How to Spice Up the Relationship with Your Partner

You need to spice up a relationship to keep it going. Not only physical intimacy, there are more aspects to keep the spark alive in your relationship.
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All relationships need to be worked upon to keep them functioning normally. When it comes to a marriage or long-term relationship, you frequently need to spice up the relationship with your partner. Not only physical intimacy, there are many other aspects that play up to keep the spark alive in a relationship. Here are some ways to spice up and save your relationship. ~ Ed.

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There comes a time in any long-term relationship, especially a marriage, where the couple feels that they’ve hit a plateau.

As the famous phrase goes, “the honeymoon is over.” You might feel that romance has gone and you’re unable to keep up the spark you once had at the beginning of your relationship.

Many couples opt to call it quits because of that, while others try harder to bring back the spark and romance they once had.

As your relationship matures, you’ll notice how you’ve changed as a couple due to many reasons.

Achieving a successful relationship always needs work and it’s not balanced alone; you have to also maintain a busy life with a hectic work schedule, keep up with your finances, or if you have kids, you’ll have to coordinate your busy life with theirs. These are all some of the reasons that can dampen even the strongest of relationships.

As much as it may seem easy to give in and accept the way your relationship has progressed, it’s highly encouraged by experts to try adding a little spice to your relationship to keep it going.

There are many ways to spice up a relationship, whether sexually or romantically.

10 Ways to Spice Up a Relationship

Try one of these foolproof methods below to spice things up with your partner, and we guarantee that they’ll be worthwhile!

Always Show Affection

Never underestimate the power of constantly being physical with your partner. Showing affection to your partner is one thing that will definitely bring you closer.

Remember how you felt when you first held hands? Bring that spark back into your life by holding hands, snuggle on the couch while watching a movie, cuddle up in bed before you sleep and have some pillow talk, or kiss and hug first thing in the morning or when you get back from work.

Believe it or not, these little moves of affection will actually help with the romance.

Send Spontaneous Texts

We’re often so busy during the day that we forget to check up on our partner.

Change the way you text, instead of the usual errand reminders or grocery list items that they need to pick up by showing that you remember them often with a romantic text or even a sexy one to fire things up.

A simple ‘I love you,’ or ‘I’m thinking about you’ will make your partner feel special and loved. With sexy texts, you’re giving them something exciting to look forward to when they come home.

Add Sex to Your Calendar

As much as it seems less sexy to actually schedule sex, it’s often necessary to enhance your sex life if you’re in a long-term relationship.

Over the years, couples tend to get caught up with their hectic lives, or if they’re new parents, squeezing in sex might seem like the furthest idea on their minds.

With mature couples, a man’s low testosterone level and a woman’s decrease of libido can actually hinder sex. It’s never a bad idea to get some research done and have questions answered.

Many people, including sex therapists, have wondered and asked the question, does sex increase testosterone levels, and research has shown that the more sex a couple has, the more their sexual health and hormone levels actually do increase; proving to provide a much more enjoyable experience.

Travel to a New Destination

The best way to break the routine is by changing atmospheres. Decide on a new travel destination, pack your bags and your adventurous spirit and get going!

Once you take time off from your hectic routine and explore a new destination together, you’ll find that you’ll have more to talk about and you’ll engage in new activities that are bound to bring you closer.

Create a Sexual Bucket List

When you’re in a long-term relationship, sex can often feel a little redundant. Spice up your time in the bedroom by creating a sexual bucket list of all your fantasies and your partner’s as well.

Share your desires and sexual fantasies together, create a list of the things you’re both willing to do, and check off one fantasy at a time every special occasion. Using sex toys such as huge butt plugs for sexual play and orgasm is one example. Many sex experts believe that this is a fun way to stay connected and it makes your sex life more exciting, intimate and satisfying.

Bring Back Date Night

Do you remember your early days of relationship? How exciting your date nights used to be?

A couple can sometimes forgo a romantic date night and opt for a quick dinner on the go while they finish errands, or order take-out and silently eat in front of the TV. Nothing is really wrong with that, but it won’t exactly bring back romance if done frequently.

Choose one night a week where you can escape your mundane routine and call the babysitter up if you have kids. Dress up and either book a night in a hotel, or make reservations at a fancy restaurant, and rekindle your love by focusing on your partner for one night.

Pick Up a Hobby

Most couples drift apart because they either don’t have anything in common anymore to do or talk about, or they stop doing anything together because they’re so busy.

Make time within your week to share your hobbies and interests. Or pick up a new hobby that you’re both interested in so you can spend more time together.

Choose something as simple as working out together, cooking, taking any type of class/course together, watching movies or TV series, or even starting your own little book club. Sharing your interests will make the conversation flow and bring you much closer.

Make Little Gestures

The little and simple things go a long way. Surprise your partner regularly with little gifts every now and then by paying attention to what they say they want to buy themselves, pick up their favorite flowers, or make them their favorite treat.

Gift them with personal items that show you’re always thinking of them. Leave cute and tiny notes around the house or in their work bag. These little gestures will definitely make your partner feel loved and always remembered.

Create a Romantic and Sexual Environment

If romance and sex have run a little dry over the years, then establish an environment that can easily make the spark flow again.

Have a romantic evening at home by preparing a nice candle-lit dinner with music to set the mood. Take a bubble bath together, or even give each other sensual massages. Wear sexy lingerie and lead into sex slowly; take your time with foreplay and make out for a while before getting it on.

These racy and sensual acts are known to excite your senses, making you more intimate, and it connects you with your partner on a romantic and sensual level.

Talk it Out

One aspect that you most importantly need to work upon is establishing proper communication channels with your partner. If you do not do this, then all of the above would not exactly work.

Talk with your partner about how you’re feeling and listen to their feelings as well. Reach a common goal and work together on achieving it.

Fixing the way you communicate by giving them clear messages will help in your connection as a couple and will help in understanding each other better.

Wrapping Up – The Honeymoon is definitely NOT over

When you and your partner are going through a dry spell, it may seem a little hard to bring back the romance you once had at the beginning of your relationship.

However, with these tried and tested methods above, you’ll feel much closer to your partner, more intimate. You will save your relationship from being forever ruined by the mundane happenings of life.

Over to You

How do you spice up your relationship? Share in the comments.

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