20 Facts About True Love that You Need to Know

Are you in true love? Do you want to truly love your partner? Here are the characteristics of true love you should know and implement in your relationship.
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Much is said about true love. But how do you know if your love is true. What are the characteristics of true love? No doubt, if you know and imbibe the qualities of true love, you’ll enjoy your dream loving relationship with your partner. Here’s all that you ever wanted to know about true love to take your love to the next level. ~ Ed.

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Love is something which we can’t describe in words, but true love is rare to find. When we fall in love, the world looks beautiful. Everything around looks incredible. Our heart gets filled with purity.

We want to live every moment of our life with that particular person. But wait, are you sure that you have found the best match for you?

In this article, we will discuss the awesomeness of true love and its unique qualities. To love is fantastic, and to get loved by the person we love is even more delighting. But many of us fall in traps of fake love.

We should be intelligent enough to differentiate between true love and lust. Let us get started to know about the qualities of true love.


20 Characteristics of True Love

True love is indeed about caring, sharing, trust, and understanding. But there are more qualities and characteristics of true love that you should know. Reading the facts below you’d know if you’re in true love or not, and also what you should do to be in true love.


Trust is the backbone of love, and we can also say love can’t exist without trust. Your belief about your lover should be so strong that no one can create differences between both of you.

Love is all about faith and trusting your partner. To be trusted is the best gift that you can get from your lover.

Enhancement of Personality

Yes, you read it right; love makes you a better person. Love is something that carves out the best out of your partner.

It always motivates you to do better in your life and in becoming a better human being. Love always helps you in getting your flaws corrected.

If your partner motivates you to do better and supports achieving your goals, you must know that he or she is the true love of your life.

Feeling Secured

When you feel safe and protected with your partner, then you are at the ultimate level of satisfaction. A simple hug does the job. I have heard people talking about secureness. But what does it mean?

Suppose I am facing any sudden complication in my life. Being secure means, I will be sure that I can rely on that special person. Whether your problem gets solved or not but the love of your life should stand with you.

No Fear

Love gives you the strength to fight all adversities and fear of your life. It makes us so powerful and confident from inside that we can even overcome our greatest fears.

Let us take an example that even if you are too shy to tell your family members about your feelings and emotions, love gives you the strength. When you fall in love deeply, you get the power to talk to your family and the world about your love.

Total Dedication

Love always demands dedication and that too, a full-hearted one. You and your lover must be happy in giving time, care, and support to each other.

You both should be committed to each other. No matter how circumstances change in your life. Dedication leads to devotion. Don’t you feel devoted to the person whom you love truly?

No Doubts

By doubt, I mean the fear or uncertainty about the person whom you love that they will leave us. Or they don’t love us. If love is pure and pious, then there is no space for doubt.
If doubt arises in any way, we should talk to our partner and sort it as soon as possible. If it anyhow persists, then you are not in true love.

Proper Communication

Lovers should get involved simultaneously in sharing or exchanging feelings and thoughts. They should pay proper attention to listen to each other.

The exchange of thoughts and feelings helps to develop a better understanding of each other. The more you talk, share, and exchange opinions, the more your bond will grow stronger.


No Loneliness

Do you feel completeness with your lover? If yes, then it is awesome. Love is the bridge that fills the gap between the emotional paths of two persons. It connects feelings.

No matter how challenging the situation is when someone loves you truly then he or she will never leave you alone. You will always have a supporting hand.

The feeling of completeness demolishes the feeling of loneliness. Love makes you feel that someone is always there for you. To love, care, support, and share.

Healing of Wounds

Have you experienced that your pain vanishes when you fall in love? It is as real as the existence of feelings is.

Let us take an example. Remember when you were heartbroken, devastated, and going through a difficult phase of your life. Suddenly, you met with that someone special. What happened then?

He must have healed all your wounds with his presence and love. Love is the most effective medicine which a person needs to cure his/her inner wounds.

Selfless Love

True love doesn’t demand; it only gives. I am not saying that it will not expect, yes it will. But pure love will never pressurize to do the things without your consent.

Your soul partner will never be happy when you are in pain. They will put all possible efforts to make you happy. They will try to fulfill your needs and desires before their own.

If anyone loves you, they care for you more than they care for themselves. Being selfless is the most pious attribute of true love.

What is more selfless than saying you love each other for eternity? True love is giving to each other generously and the desire to naturally do what is right for each other. There is no need to ponder because you know inside what to do.

The person you love has goals, and when you are selfless in your love, you make your loved one’s well-being important to you. Your goal is your soul mate’s happiness. At least attempt to add to their happiness and not take away from it.

Love is our most pure nature. It is an honor to get your husband to love you, and you love him, with no demands.

Total Acceptance

Love accepts you for your real identity. It forgets your past, accepts your present, and believes in your future.

When love is true, it helps to decorate your future with golden linings. No repetitions of past mistakes get any space when anyone loves you truly.

No Ego

Do you carry ego for the person whom you love? If yes, you are not in love. It must be just an attraction. Ego makes you selfish, and there is no space for selfishness in love.

It would help if you did not carry your ego whenever there’s a small fight or discussion. You should make sure either you or your partner are comfortable approaching for mollifying the issue.

Mutual Understanding

You and your lover should know each other very well. At least, your partner should try to know about your likes and dislikes.

If thinking clashes at some point of time, either you or your partner should try to avoid discussion on that topic. You both should invest your efforts to develop an understanding of each other’s nature.

Give respect to each other’s thoughts and beliefs. If something seems wrong, then try to convince your partner about their erroneous perception.

Mutual Respect

Do you show respect for your partner? In love, you need not take your hats off to show respect. You can show respect by giving value to their opinions.

Try to behave politely and calmly even when your partner makes any mistake. Try courteous ways to explain things.

Soul Attraction

Love is not just about feeling attracted to the body. The body’s beauty fades when we age, but our soul remains the same with the passing time.

We should try to make a connection with the soul of our partner. For this, you have to give respect and value to them, love eternally.

Passionate Love

You need to be passionate about your partner; passion for your love must roll in your eyes. Desires have no limits, and so the desire for physical and mental involvement with your partner.

Does the intense feeling of getting close to and captured in your partner’s arms not make you excited?

Good listener

You must have heard what your partner wants to make you listen. As we all know, when we speak out our heart, our mind feels so relaxed.

And what if you have got a perfect partner who is thoroughly interested to hear your conversations? Does it not feel amazing? It makes both persons understand each other so well even.

Creative Efforts

When you are in true love, you always search for new ideas to make your lover feel blessed to have you in their life. You often try a different date or an unexpected gift that is close to their feelings.

Always remember creativity adds colors to even the faded relationships. Then ask yourself- “Will it not add spice to your journey of love?

Mutual Support

Everyone needs a partner who is super supportive during all ups and downs of their life. Support your lover when he or she is devastated, broken, or feeling low in life.

Make your partner believe that everything will get sorted, and you are with them to help them get over all the odds.


People often put a status on social media when there is even a small fight between partners. But this can further worsen the relation.

It would help if you sorted out your little arguments or misunderstandings by talking to your partner. It would be best if you keep your emotions, feelings confidential to you both only.

There is no need to put a status when you both fight. Try to solve it yourself. Social media will not help you solve your problems.

Wrapping Up

It is not a single person’s effort to maintain any relation. We should equally put our efforts to keep our bond strong and durable.

We should expect our partner to love us honestly; however, we must give back more love in return. Love is not about giving and taking. It is all about mutual understanding and piousness.

As much you will try to hold the string tighter, that much your bond will weaken. So never try to put restrictions (which are not worth) on your partner. Try to understand and to be understood. Make your love life happy, and remain blessed.

If you follow the tips discussed in this article, I am sure you’ll make your love journey more comfortable and happier. You will develop a strong bond with your partner.

Over to you

Have you found the true love of your life? Or are you in the search for it? Feel free to share your feelings and life experiences regarding love in the comments section below.


Disclaimer: Though the views expressed are of the author’s own, this article has been checked for its authenticity of information and resource links provided for a better and deeper understanding of the subject matter. However, you're suggested to make your diligent research and consult subject experts to decide what is best for you. If you spot any factual errors, spelling, or grammatical mistakes in the article, please report at [email protected]. Thanks.

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  1. Wow! It’s an incredible blog that clearly outlines the qualities required for true love. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. Love has the power to unite two individuals into one. Please continue sharing more content like this.

  2. Wow!!! It was a great blog that defines what are the qualities which are required in true love. I like this post very much. Love makes two people one. Keep sharing this type of posts.

    1. Thanks alot Rahul for your kind words. I am so happy that you enjoyed reading. Yes true love makes two people one and more than this it is all about soul connection. Keep visiting.
      Shubha Tiwari

  3. Hi Kundan,
    I am glad that you found the article helpful. And it is awesome to know about the bonding between you and your partner. Love is really the gap filler between two souls. Your comment shows that you are in true love. Thanks for the lovely comment. Keep visiting
    Shubha Tiwari

  4. Hi Shubha,

    You have shown me the path of finding true love and keeping that consistency throughout.
    Now I believe that I love my partner so very much coz I feel complete with her and she fills all the void and gaps in between.

    Thanks so much ma’am!!
    Keep writing

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