Shocking Facts About Infidelity In Marriages [Infographic]

Table of Contents What is InfidelityWhy People Cheat and Have AffairsWhat is Considered as CheatingWhat Do the Cheaters…
Man hugging wife but loving another girl showing infidelity in marriage

Infidelity in marriages is not something uncommon or unheard of. In fact, this is one of the harsh realities and dangers in a marriage.

Recently, there was a significant increase in the searches on Aha!NOW about “spouses having an affair”.

Husbands were searching for “how to tell if their wife was having an affair”. Similarly, wives were searching to know the “signs of their husbands having an affair”.

These searches give an idea of the high risk of betrayal or unfaithfulness in marriages and the fact that it is happening in most marriages around the world.

In this short pictorial post, I’ve compiled all the information you need to know about extramarital affairs, cheating, or infidelity.

Yes, I suggest you read it whether you are married or not because sooner or later you may face these shocking facts in your married life.

I wish it does not happen so to you – but only wishing will not do. You need to become aware of the causes and consequences of infidelity in a marriage.


What is Infidelity

The dictionary meaning of infidelity is “the quality of being unfaithful”.

Being unfaithful in the context of relationships in a marriage is “having sexual relations with someone other than your husband or wife, or your boyfriend or girlfriend.”

Does that mean unfaithfulness is different from having an affair or cheating on the spouse?

Well, all these terms mean infidelity. Infidelity can be of many types – like emotional infidelity, financial infidelity, and the most common type, as we all know of, is sexual infidelity.

Sexual infidelity is adultery. It is defined as “Extramarital sex that willfully and maliciously interferes with marriage relations”.

Harleena has written a detailed post on affairs – why people have affairs and the signs that may tell you if your spouse is cheating on you. Do read it.

Why People Cheat and Have Affairs

A marriage is supposed to be a sacred relationship. However, the true fact is that it is just like any other human relationship that needs some vital ingredients to sustain and survive.

They are – Love, Understanding, Communication, and Kindness. (LUCK)

If you have this LUCK in your marriage, you’ll not be troubled by the stress and trauma of infidelity in your marriage.

Not all are as lucky in marriages and rather find their spouses cheating on them.

Here is an infographic that shows the results of a survey where men and women tell why they cheated in a relationship.

Survey result showing statements of people having cheated on their spouse


Do you believe people can cheat on their spouse for “no real reason”?

Here is the result of another survey on why spouses cheat on each other:



Infographic showing why spouse cheat on each other

The results are surprising, isn’t it?

Men and women cheat even when they have a happy marriage. Somehow, there is something that weighs heavy on their minds and makes them cheat.

It is the spice in relationships for women and sex for men that stand out as the most common reasons for infidelity in marriages.

Okay, it is sex for women too. Here is a result from a survey done in UK:

Women in UK giving reasons why they cheat on their husbands

Infidelity happens, but it happens for a reason, isn’t it? But what are the forms of infidelity – let’s find out.

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What is Considered as Cheating

There are reasons why people are unfaithful in a marriage but what is it that you consider as being unfaithful?

Chart showing emotional and sexual cheating in infidelity

What is it that you consider as cheating in a relationship?

What have you come to experience or know the things that the cheaters do?

Good read – How To Become Best Friends With Your Spouse

What Do the Cheaters Do

Yes, they indulge in emotional affairs and have sex with other people.

But how do you make that out or what are the signs that they are cheating?

Husband, wife, and lover in a poster of things about infidelity

I cannot say about the reliability of these stats, but one thing is for sure that infidelity is on rampant in marriages today.

You can read a previous post on Aha!NOW about the signs of a cheating spouse.

Anybody can be a cheater. However, is there a specific type of people who indulge in adultery?

Must read – Why Does A Bad Marriage Happen

Who are more likely to Cheat

Some people by the nature of their job or occupation are more likely to cheat on their spouses.

They fall into the temptations or just can’t resist their desires. Though this can happen to anybody, and here is an infographic that brings up some shocking facts:

Infographic showing who cheats in marriage

Well, well. I do not buy all the info presented in this graphic, but there is one alarming fact that there is high probability the spouses would cheat if they know they would not be caught.

How do you overcome the temptations to commit adultery? It has to be through understanding and self-control. It’s all in the mind, is it?

It does not matter whether you qualify to be one of the following mentioned types of people; you can still control yourself and not indulge in infidelity in your marriage.

Pictorial diagram showing the people with these characteristics indulge in adultery

I told you these are some shocking facts, but I really don’t think this assessment can be generalized.

However, do you know that certain places have most numbers of infidelity cases?

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Where Do People Cheat

People cheat anywhere and everywhere. Let’s start with the United States of America.

Map of USA showing places of most and least infidelity cases

These are the top 10 as well as the places of highest and lowest percentage of cheaters in America. This result is from the study of members of one American dating and social networking website.

Of course, you cannot treat this as an official or national statistics of the US. Moreover, the people of America do not quite accept adultery:

The people of US denounce infidelity as immoral.

But it is not only America.

Here is a result of a survey conducted by Statista:

Survey bar chart of most adulterous countries of the world

The United States is nowhere seen on this map. However, you will find cheaters in your city, and may be among your friend circle too.

One question that arises is that can having extramarital affairs be helpful in anyway?

Look at this part of an infographic:

Graphic showing man and woman saying infidelity helps

Do you really think so?

I am sure the ones who have had a severed or broken marriage because of infidelity will never agree to this.

But I’ve heard that involving yourself in spicy activities outside your marriage can make your marriage more interesting and sexy.

Do YOU think cheating can actually help save a marriage?

Well, the American Association for Family and Marriage Therapy (AAMFT) does think so and you can read about it here.

Good read – 5 Simple Ways To Save Your Marriage

Wrapping It Up

I cannot come to any conclusion, but I’d go with the general opinion that infidelity in marriages should be a total no-no.

I personally detest and disapprove of any idea that would encourage adultery or cheating in a relationship.

I do accept that it is the default nature of human beings to be unfaithful. That is why we need to have sacred vows and rituals in a marriage.

Mostly, both men and women look outside for what they miss in their marriage – whether it is sex or emotional security.

Men generally tend to have affairs that are sexual in nature, while women look for affection and romance.

It is also a fact that infidelity is the most common reason for divorce.

If you do not have these reasons for your adulterous adventures, then you may be having the “cheating genes” running in the family.

Whatever it is, I believe you can strengthen your marriage with love, understanding, communication, and kindness.

Also be forgiving, be committed, be in control of yourself, and fulfill each other’s needs and demands.

Suggested read – 12 Surprising Facts About Cheating

Over To You –

Why do you think people cheat in a marriage? What else do you consider as cheating? Do you approve of infidelity? Do you think extramarital affairs can be helpful n a marriage?

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  1. Hello Vinay Kachhara,

    You’ve put great effort into explaining “Infidelity In Marriages With A Lot Of Infographic” for a better understanding. It’s not like you just shared a piece of content; it’s like you put all the eggs on a single plate.

    It was worth reading, and thanks for the article.

  2. Vinay,

    Awesome post indeed! There are so much data you have put in the form of infographs. Looking at these, I can say a few reasons may be true, and a few seem to be wrong.

    I loved the way this blog post has been structured.

  3. Hello Vinay, It’s being a while I came here, due to some stuffs I had to fix, I had to stop my blog for sometime, now I believe I can start blogging all again.
    nice article you’ve got here, the infographics are awesome, I’m not married yet nor am I thinking of getting married anytime soon, but I’m sure this will be of help to those of them who are married.
    Thanks for sharing and do have a wonderful day ahead.

  4. Hey Vinay.. Its really inspiring one..It’s very informative and saddening to see the stats. I know of a friend who cheated on his wife because according to him “she’s stupid” and said she wouldn’t know. He always underestimated his wife until she discovered his dirty secrets and left him. Well deserved. I don’t approve of infidelity and never support it even if it’s a friend or family. Honestly, I believe people should give themselves time before getting married.However.,Article sounds Awesome and it is Good Post About Marriage and Amazing Sharing keep up it.

  5. As per me, life is all about patience and self-confidence. These are the main reasons behind infidelity

  6. I think if you are tempted to cheat, it’s because as the stats showed, something is not being fulfilled in your current relationship. And it’s time to practice getting your LUCK on with your partner.

  7. Great infographics explaining human behavior and psychological reactions in cases of infidelity in marriage. I think that whenever infidelity happens both parties in a relationship are to blame. The coin always has two sides.

  8. Hi this is great and truly informative, I loved the infographics. Thanks so much for sharing. Great Post!

  9. Good informative post. The topic really generates much interest. How my question is “Are women less inclined towards sexual gratification than men?” This might be the common belief but I do not subscribe to this.

  10. Hello Vinay,

    First of all. Your infographics are truly impres. I can see a lot of time and care has gone into this post as the previous posts.Incredible!

    Coming to the post. It’s very informative and saddening to see the stats. I know of a friend who cheated on his wife because according to him “she’s stupid” and said she wouldn’t know. He always underestimated his wife until she discovered his dirty secrets and left him. Well deserved. I don’t approve of infidelity and never support it even if it’s a friend or family. Honestly, I believe people should give themselves time before getting married.

    Here in Australia, many get married after being together for more than 8 years. I guess this gives ample time to get to know one’s partner, behaviors and flirtatious manners. Although staying together for this long and getting married at a later stage doesn’t guarantee fidelity but atleast one will think twice or more before committing adultery.

    Thank you for this thought provoking post. Wish you a great week:)

  11. Hello, Vinay and Harleena,

    Wow, this is so very sad to me. 🙁 I know it is running rampant in the society that we live, but it’s just sad.

    The standards of morality have definitely dropped as time goes by and keeps getting worse. If we live by the standard we expect ourselves to be treated, it would all be so much better, don’t you think?

    People seem to be in denial that this behavior is wrong. The infographic is very telling, and I appreciate you sharing that. It’s definitely a wake up call for many, and makes me appreciate my husband oh so much more.

    Thanks for sharing this important message. Will be tweeting it out. Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family. You’re a wonderful example to all. 🙂

    Take Care,
    – Carol

  12. Hi Vinay,

    This is such a wonderful post and touching upon the topic at a deeper level at several points.

    I think cheating is more common than we believe. However, all forms of flirting cannot be classified as cheating. Especially, men look at their spouses in different way when they are interacting more with others at the workplace.

    But at the same time women too have similar tendencies to doubt their spouses!
    This was a great post and on a topic that needs to be discussed even further!

    Have a great day!

  13. Hello,

    Its a nice topic to write about it. Married women cheat their hubbies because they don’t have an ability to do more sex with wives. But some time if husband/wife don’t give time each other then affair is a common thing for husband and wife.

    I would like to say on this topic that people should make relation with single partner only.

    ~Dr. Diana

  14. Hi Vinay

    You’ve worked very hard to present us with all those interesting and, in many cases, surprising statistics.

    I suggest that infidelity often happens because there’s the cheating partner has the expectation that “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence”. However, often the green fades pretty fast after crossing over, by which time the damage has been done.

    Unfortunately I think the Internet has played a part in encouraging infidelity by helping people re-connect with old sweethearts.


  15. Hi Vinay, what I found shocking is that those that cheat tend to be happily married? I’ve known several and they were surely not happily married. It’s too bad they could not leave the current relationship before starting another causing much drama.
    I was also surprised not to see the US in the top 10 spots.
    You really had some surprising data, thanks for sharing and making us all think.

  16. Hi Vinay;
    These are certainly some interesting statistics and declarations. I’m not at all surprised that Washington is the cheating capital of the U.S.. All those corrupt politicos! 😉 Also not surprised to see that affairs are fairly common in European countries. I’m from Germany myself and can tell you that attitudes towards sex are much more relaxed in Europe. That said, it’s never nice to learn that your partner is having an affair. Personally, I would look inward to question why. In theory, if one is happy and satisfied at home, then why stray? Because humans are imperfect and sometimes give in to temptation. Attraction to others doesn’t stop just because you’re in a committed relationship, but it’s certainly selfish and hurtful to act on it. I wouldn’t break up my marriage over a moment of weakness, unless it was habitual – that would be another conversation. Different and heartbreaking scenario if your partner is seriously in love with someone else, but otherwise, why throw out a long-term relationship over a brief indiscretion? Communication and working through issues is the key, in my opinion.

  17. Defined lines in the beginning of a relationship will not keep a roaming freelancer rooted down. I have been the victim of cheats before and it hurt like hell. Initially I was embarrassed, felt like I was not enough, along with betrayed and broken. Now I have gotten older and when I give my all – I just cant be afraid that this will happen. Because I can’t be responsible for someone else’s actions. I certainly can be hurt by them. And definitely a little disappointed that I choose someone who did not think highly enough of themselves to either break it off with me or understand that being attracted to someone else does not need to be acted upon.

    We have become so used to immediate gratification (with information at our hands immediately, with whatever we want) that we have learnt to just take in so many areas of our life. And five seconds of glory for a life time of guilt is just not worth it.

    However my next argument is. I have seen how affairs in the workplace start. Often two people who are in relationships with other people are work buddies. As friendship grows, their personal relationships can become troubled and you start leaning on your work buddy. There was no initial intent it just developed over time. I just don’t think all affairs happen because of some dirty mind, wanting to hook up with a random to get naughty. But the same questions always returns. If you would not like it done to you, then don’t do! Thanks for your great post.

  18. I think if you are tempted to cheat, it’s because as the stats showed, something is not being fulfilled in your current relationship. And it’s time to practice getting your LUCK on with your partner.

  19. Hi Vinay

    This is a shocking stats but it is sad. I agree that humans tend to remain unfaithful. This too is sad.

    In this time of information age, one would think that such practice will reduce due to awareness and information but looking at the stats, it shows that the problem is still rising and is a pressing problem.

    Marriage involves two parties working in LUCK rather than one person giving 100%. Once trust is broken in marriage, it is hard to restore it back and healing can take so much time which makes marriage suffer hard times.

    Thanks for the info. Have a wonderful week.

  20. Hi Vinay Sir
    Thanks for coming up with a detailed post. Some of the facts are really shocking. For example- Despite conveying a happy married life, 56 % and 344 % men and women respectively have a tendency to ditch.
    I don’t know where India stands on this issue. As we are not very open to disclose our personal issues, most of the facts remain in the dark. I am not favoring these acts. But, I think those people who confess their faults are less severe than those people who keep it a dark secret. It definitely impacts the whole setup of the family. Ya, these facts cannot be generalized. But, they convey a different picture altogether.
    If any person is seeing all these acts in front of his eyes, he is more prone to perform these acts in future. Through your post, I am hearing “cheating hormones” for the first time.
    Whenever I hear about any breakups in my friend circle, most of the time the couples are fed up their life. They are not able to relive all those spicy moments. And, it becomes easy to switch because they are not tied in the knots of marriage. They are simply bored with their life.

  21. Wow Vinay,

    Those are some incredible stats and reasons why people cheat. I firmly believe that cheating is wrong. It only causes dismay in a marriage. I have seen so many marriages break up because of cheating. Even if the couple tries to work it out, somehow trust is broken and is very difficult to fix.

    I deal with many people, consulting them over the years. When they want to talk about cheating, I never go there to enable them.

    Cheating to me is some kind of negative self fulfillment. I haven’t yet met a person who has done this and doesn’t feel guilty. Some women I know that cheat find more enjoyment talking about it.

    For me, I just don’t get it. If I’m unhappy in a relationship, it means there is work to be done. Cheating is not the answer.


  22. Hi Vinay

    Results of the infographics are really scary. True picture of one’s character can be known only when a person can resist the temptation of wrong doing even when he knows that no body is watching him and he won’t be caught.

    Thanks a lot for giving insights into such a sensitive issue.

  23. Very interesting post, Vinay! Cheating can come from many reasons, and the cheater must find that reason to learn why they cheat. It’s often a lack of communication between spouses that pushes the person to cheat. They think that they can find what they lost with someone else instead of trying to talk this over with their spouse and find a solution within the relationship.

    That’s why I believe that a couple can recover from this. If they communicate all their needs and desires, they will most certainly reach a compromise. I know that it’s not always possible. Some people can’t find inside them to forgive the cheater or the relationship is too much damaged, but if they’re willing to try it can be possible.

    Thanks for this article and these infographics. Passing this along. Have a great week ahead!

  24. Hello Vinay,

    Cheating is bad religiously and worldly. I wonder why a partner will want to cheat because his or her better half have cheated on him or her.

    cheating may end up spoiling a married and if the marriage goes on, distrust will play a big role in that marriage. i have seen enough married couple cheat and it never ends up well… trust me, i know 😉

    Nice infograph by the way.

    Have a faithful week both of you

  25. This is a very informative inforgraphic Vinay…it really tells us a lot. What shocked me is that Houston is #2 – that’s where I live.

    I have to say that I do not approve of cheating, emotional or physical. I’m thankful that I have LUCK in my relationship but it is scary for my husband and I who know a handful of couples who have cheated on their spouse. There was a time I had that “waiting for the other shoe to drop” kind of feeling and wondering if we were next.

    My husband and I talked about it and we reassured each other that one we are not those couples and two were 100% committed to each other.

    Great post Vinay! Say hello to Harleena!


  26. Hi Vinay, Wow, what fascinating facts. Your article is really timely for me as two of my dearest friends are having an affair with each other. I don’t know the spouses, but the woman in the affair is divorcing her husband (who sounds like a real jerk).

    There is a lot of potential for people to get hurt because of this affair. I don’t want either one of my friends to get hurt or their spouses but someone is bound to get hurt. I don’t judge them, it’s not my place to tell them what to do. They are very happy when they’re together and they’re both going through some difficult issues in their personal lives. I could see this affair coming long before it happened so I wasn’t surprised when it started.

    All I can do is stand by and help my friends pick up the pieces as the drama is bound to happen sooner or later!

    Your article gave me a lot of insight about how infidelity happens. This was very well-written, Vinay, unjudgmental and balanced. Thanks so much for sharing this information with us, Vinay.

  27. Hi,
    Awesome it is Good Post About Marriage and Amazing Sharing keep up it.
    Thanks For Sharing with us

  28. Hey Vinay,

    Good job at dealing this sensitive topic. Great Post, jus wanna add some people just cheat cos when life gets monotonous instead of workin on their relationshiip n adding spice to their marriage they look for adventoures outside..

    thanks for sharing !

  29. Very interesting! Although I think physical and emotional cheating are both wrong, I have always thought the emotional cheater harmed the marriage most. When one is emotionally connected it goes much deeper than the physical side. Your husband/wife is supposed to be your closest confidant and friend and when you align with an outsider it is devasting to the union. Great article Vinay.

  30. Well thought out post Vinay.

    I’m surprised at some of the stats and don’t agree with all the reasons, however we are all entitled to our opinions, no? I do believe emotional cheating is worse than physical cheating. As someone who is in a marriage where this has happened, I can also so that if you truly believe in your vows, no matter who did the cheating, a couple can recover afterwards and possibly have a stronger bond than before? Why, because you learn why the person cheated and how to fix it. There are other reasons why people will cheat, especially in the military. Those who have never served do not truly understand what the military spouse goes through on deployments. It’s easier for a spouse to talk to another military member, than it is to his/her own spouse, believe it or not, because the civilian member just does not understand. I’m not saying cheating is alright by far. I believe cheating is a cowards way out of a relationship. One should “man up” and communicate with their partner if something is wrong in the relationship before they break the vows of marriage. Just my 2 cents for what it’s worth.

    Thanks for sharing this with us Vinay.

  31. Hello Vinay, those info graphics are very surprising. And yes by watching these info graphics i can understand our societies problem. to be honest, i don’t see these problem directly as well i am still now 16 years. But some times these happens come on TV, Radio, Paper, Blogs and so on. Thanks for share the info graphics in details

  32. Where’s India on the list? The biggest problem here in India is denial, specially the women would deny that their husband is cheating on them. This denial helps them to cope with with their misery because they have no where else to go.

    One of the main reason why a person cheat is because sometimes they are sure that the other partner would blindly believe them.

    1 in every 3 women are abused by their husbands in India. It’s almost obvious about their fidelity. It’s just that arrange marriages in India are mere arrangements. There’s love in a very few arrange marriages. So, whether you cheat or not, it honestly doesn’t matter to the other partner. May be the husband will mind as he thinks he has the power in India but the female is helpless.

    I see how the society see a divorced women. They label her as characterless for fucking reason. Even the widows are not spread. They are always blamed for their husbands death..

    A huge chunk of Indian men have been cheating on their wife. Since there were no cases reported, INDIA IS NOWHERE IN THE LIST.

  33. Hi Vinay sir,
    Lol this post was really shocking in terms of facts stated for infidelity in marriages.
    I mean what on earth makes 56% men and 34% women cheat on a marriage when they say their married life is blissful!

    I guess we all want variety and some adventure but that I am sure can be had making the marriage more fun and connecting with spouse more friendly.

    Flirting is one thing and adultery is another, it helps no one. What is the cause for this is monotonous life. If one is romantic and a bit crazy too I think any marriage can be as spicy as an affair.

    For me I am a one-woman man (I haven’t met my girl though 😛 ).
    thanks for this post sir. I love posts on life on this life blog!

  34. Hi Vinay,

    I don’t think infidelity will help a marriage. A marriage is a sacred vow before God, family, and friends. God made man and woman. One Adam and one Eve. He didn’t create it with two Eves with one Adam or vice versa. I think marriage should be considered as a “sacred vows” between two people who love and committed to each other.

    I think the worst kind of infidelity is the one that “pays evil for evil”. REVENGE. I will have an affair because she has an affair. It’s malicious. And the spouse who does it out of “revenge” is probably more dangerous. Because if the one who is being cheated realize this that majority of extramarital affair is SECONDARY. There is something in them that they cannot resolve. Instead of confiding their significant other, they go to someone else. Which is WRONG. If you cannot tell your wife or husband, then go to a Counselor instead of involving another party in the relationship. Instead of keeping the two together, they end up breaking up.

    Anyway, this post catch my attention. Sorry, I haven’t been here in a long time. I have been going through a rough turmoil in my life as well. O God help me sift thru this. I still believe GOD IS IN CONTROL.

    God Bless,

    1. Hi Angela,

      It’s nice to have you on the blog after a long time.

      I agree that infidelity is not a helpful option to save a marriage. Even when if it makes one feel it is helping, it is in fact a dangerous option.

      I think marriage is a matter of conscience and commitment – some people are conscientious and never cheat because it is wrong to do and value commitment with all their heart and mind. While some ignore and manipulate these values and take decisions that are purely selfish in nature.

      The infidelity revenge is just another excuse to hide one’s own shortcomings and the failure to take responsibility and resolve the problem. It’s better to end a marriage than be a cheater. If you think about going tit-for-tat in a relationship, then you should know that you are pushing yourself into deeper and more serious problems.

      You’re right in your assessment – if people have got their own inner configuration wrong, no matter if they involve in some other relationship or marry someone else, they will most probably face the same problems in life with time because those were just ignored and not treated at its roots. It’s difficult to think of and accept that it’s you who might have a problem or be equal party to it. And this stand makes the roots of problems get deeper and stronger.

      So, the real solution is to sit together on the table, preferably with a Counselor and have a honest discussion and acknowledge the mistakes or shortcomings. That really helps the other person to forgive and forget. Infidelity will just make the problem inflammable.

      I hope things take a better turn in your life. Definitely, I believe if you trust your inner voice, it will always show you the right way and make things happen as they should. Thanks for your wise advice and that really makes this post valuable. Thanks for visiting.

  35. Hi Vinay,

    It’s sad to say that infidelity can and does happen. You put together a great infographic post that makes you take a serious look at marriage problem. The stats may not be that accurate but still makes you wonder.

    Anyone can be a cheater but it takes a person of morals and values to to stay faithful. A person with these qualities look for reasons to stay faithful while a person without them find excuses to cheat.

    A lot of time it have nothing to do with the other person when the grass starts to look greener on the other side. Infidelity is an inside job that starts in our thinking. The best way to defeat it is by telling a trusted friend and that friend could even be your spouse.

    I love that you mentioned financial infidelity. Sneaking around spending money unnecessarily can cause the same pain to your spouse. And can cause you the same guilt and shame. Remember infidelity is not a requirement and trust after it takes time and work to be restored.

    Great post!

    1. Hi Vernon,

      I think infidelity is a mix of personal, circumstantial, and cultural problem. In certain parts of the world, and also in some parts of India, people take infidelity as their right and their wives for granted.

      Also, a person may get influenced by others and make this wrong choice or be not able to control the desires and drives for selfish sensual pursuits.

      You’re absolutely right that morals and values act as the safety anchors in cases when such storms of temptations try to bring you on the wrong footing. Some people just get thrills by cheating and always look for excuses to cheat. A real caring and committed person would as you mention, always find reasons to stay faithful. That’s nicely put up, Vernon.

      Infidelity is certainly the work of your mind and its okay to take help when such thoughts get overwhelming. I guess the first step in a marriage should be to make your spouse your best friend.

      I think one should always think “am I breaking any of my vows or promises” before taking any adventurous step and never take your partner or spouse for granted.

      Thank you for your valuable opinions, they really help understand the problem of infidelity. Thanks for visiting.

  36. Wow, those info graphics are very surprising, Harleena. It’s quite prevalent it seems. I don’t think it helps a marriage at all but I do think there is a place and time for a extra marital affair. Hear me out… 🙂 When one spouse is ill or unable for some reason to provide the sexual needs to their loved one, then I think it’s respectful to have a discussion and come to an agreement on how to best handle the situation. If it was me who was incapacitated and my hubby was taking care of me I would want him to have his sexual needs met. I don’t want it in my face but I would understand the necessity of it.

    Great post, Harleena. Makes for an interesting discussion! Also, thanks for all the links to other articles.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I’ll be replying to your comment because I wrote this post.

      I decided to write this post after I saw these infographics – some of the facts were really surprising.

      I agree with you on the conditional infidelity in such cases. However, that is not really infidelity as such a relationship is with the permission of the spouse.

      Glad you liked the post and I’m sure we will hear a lot of different opinions which will surely make the discussion interesting.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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