Gift Your Teens 10 Important Life Lessons for a Happier Life

Yes, you can mentor your kids so they lead a happy life

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Parents giving kids important life lessons for a Happier Life

Have you thought of gifting your life’s greatest lessons to your kids? Believe me, your lessons learned in life can become the most valuable lessons for a happier life for your children. Of course, this is besides the material things that you should gift your kids. The important life lessons to help your kids take the right approach or path and learn the right conduct or values can go a long way. These are one of the things to learn in life that nobody else can teach your teens better than you. Read the important life lessons you can impart to your kids. ~ Ed.


What is the best thing that I can gift to my children?

They would be happy with material gifts like clothes, toys, or even gadgets.

Yes, nowadays children have become so busy in their own world. They’re mostly occupied with gadgets, from mobiles to drones, or involved pursuing the latest trends.

That’s all okay as it’s the age for such experimentation and fun.

But can I do something more and different?

What gift can make my kids permanently happy in life?

I think a piece of my life would do them good – I mean my life lessons learned through experience, trials and tribulations.

My lessons learned in life are my most important assets. I want my kids to be happy and I can help by teaching them the best things to learn in life.

Will my kids appreciate this gift?

Probably they will realize its importance with time later in life. I’d be happy if any of these lessons learned in life help them lead a happier life.

The Gift of Lessons Learned in Life

This post is an open letter and my gift of love to my kids as well as thousands of teens and young adults all around the world.

What prompted me to write this post is that I realized how seldom I get the time to chitchat with my children and communicate regarding the essential things about life.

Well, as a parent, do you talk to your children about life and teach them its lessons? I wonder how often you find the time or how available are your children to listen to you.

I feel, as a father, it’s my duty and responsibility to prepare my children for their journey into life, and help them make it successful by sharing my knowledge and experiences with them.

Although children have their own lives, but to be successful in life, they need a mentor, just as is the case with any other aspect of life.

I want to teach my children how to be happy in life. If they find it worthy to read, remember, and pursue the following lessons in life, I’d consider this as the greatest gift ever.

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“The father who does not teach his son his duties is equally guilty with the son who neglects them.” ~ Confucius

Father celebrating Fathers Day with teen son

Life Lessons for Teens

My children, these will be my lessons of life that I acquired from my parents, and enriched it with my own wisdom.

I want you to take these lessons, add your own knowledge and experience, and pass on to the next generation.

As you grow older, you’ll realize that the aim of life is to be happy.

Everything you do is ultimately to be happy in life. Whether it’s being with friends, securing good marks in school, celebrating in a party, working out in the gym, or eating the best food.

If you learn about what exactly are the ways to be happy, you’ll cultivate happiness within you and reap love and peace out of it.

Yes, that’s true. More the happiness quotient in your life, more loving and peaceful you are.

I’ve created a 10-step guide for you just for that purpose and these are the valuable lessons that I learned in my life.

The first step in bringing happiness into your life is to be happy with yourself – yes, this is the most important life lesson!

Lesson 1 – Know that you’re special

Every person in this world is different. Believe in this fact – you’re special and unique, and be happy about it. Your belief will become strong if you know the following 3B’s:

1) Be familiar with yourself – Make an honest overall assessment. Find your strengths and weaknesses. Take help of your friends and peers if needed, or ask your parents.

2) Build on your strengths – Every person has some specific skills or talents. You too have them. You need to discover and develop them. That will make you more special.

3) Believe in yourself – Nothing can be achieved if you’re not confident of yourself. Always believe you’re special, and you can achieve and do what you want.

NOTE: Don’t deceive yourself or others. Have the belief that belief has power. Work on yourself – every effort is worth it. Don’t waste your time on useless activities, time is very precious.

Lesson 2 – Be a gem of a person

Be real, be honest, and always know your true value. Also, be true to yourself, and know that your Self is the truth that will guide you. Develop these 3S’s:

1) Self-esteem – Love and value yourself. Get rid of all the complexes because you’re worth more than you think. Read this post to enhance your self-esteem.

2) Substance – Be a person of substance, and a person of character and integrity. Be the real person by being conscientious, a person of value, who can be trusted.

3) Smartness – Use your intelligence in your daily life. Make smarter choices, smarter decisions, and carry a positive attitude approach to all aspects of life.

NOTE: Never fake yourself. Never hate yourself. Under any circumstances, never choose to be a bad or negative person.

“Character is like a tree and reputation is like a shadow. The shadow is what we think we are; the tree is the real thing.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Lesson 3 – Just be yourself and become better

You need to keep your identity – don’t copy anyone else’s. Love yourself for what you’re by adopting the 3D’s to be progressive.

1) Do your own things – Don’t try to be and do what your friends do. Have the belief and determination to do your own things that you love to do.

It’s okay to be different, not just for the sake of being different, but different by virtue of quality.

2) Discipline yourself – You’ve potential but you can only tap it if you’re disciplined. Adopt good habits, healthy routine and robust time management techniques to make the best of yourself and your time. Here are the tips for time management that might help you.

3) Develop yourself – Always make efforts to improve and evolve. You’re good, but you can always be better. You increase your chances of success by trying your best, to be the best.

NOTE: Don’t do anything that may harm or hurt others. Respect your parents, elders, society, and the norms, if they’re just and good.

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Lesson 4 – Be wise and leverage life

At times, things don’t go the way you want them to. However, if you try, you can change the course of your life by applying the things you learned in life. Use these 3L’s in life.

1) Learning or knowledge – You’ve read that knowledge is power, and that’s true. By applying it in life, you gain experience. Thus, you attain wisdom.

If you’re wise, you’ll always make the right choices that bring you happiness. You should read this – How to Change Your Life with Knowledge

2) Logic or reason – Override your confused feelings with logic and validate the reasons behind your thoughts, words, or actions. It may help you in making important decisions of your life.

3) Lessons of life – Learn from the experiences of your life and from the lives of other people. This is your shortcut to success. Read books and watch movies that teach you, and save your time learning it on your own.

NOTE: Don’t get tempted to make wrong decisions in the flow of emotions. Always stop and think before reacting. Sometimes, as time passes, your decision also changes.

Lesson 5 – Empower yourself with direction and drive

I want you to keep your head high always, wherever you go and whatever you do. Have the following 3P’s in your life to be happy:

1) Purpose – Enjoy your life, but know that there’s a purpose why you’re here. If you know the purpose of your life, it will make things easier for you. I want you to read this post and work on the aspects mentioned in it.

2) Passion – You know, you should be mad like a lover to do the task you love – go after the aim you want to achieve. Dream, think, and work on it day and night. Read How to Find Purpose in Life and Be Happy – follow the tips to be successful.

3) Power – You can have power in your life if you prepare yourself, practice your skills, and have patience. This post will help you to develop your strength and power. You’ll feel more strong, confident, and capable.

NOTE: Don’t misunderstand the cliche “live life to the fullest” to mean that you can take drugs or resort to addictive habits like alcohol drinking and smoking. Remember that makes you powerless and you lose your purpose of life, which in fact is ruined.

“Train up a child in the way which he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it” ~ Proverbs 22:6

Lesson 6 – Bring maturity and gain reputation

You’re growing up, so remember that people will judge you by your behavior. You risk your reputation if you hurt others with reference to these 3R’s.

1) Romance Never play with anyone’s heart because romance is not a game. Know the difference between infatuation, love, and lust. Be careful because such matters affect your life more than you think. Certain mistake can turn out to be very costly and cause irreparable damage.

2) Relationships – Responsibly manage the interpersonal relationships with your friends, peers, family, or even colleagues. Be mature in your interactions, develop a good rapport, and make connections that will go a long way in the journey of life.

3) Religion – Always respect people’s faith. Be recognized as someone who values humanity and treats others at par, irrespective of demographic differences. Follow your religion, but be sensitive enough not to hurt the sentiments of people of other religions.

NOTE: Wait for the right person and the right time to have an affair or fall into a relationship. Value yourself and your love, don’t give up or throw it away. Build real relationships, and never misuse them.

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Lesson 7 – Practice goodness and be human

Develop the best human qualities that distinguish you from the others. Develop your finer emotions and treat people well. Have these 3G’s in your life:

1) Goodness – Always choose to be good, no matter what the situation or circumstances. Always be kind and compassionate, and express goodness in your thoughts, words, and actions.

2) Generosity – There is joy in giving. Experience that and you’ll love it. Always be ready to help others and never feel that you waste time by helping others.

3) Gratefulness – You should always be thankful to everybody and everything. The fact that you’re alive is a miracle. Never waste any opportunity to return a favor.

NOTE: Don’t expect instant results and returns. The dividends of being good and giving come late, so have patience and keep practicing goodness.

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Lesson 8 – Have a meaningful life and stand by your values

Your life should always have a direction, meaning, and purpose. Then you’ll be able to stand on your feet, undisturbed by external circumstances, and lead a happy life.

Inculcate the following 3Ps in your life:

1) Philosophy – It’s your belief about life and how to live life. Make your own philosophy of life but do it wisely and keep developing it. This helps you to have a meaning in life.

2) Principles – Make some rules for yourself that help you in become a good person. These are your morals and values that guide your life.

3) Personality – Create a personality or persona that expresses your true innerself. Do not pretend – just be as you are. Being yourself reduces stress and makes you happier.

NOTE: You may not like rules or values, but you’ll later realize that values make you valuable. And, the real personality is without the mask.

Lesson 9 – Improve your life

Like the water in a river, your life keeps changing. You need to keep improving your life and making it better. Take help of these 3A’s in your life:

1) Administer – Take charge and control of your life. Create a life plan and live according to that. Also, plan your career so you stay abreast and ahead of others.

2) Accept and change – Accept your life as it is and make it the starting point of a new beginning. Go ahead and change it to what you want. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and one that brings you happiness.

3) Analyze – Always assess and evaluate your life. Improve the standard of living, and enhance the quality of life by nurturing your mental and physical health.

NOTE: Always change for the better. If you do not, then you don’t grow. Those who change fast, benefit early. Don’t fall for the false standards of life – absolute materialism doesn’t give everlasting and real happiness.

Lesson 10 – Ultimately grow and evolve

Your aim in life should be to evolve. Compare your life with your past and become better in all aspects. When you grow up, you’ll realize that knowing and understanding your innerself make you most happy. Bring happiness into your life by these 3E’s:

1) Education – You don’t learn everything in school or college – life is an institution that teaches you a lot. Learn from the failures in life and treat them as stepping-stones to success. Create a vision for your future and strive for perfection.

2) Evolution – It means development, and every thought and action contributes to it. Remember that the essence of your behavior encodes in your genes, which you transfer to the next generation.

3) Enlightenment – This is the stage when you know it all. Your spiritual self is very powerful and you can use its potential by using the power of prayers. Once you’re peaceful with yourself, happiness will envelope your life.

NOTE: Practice meditation and breathing exercises – they help you to be aware and mindful. Thus, you live in the NOW or the moment and that is the state of bliss or real happiness.

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Children sitting with dad on Fathers Day

Wrapping It Up

I’ll be very happy when you work through the various stages, take the progressive steps, make your life better, and bring happiness into your life.

This is the best gift that I can give you that can last life long. Treasure these valuable lessons learned in life and take it up from there.

You don’t have to memorize all the steps and points – just bookmark this post, return to it frequently. Gradually, everything mentioned will become a part of you, if you practice it.

Thanks for taking time our to read these life lessons. 🙂

“When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years.” ~ Mark Twain

Over to you –

What life lessons would you gift your kids? Share in the comments.

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  1. Ashu

    2016-10-25 at 2:50 pm

    Awesome Blog so much knowledgeable, after reading this I feel much closer to my Dad. Definitely, every father does so many compromises in our life for their children.

  2. Rob Martin

    2016-10-25 at 2:30 pm

    Nice blog indeed, I live away from my family for doing job…after reading this blog I send a special gifts to my Dad. Keep posting blogs like this thanks great content, thumb ups!

  3. Pankaj

    2015-12-29 at 8:03 am

    Fantastic post. My dad died many years ago. But I still celebrate his life by keeping his memories alive in my mind. He was an amazing dad and my best friend. He’ll never be forgotten.

  4. Sanjay

    2015-06-21 at 3:28 pm

    Namaskar, indeed a very great and a timely post vinay, loved and relate myself to it, thanks for sharing your views, apart from achedmics what is more important is sharing time and imparting life’s lessons and keeping ones cool at times, wonderful post my friend, Congrats!!!

  5. macjoseph

    2014-06-30 at 5:09 pm

    Thank you for this post. I have no many mixed emotions reading it. While I am happy to be reading this post it brings with it brings me to a place with a bit of sadness and regret.

  6. Ahsan

    2014-06-21 at 9:42 am

    Hello Harleena,

    Father is certainly a dominating & key person in a family. He is the role model of every children. A child grows by seeing father’s activity. Father’s physical appearance makes a child afraid again makes him peace.

    On this special day, I wish my father live long & remain healthy 🙂

  7. Sid

    2014-06-18 at 5:01 pm

    Hi Vinay,

    Thanks for this lovely post!

    Though I’m a little late for this post, I think we can gift these things anytime we want. For me everyday is a ‘Fathers’ Day’ as I am near to him and learn more from him.

    Thanks, it would help me in future,

  8. karan

    2014-06-17 at 4:00 pm

    Nice post, I just love this blog and my father as well. This is all what we can best deliver to our father.

  9. Jodi

    2014-06-14 at 4:52 pm

    Vinay, it is nice to meet you. Is there Father’s Day in India?

    I like the Practice Goodness section. I don’t think we can emphasize enough that it is important to be good through and through. Yes, we all make mistakes sometimes, but good people don’t get caught up in that but keep setting the intention to be good from now on. (it’s less about expectation and being perfect but being gentle and compassionate.

    • Vinay Kachhara

      2014-06-14 at 11:46 pm

      Hi Jodi,

      It’s nice to communicate with you too. It’s mostly certain sections of the urban population that celebrates Father’s Day in India. Though this event is largely popularized by the media and merchants.

      Good begets good, and that’s true. I think even the good people make mistakes, but the difference is that they would accept them without hesitation, improve upon them, and never repeat. Intention is what matters most.

      I agree with that it’s just being good, that is simple, kind, loving, and if you can lower or remove your ego, all the better.

      Thanks for your comment, good thoughts. 🙂

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