10 Stress Headache Relief Techniques That Work

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man giving woman a stress headache relief technique massage

Do you suffer from tension headache, commonly known as stress headache?

Wouldn’t you want to know the stress headache relief techniques to ease you from the pain?

I do suffer sometimes from such tensions headaches, and am always on the lookout for better stress headache relief methods. Do you too?

Experts say that tension headaches are more common in middle-aged women!

Not only that, about 20% of the world’s population suffered from it at some time or the other, including men.

If you’re concerned, then you must know the stress signs and its causes. Sometimes you experience stress at your workplace, else you have stress in the family.

This mental stress often translates into and extends to physical stress and pain in the body. A healthy lifestyle would definitely help reduce stress related headaches.

If you wish to change your lifestyle then you can read my posts on lifestyle besides my post about how to cope with stress in general.

But this post is particularly about headaches arising due to stress and other factors, and the ways to get rid of them.

You all can make your life easy if you know the best stress headache relief techniques and follow them.

Let’s start quickly by first trying to understand all about stress headache, which is technically known as tension-type headache.

“Every head has its own headache” ~ Arab Proverb


What is Stress Headache

Stress headache is a feeling of constant pressure and tightness, or a band-like pain on the sides of the head, forehead, or back of the head and neck.

You may also experience stiff neck, nausea, slurred speech, confusion, or weakness, accompanied with fever. Have you ever gone through any of these symptoms?

The throbbing pain arising out of tension headache is generally mild to moderate, but can be severe at times. It almost feels like your head is being squeezed!

Such pain may last for a few minutes, hours to days, weeks, or even months. In cases of chronic tension headaches, the pain almost remains all the time, though varies in intensity.

It helps in seeking stress headache relief if you know its cause.

What are the Stress Headache Causes

A stress headache is not simply a mental phenomenon. Although stress headaches are the most common form of headaches among adults, its causes are not well understood.

Stress is the biggest factor of tension headaches. It includes mental stress and emotional tension.

This stress could be due to work, your boss or colleague at your workplace, conflicts in the family, a fight with your loved one, or any other uncomfortable situation.

Apart from stress, some other factors to consider while seeking stress headache relief measures include:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Inadequate rest
  • Fatigue
  • Hunger or meals at irregular times
  • Food containing tyramine
  • Red wine
  • Bright sunlight or changes in weather
  • Strong smells
  • Tightly tied hair
  • Strenuous exercise
  • Excessive sex
  • Smoking
  • Excessive caffeine and its abrupt withdrawal
  • Menstrual periods

If you are like me who spends a lot of time sitting on the computer or laptop, or need to work sitting for long hours at your desk – you need to take care of the following to avoid tension headache:

  • Bad posture
  • Hunch or stoop while sitting
  • Uncomfortable position
  • Eyestrain or squinting to read
  • Using a chair without any low back support
  • Incorrect position of the monitor/screen, which should be at your eye level
  • Holding the phone between the ear and shoulders while talking for long hours
  • Using the computer mouse without any elbow support

Stress headache is thought to be caused by muscle tension or tightness around the head and neck. It is also assumed that these tension headaches have something to do with the mixed signals sent by the nerves to the brain.

Daily stress could be one of the causes that may lead to chronic tension headaches. Before that happens, you should either seek self-help measures or professional help for stress headache relief.

How to Seek Stress Headache Relief

The action plan to seek relief from stress headache consists of –

Is this difficult to achieve?

You may need to make efforts to change your lifestyle, but it will all be for your good. Most importantly, take care of your stress levels and body posture.

Stress Levels

Remember one thing when you try to lower your stress levels that if you can’t change the stressful situation; change your reaction towards it.

This will help you maintain your composure. You also need to achieve mind-control so that you don’t raise your stress and anxiety level, and eventually not have stress headache.

Poor Posture

A good posture puts minimal strain on your ligaments, muscles, tendons, and bones. So, they don’t get tensed up.

However, poor posture puts continual strain on your shoulders, neck, and upper back. This causes the muscle fibers to tear.

As a result you feel tightness in those areas and the flow of blood to the back of your head is restricted, besides causing some nerve ending irritation too.

Don’t worry; you do have an army of stress headache relief techniques that can really help you normalize the muscles, nerves, and achieve mental balance.

Here’s a short video that shows some exercises that you can do on your own to seek relief from stress headache, whenever you take a break from your work.

[youtube id=”d3POFo9cnjo” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Dr. Kevin McDougal ~ Get Rid of Computer Neck Headaches and Shoulder Pain ~ You Tube Video

10 Stress Headache Relief Techniques

There are various techniques that range from ancient to modern ones that bring stress headache relief by reducing mental stress, and restoring natural muscle state.

Some of these techniques and methods are –

1. Meditation – It allows your mind to settle and release the mental stress. You find your relaxed state and achieve mindfulness, which releases your stress headache. Try it out – it works wonders!

2. Massage – This is mainly for muscle relaxation and to bring stress headache relief by reducing the stress and tension in the tender muscles of the neck, shoulders, and back of your head.

3. Walking – It’s not only good for muscle relaxation but you can also meditate while walking and achieve relief in stress. I do a lot of this to ease of my stress levels.

4. Hot or cold compress – This is to relax the muscles by either hot or cold application, either with the help of hot flannel or ice pack to your neck or forehead.

5. Acupuncture – You get temporary relief from tension headache when acupuncture practitioners slightly pierce special points on your body with the help of extremely thin, disposable needles.

6. Deep breathing – Breathing exercises help you re-oxygenate your body and supply more oxygen to the brain as well as all parts of the body, which allows the tension to be released.

7. Biofeedback – You learn to control certain body responses, which help reduce the pain. It requires connecting a device to your body that provides the feedback to various body functions like your heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension.

8. Behavior therapy – You learn to manage stress by getting involved in a talk therapy with your counselor, who helps you learn new ways to cope with life and stress.

9. Yoga – This is an ancient Indian practice to achieve mind body balance, and full relaxation of the mind and body. It consists of various asanas or body poses/postures.

10. Progressive muscle relaxation – This way you gradually and completely relax all the muscles of your body taking them one at time. You tense, hold, and relax the muscles along with positive affirmations in your mind.

Apart from these techniques and method of achieving stress headache relief, you can also use art, music, mental imagery, games, aromatherapy, essential oils, spas, and even sex for relaxation.

Remember, anything different from what you usually do, or which takes away your mind from what you are doing – will ease you. It will help remove your stress headaches, if you are having them.

You should drink plenty of water to flush out the body toxins, and herbal tea to rejuvenate your body. I know most of these things work because I’ve tried them and seen the difference.

Mostly you suffer from tension headache because of your faulty lifestyle. Once you learn to avoid stress and learn the right way of living, the stress headache vanishes.

Over to you –

Have you ever experienced tension headaches?  How did you achieve your stress headache relief? What were the stress headache relief techniques you used and how effective did you find them? Share in the comments below.

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Disclaimer: We're not offering any medical advice here. These ideas are for educational and entertainment purposes only. Always seek a professional medical opinion from a physician of your choosing before making any medical decision. The information provided here is not intended to be a substitute to the advice given by your physician or another healthcare professional.

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  1. Thank you for another positive, action-oriented article on aha-now. The now part is so important as we often know what to do, but don’t take action.

    These tips will not only work for stress headaches but help with overall health, similar to or working in conjunction with your 14 Practical Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle.

    For me, I use biofeedback as an everyday part of my life. The Alive program is my favorite as it has so many options, including workshop (1)meditations for mindfulness, (10)progressive muscle relaxation, breathing exercises which meet 3 of the best 10 tips from this article. So, 10-15-20 minutes per day is a HABIT I will not break.

    It allows my body to get benefits of (1) meditation, get into a (6)breathing rhythms, is (7) biofeedback, uses (8) built in self behavior therapy coaching and in general just takes me away from the day’s troubles and I always feel better when done!

    Try to incorporate just 1 of the 10 and you are a winner!

  2. Wow nice article. Thanks! Massaging around the eyes helps with reducing stress too. Just trace around eye socket, massage gently in circular fashion with your index and middle fingers. For more relaxation, place warm compress (soak a clean cloth in warm water and squeeze dry it) on your eyes before you sleep. It feels heavenly. Hope it helps.

  3. Harleena Thanks for sharing this blog. It’s a very useful blog for all of us who go through such stress headaches! I have these regular headaches which stems out of stress, I know and I can’t avoid taking stress; that comes with my job. And because of which I started Meditation and Aromatherapy using incense sticks, scented candles and stuff from Cycle Brand(which is by far the best, according to me) on a daily basis. Your tips on How to deal with Stress Headaches are really amazing.

  4. I get an headache when I use the computer without a break for a very long time. I normally palm my eyes or splash them with water and my headache goes.

  5. Getting relief through meditation is one of the best ways.Because of meditation one get the maximum level of satisfaction and this satisfaction level is cause of mental calmness.

    In my experience Yoga is much like similar to meditation and yoga exercise always provide maximum relief to the headache.

  6. Hi Harleena,

    I usually don’t suffer from headaches as of now. However, I’d gladly use these stress relieving techniques to reduce the tension. I’m certain that the relaxation and meditation are obligatory for everyone in today’s crazy world.

    1. Welcome to the blog David!

      Glad to know that you no longer suffer from stress headaches 🙂

      Nice that these stress headache relief techniques could help reduce the tension. Oh yes, relaxation techniques and meditation is something all of us should do as they help lead a better and healthier life.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  7. Hi Haleena,

    A superb article on Headache. Thanks for the brilliant tips which are of immense help for sure. Always look forward to your articles.

    Regards Neethi

    1. Hi Neethi,

      Glad you liked the article on stress headaches and the relief techniques shared. I guess most of us undergo these sometime or the other. It does help if we know how to take care at such times. Nice to know you look forward to my posts, which encourages me to keep writing 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  8. Really helpful article, sometimes we are stress headache because of our job then from this article I know stress headache relief techniques .

    1. Welcome to the blog Jack!

      Yes indeed, sometimes we are stressed due to our jobs and so many other things too – and I hope these stress headache relief techniques help out there.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  9. Hi Ma’am,

    Well, headache is most painful as it is not visible, and it creates so much pain to us 🙂 Great Tips Ma’am !!
    Thanks For Sharing!!

    1. Hi Srikanth,

      Yes indeed, headaches cause a lot of pain and they aren’t any visible cause for it too. I guess we just need to be careful and take care that these stress headaches don’t occur too often by changing our lifestyle.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  10. Nice post. Specially 10 Stress Headache Relief Techniques at the last portion is very interesting and helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Harleena,

    Great tips and interesting post Harleena. I read a blog post few weeks back by Sue Neal about neck, back and shoulder pains which is developed by sitting long periods of time in front of the computer.

    Yes, I get those stress headaches when I sit for a long time in front of the computer monitor and also I tend to forget about drinking water and I also get severe headaches during my Menstrual periods. Sometimes, if I am very busy, I just resort to medication, otherwise I take a small break away from the computer. The video is very helpful and I will sure try those exercises.

    Thanks Harleena for all those healthy tips which are worth sharing.

    Be Blessed,


    1. Hi Neamat,

      Glad you liked the tips and post. Oh yes…I remember that one of Sue’s too, and she’d even put up some wonderful videos to share with us.

      Most of these stress headaches do arise because of our bad posture and lifestyle habits too. Sitting for long hours on the computer can cause the neck, shoulder, and eyes to pain, and all of this causes stress headaches if timely action isn’t taken.

      I also used to forget to drink water, or get lazy to get up to fetch it, but then I started keeping a bottle next to me and that works well, as it’s easier to reach and remind oneself to have it every few minutes. During the periods, many women face the problem of headaches, which might have got something to do with the hormones.

      Taking medicines is an easy option, though opting for other alternatives is better, though if nothing works – mild medications are alright too. I’m sure you’d like these easy exercises as they are working well for a few people, and Donna tried it out and is liking it too. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with all of us. 🙂

  12. Hi Harleena

    I don’t tend to suffer from tension headaches so much these days, particularly since I left work.

    My problem is backache. However that is probably because of poor posture too so the techniques in the video may help that.

    I think taking more breaks from sitting at my computer will also help and I really do need to get out and do some more walking.

    Great tips for tension headaches which I think should help with my backache too I hope!

    1. Hi Tim,

      I guess leaving work and taking a break might be the secret behind you not suffering from these stress headaches 🙂

      I agree, backaches are part of the poor sitting posture we tend to follow, for which it’s suggested to place a cushion behind your lower back when you sit. Perhaps you could try to see if it makes a difference, and yes the exercises in the video are nice and tried by a few people, as they mentioned above.

      Oh yes…sitting for too long is the major causes of aches and pains, especially around the neck and shoulder areas. And the only cure is to move around and take frequent breaks, which I’m sure we can, especially if we have kids and a family who need our attention – isn’t it?

      Thanks for stopping by and contributing to the post. 🙂

  13. Hi Harleena,

    Well I’m definitely going to bookmark this post and check out these exercises. For some reason, I wake up with a headache more mornings then I don’t. Now I have one of the most comfortable mattresses and I sleep really good, or so I think I do, but for some reason I usually wake up with a headache.

    I do get enough sleep, I do exercise everyday, I eat pretty good so I’m not sure why this continues to happen. I mean if it were from working on the computer or bad posture I would have the headache during the day and not wake up with it each morning.

    I’ve changed pillows so many times thinking maybe that’s it so I’m just lost. I have no idea but maybe these exercises will help so thanks for sharing this video and for these other tips as well. No harm in trying them out right.

    Have a great week, headache free! 😉


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Thanks for bookmarking this post, and Donna seemed to have tried these exercises as she mentioned above, and she liked it. I tried them too as they were simple enough, which we can do when we take a break between our work.

      Sorry to hear about your morning headaches, though I don’t think those sound like stress headaches. And as you mentioned, you’re getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising enough, and really taking care of yourself – so I wonder what’s the problem too.

      Hope your water intake is sufficient, as that is another cause, or even the eyesight that can sometimes be a cause of headache. I say this as we tend to ignore these small things. I would suggest to show yourself to a doctor too – no harm done, just to rule out other hidden health issues like blood pressure etc., which again show up in different forms in all of us.

      Hope you feel better with these exercises, or then if you wish, give a try out to meditation and yoga – they are known for relieving headaches of all kinds too. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with us. 🙂

  14. Hi Harleena,

    This is an excellent post and I loved the video – definitely going to try those exercises. I’ve been very fortunate rarely to suffer from any kind of headaches at all (consequently when I do get one, I make an enormous fuss!) but I’m currently seeing a physio for treatment for some terrible pains in my neck and shoulder blades, which have probably been caused, and are certainly exacerbated, by spending too long sitting at the computer. It’s severely limiting the time I can spend online, so if anyone’s reading this, I’d say don’t wait for the aches and pains to start and don’t underestimate how much damage you can do to yourself just by using a computer – prevention is better than cure!

    I think having your work station set up correctly, to promote good posture and reduce strain, is crucial – and I suspect a lot of people using laptops and mobile devices often don’t give this much thought. I use soft wrist rests for my keyboard and mouse and I’m sure that’s helping me avoid even more problems than I already have.

    As you say, one of the main things is just to keep moving – our bodies weren’t designed for all this sitting still. Walking and other forms of exercise are a big help, and just making sure you don’t spend too long glued to that screen. If it weren’t for my dogs needing regular walks, I’d probably have seized up altogether by now.

    Blogging’s great fun, but you can have too much of a good thing 🙂

    Thanks for a wonderful post, Harleena, jam packed full of valuable advice.

    Have a lovely week 🙂


    1. Hi Sue,

      Glad you liked the post, and yes, these exercises are helping Donna as she mentioned above, after having tried them. 🙂

      I know the neck and shoulder pains can be terrible, and you did write about it in your posts too – along with those wonderful videos as well. Yes, they do occur because we sit at one place for long hours without moving around or taking a break. I guess we get so involved in our work that we tend to forget to take care of ourselves, unless we are troubled by some health issues – isn’t it?

      I’m glad you are seeing a physio for treatment, and yes, prevention is better than cure. Perhaps if you’d taken immediate action when you first got the painful symptoms – it might not have got this worse. But just like most people, we tend to ignore the small pains and aches and take some pain-killers thinking it will get alright, which only keeps adding up and getting worse within.

      You’re absolutely right – sitting and working with a correct posture is absolutely essential, and that’s what makes all the difference to making you work efficiently as well. I went through a problem of having pain in my wrists too as I was mentioning to Hiten above, but thankfully made timely changes. 🙂

      Oh yes…my dog keeps me on my toes, and so do my kids, or else I’d be sitting all day long too! Moving around, walking, exercising, taking breaks, doing thins away from the usual, and simply enjoying life as it comes helps to live a stress-free life, which all of us need.

      I agree, blogging is fun provided it’s taken up the right way and we don’t overdo it in such a way that it harms us 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and adding more value to the post. Have a nice week ahead as well. 🙂

  15. Wow! Thanks for sharing these excellent tips on reducing stress headaches.

    I am a regular sufferer of stress headaches and while I have been able to identify some techniques that work for me, I am always on the lookout for other things to try.

    Have a grateful day!


    1. Hi Chrysta,

      You are most welcome, and I think most of us can relate to it being bloggers who have to sit long hours and work online – isn’t it? 🙂

      I guess you need to slow down working too hard and take care of yourself to avoid these headaches, and try out these stress headache relief techniques, which am sure would help. Even the exercises mentioned in the short video are helpful, as Donna seemed to have tried it as she mentioned above. They might work for you as well. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, and have a nice day as well. 🙂

  16. Hi Harleena,

    This was a brilliant post about stress headaches.

    There was one point you made in your post, which I would like to emphasise a little further as I’ve experienced this recently. It is the importance of having elbow support when using a computer.

    Over the past few weeks I’ve been using my laptop on my bed, without any elbow support. After some days, my wrists and lower arms started to hurt really badly. Luckily, the strain didn’t reach my head but I was feeling very uncomfortable. I’ve switched to working at a table again where there is support for my wrists and my arms are okay now.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Hiten,

      Glad you liked the post. 🙂

      I’ve gone through what you mentioned Hiten, and have been using my Laptop sitting in bed in the severe winter, as it’s warm within the quilt. I faced the same problem as you mentioned, because the elbows tend to hang without support and not rest on anything. This does cause a lot of strain. I had to eventually shift back to my table and chair also, as I wasn’t able to work with that pain for long. Even my neck was strained because I had to come forward to see the screen.

      I agree, sitting in that position can cause pain and discomfort, and if carried on for long, might even result in stress headaches as what nerve is affected we never really know. I think keeping these small things in mind, especially when we have experienced them all – helps in avoiding health issues.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with everyone 🙂

  17. Perfecto!

    All these days, I was put under a lot of pressure from many sides. My client works, blog stuff, personal things, relations and a lot more. In short, I am getting headache due to overload (stress).

    From the solutions you’ve mentioned, sleep is something I’d love to have. I’m lazy enough in the mornings. And, massages too. The pleasure we get when someone’s massaging your head, is just so awesome.

    Thanks for this lovely article, Harleena.

    1. Hi Koundeenya,

      You are not alone at all, because many of us sail in the same boat. When deadlines have to be met, and you need to cope with your work and personal front as well – it does build up a lot of pressure that leads to stress, which is unavoidable at times. You need to do all the things as they all need attention, and what to take up as priority and what to do later – adds to it as well. 🙂

      Sleep is something I lack in too, and wish I could get those straight 7-8 hours of sleep at night, which happens only when I am on holiday, and away from my online work!

      Ah…I can understand – massages work wonders and often take you to a far-away world of relaxation – isn’t it? Wish we could have more of those 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with all of us 🙂

  18. I def love massage as a way of getting those nasty headaches, but I think I even prefer running to walking, as it tends to release more endorphin, which usually works great as a happiness hormone 😉

    1. Welcome to the blog Dankas!

      Nice to know that massages work better for you. 🙂

      I guess some people (mainly men) who can run, prefer running to walking, while others stick to brisk walking, which I feel is as good. I agree, perhaps running makes you happier because of endorphin, though you can be happy anytime you want – isn’t it?

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  19. Harleena, I haven’t had any like that in quite some time. I do go for acupuncture monthly and it really has helped me. When I had the other pain from my neck and arm from being on computer w/pinched nerve massage helped along with it. It did take some time but boy I don’t feeel any of it anymore. Happy about that 🙂
    I think many of us don’t even realize when we are stressed anymore because we are so often.
    Going for walks helps me to unstress too.I think if you can unstress before you get a headache it will help you.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      You are indeed lucky, and it’s good you’r taking good care of yourself. 🙂

      Acupuncture and massages are known to help in cases of aches and pains, though you need to get them done regularly till the pains there, and even after that to keep it off.

      I agree, stress has become part of our daily lives, and so much so that we don’t tend to realize it, till we are faced with the symptoms. Walks, meditation, and even yoga help to de-stress, besides other things that you do more for enjoyment and away from the ordinary. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views 🙂

  20. Many times headache becomes fatal due to lots of stress. In this situation, laughter therapy is an effective stress medicine. See some comedy film or read comic books by going in the garden and laugh loudly, you will get relief in just a few minutes.

    1. Hi Evan,

      Yes, sometimes if there’s lot of stress it could turn fatal, though such cases are very rare. I guess stress gives rise to high blood pressure, which has it’s own set of health issues.

      I like your suggestion – laughter! I agree, it’s one of the best solution to beat stress. However, stress headaches aren’t always related or caused because of stress, as I mentioned in the post. But I agree with your point on laughter – it’s a medicine for most ailments.:)

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  21. Harleena,

    Again..a wonderful and thoughtful post from you. 🙂

    It’s really great to read that you could touch all corners of stress headache and it’s root cause and can come up with handy solutions as well. Wonderful 🙂

    Most of us often tend to forgot that we are under stress even we are. I mean sometime the stress level makes us not to think anything out of box. In the fast phase life everything getting automated except human brain. Thank god. Else we all would become just dump terminals like monitors. We really need some natural rejuvenation like your relief techniques, to think we are humans.

    To me, many time I felt eyestrain and shoulder pain due to sitting ergonomics due to my IT job nature. As practice, I just take a break at every 30 minutes and have chat with colleagues for few min. Absolutely! Yoga, Walking and Meditation are the wonderful way to burst out the stress headaches from body and very natural balance process for today’s life. 🙂

    Thanks for the insightful post Harleena. 🙂

    1. Hi Manickam,

      Glad you liked the post, and thanks for your kind words. 🙂

      I guess when we are troubled with something, we try and find solutions for it, and I always like to share it with everyone – just in-case they too are undergoing the same thing. And being bloggers, I knew most of us could relate to this one. 🙂

      You’re absolutely right – stress is a part of our life, and we all need to accept that fact and find ways to deal with it – effectively. With all that we go through due to our hectic lifestyles, we are bound to face health issues and headaches are just one of them. Hope these stress headache relief techniques help people overcome their headaches.

      Yes, eyestrain, neck and shoulder pain, arm, elbow, or hand pain, or even the spine pain are very common problems in those people who have to sit and work for long hours. I’m glad you take the required break from your work to catch up with friends, and even practice yoga, meditation etc – as they work wonders to relieve stress headaches and many other health problems too.

      Thanks for stopping by and contributing to the post. 🙂

  22. I wish I had some techniques to share but I’m afraid I don’t have anything unusual.

    I do suffer from stress headaches from sitting in front of the computer all day but I do make it a point to get up from my desk at least once an hour and stay off for about 5 minutes.

    I enjoyed the video. I tried the move with the arm and bending of the hand and it felt good to stretch like that.

    I love to walk on the treadmill, it’s a major stress reliever for me. Although getting started is the tough part, once I get into it, I really like how I feel afterward 🙂

    Thanks for sharing these techniques with us 🙂 Have a wonderful week ahead!

    1. Hi Corina,

      That’s alright. I guess you wouldn’t really be troubled with such headaches or you might have known some ways about 🙂

      I do the same thing as you Corina, and getting up for a few minutes gives a breather to our eyes, body, and the neck-shoulder area, which hurts the most because of looking at the screen for long.

      Glad you liked the video, and it felt good that Donna even managed to try it all out and plans carrying on with it. I tried it too, but you need to do it a few times a day to see the difference. Perhaps when we get up from work, a few stretches in those 5-10 min break might be good. 🙂

      Aha…you are quite like me! Getting started IS the toughest part, and though not the treadmill, I usually head for my morning walks and love them. But if I’ve had a late night or the moods not just for it – getting myself to change and walk is a problem 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences with us. Have a nice week ahead as well. 🙂

  23. Harleena, you are right about stress headaches. I rarely get those type of headaches, but when they do come I am in a panic.

    I like your tips and the video. I need to improve my water drinking.

    The thing is I know how important water is to the body, but it is really hard to change bad habits.

    1. Hi Michael,

      I agree, though such headaches are rare, and occur mainly in those people who have to sit for long hours, but when they do come-up, they can be painful.

      We often tend to neglect our water intake, which not only might be one of the causes such stress headaches, but also other health issues.

      I know changing our habits isn’t easy, but now what I do is carry a bottle of water with me all over the place, and every half an hour make sure to take a few sips – that works – try it out!

      Thanks for stopping by.:)

  24. Ahh that all are awesome great tips me need to follow all to get out of stress thanx for great tips… bookmarked

    1. Welcome to the blog Prince!

      Glad you liked these stress headache relief techniques and tips shared.

      Thanks for bookmarking them, and for stopping by 🙂

  25. Hi Halreena,

    First I’m grateful enough as I’m not much prone to health issues 🙂 It’s so long I’ve been suffering from fever or cold too. But I think I need to follow more healthy habits as I’m sitting all day and that’s why I love when I come across health posts more than before 🙂

    Ah… Nowadays I’m working on removing forward head posture with easy exercises 😉 Now some more to add.

    Headaches are very rare for me Harleena 🙂 Usually it comes with fever for me. I know I wasn’t following good posture as my head goes forward though I sit with good posture initially 😀 Now I’m much careful but still as work comes in my way, I forget to be in same posture. However as you suggested once, I’m taking more intervals and that helps to be back in good posture when I sit again.

    Alright… I may awake overnight but usually tend to take 8 hours of sleep now Harleena 🙂 There were days I had 2 hour sleep and I couldn’t sleep more. But water helps me there I guess. Sleep was getting better as I drink more water 😉

    I aware of 2 things you mentioned there. Eyestrain and using mouse without elbow support.

    Hmm… I’m suffering from shortsight since around 14 years old and I believe the computer monitor helped me there a lot. Also I was afraid to tell about it to my parents for 8 years too and then to be more safe, started wearing spectacles when using computer too, as recommended 🙂

    Well, how come we find support for elbow? 🙂 That’s questionable I suppose. I’m glad the video includes stretching exercises for that and I must follow ’em from now on.

    I already do meditate, walk and take deep breaths Harleena 🙂 I like to be simple and I feel they are working well for me to fight with stress.

    I feel much better about myself as if I take a look at myself few years back, I wasn’t following healthy tips I follow today Harleena. But even that time I was healthy enough and were no issues except for vision 🙂

    Thanks for sharing healthy tips with us and for the video with exercises too 🙂

    Have a fabulous brand new week 😉


    1. Hi Mayura,

      Wow – that’s a lovely comment – just my kinds 🙂

      I think you take good care of yourself, so you aren’t prone to any health issues (touch-wood!), and it’s better to be careful beforehand than to go suffer later – isn’t it? Oh yes – if you are forever sitting, then you need to do just the opposite of that – get up and start moving! I know it’s not possible with the kind of job we bloggers have, but taking small get-up breaks work well.

      I agree, sometimes high fever leads to headaches, while if you sit long or don’t sleep well, which happens with me – I get these headaches too. We all tend to forget to take care of our posture and mind the way we sit, because we tend to get lost in our work and don’t realize how our head keeps bending forward or our eyes strain when we look at the monitor etc. – so you aren’t lone there.

      I know you tend to sleep less as you mentioned in that sleep post earlier, though tend to sleep in breaks to catch up, but having an uninterrupted full 7-8 hours sleep is what we all need. I say this, but I myself don’t follow – I admit 🙂 Getting used to sleeping for long hours when you have been used to sleeping for less hours takes time because the body takes time getting used to our new routine – but it does happen if you keep at it, and yes water helps in many ways too. So, don’t give up on that!

      We need to be careful of our eyes or else all of the work we do will be of no use. Ah…you wear specs – must be looking different 🙂 But it’s good you do that when you’re using the computer – it is needed if there’s a problem. I guess if your parents knew earlier, or if you told them earlier, the treatment would have started, and they say that with time the power of the specs lessens too, though depends from person to person.

      For the elbows they suggest to keep it at the same level of the mouse and table, and to rest your elbow on the chairs sides or armrest or on the table itself, so that they are not left hanging. The stretching exercises in the video are easy, and I tried them too, and so did Donna, as she mentioned above. So, I guess they must be working for those who have a problem of some kind.

      Yes indeed, meditating, walking, and deep breathing – all help to relive stress, and if you are feeling fit and fine, you really don’t have to worry about anything at all. It’s never too late to start leading a healthy lifestyle, if you weren’t leading it earlier because we need to realize that with time – age is catching up with us and we need to take care of that factor too (don’t worry – it’s not catching up with you!)

      Thanks so much for stopping by and adding more value to the post. Love your long comments. Have a nice week ahead as well. 🙂

  26. Hi Harleena,

    I am so, so lucky (knock on wood) very seldom do I have a headache, but I know some people who do on a regular basis. Just the tiniest amount of stress will set them off. So I am really glad I came across your post today, where they can find some tips for relief. I’ll be sure to bookmark this and keep it at a safe place to share it whenever I need it.

    Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom!


    1. Hi Ilka,

      You surely ARE lucky not to get these stress headaches. I rarely get them too, but I sometimes am troubled by the stiff necks or shoulder pains when I’m sitting for long hours.

      I hope these stress headache relief tips come handy for those who need it, and thanks for bookmarking it if need be. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views 🙂

  27. Very nice post Harleena! Required post for the bloggers too 🙂

    No, I didn’t experience any stress headache before, coz i used to do every work with fun and interest. So I never feel hard and enjoy all the work (both home related and blogging related works)

    As you told, during my menstrual periods, I really feel discomfort with mild headache. It spoils my mood too.

    Also, i need to take care of myself from the bad posture danger, as am not sitting properly while working with Laptop. I used to sit wherever I want with bad posture.

    Hope, I’ll change it in future to avoid stress headache. Thanks for writing such an useful and demanding post for the bloggers 😛

    1. Hi Nirmala,

      Yes – I also thought all bloggers would relate to this, especially those who sit for a long time and have to work long hours. 🙂

      Nice to know that, and I agree, if you enjoy your work, you don’t feel stressed, unless of course you let it get to you. I think if we set our priorities right, we can maintain a good work-home balance.

      Yes, those are crucial days for some women, and mood swings are known to occur in women even during their menopause time.

      Bad posture is what leads to neck, shoulder, and spine pain, which eventually results in stress headaches, so you need to be careful. I hope these techniques work for you whenever you need them. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and contributing to the post 🙂

  28. Thank you Harleena

    Dr. Kevin McDougal’s exercises really helped! I watched the video twice to learn the technique of these exercises. Oh boy did my muscles hurt. That proves that my posture stinks!

    I’m in front of the computer so much, and I’m slouching. Now being 5 foot tall I do not need to look shorter lol! When your muscles hurt by doing these exercises, it goes to show that you do have a problem.

    Mine is my neck and upper shoulders. I frequently have stiffness there and also find that I’m slouching even away from the computer. AHA! This is so awesome…it is the highlight of my day and made me very happy!

    I do go for acupuncture regularly for balance and wellness. Now I have the PERFECT exercise to deal with those particular muscles that cause tension.

    Thank you so much Harleena! I feel like a new woman!


    1. Hi Donna,

      Ah…you are most welcome, and am so glad that the exercises shared in the video really did help you. I agree, if your muscles hurt – it means there is a problem, and these exercises are working for you 🙂

      The moment I saw the video, I tried them out myself first and felt an instant difference too and just knew I had to share it with everyone. More so, being bloggers or people who are constantly sitting and working online or on their Laptops and Computers, our bodies aren’t always in good shape unless we really take good care of it – isn’t it?

      Just like the Dr. in the video said it’s natural for our heads to bend down and that results in us sitting with a bad posture, or we tend to slouch without realizing about the harm it’s doing to our neck, spine, shoulders, and all of this leads up to stress headaches. I’m glad you go for acupuncture, though I hope you get some relief from these exercises and don’t to go that often now.

      Thanks for stopping by and for really trying these out – you made my day! 🙂

  29. Harleena,

    I can see that I do a lot of things that cause a stress headache.
    Thanks for all your great tips!


    1. Hi Betsy – nice to have you back 🙂

      You are surely not alone, as most of us who work from home commit the same mistakes, and need to learn these stress headache relief techniques to keep such headaches away.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  30. Great post I say.

    I always feel stressed and get headache because I have a full time day job (sitting in front of computer) then again 2-3 hours of sitting at night for blogging. I feel tired sometimes. I agree that bad posture can cause neck pain and back pain. At office the posture is fine but at home I usually sit in a comfortable way (usually bad posture). I need to keep these things in mind.

    Thanks for the post Harleena!

    1. Hi Atish,

      Oh you do – I didn’t know that! Handling a full time job, and then sitting for more hours at night can be very tedious and taxing, especially if it’s the kind that requires you to sit at the computer for such a long time. It’s but obvious to feel tired, and you need to keep taking breaks in-between or move around or it can cause problems.

      I guess in your office you must be having a proper support for your back, as the chairs are the kinds that align with the table etc., but at home we all tend to take it cool as that’s also our relaxing time. Same happens with bloggers like us who work from home, we don’t take care of our posture and the way we sit, unless we have a proper home office. We all do need to keep these stress headache relief techniques in mind for the time when we are faced with tensions headaches.

      Thanks for stopping by. Always nice to have you over. 🙂

  31. Hi Harleena – based on my experience, I will say that bad posture is the baddest thing. It not only harms you in short term, but also destroy your peace in long term. Once I underwent a small training about how to properly user your work desk. It was dealing about chair height, monitor alignment, hand posture, etc. Once your body is out of pain, definitely you start feeling better and mind relaxes.

    1. Welcome to the blog Rashmi!

      I agree, bad posture also adds up and is one of the major causes for stress headaches. Mostly those who have to sit for long hours face such problems, though there are ways to handle this too.

      If we are sitting at our desk working, or even using a Laptop or Computer, we need to ensure that the eye level to the monitor screen, the chair and table length, and like you mentioned even the hand rest should all be in considered as they majorly contribute to tension headaches.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

    1. Hi BK,

      That looks like a nice cure – needs to be tried out for sure, and it’s surely a simple one too. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing and for stopping by too. 🙂

  32. Hi Harleena,

    How interesting that I’ve read a blog post just last week about the pains that we develop on our neck, back and shoulder just by sitting long periods of time in front of our computer.

    I try to take a lot of breaks at least every hour or so, and when I do I do something physical or go for a walk.I know that keeping our head aligned with the rest of the body is really important to avoid this type of issues, but unfortunately we tend to lean our head forward which should be absolutely be avoided.

    Thanks for all those healthy tips and I will share 🙂

    1. Hi Sylviane,’s a coincidence that you encountered two posts about tension headache in a short duration… it some sign for you to interpret? 😉

      Seriously, we bloggers need to be very careful about our sitting postures and the hours of work that we put in.

      I think you’re doing well by taking breaks, walks, and keeping your back upright and aligning your head with the body – this is so important as it prevents us from developing a hunch or stooping, which you rightly mention that we unconsciously do.

      A little change in our working style can make us feel healthy and happy.

      Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas and tips, which I’m sure will help other readers. 🙂

  33. Hi Leena,

    I’m also suffer from this neck headache many times. I think my own is cause is also related to all the causes you listed here especially bad posture and sleep deprivation.

    I don’t sleep at night because that’s when i normally prefer to work and i don’t sleep during the day either because I’m always busy either I’m in school or somewhere else.

    This post of yours will certainly be of help.

    Thanks for sharing sweet heart.

    1. Hi Theodore,

      Well, with the kind of lifestyle you’re leading as you explained here, you definitely risk yourself suffering from stress headache. And, you know that very well.

      The choice is always yours, and you can reduce or completely eliminate your neck headache. I think you’ll need to change your lifestyle a bit for that.

      I hope my post really helps you find solutions to your problems.

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your views in the comment. I appreciate it. 🙂

  34. Hi Di,

    Again an awesome post!

    I’ve suffered a lot because of this headache while I was in the job – hamster wheel. I think Yoga has helped me a lot in overcoming the stress, not only stress it has increased my focus and concentration level as well.

    For Occasional headache I’ve to resort to medication as it is difficult to bear, but in most cases the pain has manifested because of stress which at times it difficult to manage inspite of following the strict diet and Yoga.

    I’ve never heard the concept of biofeedback, this appears to be something very unique, is this managed with the help of the doctors(GP) or some specialist?

    Thanks Di for this share. Have a great weekend.


    1. Hi Sapna,

      Glad you like the post.

      I agree that Yoga is definitely a solution to life’s many problems, and tension headache is one of them. I’m sure you did benefit all that you mentioned from Yoga.

      It’s okay to take medicines whenever you feel like while taking care that it’s not in excess and you’re not becoming dependent on them.

      Stress if one of the major factor of stress headache and many other lifestyle diseases. Bio feedback is used by psychologists, doctors, and other medical practitioners for a long time. It helps us to learn about the stimuli that affect us and train our reaction towards them.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and experiences. I appreciate it. 🙂

  35. Hi Harleena,

    Again another important post you published about bad headache & its solution. I think headache is common for everyone but if it increases, it sometimes causes severe pain. I also pass lots of time in my Laptop. So for a blogger the tips you mentioned are really very helpful. I think doing morning prayer, taking regular exercise, take break after 10-15 min using laptop, drinking lots of water, eating healthy food, sitting on a straight chair can certainly help to enjoy no headache & cheerful life.

    I suggest all bloggers to read your valuable post 🙂

    1. Hi Ahsan,

      Headaches are of many types, but tension headache is the one that most people suffer from. Bloggers and those who sit for a long time working on computer are highly susceptible to suffer from stress headache if they do not take preventive measures by changing their lifestyle.

      You’ve mentioned a great routine and if you follow that on a daily basis, you ensure that you become less likely to be a victim of stress headache.

      Thanks for appreciating the post and for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it. 🙂

  36. Hello Harleena,
    I do have sided headache once in a while either when i just wakeup from sleep or i’m with my pc for a longer period of time. What i do to relieve me from the pain is take a quick shawa or i just take a stroll out of the house and this process do help me. You just added some new method on the list, like the meditating.
    I really did enjoyed reading the post. thanks for sharing and do have a lovely weekend…

    1. Hi Babanature,

      One-sided headache is generally a symptom of migraine, which is different from tension headache. You mentioned two triggers, and I think you should avoid them. Of course, you can’t avoid waking up, LOL, but maybe you can change the way you wake up – maybe go slow and take you time to get up.

      It’s good that you know how to deal with your headache. I think meditation would really suit and help you, and do try simple yoga body poses too, while being in bed so they help you prevent headaches when you wake up. Just my suggestion, but you need to talk to a professional to know what exactly you should do. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and wish you a great weekend too! 🙂

  37. Thank you for these tips. I have never tried Yoga before. This is something I look forward to someday.
    I love this Proverb “Every head has its own headache” ~ Arab Proverb
    Thanks for sharing, very useful tips, I have to pass to my parents!

    1. Hi Seun,

      I hope the tips in the article do help you. I’d personally recommend that you try yoga as it is very relaxing to both your mind and body.

      Yes, I liked the Arabian proverb too – it is so true.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment here. 🙂

  38. Hi Harleena, Never thought that this blogging thing will be so stressing. I lately am feeling it tolling over me. This is perfect post for me to get into your blog. Great rescuing tips. Deep breathing is what I am doing at this Hour to relax a bit. Aha-now I am feeling bit better. And hey I love that Arabic adage.
    Hey Congrats – You have found a loyal reader in me. Lov your blog
    – Koj

    1. Welcome to the blog, Koj!

      Well, blogging can be as stressing as you want to make it! It is a field where you’ve unlimited opportunities and potential. If you’re a full time blogger, and if you do not take care of your lifestyle or the other factors as mentioned in this post while blogging, you’re likely to harm yourself. Do not take it otherwise, I’m not trying to scare you, but just suggesting you to take care of your health and not let the stress take a toll on you. 🙂

      I’m so glad you like the blog and you’re most welcome to be a guest anytime or be a member of the blog community! I appreciate your kind words and heartily feelings.

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you around. 🙂

  39. Some of the tension headache triggers you list are also triggers for migraines. I’ve learned over time to avoid the things I know will trigger a headache for me, like wine, coffee, not enough water, getting too hungry, and certain visual triggers, like flashing lights. I hardly ever get headaches anymore, which is very nice, and very different compared to most of my life.

    All the “cures” you list are terrific. I’m also learning to use acupressure on my hands–that helps, too. But beyond a certain point, I go for the medication. Fortunately, that doesn’t happen too often.

    1. Hi Galen,

      You’re right – many of the triggers for tension headache are the same as for migraine. The difference is basically in the symptoms of the two and the severity of pain. Also, tension headache can be cured by changing our lifestyle. As you’ve done for yourself, it is commendable how you could spot your triggers and avoid them.

      I wish everybody, who suffers from tension headache is able to do what you achieved to seek stress headache relief. Acupressure too should be in the list of techniques, thanks for pointing that out. I also agree that these techniques and methods temporarily work up to a certain limit and then it is always better to seek professional help and go for medication.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your personal experiences and knowledge. I really appreciate it. 🙂

  40. Hey Harleena, What a great interlinker you are. To be honest, I run a blogging blog where I help newbies regarding blogging, but you’re better at it than me.

    Coming to the topic of the post, Thankfully I’ve never experienced stress headache before, but I know people does. So It’s a worth sharing post.

    It’s been a while since my last visit, so sorry Harleena. Thanks for sending me this way through your share on FB group, I’ll be active now! 🙂


    1. Hi Ehsan,

      Thanks for your compliment! I love connecting and engaging with people, and I’m no better or worse, we all are so interdependent on each other.

      Good that you never experienced stress headache, and if you really follow the suggestions as in the post, you’ll never ever experience this pain.

      I know everybody has priorities and everyone gets busy. However, I’m so glad that you could take out time to visit my blog and comment here. I’d love to have you as an active blogger here on Aha!NOW. Thank you, know that I appreciate it very much. 🙂

  41. Well here you are again with yet another fabulous post! 🙂

    I get headaches sometimes but rare are they stress headaches. I think mine are mostly from sinuses and allergies. I also get migraines at time which I believe to be hormonal. These migraines are boogers and the only way to get rid of em, is to ride it out. 🙁 They really stink. However, a normal headache, I’ll take some tylenol or some other pain reliever or my allergy meds and look for a quiet place. Usually helps a bit.

    Awesome post gf! I’m book marking to save these relief options for later. 🙂


    1. Hi Bren,

      I’m so glad you like this post. It’s good that you don’t suffer from tension headaches, but headaches due to sinuses and allergies aren’t good either. 🙁

      Migraines are bad; my sister has them occasionally and it just scares me. I’d never want to be in her shoes for that! 😉

      Stress headaches are okay as far as they’re episodic, but they become complete nuisance if they turn chronic, then simple over-the-counter medications won’t do. But I’m glad it works for you. 🙂

      Thanks for joining in the discussion and sharing your important views. I really appreciate it. 🙂

  42. Thank you for this informative article, Harleena! I used to get stress headaches all the time in my previous life as a “corporate workaholic”, but not so much now. I do suffer from arthritis, even in my neck and have considered trying acupuncture. Some of these things should help, as well.

    1. Hi Debbie,

      I’m glad you find the article to be of value. I can understand that when you’re in a stressful job with hectic routine, work pressures and deadlines to meet, overworking and having less rest – you do get stress headaches.

      Arthritis and spondylitis are something we can’t help with much, but yes the alternative and complementary medicine does offer some temporary pain relief.

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your experiences. I appreciate it. 🙂

  43. Brilliant article on Headache. Its one of those things that happens all the time. I think mine is due to lack of water. When ever I drink less water, then I start to get headaches. I try not to take any pain killers but have to some times. I have realised that if I do, Kapalbhati yoga of Baba Ramdev then the headache goes away quite quickly. The 10 methods you have detailed are quite impressive, I will take a note of them.

    1. Hi Shalu,

      Thanks for appreciating the post. Tension headache is really very common. Imagine that the Wikipedia says about 1.4 billion people in the world suffer from it! Now that’s too much, isn’t it?

      I agree that lack of water can cause headache to those who’re used to drinking it frequently. And, drinking water has so many other benefits that I wrote an entire post on it a few months back!

      It’s okay taking some over-the-counter pain killers occasionally; however, you need to be careful not to let it become a habit or use it excessively as they’ve lots of side effects, but I’m sure you know all that. 🙂

      Thanks for mentioning Kapalbhati Yoga; that really gives instant benefits and I’ve tried that myself too.

      Thanks for sharing this wonderful information and contributing to the post. 🙂

      1. Hi Harleena, you use Kapalbhati too? You know this method is really good at instant relief. Just takes a few minutes and about 40 to 50% of the headache can go. Thanks for confirming this. By the way, which painkillers are the best for these headaches.

        1. Yes I do, though I’ve become a little irregular nowadays. I agree, it works wonders for those who follow it regularly. I would suggest to use balms as they are to be used externally, or if the headaches still remain, any mild painkiller like Ibuprofen etc would do.

          Thanks once again. 🙂

  44. Hi Harleena,

    I haven’t experienced them before but no wonder my mom does. Partly because she has a few metabolic problems like hypothyroidism and also is a migraine patient.

    She also has withdrawn from caffeine (morning coffee) of late and the withdrawal symptoms can be clearly seen.

    Some of the tips I have advised her myself are here like Yoga, Behavior therapy, to get her morning dose of coffee, walking and deep breathing.

    There are lots of other useful tips as well and I must thank you for them, they came at the right time and I’ll let my mom know about this article.

    Thank you so much for sharing these tips, much needed!


    1. Hi Aditya,

      I’m glad that you haven’t experienced stress headache. It’s not good, in fact, any sort of headache and pain is not good.

      Migraine is a different kind of headache where it pains on one side of the head, accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Whereas, you feel the tension headache on both sides of the head, and generally it might not be as severe as migraine.

      Sudden withdrawal from caffeine is not good if your earlier intake has been excessive. If the symptoms are not good, then I think you should think of showing your mom to some expert.

      It’s nice to know that you’re already aware of many of these techniques and methods to seek relief from stress headache.

      I’ll be happy if my post is of use to your mom. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it. 🙂

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