9 Things You Should Do For a Happy Relationship

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A couple in happy relationship

Are you happy in the relationship with your partner or spouse? Do you still feel as close and comfortable with your partner as you did in your earlier days?

It’s a fact that any relationship undergoes various phases and has its shares of ups and downs. Nevertheless, you can make it a happy relationship by making some efforts.

I’ve written earlier about how to create healthy relationships. Basically, there’s one magic potion that works for all kinds of relationships.

Want to know what is that magic?

Whether its friendship, romantic, or marital relationship, they all need LUCK to make them work. Of course it’s not luck as in luck. 🙂

LUCK is love, understanding, care, and kindness!

If you want to know more about LUCK then read my post Do You Have the LUCK Factor in Your Life.

However, to make your relationship happy, you need to know the elements of a happy relationship.

People at Happify did a research and came out with their findings in the form of an infographic.

They beautifully depicted what makes a relationship happy and what are the causes of unhappiness in it.

Keep thinking while you carefully observe the infographic, and then read my analysis. 🙂

“If you want to have a happy relationship, don’t try to change the other person. Accept your differences.” ~ Unknown

The Science Behind a Happy Relationship

Infographic about happy relationship tips


9 Tips for a Happy Relationship

Now, what do you think is necessary to be happy in a relationship?

I’m sure you’ve understood everything. All you need to do now is to start implementing the suggestions.

You know the ingredients of a happy relationship and now you can create the magic potion yourself to enjoy your relationship with your partner.

However, I’m going to list out all the elements of a happy relationship from this infographic, which will help define in practical ways what a happy relationship is all about.

Remember these are tips to stay happy in a relationship and do everything that is listed below. Are you ready?

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1. Interact positively

Positive interaction is a must for a healthy and peaceful relationship. It’s no brainer to conclude that positive interaction brings happiness and negative relationships cause unhappiness.

What you can do

This infographic suggests good ways to interact positively. Additionally, try these three simple things:

Compliment, Appreciate, and Greet your partner often. Now, isn’t that a good way to begin your relationship on a positive note?

2. Be good friends

Become good friends with your partner and ensure your friendship is of quality.

Love is not enough and romance is not sufficient to bring happiness in your relationship if you and your partner are not friends.

What you can do

Simple. Just be with your partner as you are with your friends. Be casual, be free, and be open. Remember to do these three things in your relationship:

Accept your differences, respect your partner for what and how he or she is, and have fun!

3. Communicate with your partner

I’m sure you agree that good communication is the back bone of any relationship.

Keep talking no matter what. Communication acts as a bridge to connect you to your partner.

What you can do

Of course, you need to talk. Besides that – try to do these three things to build and maintain a good rapport.

Listen to your partner, share your problems, and even use the non-verbal forms of communication like hugs and kisses! How often do you do that?

4. Create personal bonds

It takes more than love for personal bonding. You need to express your love and show that you really care.

What you can do

As depicted in the infographic, sex is one aspect of keeping a relationship lively and personal. Other than that, try these three things to create a happy relationship.

Get more intimate and show your love, do the things that your partner likes, and go for outings and other recreational stuff that helps you both bond better.

5. Share experiences

Sharing experiences helps develop trust that is so crucial in a happy relationship.

You feel more close, connected, and comfortable with your partner. Of course, this also helps in enhancing your personal bonding.

What you can do

It’s reliving experiences with your partner or even revealing your secrets in these three ways:

Share your personal life experiences, your account of social experiences with your friends, and your professional experiences with colleagues – with your partner.

6. Complete each other

You and your partner should not only be complementing one another, but also completing each other.

Consider your partner as a part of you, your other half, or as they say ‘better half’. Do for your partner what you would want them to do for you or what you would do for yourself.

What you can do

When you are with your partner, you look for companionship and solidarity. You want unasked help to help you improve, grow, and excel.

Do these three things to complete your partner:

Motivate your partner to help him or her give their best. Be a positive critic to improve on aspects of progress, and give unconditional support for everything your partner does. 🙂

7. Enjoy happy moments

Who doesn’t like happy moments in life? These are more than essential to have a happy relationship. Such moments are filled with acts and experiences of sharing, caring, and loving.

What you can do

Just being together is good enough to share and enjoy happy moments in life. However, it will help if you and your partner together indulge in these three things:

Share jokes, funny incidents, and laugh together often. Celebrate events that matter to your partner, and dine or visit places together to cherish your togetherness.

8. Understand each other

No relationship works without mutual understanding.

Know the ways and habits of your partner and understand him or her inside out, to have a happy relationship.

What you can do

Try to understand your partner as much as you can. Do these three things:

Find out the likes and dislikes of your partner and that will help you take better care. Use your empathy to delve deep into your partner’s heart, and try to understand the values and life philosophy of your partner.

9. Fight right

Every couple fights, and every relationship has disputes, so there’s neither anything new or wrong in that. But what matters is how you handle it the right way.

What you can do

Keep in mind that your love is greater than your disputes and differences.

The wrinkles in a relationship can be ironed out, but if things burn, then you cannot carry on.

So, don’t let your fights make you enemies by doing these three things:

Always be reasonable with your disagreements. Never cross limits to intentionally hurt your partner, and always compromise as your fight should not be about winning a battle!

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Do implement these tips for a happy relationship to develop love, even if your relationship was not based on love.

To love your partner, you need to be happy with yourself. If you and your partner are happy with your own selves, then your relationship will be filled with happiness.

You’re then going to be kind, honest, and loyal. But remember that you always need to work on your relationship to make it better.

Spend as much time together as possible, and if you can’t, then spend quality time together.

I know how it is with working couples. Vinay and I too experience the same problems at times in our relationship.

However, you’ve to somehow take out time for your partner from your business and busyness of life, to work on the relationship and save your marriage as well! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the infographic and the happy relationship tips as well. I’m sure you have more tips to share and add to this list.

Also do read some other articles on the web here and here if you want to know more to bring happiness into your life.

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What do you do for a happy relationship? What are your tips to be happy in a relationship? Share in the comments.

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  1. Sheri Ragland

    2016-02-26 at 12:30 am


    Excellent post! It is very helpful to show statistical support to engage individuals like me who love research. I found the article to be extremely helpful and full of insightful information. Thanks.

  2. Mohinder Verma

    2015-05-07 at 7:40 pm

    This is an encyclopedia for making marriage life more than better. I think most of the couples are using these tactics and I am one of those happy couple.

    But I can say that one who is feeling bitterness, must read this post in their spare time to avoid any major fraction between the two.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful and life related post dear.

    Mohinder Paul Verma
    BloggingFunda – A Community of Bloggers

  3. Varsha Singh

    2015-02-09 at 10:16 am

    Hi Harleena,

    Very nice article as always.Liked it very much. The insights are very Good the explanation about a happy relationship are very good.I really enjoyed your tip on batter riletionship.

    Thanks to share this post with us:)

    Varsha Singh

  4. Bo Tipton

    2015-01-26 at 4:42 am

    I especially liked the part about being good friends. My wife is my best friend and the one if I am going to do something I think of doing it with. It makes a tremendous difference in our relationship. We both have healthy friendships with other people but she is my best friend.

  5. Swathi

    2015-01-25 at 8:28 pm

    Loved the infographic. That’s an amazing post. Couldnt agree more with point 9.

  6. Abrar Mohi Shafee

    2014-12-15 at 12:42 am

    Hi Harleena,

    Haha, loved the infographic so much. All the suggestions you given are really helpful. I think the following are a must for all:

    Exploring new places together is very important to spend some valuable time. It refreshes mind so effectively everyone things it like a new beginning.

    Another most important thing as I think is dispute as you juts explained. Only happy and normal life would become dull. Some trends are really necessary to become active on a relationship. A dispute in relationship can get back the lost passion.

  7. Jody Cowan

    2014-11-07 at 6:57 am

    This is a wonderful post! I truely believe this tips would help make us all happier. And I read some things on here that I do need to work on. I’m going to talk about it with my husband too. Thank you for sharing this!

  8. Kapil Suri

    2014-11-02 at 2:57 am

    Hi Harleena,

    First of all thanks for writing this wonderful blogs.
    Yes i do believe communication is the key for successful marriage.
    Infact expressing your thoughts is important for couple to establish trust and confidence.

    Keep writing
    Kapil Suri

  9. sherill

    2014-10-30 at 6:38 am

    Hi, very informative and interesting way of showing how to have a happy relationship. Sometimes, being married for so long makes us forget the key factors we need to still enhance our relationship. Thanks for sharing these tips, serves as a great reminder too.

  10. Kevin Duncan

    2014-10-29 at 8:40 pm

    Hi Harleena,

    One of the things I love about your site is how diverse the topics are. Blog tips one day, relationship advice the next. 🙂

    #3 (communication) is the big you mentioned (in my opinion). It’s often the thing couples find to be most difficult, and it’s the thing most every HAPPY couple does very well.

    I’m blessed. My wife and I communicate very well. She’s my best friend.

    Great work, Harleena. I’ll Tweet this shortly…

    – Kevin

  11. Sonali Chauhan

    2014-10-09 at 2:24 pm

    Love reading your posts and learn something every time. It’s helping me to find answers and comfort.

    trust is something I’m struggling with and never had to before. I’ve learned now that lack of trust depletes my self confidence and makes me weak. I trust myself and my intentions are honorable in my new relationship. Yet I’m challenged by situations that cause me to questin my partner’s intent.

  12. Fabiana

    2014-10-09 at 5:55 am

    Good ones! I really enjoyed looking at this inphographic instead of havig to go through a long article.

  13. Lily Lau

    2014-10-06 at 4:13 am

    This post was pretty interesting, Harleena! I think it needs to be shared, many couples have forgotten it’s an effort of two, not only of the partner.

  14. Sagor Mamun

    2014-09-29 at 7:04 am

    Great infographic about Happy relationship.. I will follow every step you wrote in this post after 10 years.. 😛

  15. Jon

    2014-09-25 at 10:17 pm

    All topics or points discussed are true, even if you do not share the same opinion mutual respect for your spouse is a key factor when in a committed relationship.

  16. Archana

    2014-09-24 at 6:18 pm

    Hello Harleena Ma’am
    The points that you have stated are really true, the analytic is really impressive, this post is really helpful in building up happy relationship.
    Thanks for the awesome post!

  17. Naveen Kulkarni

    2014-09-23 at 11:25 am


    Thanks for this wonderful post, and the picture says it all. Enjoyed reading this article (noted few points for myself too) !

  18. Unaiza Naaz

    2014-09-19 at 7:42 pm

    Great infographic! Love seeing all that research in one easily accessable place.
    I’ve often wondered – ever since reading about the fact that having a child statictically decreases the happpiness of couples – if there’s anything a couple can reliably do to not fall into this category. Surely some people must have found a way – but I’ve yet to read any meaningful studies.
    I think one of the core principles that governs our happiness in relationships is taking responsibility for ourselves. We can’t always cheer up our partners and we won’t always make them happy, but we can stay positive and open!

    Regard Unaiza ,

  19. ashley smith

    2014-09-19 at 12:38 am

    I can honestly say my current relationship employees all 9 behaviors listed above and I could not be happier.

  20. Narayan

    2014-09-13 at 1:05 pm

    Harleena Ji its my first comment over Your Blog. I am very excited about it…

    I am Newly married and I am very newbie in this relation so blogs like urs really helpful for me. I always wanted to keep my wife happy to make Our relation stronger.

    I hope your tips will be helpful to me.

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9 Things You Should Do For a Happy Relationship

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