7 Spiritual Tips to Find Love Again After Being Hurt

Breakup happens. You may find it difficult to get over it and your ex. Here are the tips to get over a broken relationship and find love again in your life.
A man-woman loving couple by the bay trying to find love again after breakup

Breakup happens. You may find it difficult to get over it and your ex. You get hurt, feel bad and low. But you can make it a thing of past and move on. You can find love again and be in a successful relationship. All it takes is a strong will, wise decisions, and positive outlook. Here are the best tips to help you get over a broken relationship and find love again in your life. ~ Ed.


You don’t fall in love every other day.

You do meet people and date them. But even when you date, it sometimes comes to nothing because you feel the other person is not for you.

It’s only after spending a lot of effort, time and money do you find someone who truly understands you.

And when you do, then slowly you both open up to each other. You feel like this person cares about you, understands you on a deeper level and appreciates your company.

You begin to feel amazing and special. Then you spend more time and gradually you share all your secret desires, life ambitions, past experiences and fears with this special person. And during this time, you also get to know all about your partner. There’s so much of love and togetherness that now you plan to spend the rest of your life with him/her.

Then, comes the betrayal and that special person leaves you for no particular reason.

You try to contact that person, demand an explanation but that person ignores you all the same. If such a thing happens, then it is perfectly normal to feel angry, frustrated and sad. You may feel hurt, and it is justified, but you shouldn’t take all this anger and frustration on yourself.

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7 Tips to Get Over Your Ex and Find Love Again

Initially, after a breakup, it may seem impossible that you may ever live life like before and love again. But things change, with time. And if you follow these practical wise tips, you’ll most likely restart your love journey.

Always Remain Positive

It is hard to remain positive after you go through a highly emotional experience like a break-up. It is not easy, but you can still find the will within yourself to change all this negativity and bring some positivity in your life.

Only with a positive mindset can you hope to get over your ex and be successful with someone who truly deserves you. Your thoughts will often affect your situation, so thinking positively will bring positive things in life.

If you try thinking about all the things you are blessed with, then you will feel grateful and happy. It is even better if you make a small list of all the good things in your life. It looks like a childish exercise, but you will find it very effective once you engage in it.

Forgive Everyone

After you break up, it is very hard to control your emotions. Many tend to blame everyone around them, including their friends, family and even acquaintances. If someone is holding so many negative emotions inside, then these emotions could burst forth when one is with other people.

However, it is essential that you try to forgive everyone, even if they wronged you. Only then will the healing start and you can find love in your life again.

They all are flawed and imperfect, like the rest of us. They are not always aware of the consequences of their actions. Forgiving them all will cleanse your heart of all the negative emotions and you will find positivity back in your life.

You may think that your ex has done a great wrong to you, and so you get angry with the mere thought of that person. However, you will be happy in the long run if you forgive your ex, even though it is very hard.

Give Yourself Some Time to Heal

Before you decide to date someone again, it is very important that you give yourself some time to heal.

It is always a bad idea to go dating someone right after you get out of one serious relationship. It is normal and better to give yourself a break before you start dating again. If you hope to find love through this way, then you couldn’t make a worse mistake.

To find true love again, first, you need to show that you are ready to receive love. If you are still holding your ex’s gifts, texting him/her when drunk, then clearly you are not ready yet.  First, you need to clear your mind of all the thoughts about your ex.


You can get rid of all the things that remind you about your ex. You can donate all the gifts to someone who needs them, and if you are unwilling to do that then at least hide them someplace in your house. Objects are a good aid to memory, so be sure to get rid of all the things that still remind you about your ex.

Take Lessons from Your Breakup

Instead of crying over your failed relationship, you should try to take some lessons from all this. Every bad experience is trying to teach you something. You shouldn’t become weak after your breakup, rather it should make you a stronger and tougher person.

Maybe this breakup taught you to value and love yourself more, or maybe you learned to trust your intuition more. By analyzing your past mistakes can you hope to become a better and stronger person in the future. The person who left you so mercilessly doesn’t deserve to mess with your life again.

Therefore, think that you are a special person and so treat yourself as one. Don’t take all the anger and frustration on yourself, because if you don’t treat yourself well then no one else will.

Don’t Close Your Heart Off

People who get badly hurt in love tend to lose faith in the concept of love itself. So, they close their heart off and adopt a negative outlook on love. They want to shield themselves from any more heartbreaks this way because they think that they won’t be able to cope with one such emotional experience again. However, this way they will also never find love again in their life.

If you are seeking true love in your relationship, then it is important that you keep a little space in your heart, even if it makes you a little vulnerable.

Falling in love is risky, but then everything in life is risky and nothing is guaranteed. There are some things in life which are worth the risk, and love is one such thing without which you won’t feel like you lived.

Take Things Very Slow

Once you feel that you have healed enough and ready to date again and then remember to take things slow. Don’t make the mistake of setting too many dates and trying to find your love very quickly.

It is important to take your time before you open up to someone again. Don’t take your new relationship too quickly and don’t feel rushed to reveal about your recent breakup.

Spend more time with your new partner, try to know about his/her personality, habits and ambitions, etc., and then gradually reveal information about yourself. And don’t share any personal information immediately.

First, develop trust in your partner and then you can share all the information you want. Your partner will also find it a little odd and disagreeable if you try to progress the relationship too quickly.

And while dating, it is healthy if you keep your focus on other parts of your life too. You should engage in different hobbies, try to make new friends and spend time with your family instead of solely focusing on your dating. Don’t consider it as a task and don’t waste all your energy on it, because you have many other things in your life to do as well.

Always Set Realistic Expectations

This is probably the most important advice for anyone who wants to find love again in their life. Never set unrealistic expectations, otherwise, you will only have to suffer disappointments in life.

You won’t find the love of your life right away and expecting such a thing is unhealthy. It will take time, you may even have to live alone for a little while, but if you have the will then you will eventually find the love of your life.

Be realistic about what you want in your future partner and chances are you will find him/her soon. It is okay to expect your future partner to be decent looking, agreeable and kind, etc., but it is unrealistic hoping to find someone extremely rich, breathtakingly beautiful and excessively caring.

Unless you possess all these qualities yourself, you shouldn’t try to find someone with all these qualities. If you want to live a happy life, setting realistic expectations is vital; otherwise, you will find disappointments everywhere.

Wrapping Up

Breakup is bad and unfortunate. But if it can’t be helped, you need to move on.

There’s no reason to suffer over a failed relationship. If the trauma gets stuck in your heart then get over it by forgiving yourself and the other person. Let go of negative emotions and try to become a positive person.

Healing takes time. While it happens, it’s better to avoid getting into a relationship again. That’d be too soon and rushed. You go to take lessons from your breakup and take things slow.

It’s wonderful to fall in love, even after a breakup. If you’ve been hurt before does not mean you’ll get hurt again. This time you’ll know what mistakes to avoid and what expectations to have from your partner and the relationship.

Over to you

Have you ever been hurt in love? How did you overcome your breakup and ex? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.


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  1. I think just being yourself and enjoy every day is more than enough and you will find it if thats good for you.

  2. Everyone must have felt the name of a breakup. there are those who feel so hurt that they do not want to open themselves to others, but there are also those who think positively so that they do not dissolve in revenge for love.

  3. I think just being yourself and enjoy every day is more than enough and you will find it if thats good for you.

  4. I appreciate your article but believe me there is 30% chance to find your love again because it is too difficult to believe in someone. I hope your article will help to get out of their breakup.

    1. What is love? It’s a feeling and expression of attachment to someone. Knowing no boundaries, love makes you feel both happy and sad at the same time. But it’s rather a pleasant pain that makes you feel like in heaven.

  5. Unfortunately, I’ve learned it the hard way, when I found out what infatuation is, when I found out that usually people take care of themselves first and guard their heart whenever they are about to enter a relationship, and so on ….
    In my family, as a a psychologically and emotionally abused child, I had the example of resistance and survival, never the example of going and finding what suits you best as a person, energy, lifestyle…
    I have been in a relationship for 11 years, tumultuous one, and after several intermediary break-ups… I realized that I was following my family patterns. Break-ups are not only related to habits or love, are related to personal issues, undiscovered triggers and childhood traumas, lack of self-confidence and for sure ego…
    Thank you for this article !

  6. Hello,

    Many people don’t realize that a large majority of the pain they experience during a break-up has nothing to do with the relationship they really had.

    Relationships always end for a reason. It is rarely a complete surprise because things generally haven’t been going well for a while. There is often a long list of what each person did or didn’t do that led to all the fighting and hurt feelings.

    Most people don’t want back the relationship they actually had. Because our mind is trying to heal our heart, the painful memories often get shifted to the background and we find ourselves remembering and longing for the good times.

    Eventually, thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

  7. Interesting article.
    After dealing with a few bad relationships I find myself not trusting people. I tend to distrust anything someone says and observe their actions instead. Your topic of realistic expectations is spot. This is life everything doesn’t go as you think it would. “Unless you possess all these qualities yourself, you shouldn’t try to find someone with all these qualities”. Having it all is a great concept. Are you sure the simpler things won’t make you happy?

  8. Many people feel desperate when parting, but why so, have fun finding a new love for yourself to become happier!

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