~ Ed.


When you feel you’re getting the short end of the stick because work or life doesn’t allow you to take a long vacation, take comfort in knowing that experts say short getaways scattered across the year can actually be more beneficial to you than one long vacation.

Taking a couple of days off to around a week sits very well for many people. In fact, your vacation bliss will actually begin to diminish by the 11th day of a vacation as homesickness begins to kick in.

Another research done by the University of Illinois found that taking quick mental breaks improves focus and productivity in the long run.

Now that we’ve established that everyone needs a brief, but beneficial and fun getaway, how do we get ready for it? Easy. Just keep reading this.


5 Tips to Get Ready for Your Getaway Trip

Now that you’re going away on a short vacation, you need to plan and pack accordingly. Here are some practical tips for a relaxing and recharging holiday.

Decide – Solo or More

Clearly, going as a couple or with a group will have different preparations than when going solo. Going solo is going to be easier in terms of deciding the destination and making reservations since you have no one to answer to.

When there is more than one, you can always have a pre-set list of places you agreed on that you’d like to escape to. That will save a lot of time than deciding on the spot.

You should also be clear about what types of activities you want to do. If you want to shop and your partner wants to fish, well, that’s not going to work because there won’t be enough days that you can do both and come to a compromise.

So this is definitely something that needs to be decided long in advance. How you plan to spend your few days off will influence where you will go.

Check Your Budget

Even if it’s just a weekend trip, it still needs a budget. A big advantage of quick getaways is that they usually won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

But that doesn’t mean it won’t cost a cent. Because travel has gone too expensive for most people, check the parts of where you can save money.

For example, you might have your heart set on a certain location, but there’s a cheaper spot that is calling out for you to try. Give it a thought, and instead of searching for a deal that might or might not exist, let the deals that do exist come to you.

Finish the Big Stuff

If you have important obligations to finish, try your best to get them done before you leave. If you don’t, these kinds of obligations have a knack for nagging at us during the most inconvenient times when we want nothing but to relax and enjoy ourselves.

So finish up these obligations the week before you leave. Who’s going to water the plants? Who’s going to feed your pet? Have you paid that late bill? These are big things to get them over and done with.

You also have major things to finish for your trip as well. If traveling by car or any type of recreational vehicle, you want to make sure it’s in proper road condition to withstand the trip. If by plane or train, you want to get the booking out of the way and make sure you reserve a round trip, especially when traveling during a high season.

The last thing anyone wants is to arrive at a vacation spot, then, as an afterthought, wonder where to stay. So the earlier you make hotel reservations and travel reservations the better off you’ll be, plus you can often find some great deals when you reserve well ahead of time.

Choose Your Luggage

People usually first concern themselves with what to pack rather than about what to pack items in. The best thing about getaways is that you won’t need much luggage, and in most cases, one carry-on will do, but you also might need something bigger that won’t fit on board.

If you’ve ever seen what happens to luggage at an airport, you would most certainly want to choose a hardside case that is strong enough to handle the beatings and the unforgiving rough handling of airport luggage, while also being trendy and stylish.

You can find several carry-on hard cases with various sizes that are very affordable and can hold an ample amount of items, all with a lovely stand out colors, making it easy to spot your bag.


It’s important to buy high-quality luggage since it will be used over and over again for all those great getaways you’ll be planning.

Know What to Pack

Once you start packing, you know that you’re almost there! No one can tell you exactly what to pack because most of it depends on where you’re going, the climate, and your own personal style.

Yet, it goes without saying that you pack your essentials first like any medication you might be taking, your ID, credit cards, phone charger, and the things that cannot be easily replaced if you forget them.

A toothbrush is essential but preferably pack a replaceable one, should you forget it. So these are things to pack no matter where you’re going or what you’ll be doing.

We know it’s better to travel as light as you can. True, it means leaving behind some things you really love, but it will make your heart sing when you can breeze out of an airport or when boarding a train.

When it comes to clothes, focus on accessories more than clothes. It’s the accessories that can give a different look to your clothes. So a simple neutral morning dress can be a versatile night-out outfit with a scarf and a pop of color, some jewelry accessories, and the perfect footwear.

Doing so will save you that much more space in packing. Also, find the ‘uniform’ that you will wear the day you leave and come back. The actual travel days don’t need to have a variety. Plus, that ‘uniform’ outfit can work for other events; say if you’re going on an excursion during your trip.

Wrapping Up – The Ultimate Getaway

Whatever calms and relaxes you, whatever puts a smile on your face and takes a weight off your shoulders, that’s the ultimate getaway.

No one knows better than you when you’ve been on autopilot for too long and desperately need time off. A couple of days of peace of mind might just be the only thing you need to recharge yourself.

When it comes to preparing for your getaway, there are so many do’s and don’ts in packing that people don’t always follow. But it’s really better if you don’t pack clothes that need ironing, or that are difficult to find something to match them up with.

In other words, don’t pack things that are going to restrict your freedom and fun time. Pack versatile clothes that are easy to couple up.

Hope these tips help you on your next getaway trip!

Over to you

What else do you do to get ready for your short getaways? Share your tips and experiences in the comments.


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