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  • Man and woman holding hands on a date trying to spice up their relationship
    How to Spice Up the Relationship with Your Partner

    You need to spice up a relationship to keep it going. Not only physical intimacy, there are aspects to keep the spark alive in your relationship.

    • Posted June 14, 2019
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  • The dangers of romanticizing addiction
    Exposed – The Dangers of Romanticizing Addiction

    Romanticizing addiction could be dangerous. You create fantasy, whereas, you need to face the reality. For de-addiction, you need to deromanticize addiction.

    • Posted September 19, 2016
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  • A couple in love and not lust
    Are You In Love or Lust – Do You Know The Difference

    Can you make out the difference between and lust when you are in a relationship? Is it or lust – doesn’t this question confuse you? Sometimes you might think you are in without really...

    • Posted April 15, 2014
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  • Couple show that it is easy to find love
    5 Best Ways to Find Love That Lasts

    We all want in our lives, but how do you find that lasts? Isn’t this the question that bothers most of us? Whether you are dating, single, or married, don’t you want to find true...

    • Posted November 26, 2013
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  • Man having holiday fun playing guitar
    8 Reasons Why Holiday Fun Recharge You

    I’m sure none of you can deny that holiday fun can recharge or rejuvenate you. Going on a fun holiday is good for your body, mind, and soul. Going on holidays helps you relieve stress, inspires creativity,...

    • Posted June 18, 2013
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  • couple hug each other to rekindle love in marriage
    Rekindle Love in Marriage in 10 Practical Ways

    Have you observed that romance seems to fade away at some point in most marriages? As discussed in my earlier post on why does a bad marriage happen, people have revealed that the physical intimacy couples once had...

    • Posted June 4, 2013
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  • Man and woman in a Stage of love relationship
    10 Stages Of Love Relationship That Most Couples Go Through

    People go through various stages of relationship. If you are in any stage of , then this post is for you. Know these stages of relationship.

    • Posted April 26, 2013
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  • bride and groom kissing expressing romantic kind of love
    What is Your Kind of Love

    Are you in ? What kind of do you have in your life? Is it a groovy kind of or some different type of ? Sorry for intruding your privacy and asking you a personal...

    • Posted February 12, 2013
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  • a man and woman express love to each other
    How to Express Love to Your Loved One

    Whether it is the first time you’re going to express to your d one or you do that on a regular basis, you know that is special. Love makes the world go round – but...

    • Posted February 1, 2013
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  • Why Does Love Hurt When You're in a Relationship
    Why Does Love Hurt When You’re in a Relationship

    Like me, don’t you wonder why does hurt when you’re in a relationship. When it happens, you undergo a strange emotional commotion. Why does the drift in between two people cause pain? Why does hurt...

    • Posted April 27, 2012
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